WHYRU LookBack – Episodes 8-10

I blogged about these episodes pretty thoroughly so I won’t have too much to add here. I will drop additional footage that was released in the behind WHYRU episodes that aired after the series ended. I hope that you enjoy these glimpses behind the scenes.

Episode 8

Here we have the other takes of the Adam’s apple kiss. That kiss deserves to win awards. It is so steamy. The glimpse at the camera as Sutor slides his fingers down and follows it with his lips. I remember Saint talking about it during a live he did. He said that he decided to do it on the spot because he thought it would look good. Zee was so shocked, he jumped. Saint was right, it was a sexy kiss meant to remind us that Tutor is no shrinking violet. He knows what he wants. 😁

I love this little TikTok of Kru Kla, Zee and Saint. Makes me giggle.

No, that’s mine……

Episode 9 and 10

Let me start off by saying these episodes are my happy place. When I am sad or feel worried, I rewatch these episodes. I don’t know why, but they make me so happy. The love that the characters have finally found, as they explore what it means to be together, is beautiful to see. It’s a sweeping romance movie without any angst. It fills my heart with happiness. And the setting is gorgeous. I want to visit that beach and stay at that resort. It looks so magical. These two episodes are straight out of a fairy tale. This is their honeymoon of sorts, a chance for the two of them to forget about the outside world and focus on each other. Fighter goes all out to show Tutor how much he cherishes him. It’s so lovely to see. I agree with Shewin when he says if someone did this for me, I would love them for the rest of my life. How could you not? Fighter pampers Tutor, who has had to work so hard for everything. He takes care of everything Tutor could wish for, and asks for nothing in return. He really puts all his love out there for Tutor to see.

Please read my thoughts on these episodes, if you haven’t read it before. And please watch the reaction videos. You will gain a whole new appreciation for how much thought was put into every scene. The level at which they put thought into every detail will give you a whole new look at the series. And the behind the scenes for the two episode is filled with lots of goodies in one place you may not be able to find elsewhere, so check it out.

This is the last bit of extra footage they released from behind the scenes after the series was finished. I had screen recorded them, which is good because some of this disappeared after it aired. So I hope we will see these once again in the box set. Let’s all hope the box sets are on their way to us.

Who’s ready for the fan meeting on Sunday? 😏🔥🔥🙋‍♀️

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