WhyRU Episode 8 – Tutor/Fighter

Ok, Disclaimer again: This includes spoilers from future episodes so if you haven’t watched please do so.

WhyRU – Fighter/Tutor Introduction and International Links

I’m going to drop this in here. This was tweeted by the author of the series, CandyOn.

We left off with Tutor and Fighter sharing a romantic kiss on the rooftop, and them realizing their feelings were mutual. Fighter was asking to move locations before continuing to prove his feelings.

I low key love this scene.  It starts off with a close up of Tutor and Fighter sitting side by side on a bed, facing the window, their lips touching. The camera pans down to their hands entertained.  This is so freaking sweet.  The kiss ends and our couple pulls apart.  Fighter looks at Tutor and teases that Tutor’s being really innocent and just holding hands.  This amuses Tutor. He knows Fighter is a wolf, but he’s a bit of a wolf himself, so he’s not going to pressured into doing anything more than he wants to do.  Fighter asks why he’s smiling, and Tutor replies, You, laughing at what you’ve just said.  Don’t forget, he had his hands all on Fighter during their make out session.  Tutor is no shy wallflower, waiting to be led. He’s an active participant.  One thing I want to say here is that I’m glad Saint is comfortable with shedding his innocent persona that he was forced to wear as Pete in Love By Chance.  I think he’s grown as actor, and he feels more confident and comfortable in an adult role.

Of course, Fighter wouldn’t be Fighter if he didn’t try to push things a bit further.  He’s waited so long to have his crush in his arms, all he can think about at that moment is Tutor. The first kisses that can lead to more, its hard to stop, especially if you’ve longed for that person for a while.

Tutor is quick to tell him that he’s being too impatient.  And is this his true nature? They have a really cute banter that comes next where they both tell each other that they don’t know each other well enough to say what their true natures are.  They both get in each other’s spaces for that.  The looks they share are part teasing, part desire, part taunt. I love this. Anyone who says the characters don’t have chemistry should clearly get their eyes checked because they positively smolder with it.  Each and every episode there is sexual tension along with emotional tension.  Fighter leans in and Tutor tells him to sit still and sit on his hands.  This is so cute. It’s how you would reprimand a naughty schoolboy.

Fighter then asks Tutor if he would like to go to the beach on Saturday.  He tells Tutor he would like for it to be just the two of them so they could clarify things.  Tutor turns to Fighter and brings up something that had been bothering him, Hwa.  He tells Fighter he wants to let Hwa know about them.  Fighter reassures Tutor that he’s talked to Hwa already and explained things.  However he didn’t mention it was Tutor he was interested in to Hwa. I think this could be important because we don’t know how Hwa will react once she realizes her ex boyfriend and her best friend are together.

Fighter tells Tutor he doesn’t want to talk about other people right then.  He then suggests they should be finding out about their feelings for each other. Got to hand it to Fighter, he’s horny and clever. However Tutor is no dummy.  He knows perfectly well what Tutor wants.  He leans in and asks him, “Are you trying to say you don’t believe in me?” Fighter responds “Lets go to the beach and pretend to be lovers”. That’s how it’s translated.  But what he means, like in the novel, is that they should act like lovers there who are in a relationship to see how it feels for them. To see if they are comfortable being in a relationship and to test out how they would be together.  This is both Fighter and Tutor being cautious. Tutor agrees and tells Fighter he wants to prove his feelings as well.  They care about each other, but aren’t jumping straight into a relationship. Tutor leads with his head and not his heart.

Fighter is happy that Tutor agrees, so he puts his arm around Tutor, and thanks him so cutely.  Then Fighter leans in for another kiss and is stopped by Tutors finger in between their lips.  Tutor says, “Enough, I’m bruised” because Fighter has kissed him so much, Tutor’s lips feel sore.  What happens next is so cute, I just adore it.  Fighter kisses Tutors finger several times trying to persuade him for a kiss.

Then Tutor takes charge. I told you, they are both assertive when it comes to what they want.  He takes his hand, places it on Fighter’s chin and tilts his head back for a kiss.  Tutor is basically saying, be still, I’ll be taking charge right now. Fighter is complacent, he doesn’t have to be in charge.  Then Tutor hand slides down Fighter’s neck, resting on his Adam’s apple. He leans in a places a kiss where his hand had been. It is such an erotic moment. I honestly don’t remember ever seeing a kiss like that and it definitely worked.  Fighter asked why Tutor did that, and Tutor replied “Because I wanted to” with a seductive smile on his face.  He knows what he’s doing and what effect it has on Fighter. Then he leans forward to whisper in Fighter’s ear, “Enough for today. We can do more when we are at the beach.” Then he ushers Fighter out of the room.

From Saint himself, we knew that he designed this scene. He liked it very much and was very proud of the way it turned out.  I have to agree.  The cinematography was perfect and the feelings and tone were conveyed while giving you a little more of Tutor’s character.  Saint did a live recently where he talked about this scene.  It was posted on @ZaintSeeChannel on Twitter.

I really really need to see the first take where Saint kissed Zee’s Adam’s apple without telling him.  I mean, I clearly need to compare the two versions, right? 😁 And I swear he is like the king of spoilers.  I mean, I knew it must be coming because of what was said in the special episode which aired before the show started.

We see Fighter’s dad talking and Tutor looking down. The next shot is of Tutor crying the garden over what was said. So even though Saint said the breakup scene was hard for him, we knew it was coming.  I however, believe them when they said this. So I’m sure that it will all work out. We’ve been assured our happy ending.


This next scene is of Fighter and Tutor saying goodbye a million times, but not wanting to leave each other’s sides for the night.  The best part of this is when they turn back to tell each other sweet dreams. That is so cute. Then they do the most adorable cheek kisses.  Fighter’s not afraid to be cutesy anymore, and I love it. It makes Tutor smile too.

Most of this episode is focused on Saifah Zon’s relationship and concert.  And it should be.  It was wonderful to see them on screen moving their relationship to the next level.  However, we do see Tutor and Fighter again.  Tutor comes to the Saifah Zon concert with Day and they meet Hwa there.

Fighter, meanwhile, has come to the concert with his female friend. I really do believe he did it on purpose to see if Tutor would get jealous, but that really is just a friend of his.  Tutor deliberately walks behind Fighters seat and pauses so that Fighter sees him.  This is funny because we’ve never really seen a jealous Tutor, other than when Hwa told him she was dating Fighter. So Fighter immediately follows Tutor. Then we have this scene, and honestly I love how vulnerable Fighter makes himself to Tutor by professing his feelings out loud.

I wonder why they are going out to the car? 😉

And here’s a preview of what we will get this Friday. I am super excited about the beach scene, and not only for the lovemaking scene that will be Fighter and Tutor’s first time (A scene designed by Saint and Zee) but also the cuteness of their first vacation together as lovers. Saint said he enjoyed improvising a lot in these scenes because of the flow between he and Zee.  Is is Friday yet?

And here is the producer talking about their intimate scenes. I think they’ve done an excellent job so far at keeping it realistic. The chemistry for all the couples is very natural.

And then we have Zee talking about the beach scenes and the director talking about the series with a few beach scenes in the background.  Can you tell I’m excited? 😁


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  1. everyday I wake up and I would visit your blog first to read all the analysis you have for the newest episode to see if I missed anything out while watching. I am glad to say I didn’t miss anything out this time!

    Oh yes and I realised that FT didn’t tell Hwa that it is TT he is interested in, makes me think if the reason how FT’s dad finds out could be because of how indignant Hwa feels? Damn it will be one dramatic scene though, I feel like the director is playing with our heart because of the brooding drama right after the beach.

    For the concert part, I don’t know if it is just me, but when TT walked past FT’s seat, he actually hit it once to get his attention. I thought it was a really cute add because he acted all like he wanted to get away from FT when FT came out to find him but he was the one who asked for the attention. It’s so dramatic yet at the same time realistic because we all know how dramatic some couples can be. You can see TT’s hesitation as to whether he wanted to get FT’s attention by walking his way or to exit another way LOL i love it!!

    I am so darn excited for the beach scene, Friday gotta come now now now!!!!

    1. Thank you so much 😊 I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying what I’ve written. And the concert part, I missed the little nudge Tutor does with his hand to make sure Fighter knows he’s “storming out.” To be honest, I’ve done the whole, I walking out, please follow me so that you can cajole me and make it up to me route. If Tutor were truly angry he wouldn’t have waiting on Fighter to follow him. He was just jealous and needed reassurance. My heart melted a bit when Fighter said “You’re the one I’ve been searching for.”

      Any other shows you’d like me to review?

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