WHYRU LookBack – Ep 3 & 4

Today, I need a distraction, so here goes. I watched episodes 3 and 4 of WHYRU last night and here are my thoughts on these episodes. Episode 3 We start off seeing the forceful kiss once more. As Tutor shoves Fighter away in shock and anger, I am once again struck by the look on... Continue Reading →

WhyRU – Ep 11 & 13 BTS and Reactions

I wish I could bring you guys more content. I really do. But I don’t have a translator anymore, but before life got crazy for both of them, they shared some translations and summaries with me. I hope you find it helpful and interesting. I would love to have full subs of both the MentKorn... Continue Reading →

💕💕Saint and Zee Duet 💕💕

This song is so freakin cute and I envy everyone there when they performed this. This is from the WHYRU official YouTube channel. Before they did this duet, Saint did a cover of it himself, from IdolFactory on his YouTube channel SaintSup TV. That was subbed into English. So I used that translation, tweaked it... Continue Reading →

WHYRU – Fighter‘s Love Song to Tutor

This song perfectly conveys Fighter’s feelings for Tutor. As I’ve said in my blog, this is the most wonderful song, and once the lyrics were translated from the WHYRUEpBehind and some help from @Lalisrpn, It makes this rooftop scene my number one romantic scene of all times. Sorry. Not much else can top this. It’s... Continue Reading →

WhyRU Ep.9 – PoomAlone with KruKla

Poom Alone is a YouTube reaction channel in Thailand. This channel was created by Poomjai Phumiphat in January of 2020, so it’s a new channel. But it’s taken off due to the reactor. He’s quite cute to watch, but these aren’t subbed in English. However he has done several reactions of WhyRU. The last two... Continue Reading →

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