WHYRU – Peeking Behind the Scenes 9&10 Blog 2/2

DISCLAIMER: I subbed these videos based on PattySH_TH’s wonderfully detailed transcript, but I’ve also occasionally inserted MY opinions in parenthesis in the videos. If you see these ( ) it’s purely my comment or opinion…..

Ok, This scene is this lovely morning after their first night as lovers. This scene is so sweet for many many reasons to me. I love how the dynamics have shifted for them. They are getting closer. So I’m going to post this scene and the reaction from PoomAlone with guests P’Topp, P’Kla, P’Aof, and P’Shewin. Thank you to the wonderful translator Patty who provided a detailed translation with timestamps. There will be an official English subs, but I’m not sure when. It is a long episode, so I created subtitles myself. I’m sorry if they aren’t great, it’s my first time, but I wanted you guys to see the reactions and hear what they have to say. Also, for some reason my screen would dim and brighten so sorry if that’s an issue. Let me know if it really bugs you guys and i can try to screen capture it again.

I swear, be warned P’Topp and P’Kla can get a bit naughty….but its why I find them so damn funny.
I have to agree with P’Topp here…..😁

I like this next clip. I didn’t understand, but the necklace with Fighter on it is meant to be kind of a protective amulet, which adds another layer of love and meaning to the gift from Fighter. Because Fighter wants to acknowledge his love’s strength and give him something that will protect him as well. Sigh. It’s so sweet.

Then we have this little scene. The up up….carry me scene. So freaking cute.

Behind the Scenes

Ok, I really like the two lines that they ended up cutting from this scene. When Fighter tells Tutor even if you don’t wear it, I’ll always be beside you. I loved this. Another promise made about his love and commitment to Tutor. And I think it was funny of Tutor to say when he was picked up “You can have me… “before he said he didn’t weigh much because he doesn’t eat much…..an obvious lie. He’s skinny but can put away the food. 😁

The morning after scene discussion

I agree with P’Shewin and it’s nice to see that the teasing is because they are comfortable with each other. They are teasing each other like lovers do. The neck kisses are another sign of closer intimacy, it’s more than a cheek kiss or peck. You give neck kisses to your lover because its a sensitive spot and you’re allowed to kiss there now. It’s a little something just between the two of you.

I also agree with P’Topp, that I know that I understand Fighter much better now. I don’t hold his coldness against him, he was protecting himself from being hurt. He couldn’t relax his guard around Tutor because he didn’t know how and was afraid of getting his heart stomped on. But now that Tutor has reciprocated his feelings, all the walls are down, he’s free to pamper his lover and be vulnerable around him as well.

The next scene is the motorcycle scene. This is where Fighter rides behind Tutor. Apparently it was a hard scene to shoot because it was on rocky ground. So they carried the motorcycle over filmed the bit around the rocks and flowers, then carried it away. They used a rotating backdrop in part of that scene.

Saint’s Livestream Reaction Episode 10
Motorcycle scene

S: They told me to drive & they’ll follow. So I did, but I kept going w/ P’Z sitting in back. Before we knew it, P’Z & I drove to the next village w/no cell & no one knew where we went! P’Z & I disappeared a little that day. Cr: @PattySA_TH

Who knows what they did on their adventure? They’re certainly not telling, but knowing them, they ate and made merit….😊 I bet they enjoyed their freedom for a bit.

They end up on the bridge waiting for their boat and hanging out together looking out at the sea. I love this scene because Fighter gets serious and shares his promise to always hold his hand and stay beside him. He really wants Tutor to know he’s committed.

I love how much P’Chewin talks about their relationship and the fact that they have locked themselves away from the outside world. If Tutor were back home, he probably wouldn’t have kissed him, but the fact that they are in their own little bubble, makes him braver and bolder. I felt bad when P’Kla talks about how seeing same sex couples teasing each other would get them stared at. And P’Topp talked about the first time he was out with his spouse in public and affectionate, it was thrilling and new. I imagine that Fighter and Tutor feel the same way. Also P’Chewin mentions this thing that lovers do, oh I’m so embarrassed, don’t do that, which secretly means keep it up, i like it. 😊I love the fact that they bring up that its not only men and women couples that do this but men and men couples do this as well. I didn’t get that Tutor was behaving coquettishly towards Fighter, but it makes sense given the tone of voice he uses and he puts his arm around Fighter’s neck. If you didn’t want it, you would definitely push them away.

Here’s Saint talking about the same scene.

Basically in this scene Zee was very shy because a lot of people were there. People started gathering around them, and Zee got flustered. Saint imitates Zee getting flustered.😁 Cr. PattySA_TH.

Of course Bunny’s not shy. He loves a crowd, he’s a born performer, I think. I can so see Zee getting flustered there though.

The next scene is the boat scene with Tutor and Fighter. Tutor’s go pro footage will be included in the box set so I’m so excited!!! This will be so cute! P’Chewin talks about the scene where he compares Tutor to the island, basically calling him fat because P’Chewin thinks its cute when a lover calls the other fat. P’Kla’s response would be my response. He says “If this was me, if you told me I was fat, I’d be pissed and leave!” Same P’Kla. Same.

They go snorkeling, then they arrive on the island where Tutor FaceTimes his mother. Such a sweet scene which shows us more about what Tutor’s life was like before hardship. And as I said, Fighter needs Tutor for his happiness and the same can be said for Tutor. He needs Fighter in his life. Just watch this clip where P’Chewin and P’Aof talk about what they’ve been through. And as P’Aof says, proving I’m right, Fighter has loved him for so long.

The Island

Then I’m throwing this cute clip of Saint talking about their heart in the sand.

Yes, Yes he is…….🐨💙

I’m putting Saint’s reaction to the NC scene in here from his live. I’ve subbed the first part of their conversation, and the rest I will tell you below from the most wonderful translator PattySH_TH. I honestly like to see the wheels turning in Saint’s head when he watches this. I can almost see him thinking, turn this way, do that, then this happened. 😁

NC scene – Saint’s reaction

Translation of what is said behind the scenes as the NC scene heats up, lol. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I think it’s his makeup artist and pchen talking. Makeup artist is Tong.

T: If I was watching this scene at the sauna with both of you here (S&Z), I wouldn’t know how to act or what to do with myself!!


Then there’s off line convo about eating.

T: i really like how they did this scene. He really pushed your back down roughly on the wood! Look at his back!

Poom Alone’s reactions once again. This is before the sauna scene. I really want you guys to watch and pay attention to what P’Chewin says about how he views and frames this scene. I feel like it’s so important to hear what he thinks about this scene. And I actually agree with him. Very much so. Also I agree with PKla. I don’t understand how someone can ask, how can this studious person have this passionate side?

Get ready…..

I like hearing from P’Aof that I was right, these two have had feelings for each other for a long time. I’m also glad that he talks about how much Fighter respects and is considerate of Tutor. Al

Now onto the sauna scene reaction. I love their reactions here. Please tell me if you agree or your thoughts on this too.

Getting steamy 🥵

First off, whoooo hoooo, Box set is preordered and I personally can’t wait to see more of this scene, not just because I’m thirsty, lol. But because I really do feel the love in their actions. It’s not just a lets get it on cause we’re horny, it’s lets take this opportunity and get truly close to one another.

I am also very impressed with the level of dedication from both Saint and Zee in regards to giving it everything they have. They were willing to put themselves completely in uncomfortable situations to make sure what they shot was the best.


Ok, when P’Shewin talks about the symbolism in the choice of the sauna, I got goosebumps. They all put so much thought and layers upon layers in this show. I keep discovering new things from these, and I’m living for it. Hands down, my favorite bl, and I’ve seen a lot.

I was going to sub this other clip with bunny talking about the pool scene, but he talks so darn fast, lol. So I’m going to put the unsubbed clip in and post the translation underneath it. I’m really interested to see his underwater “love shot” in the box set.🔥🔥 And he’s too funny talking about how he told Zee to hold still and he’d spin them around. I swear, he’s got so much energy….even after filming all day/night he wanted to do that instead of using a rotating dolly. lol

From @PattySH_TH: about the spinning underwater shot. Saint says, “I actually did a love shot for Tutor (demonstrates). When they both go down on the floor.” “P’Shewin asked me, “Saint Saint Saint, can you spin yourselves underwater? But you only have 10 minutes” It’s because the underwater camera has 10 minutes of battery and it takes 30 minutes to charge. They had to do 3 takes very fast. The spinning kiss underwater scene: Saint is describing how they wanted to use a dolly but he just grabbed P’Z instead and spun them underwater

Now Poom Alone reaction to the same scene, and more beautiful details about this scene.

Pool time…..

Two more clips to go. This next clip is the sweet morning cuddle scene. I love to see how P’Kla talks about the big spoon and little spoon. It’s also how I saw this scene. The last clip I’m going to leave you with is Saint’s definition of his song and TutorFighter. They really did put a lot of effort into this. I hope I haven’t bored you to death, but please feel free to drop me a comment or come by and say hi on Twitter. 🤗🤗💕💕

It will be mid next week before I can get to my analysis of Episode 10, and I’m still 😭😭😭. But we will get through it and they will overcome. We have to believe in that. ****Special project collaboration goes up Monday, so please Subscribe***** It’s something new and I’m excited, but don’t want to spoil it just yet.

Changing Feelings

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  1. The use of symbolism here? Respect. Beautifully executed and delivered.
    I agree with the commentaries about the actors embracing their characters identities and emotions, it made the intimate scenes more relatable, soft scenes realistic, playful scenes fun to watch and when they hold serious conversations, you understand their thought process, get the implied meanings and intentions. They draw you in, take you away and you get lost into it.

    Yea, this series has forever spoiled me for other Thai bls.

    Imagine they have the potential deliver this level and more!

    Looking forward to Ep 11 review.

    *Boom boom*

    1. Isn’t it so much more profound once you hear what they have to say? They have put so much more thought into each scene. I love the commentaries, honest P’Poom, P’Kla and P’Topp are always hilarious when they are together. You should go onto PoomAlone youtube channel and watch their reaction of Episode 9, it’s fully subbed into English. They will make you laugh so hard. And P’Chewin is such a hopeless romantic that is so in love with their story, thats why I’m convinced they will get a happy ending. It has lifted the bar so high for bls I don’t know if anything will surpass it for me. I am hopeful it will be up on Wednesday. I actually will have up a collaborative blog/project with a YouTuber and a Podcast coming out tomorrow for My Engineer, so check it out in the afternoon. I’m super excited for it. Thanks again, and in the words of Saint….*Boom Boom* 😁💕💕🤗

  2. I enjoyed these behind the scenes so much ! Truly the cast did such a wonderful job on this series. Kuddos to Saint ! What an actor ! He proved himself in these last episodes. Wish there was a season 2 so we could the characters really grow.
    Thank you for the subs!

    1. I’m glad you like it. Honestly I wanted to include this in my blog because I’ve learned so much about what goes into making the show. I love the little insights they share and what they tell us about the characters, the story and even their personal experience. It gives me a greater appreciation for the show as a whole. I’m going to try to find a translator for the last episode, but a lot of translators don’t have the time to dedicate to it because it’s another hour and half video. But I’m going to keep trying. 🥰🤗💕 -Jen

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