WHYRU LookBack – Episode 6 & 7

Here are my previous thoughts and analysis on Episode 6. I still agree with myself, lol. Please read it before you read my added information.

Episode 6

Let me say once again that Sutor moments are sweet. I love the look of affection in his eyes here.

Now here’s where I want to add more than before. After rewatching this episode and subsequent episodes, I think I have more insight into Fighter’s dad.

Watch this scene with eyes on Fighter’s body language to Tutor. Pay attention to his hand placement before he notices his dad. Also notice the proximity of their positions.

What is it about that glass and his fixation on drinking water? 😁

Ok, If you watch Fighter is ushering Tutor out to his car. He has his hand on Tutor’s back and the two are extremely close. Usually you would usher a significant other by leading them with a hand in the small of their back. It’s a very intimate gesture, usually not one used for friends. And between friends, there is usually space between their bodies when you walk. But the two of them are close, physically closing the distance between them.

And Fighter’s dad is brooding. He knows there is something off with his son and Hwa. I am positive that he suspects his son is not straight. Which is why he pays attention to the interaction between Fighter and Tutor before they notice him. His eyes narrow in concern. He notices their closeness. He sees that Fighter is paying attention to Tutor in a way he never has with Hwa. He only slightly relaxes when Fighter tells him that Tutor is teaching him English. This is a relationship he’s comfortable in. He belittles Fighter, calling him lazy, then immediately brings up Hwa to remind Fighter who he is supposed to be paying attention to.

After he leaves, of course it is awkward as Tutor wants to know if Fighter has spoken to Hwa. Fighter admits he hasn’t and then ushers to take Tutor home so they don’t have to talk about Hwa.

Now I realize that this blog and the LookBack are about Tutor Fighter, but I’m also going to include a few moments that make me smile like crazy in this episode. This next clip of ThaiJapan is one of my favorites. I adore the relationship development between the characters, that Japan lets down his walls and shows Tanthai his soft side. And Thai is so freaking cute in this scene. The nose rubs, the meow, and the hand kiss are so sweet, its like cotton candy for my soul.

And then we have Saifah and Zon flirting on the phone. At the end of the phone conversation after they have agreed to a date to pick out guitar stuff (yes, the technical term) they both have a moment of giddy excitement. Such a cute moment showing how their feelings have changed from friends to crushing on each other.

My thoughts on the hand kiss scene still remains what I’ve said before. I didn’t really have anything to add to that scene.

Then we are back to Fighter’s dad again. Watch this scene and we are going to talk about it. He definitely suspects that his son isn’t straight.

Again with the water……are you thirsty Fighter’s Dad?

Ok, this may or may not come through in the translation, but when the dad asks Fighter about what girl he’s been dating to bring her home to introduce her to him, he uses the gender specific word for girl. He deliberately asks him what girl he’s been seeing. Fighter says he is not dating a girl and starts to add the words his dad doesn’t want to hear. He protests “But”only to get promptly cut off by his father. He was willing to tell his dad that he wasn’t interested in Hwa, or girls. But Fighter’s dad doesn’t want to hear it. We know from other episodes he’s against homosexual love. This is also why he tells Fighter that he needs to make it up to Hwa and think about his future. Fighter’s dad has already mapped out his son’s future wife and children. He is going to make sure of it by ordering him to focus on Hwa, hoping to put distance between his son and Tutor.

Then the scene of Fighter telling Hwa she’s not the one for him. It breaks my heart for Hwa. She is so scared of Fighter breaking up with her that she tries to use any method to hold on to him. This leads him to being harsh to her uttering the words that break her heart. More thoughts on that are in my previous post about episode 6.

I’m including this ending scene from the extended version from the WHYRU youtube channel. I like this version because it shows the evolution of the kiss. Fighter pulls Tutor in for the first gentle kiss after their first contact. Then you have Tutor pulling away right after. He stops, looks at Fighter, looks at his lips, and then Tutor decides to go in for the kiss. If you watch Fighter, he doesn’t move. He waits to see what Tutor decides. And this kiss goes on for a minute or two, not just a mere meeting of the lips. Tutor actively participates in the kiss, because he likes this. He like the soft feeling of Fighter’s lips, the gentle head tilt as the kiss continues. Before he breaks away you can see that this kiss is full of longing on Fighter’s part and curiosity and budding desire on Tutor’s part.

Here’s a quick teaser for the fan meeting of a different take on this episode. Can’t wait to see what this version will be. I am so so excited about next Sunday’s online FM!!!!!! I adored Domundi’s family party, but I so want to see my Fighter/Tutor again. And honestly I want to see my ZaintSee together again. It’s as close as I will get to them for a while. Hopefully next year I can go to Thailand and the Philippines to meet the boys. I am trying to learn Thai by then.

Sorry for the poor quality but I couldn’t find a higher def version.

Not translated, but here you go. Trying to figure out this scene. I remember Saint saying they kissed for two hours trying to get this scene right, lol. I guess it takes a lot of practice. 😁 And in the end, Candy On (the author) and Shewin said just kiss as yourselves, and that’s how we got the best take of this scene.

Episode 7

Well I still agree with my assessment of Episode 7 too. These were my favorite episodes aside from Episode 9, 10 and 13. I’m including the link here, so click on the button to read my thoughts and interpretation of key scenes.

I’m including a few more behind the scenes takes for this episode, but there aren’t any English subs, so if you have them, feel free to send them to me, or send me a link to them and I will update. And I’m going to drop a few different takes of the kiss scene. This is where we found out that Zee is addicted to kissing Saint, lol.

A bit more intense than seen in the episode… sorry for the blurry but its the best one I could find.
Front the Earth Patravee OST
We can’t kiss every time we see each other – 💋 (that’s not what Zee thinks😏)

And that’s it for episode 5 and 6. Will try to get out episode 7 and 8 by tomorrow. Thanks for reading and watching with me. Let me know your thoughts, ok? 🤗💕 – Jen

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  1. On ep 6, Fighter/Tutor/ Fighter’s dad scene.

    Aside from the fact that you clearly see Fighter’s feeling for Tutor. There is something i noticed. Fighter unknowingly protecting Tutor from his dad. From his body language,he steps forward and stays firmly in between Tutor and his dad. With Tutor being at his side.
    I get this coz his dad also gives off a very hostile vybe which Tutor picks on.

    Then Fighter’s fight with his dad. You are right the man knew his son’s sexual orientation and was wiling to hold on to whatever strategy to get his own way.
    Like, maybe it’s a cultural thing, but how can you force your son to date the daughter of a woman you are also going out with. Like, doesn’t that sound crazy weird? I don’t get this part.
    Also his idea of love is twisted, am not surprised his wife left.

    Also, this just reminded me that i still don’t like him despite his redemption

    1. I agree sweetie. He definitely stands between the two. He senses his dad’s hostility and is shielding Tutor from him. It’s also why he quickly tells his dad that Tutor is teaching him English to divert his attention away from the fact that he had his hand on the small of Tutor’s back and they were just together in his room. Despite the redemption arc I don’t like him either. I was hoping he’d be in a season two and we could see change in their relationship dynamics, but not going to happen. So at least he’s not standing in their way anymore. That’s the best we can hope for. Love you lots sweetie. I love to talk to you so I hope you keep commenting. 🤗😘💕

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