WhyRU Fighter/Tutor – 1-13 (Their Story)

These are the links to my episode by episode analysis of the relationship between Tutor and Fighter from episode 1.  This contains content and spoilers from other episodes, the book, the author, the director, the producer and the cast.  I hope that I can give a more thorough picture of their developing feelings for each other.  Their journey is not an easy one, and has been filled with obstacles, misunderstandings, jealousy, longing, desire and ultimately love.

Fighter/Tutor – Episode 1

Fighter/Tutor – Episode 2

Fighter/Tutor – Episode 3

Fighter/Tutor – Episode 4

Fighter/Tutor – Episode 5

Fighter/Tutor – Episode 6

Fighter/Tutor – Episode 7

Tutor/Fighter – Episode 8

Fighter/Tutor – Episode 9

Tutor/Fighter – Episode 10

Tutor/Fighter – Episode 11 1/2

Tutor/Fighter – Episode 11 2/2

Tutor/Fighter – Episode 12

Tutor/Fighter – Episode 13 1/2

Tutor Fighter – Episode 13 2/2

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  1. I loved your recaps and the imbedded clips. There were several things i had not seen before (deleted scene). Your analysis was also very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    1. So glad you’ve enjoyed it. WHYRU is near and dear to my heart. I fell in love with the characters and the story, so I felt compelled to write about it. I’m going to do another pass at it soon, from the first to the last, and see what I missed or have forgotten. Trying to get us all excited for the global fan meeting in September. I honestly can’t wait. 💕 – Jen

  2. What I liked about WRU/Tutor and Fighter was:
    1) It was a story about two gay guys coming to terms with their feeling and emotions. It wasn’t the traditional ” gay for you” story line
    2) I liked that the actors connected on a social/emotional/and physical level that made their portrayal of the characters believable and realistic. The problems, reactions and difficulties they had were all pretty normal from my POV. Been there done that seeing it on screen was refreshing.
    3) I like that Tutor’s sister and mother ” got it ” and I actually like Fighter’s Dad because there are more father’s like him than not. The conversation with Fighter hit home for a lot of us. Sadly, they don’t end up with a face -time call where the Dad says love my son and be happy. So, I appreciated the realism.
    4) I loved the setting at the Beach. Pre-Covid I’d spend summers in P-town…so ocean/sand/accomondations mean a lot. That place is on our bucket list !
    5. I loved the underwater scene. Filming underwater can be a challange – they had the right camera person so it was breathtaking. I was mesmerized by the whole scene.
    6. I also loved the use of drones which gave the viewer different perspectives.

    My favorite scene(s):
    1) Fighter taking care of the sick Tutor. That was so real on so many levels.
    2) The next morning scenes. There is nothing more wonderful than waking up next to the man you love, doesn’t matter if you’re gay or str8 – it’s magical and it was captured perfectly
    3) The Kabedon Fighter did while Tutor was looking out the window- that was sensual AF.
    4) The Underwater kiss…they nailed it
    5) Fighter and his Dad
    5a)Fighter Tutor break up scene. Zee gave his all in those two scenes. It was heartbreaking – which it was suppose to be and it came across in both scenes. I felt for Fighter.
    6. The Beach dinner….and they muffled the generator ! ( only way to light, lights on the beach)

    Scenes that left me:
    1.The Birthday Party for me it added nothing to the story
    2. The first intimate scene had some disconnects – I found the construction of the scene awkward. Fighter and Tutor did the best they could. Lube no condom sure…Condom no lube…never !!! …Thanks for the novel excerpt sadly, it only made it worse…lol
    3. In the car getting ready to leave for beach.

    I did buy a box set…so that means the series was worth owning. I try to keep actors and characters separate. So as actors I thought Saint and Zee did an excellent job bringing the characters of Fighter and Tutor to life. It would be nice to see them in another series I think they connect well.

    1. 1-6 :I agree with you. There was a lot to enjoy from this show.

      Fav Scenes:
      1. I loved the natural sweetness of the comforting scene as well. It feels so realistic, like we are watching two people not two characters.
      2-6: I agree these were well done scenes. The morning kiss and cuddle session has to be in the top three for me. It’s so loving and realistic. The happiness radiates from them and you can almost feel their bliss. The underwater kiss is amazing, especially since Saint decided to to the turning of them on his own because they didn’t have the spinning camera component. He was very proud of that scene and he should be. It was gorgeous. As for the romantic beach scene with the lighting and the generator, I have to tell you the sound quality was phenomenal in this series. I’m not normally an audiophile but there are so many times I find the sound produced in certain scenes mesmerizing. And the Kabudon was brilliant.

      What could have been left out:
      1. The party scene was to set up the difference between Hwa and Fighter’s character. Hwa is flirty, spoiled and likes to have fun. Fighter didn’t want to be there as he is a loner, doesn’t feel comfortable around large crowds. But he went and found himself needing fresh air. Tutor was worried cause Hwa was worried, which led to the confrontation.

      2. There was lube, but there is a limit as to what can be seen in Thailand onscreen. I’m actually impressed as hell they put the condoms in there. I don’t see those in most bl or heterosexual dramas. I love the first nc scene. They were both swept away by their feelings and I loved the tug of war they had over who was going to do what. I also love that it showed a healthy relationship where they discuss consent, and are focused on mutual pleasure. All too often it’s depicted as one person is passive (the bottom)and the top is the only one doing the work. That’s usually not how it goes IRL.
      I think the scene in the car is meant to show how Fighter is now going all out to show his feelings for Tutor, he becomes playful. He wants to use darling and he’s determined to not waste a minute of their time together to show Tutor how loving him would feel.

      Glad you bought the box set. I love the character’s and I love the actors. They are good at their job, have great chemistry and are genuine in a way you don’t see often. I’m so happy you commented on my blog. Feel free to poke around and comment under any other posts too. – Jen

  3. i Love Whyru and Zeesaint is my favorite ship of all times. I know with Zee’s series with New Cutipie and everyone is loving them and shipping them but my favorite remains Zeesaint and Whyru is so close to my heart. I love this series and I felt real chemistry.

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