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WhyRU – Fighter/Tutor Intro and International Links

I started this blog because I love WhyRU the series and it’s characters so much. I find it a refreshing change of pace in terms of Thai bl dramas.  Its premise is unique in an oversaturated Thai bl market.  There are 2 main couples in this series, and while Covid19 has affected the finished product of one of the couples, they did a great job using what they had available to wrap up the story. The story starts with Zon, a friendly but anxious college student, who is trying to be a writer. Then you have his rival in school, a tall Engineering student named Saifah. You have Saifah’s code line peer Tutor, who’s also Zon’s old fried. There is also his rival who is his elder in Engineering named Fighter. Zon is trying to become a successful writer of science fiction due to a bet made with his sister, a popular bl (boys love) author and college student as well. He finds out that his sister has created a Y story(yaoi story) with him and his rival as the main characters. Zon is very upset because he professes to hate Saifah, which leads him to make a bet with his sister that if he had feelings for another guy, her y(or boys love novel) would come true making him a part of the bl couple she wrote about in her fictional story.  Of course over the episodes every couple she wrote about has become partners or pairs.  It aims to turn bl on it’s head, showing and smashing the tropes we love, but the characters have become near and dear to my heart. I love all the couples in the series, even the ones that don’t get much screen time like Tanthai and Japan, but the dynamics between both of the two main couples fascinate me.  The one I am currently focused on is the pairing of Tutor and Fighter.  They are real to me in the way they are written and portrayed. You have Tutor, who seems to be happy go lucky teacher, engineering student who works part time at a bakery. And then you have Fighter, another engineering student, a senior to Tutor, who appears to be rich, gorgeous girlfriend (the best friend of Tutor) an athlete who doesn’t really care about school.  But these are just their surface layers. They are much more complex than that. So I created this blog to get into their relationship and see how things change as each episode progresses.  I hope you enjoy the series.  Please let me know your thoughts on my musings.

Links for International Fans

 Special Episode:


Ep. 9 1/4

Ep. 9 2/4

Ep. 9 3/4

Ep. 9 4/4


Ep. 10 1/4

Ep 10. 2/4

Ep. 10 3/4

Ep. 10 4/4


Ep. 11 1/4 https://tv.line.Episode 11 1/4me/embed/13310438

Ep. 11 2/4

Ep. 11 3/4

Ep. 11 4/4


Ep. 12 1/4

Ep. 12 2/4

Ep. 12 3/4

Ep. 12 4/4


Ep. 13 1/4

Ep. 13 2/4

Ep. 13 3/4

Ep. 13 4/4

Behind the Scenes

Ep. 1/4

Ep. 2/4

Ep. 3/4

Ep. 4/4

WHYRU Official YouTube Channel: You can find deleted scenes, MV’s, and Special Previews/Lives


  1. Ngoc Khong thi minh June 17, 2020

    Thank you for the link and your work. I enjoyed so much. But can you double check the links for episode 11, they seem not correct.

    • jenhg June 17, 2020 — Post Author

      Thank you for the information. I have corrected the link and it appears to be working now. I am so happy you found my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it.
      💕💕 – Jen

      • MySunday253 June 19, 2020

        Thank you for corrected the link, they all work but not part 1, it appears a message: This video not currently available in your country. (I’m from Vietnam).

  2. Annett Kästner September 20, 2020

    Ich wäre begeistert über Deutsche Untertitel. ☺

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