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Where we left off : Tutor and Fighter had officially becomes lovers. While sitting together in a bubble bath under the stars, Fighter confesses his love for Tutor then Tutor does the same, telling Fighter that he loves him too. They share a passionate kiss as the scene fades and credits begin to roll.

Where we begin : The shot from the room with Fighter still asleep and Tutor standing outside facing the sea. I’m going to put the clip in here, then we can unpack the significance of it.

Fighter wakes up, looking for Tutor.  He walks out on the balcony sliding his arms around Tutor from behind. This is a very different Fighter, who is more comfortable with showing his affection and touching Tutor now that they’ve confessed to each other. He smiles gently as he places his head on Tutors shoulder. Tutor tucks his arms on top of Fighters. Hugging him in return.  The look on Fighter’s face is pure happiness.

When I saw this I couldn’t help but draw a parallel to this scene. If only for this moment. 


Back to Fighter, who teases Tutor that when he woke up alone, he was expecting to see cash on the bedside table and Tutor long gone.  This cracked me up.  Tutor teases back that he thought about it, but that Fighter wasn’t that good.  I really started cackling at that.  Way to hurt the poor mans ego.  In case there’s anyone confused over this, basically Fighter implied that he showed Tutor a good time last night (sex) so he expected to have money on the nigh table (like Tutor was paying for it, aka Fighter was selling himself for money, prostitution) and his “client” gone.  Which is why I was laughing at how hard Tutor shot him down saying he wasn’t that good, lol.  Then Fighter does the cutest thing ever, he snuffles the back of Tutors neck in a teasing manor, and keeps trying to get Tutor to change what he’s saying. It’s so lovely to see this playful Fighter who always has seemed so serious.  His childish side is coming out and its adorable.

Then Tutor gets serious. He asks Fighter, “Do you think what we are doing is ok?”  Fighter is actually becoming a much better communicator. He asks him why does he say this? Is Tutor not ok with this (their being together). Tutor admits to feeling strange. This is because for Tutor, he’s not used to being loved, cuddled and taken care of.  Fighter quickly takes this opportunity to push a little and tease Tutor at the same time.  “Well if you feel strange, we can be in a relationship.” Tutor scolds him for pushing, tweaking his nose, but seems to be better after that.

Tutor tells Fighter to sit down because he bought something for him.  We know that Tutor is very frugal and doesn’t have or use excess money for things.  Fighter sits down, closes his eyes.  Tutor proceeds to remove Fighter’s earring first, after telling him to sit still. Then Tutor places an earring with the letter T in his left ear. The look of joy on Fighter’s face here almost makes me cry.  He’s not anyone who was used to getting gifts, and it means so much to him that Tutor spent his hard earned money to buy something for him.  He feels so touched.  Tutor says it looks good on him, he says of course don’t you know who I am? Tutor asks who and Fighter replies Tutor’s boyfriend with a smile on his face. Tutor with a gentle smile teases in return “Who said you can call yourself that?” Honestly though he’s still not quite to the commitment phase yet.  Tutor needs time to process things.  Changing the subject, Tutor reminds Fighter to wear the earring often, but Fighter goes a step further saying he will wear it all the time. He then makes Tutor stand still while he gets Tutor’s gift.

Fighter comes up behind Tutor and places a leather necklace with a dog tag on it.  Tutor looks down “It’s your name Fighter.“  Fighter says the sweetest thing here that makes my heart melt.  “This isn’t me, this is you because you are a fighter.” It’s the truth. Tutor had to fight so hard for everything in his life. Yet he kept his head up and walked on forward, trying to not let it get him down.  Fighter is saying with his gift, I see you. I see what you’ve been through, I know who you are at your core.  And whether it’s meant this way or not Fighter has become the love tutor to Tutor, showing him what real love looks like, love that doesn’t require anything in return, just freely given.  That’s why they are so good together. 

The next little scene with Tutor asking to be spoiled and carried inside is super cute. It shows Tutor is allowing himself to be babied and pampered enough to ask for what he wants. In Saint’s IG Live today we learned this little tidbit. Here’s a little screenshot of the translation.


If you don’t already you should follow Patty on Twitter. @PattySA_TH She translates a lot of WhyRU content from Thai to English and some Livestream stuff as well.  She’s really nice too.  The one part of that scene that had me laughing was TT saying he didn’t weigh much because he didn’t eat much. 🤣🤣 We all know our bunny can eat and eat. 

They go on motocycles to the pier to catch a boat.  Its a funny scene because apparently Fighter can’t drive a motorcycle so has to ride behind Tutor who teases him that hes not good at everything. Tutor leans in and tells Fighter that he’s not good at…pauses for dramatic effect…English.  The grumpy look on Fighter’s face is cute. Tutor tells him to “Hold on tight Nong” which gets a sulky reply “Im older than you Tor.” Tutor just laughs him off and way they go.  Can you imagine Fighter from episode 3 agreeing to ride docily behind Tutor. He’s becoming more whipped for Tutor.

After arriving at the dock, Fighter tries to put his arm around Tutor, who scolds him that people might be looking. It’s important to note that Fighter could care less who is watching, he wants to shower Tor with love and affection.  However Tutor is still worried about what other people might say.  I feel this will be the angst between them in upcoming episodes. 

And here comes Fighter stepping up and saying what’s in his heart. This makes me teary eyed because he’s come so far from the closed off man we started with.  He is being bold, declaring his intentions to Tutor.

Here’s also where we get some foreshadowing. Fighter promises to take Tutor’s hand and not let go.  He makes one exception. Unless you are the one to tell me to let go, then I will, so you must never say that to me.  We know from spoiler boy Saint that Tutor does break up with him, so he must use this promise to make Fighter walk away. 😭😭 I’m not ready for the 💔 yet. Since we’ve been reassured of our happy ending by the author and the producer, we know they will be ok, but it’s hard to see my favorite couple go through it.  I also think that the necklace will unlock Tutor’s inner fighter and he will fight to get his love back once he’s come to his senses.  

Fighter also reminds Tutor he doesn’t have to be afraid of him, afraid of sex with him, because he won’t push for it. But he also wont turn it down he says. 😁. Tutor becomes bolder with his moves. Kissing Fighter, then asking whether Fighter can handle another night with him.  Then our two boys wrestle on the docks,and its completely Saint and Zee, not Tutor Fighter.

 They are on the boat out to sea. Tutor taking video sitting next to Fighter. They tease each other. Fighter calling Tutor Mr. Boyfriend is super cute.  Tutor says the island is big and Fighter says his boyfriend is big, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mean fat, lol. Tutor threatens to throw him into the sea if he doesn’t quit, but then Fighter asks who will bring him home, so Tutor reassures him that he could get home himself.  Fighter leans in looking at Tutor’s dick and says “Yes, the island is big” Naughty boy.  Saint’s song begins to play. It’s about Tutors feelings toward Fighter, and the song is so lovely. Here’s the video and I’ll post the song lyrics too. They are so amazing at syncing this up to make it fit so perfectly. (The ones in parenthesis flow better as a native English speaker, so i put them to clarify meaning)

Having you  makes me feel

My feelings has been changed  (feelings have changed)

And I love you more than everyday(each day)

More than everything

I won’t let us be apart.

You’ve made my everyday meaningful 

My life wouldn’t be meaningful without you here by my side (my life is meaningless without you by my side)

Having you here is enough

I can’t wait for this song to release because I love Saint’s voice. It’s so smooth. I am loving the lyric “I wont let us be apart” Tutor is really opening his heart.  They are truly happy when they are together. They make each other smile and it reminds me of Saint and Zee because they do the same for each other. They make each other happy.  Have to smile when they smile. Especially knowing the characters struggles and Saints real life struggles. I am happy to see him happy.

They do some snorkeling, then head over to the island.  We see Tutor decide to call his mom because he misses her and the beach reminds him of a old promise made between his mother and himself to go to the beach together.

She asks him if he’s at the beach and wants to see who he’s with. He tells her honestly without any hesitation that he’s with Fighter. She replies she know because Tongta told her already.  She then tells him to follow his heart.  I fell in love with his mom right there. That was truly sweet and beautiful. No drama or angst, no worry, just love, acceptance and support which was a beautiful thing. Fighter waits til Tutor’s conversation is done before coming back to him. He checks in because he see’s that Tutor is a little melancholy. Fighter is perfect boyfriend material. He’s constantly monitoring Tutor making sure his needs are met and that he’s okay and happy.  All he wants is for Tutor to smile and be at ease. This side of Fighter is different from the closed off Fighter from episode 1. But that Fighter fell in love with Tutor, and finally given the chance, and is showing Tutor how much he is loved and cherished. It’s so sweet.

The sweet playful beach montage begins. The lyrics play and the fit the mood between the two of them so well. I really am impressed with the music in this series. I actually love all the songs and they fit each mood and couple very well.

You’re the flower in my heart

You’re the present

You’ve made me find a whole new world 

Just you

Only you

Oh… You’re the dream I’ve been waiting for so long

You’re the beautiful love thats up my lonely days

You’re my greatest love

You’re the reality that keeps me heart warm all the time

Just turning to you and looking at your eyes

I know how much you mean to me

Your smile is not like someone else’s

Inside my heart, there’s only you 

Repeat lines 1-9

All the time

You’re that person

You’re the reality at that moment (ending on a sunset kiss in the water)

This scene, they play in the beach, but they also take turns carrying each other around. Remember in Episode 9, Tutor was a little shy or embarrassed to be piggybacked by Fighter, but now just runs and jumps up on him, thats how comfortable he’s become with Fighter. And Tutor is strong enough to carry Fighter. Another important and symbolic detail. If needed, he will carry his love’s burdens as well. There relationship so far is built on equality, meaning that they’ve both come to realize they can lean on each other and its quite beautiful.

Time to go to their place. This time its another villa with a private sauna and pool.  I need to be Fighter’s boyfriend, lol. He sure gets the special treatment here.  Fighter wants everything to be perfect for his “little prince” because Fighter wants Tutor to know he’s treasured. He really is the most romantic person once his heart has opened.  


Tutor thanks Fighter once again. “You don’t need to thank me all the time. Just love me a lot.” Fighter is doing this out of love and doesn’t want Tutor to feel obligated or thankful, just enjoy it. Tutor snuggles up to him, surprising Fighter. When asked what he was doing, Tutor’s answer is “Giving you lots of love” which gets Fighter a little physically excited, so he suggests that Tutor take a shower. Tutor asks him to take a bath with him, then turns on the seductive charm.  Tutor is becoming more confident in voicing what he wants and being assertive in the bedroom.

This is such a teasing move and it’s clear that Fighter is trying to keep his cool. And oh my goodness Saint is super sexy here. Not going to lie. When he moves his hand to the Adam’s apple we all dream of, I feel like swallowing hard right along with Zee. Wow.

Sauna scene time. In the script it was a shower scene, but they thought the sauna provided more interesting setting.  And they weren’t wrong.  And not really safe for work, but since the corona virus has a lot of people working from home, i guess it’s ok then. 😁

Tutor is such a giant tease in this scene.  He leads Fighter by the hand into the sauna.  He knows what he’s doing and he’s very confident in his ability to seduce Fighter. After running his hands all along Fighters shoulder and chest he asks him “why are you making that face?” To which he gets a little embarrassed and shy because his body isn’t under his control anymore so he says “Nothing” and turns away. Tutor decides this is the perfect opportunity to move closer, so he slide in behind Fighter. He then slides his hands up and down, lingering on the sensitive nipple of Fighter. He figured out Fighter’s hot spots after their first night together, so he’s going to use it to his advantage.  Ahem, it is very steamy in the sauna. After moving to sit beside Fighter, Tutor keeps teasing, kissing very sensitive ears and neck. Then that naughty hand slides south into Fighter unbuttoned shorts and underwear. This shocks Fighter into pulling away saying he doesn’t want to break his promise. Tutor reassures Fighter, the one who will break the promise will be him.  Then he proceeds to get Fighter all worked up with some smooth moves before things get going good. I am also a little shocked that when they flip position, Fighter grabs Tutor’s hand and places it directly against his package. Um hello there.  Wow. Kissing intensifies and i laugh at the sizzle of water tossed onto the lava rocks as a transition to the poolside. Yes director, they were certainly sizzling hot, lol.  

Next they are poolside with Fighter breathing like he’s run a marathon. Clearly Tutor has done quite a number on him, lol. The shorts have come off and they are in underwear. Tutor once again takes control, grabbing Fighter for a fierce kiss while pulling him down. Wow. Just wow. I apparently say that a lot during this scene, but give props to the actors cause these scenes are intense.  For episode 9’s nc scene it took four hours. That’s a long time to be hot and heavy.  Separate post up in the next few days about the tea that P’Kla spilled during his Poom Alone reaction guest appeareance. As well as what we’ve learned from P’Aof’s live. And this morning I found out that we have a reaction video on Poom Alone with everyone there so cant wait to see how that goes. 

The pool scene with scattered clothing around implying naked pool time, is not only a slightly spicy scene, but a heartfelt one as well.  Tutor’s arms wrapped around Fighter neck is so sweet. And Fighter telling Tutor he’s so fucking happy is just the best, plus the smile and kiss. He has never been this happy in his life.  Never did he expect that he would love someone this much and be loved in return. He warns Tutor not to get bored of him, and tutor says he doesn’t want the same, which prompts a wolffish smile from Fighter who says “How could I get bored after what just happened?” Tutor get a little shy after that, but of course he denies it.  

Fighter admits every time he’s with Tutor his heart beats like crazy. It always has. Tutor feels the same way. Serious time here. Fighter promises that Tutor is the only man, then corrects himself and says the only person that makes him feel like this. A long awaited dream. (Please please make it not a dream…..my heart will break).  For Tutor  he feels the same way, but for him P’Fight is his reality.  It’s only Tutor for him, It always has been. And Tutor had eyes only for Fighter. And he let Fighter know it.  This love took the long way around for two years, but its finally their time.  A sweet underwater kiss is shared and its so lovely to see.  The actors did a good job here because it wasn’t easy to film. They didn’t have the equipment to do an underwater spin, so here is the behind the scenes detail on this one. 🐰💕  


Their feelings are finally on the same page. They are happy and confident in their love for each other. After all the struggles, two years of longing and hiding his love, Fighter finally finds happiness that he’s never experienced before. And Tutor learns to let his guard down and let someone into his heart, placing himself in a vulnerable position of relying on someone else, letting himself be loved and loving in return. 

The next morning we see this site, and I love it. Tutor is cradling Fighter in his arms, he’s letting his love rest on him, providing warmth and love. Fighter has probably not been in anyone’s arms before, no one to hold him, keep him close, and love him. 

The sweet gestures are so sweet, like candy. The morning kisses given to each other. And Fighter being vulnerable enough to ask to be babied because he likes feeling safe and protected in his lovers arms makes me a little emotional. There are no walls for him anymore, he trusts Tutor enough to give himself completely to his lover. It so beautiful to see. Then Tutor caressing Fighters arms and shoulders is such a tender gesture between lovers. It’s this kind of scene that makes their chemistry so real. It feels like we aren’t looking at characters anymore, but a real pair of new lovers in the honeymoon phase of their love. There have only been a few couples in bl who have managed to pull off the same, in my opinion.  Knock/Korn from Together with Me, TharnType, Kongpope and Arthit from Sotus. Check them out if you haven’t seen them, they are worth the watch.

Tutor resting his head on Fighters chest as they both smile in contentment brings a smile to my face.They deserve this.

Shower scene and product placement time.  Apparently Zee designed this scene of domestic bliss and its freaking adorable.  They cross arms while they brush their teeth and it looks like two grooms going down the aisle. Then Fighter picks up Tutor in the shower, of course that was unscripted by Zee.


Tutor wants to tell Hwa about their relationship. Fighter doesn’t want Tutor to worry, but Tutor wants to tell his childhood friend about them. This prompts Fighter to ask if this means that he’s sure about them. Tutor agrees and Fighter hugs him in relief. Even after wonderful weekend he wasn’t sure they could be called boyfriends yet. Major milestone: I feel like you have unlocked my feelings from Tutor. Then there’s the scene with the photo I worry about.  Fighter thinks its adorable and Tutor tells him not to show anyone.  I love the fact that they’ve come full circle right here. 

The symmetry here is lovely. Episode 9 and 10 they have become possessive over each other.  

They are ready to leave to return to Bangkok and the real world.

Tutor is sad to leave because its the happiest he’s been in a long time. He’s worried when they get home the world will interfere. I love Fighter’s reply. “Our happiness has just begun.” He wants to reassure Tutor that this happiness will continue and grow.  Tutor asks if they still need to prove their feelings. I think he’s feeling unsure at this moment. Fighter answers truthfully, why do we need to prove any more?  He offers a hand out for Tutor to take. Tutor is slow to take it but Fighter waits patiently while holding his hand out. He told Tutor he would take his hand and not let go. He’s showing Tutor his intentions to hold tightly to him.  

I inserted another lovely parallel from the beginning of 9 to the end of 10. Fighter was the one who wanted to know if Tutor could picture them in the end. Yet Fighter is the one with the words echoing Tutor. I believe everything will be ok. So beautiful. I’m so happy to see that Tutor took his hand, and leaned on his shoulder. He’s letting Fighter take away his worries, leaning on his love for both reassurance and support.


If you’ve stayed til the end, I love you for it.  💕💕💕 Thanks for reading, and please comment to let me know what you think.  

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  1. Hi, thanks for this again. Am still gathering my thoughts on this episode coz they delivered a lot. But, i want to start off with this one. Lat week i was convinced that Tutor is still struggling with reconciling outside conflict and perspective about their relationship. Which still am, just not as much.

    However, this week, i sort of got the feeling that he is not big on PDA’s at least not until Fighter gets him comfortable enough to show affection. Yet, he also appears to be the most affectionate/passionate of the two? What do you think?

  2. I love how this episode felt different from 9. After love confession, the transition was smooth.
    The question ‘do you think what we are doing is okay” to me felt like it gave a voice to Tutor’s new feelings in love and society’s perspective. like are you feeling what am feeling and will people also see this as okay. This (people) seems to be his biggest struggle. Am looking forward to seeing how the series resolves this.
    I love the gifts, very thoughtful and symbolic to their new beginning. Made the relationship even more wholesome. It is good to be in a relationship where you are seen and prioritized.
    Thank you for pointing out how equal this relationship is. This is something we dont see in many if not all bls. They referring to each other as boyfriends instead of wife or husband, both are expressive and communicate during intimacy despite which role who plays during sex. I like Tutor’s character even more during intimacy. He dictates the pace and Fighter (bless him), is able to follow through read his partner and ensure they both get the ultimate satisfaction out of it.

    I love how they are always in water after, implying after care treatment. Why r u is winning.
    Am with you in hoping they dont write this thing off as dream but make it all their realities.

    Finally the big issue comes. They came to the beach to explore their feelings. To me they both leave confident of of what they feel for each other. goal achieved fine. But the beach also gave rise to questions like should the relationship be labeled/ defined now? (Fight brought up boyfriend, a couple of times).
    What are they now? seeing eachother? going out? lovers? boyfriends? I feel like defining it would have made it easier for them (especially) Tutor to deal with Bangkok and all its angels and demons.
    What do you think?
    Am also torn about the PDA coz i again don’t think so but its more of people’and conflict being a problem for him. PDA being an issue went off the minute he ended the call with his mum.

    P.S. can we just say hurray to Tutors family being so accepting and happy for them.

    1. Sorry, but I’m super glad you commented again. I wrote a detailed reply but it disappeared. As for Tutor, he is concerned about how people view them. I think that given the nature of his life before their relationship, he had to pay attention and give people what they wanted to see from him. He had to be polite and helpful as a tutor, or his students wouldn’t hire him and recommend him. He had to be attentive to the customers at the cafe, presenting an image of a wholesome boy because that kept him employed. He has had to worry about this because not only did his livelihood depend on it, his family’s did as well. So I think because of this, it’s sort of hard wired into his brain. It’s hard to change your mindset. However, I am so happy that his mother and sister are so supportive and lovely. His sister encourages him to not worry about what people think, the other persons age, gender or status. She emphasizes love is love. But for Tutor, it’s a process. Trying to prove his feelings, like turned to love, its still new. In reality when a relationship between same sex couples begin, there might be worry about societies expectations. Fighter doesn’t have the same social worries. He has been aloof and distant from the beginning. He doesn’t care about other peoples opinions of him. But for Tutor, he cares about what he thinks. So he couldn’t care if people look at them strange simply because they don’t matter to him. But he cares if Tutor cares.

      This is why I don’t think it’s a PDA issue, its Tutor relaxing his ever vigilant look around and make other people happy versus making himself happy. You see him snuggle up on the boat. You see him leap onto his lovers back while playing at the beach. He even shares a sunset kiss in the water because he let his worries go and let himself do whatever he wanted to for once.

      Actually Fighter is more affectionate with kisses and hand holding, arms wrapped around his love, but when they are alone Tutor is extra affectionate almost making up for lost time, lol.

      I’m glad you agree about the equality in their relationship. Neither of them is submissive to the other, there is no “wife” they are both partners. As for the intimacy I too love that Tutor is bold enough to go after what he wants and they communicate during sex. To me, it’s the most realistic love scenes because it seems healthy and real. It also deals with consent in a healthy way, and I’m glad you pointed out the water and after care treatment. Why R U wanted to make it realistic, they said. And they’ve done an amazing job at showing a healthy relationship developing. We need more of this in BL. For sure.

      Their status. Clearly they are lovers, boyfriends, or whatever they choose to call it. I think Fighter is worried about putting too much pressure on Tutor to define it. He just wants to be with his love and be happy whatever that can be called. Cue the song….many definitions of love by Tay and New from Dark Blue Kiss, lol. I think the reason Tutor was reluctant to take Fighter’s hand in the last part of episode 4 was because he’s worried this newfound love and happiness won’t last in the “real world” but Fighter is determined to do whatever it takes to make it work. He’s devoted himself and committed to this love, and will fight for it. (I know the breakup happens, but I’m not ready) I just want them to stay happy and in love.

      And the sister and mother are amazing characters, i love the fact that neither one of them gave him anything but love and acceptance. In fact, they must have an amazingly communicative family because Tutor didn’t hesitate to ask his sister about liking the same gender or telling his mother that he was at the beach with Fighter. He did those without fear, which shows a great level of trust and love between them.

      I love your replies, they get the conversation going, which is what I love to do. Thank you. 💕💕💕🤗. Jen

  3. I don’t even want to think about the breakup for now. Judging from how those two interact, its going to be brutal.
    Thank you for shedding more light onto my first question. You gave me more insight into Tutor’s character and how he interprets stuff.
    Thanks for bringing up Fighters’ aloofness too. Am kinda hoping he learns to build relationships because of Tutor’s influence and Tutor learns to separate people’s expectations vs his needs. But its only 14 episodes, there is only so much they can do.
    Their status. I cannot overemphasize how much i love that they are shooting for an all or nothing type of love. But, the last scene before they left for Bangkok is worrying. Remember when Fighter said he will hold on until Tutor tells him not to and now you are implying that he is sort of letting the decision to define what they are be on Tutor, it feels like they are talking but not enough.

    And yes, i agree 1000 more bls like this please.

    Question, which one will be your next blog review after why r u? I hope you don’t leave after why r you. Am enjoying this too much.

    1. As for taking and holding his hand, figuratively and literally, it’s going to come back into play. Honestly, when he told Tutor the only way he would let go of Tutor’s hand was if Tutor told him to, I knew it was going to be how Tutor gets Fighter to agree to the breakup. When Fighter said to Tutor, therefor you must never say it to me, my heart cracked a little. Too much foreshadowing. But also I feel reassured that we will get our happy ending. The director and the author have told us as much. Since we only have 4 episodes left, the angst can’t take too long to be resolved.

      Their status. I feel like as long as Tutor told Fighter that he was certain about them, then Fighter doesn’t care what they are called. That’s why he initiates the hug and thanks Tutor formally. He just wanted acknowledgement that what they have is real. As for communication, remember they have come leaps and bounds since episode 1, especially Fighter, who mostly grunted and would only say short sentences.

      I’m not sure what my next one will be. I’m super picky when it comes to my bl series, even though I watch them all. I’m thinking of either doing a Pete/Kao through both Kiss Me Again and Dark Blue Kiss, and maybe Sun/Mork through the same. I know at some point I’m definitely going to do InTouch/Korn and Parm/Dean from Until We Meet Again because that series and WhyRU are my top two. The acting has been superb and the storyline so beautiful but I know I will cry a lot when doing that, so that might be further down the road. Also I have the Theory of Love box set DVD that I haven’t opened so I will probably do Kai/Third using extra scenes, etc to flush out the characters a bit more. Also if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks 😊 💕💕 Jen

  4. Awwww i feel so giddy now that you brought up Until we meet again. I have smiled and cried so much, i do honestly need an outlet.
    I loved Dark blue kiss too. looking forward to what you will say.

    Theory of love though, I FEEL LIKE THROWING ONE PART OF THAT SHIP IN THE SEA. Also, didn’t feel so good about it and ending. Hope when it comes, this can be a platform for honest conversations about the series just like now. I guess you will give me a reason to watch it for the second time.

    By the way don’t you think these two are finding it easy to blend into their characters so well coz they are eachothers biggest and number one supporter and shippers?
    Like Zee genuinely had/has a celebrity crash on Saint and and his character demands that he be his number one support and love. While saint found comfort and friendship in Zee when he really needed it and his character demands that he learns to lean on someone other than himself and let himself go in love. Like they were given eachothers alter egos.

    Honestly, am just exited that you are not leaving. Thank you.

    1. https://jenhg43.blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/rpreplay_final1585590717_dvd.original.jpg

      Between these two things it should give you an idea of how solid Zee and Saints relationship is. I could do a whole post on it, and maybe I will because whatever they choose to call it, its filled with love, caring, support and communication. Zee came into Saints life at the right time. As their child (baby Nat) says It’s destiny. And thats not Tutor/Fighter thats Saint and Zee. Also P’Kla told them to incorporate themselves into the characters, so that when faced with situations they were unsure of, they were to play it as if it were themselves what would they do?

      Also check out this video of the first fanmeeting of Zee and Saint. It breaks my heart and heals my heart to hear how he was discouraged and worried and Zee wiped his tears and comforted him.


  5. I just want to say, I absolutely love love love your analysis on FTTT! It felt so good to stumble upon your blog (I think I saw you shared it somewhere) & to be able read such a thorough detailing of your thoughts on their eventual coupling.

    I gotta say I am absolutely obsess with these 2! It was a delight to me when you pointed out the white string TT still had on in Episode 1. I had missed out that small detail which showed me TT’s lingering feelings towards FT after the initiation. A reminder of Kongpob’s heartbreaking scene when he took it off after Arthit hang up on him! That scene was painful yet so beautiful for Singto is a splendid actor.

    Also, I did not realize that FT was already emotionally aware about his feelings towards TT. His constant repetition of “I just want to tease you, Tor” threw me off. I thought he was the 1 being confuse (pretty much mirroring Adam in Sex Education). Your explanation of FT being the 1 constantly testing TT’s feelings brought light to his confession of “I have known my feelings for you for a long time”. Now I understand why he said that, thank you so much! 😃 However, am a little sad we didn’t get to see a proper production due to the outbreak affecting SaiFahZon & other characters’ scenes.

    1. I am soooo happy you found my blog and welcome to the lets all love Tutor Fighter corner😁🐰💕🐨. As for the insight, I actually have more to share with you today/tomorrow. I have some interesting tidbits of information that I’m putting together combining behind the scenes footage, actors behind the scenes, and directors/producers commentary. Maybe up tomorrow hopefully. 🤞 And the producers filmed a lot of scenes already, they just have a few more days of filming needed, so I’m going to be patient, especially since the ending has already been filmed. I trust P’Aof when he says that there is closure for every couple…..more on that later…😊 We will see what’s in store this Friday, but I think they will give us something, for sure.

  6. Hello. I just stumbled across your blog whilst trying to find some hope after watching ep11! That ep totally broke my heart. I needed this discussion about them being so in love!!
    I have watched just about every queer drama/soap/film possible over the last ten years. I usually find BLs at best annoying, at worst rage inducingly problematic! But I have totally fallen for WhyRU, I cannot explain how much I adore it and FTTT. They have avoided all the seriously dodgy stuff and mock the tropes. And both couples are genuinely believable and relatable. (I mean the side couples are batsh*t but never mind!)
    I love your analysis and discussion of the beach scenes, thank you. I adored these eps and entirely agree with everything you said about the power balance, consent, fear of judgement, characterisation etc. Their acting is perfect. I genuinely believe they’re in love – the perfect mix of emotion and lust (I have experienced exactly this!)
    Thank you for sharing the production team reaction vids with English subtitles. Their discussion and your comments on production, symbolism and story development is fascinating. Makes me want to take a film class!! Your blog totally met my need for discussion of this show, but without me having to engage in the kind creepy pretend couple fanservice stuff.
    Anyway ramble over. Fingers crossed for ep12 giving us something positive in this very depressing world! Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you found your way here. I am so happy to share my love of this series. I have watched so many bls as well over the years, and lots of other LGBTQ films and shows. This is by far my favorite. And honestly I can say it’s my favorite show, no matter the genre. The acting is spot on, the chemistry is tangible and the dynamics between the characters built with layers upon layers. When I do a review, I usually watch it at least three time with notes and screen capture to make sure I don’t miss the details. My post about episode 11 should be up on Wednesday of this week, so please subscribe or check back in. Anytime feel free to leave a comment or you can dm me on Twitter. Thanks again! 💕💕🤗

    1. He told him when they were in the bubble bath after their first time together that he wouldn’t do it again, with the whole “reason” being he didn’t want them to get bored of each other, but in reality he didn’t want to hurt Tutor again, cause even though Tutor said he was ok, I’m sure he was sore. Nor did he want Tutor to feel like he was pressuring him for sex.

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