Secret Crush On You – Episode 1

It’s been too long, blog. I have missed you. And you, whoever reads this. 😁 I’ve been concentrating on our LoveWithoutGender site. I love it, but I’ve missed this little corner of the Web. Glad you are here and hope you stick around.❤️  I’m back to review this show.  By review, we know it means... Continue Reading →

Blog Update – Life Update

Hi guys. It’s been a hot minute since the last time I posted one of these, so I wanted to update everyone. If you guys are still reading my blog, that is. As you guys have probably noticed, I’m not putting out quite as much content as I had in the past. It’s not because... Continue Reading →

WHYRU LookBack – Episodes 8-10

I blogged about these episodes pretty thoroughly so I won’t have too much to add here. I will drop additional footage that was released in the behind WHYRU episodes that aired after the series ended. I hope that you enjoy these glimpses behind the scenes. Episode 8 WHYRU Episode 8 of Tutor Fighter Relationship Analysis... Continue Reading →

WHYRU LookBack – Episode 6 & 7

Here are my previous thoughts and analysis on Episode 6. I still agree with myself, lol. Please read it before you read my added information. Episode 6 Thoughts on Tutor/Fighter Relationship Episode 6 Let me say once again that Sutor moments are sweet. I love the look of affection in his eyes here. Now here’s... Continue Reading →

WHYRU LookBack – Ep 5

These episodes make me smile, so I rewatched with happiness. Then I reread my thoughts on the previous posts. Episode 5 Fighter/Tutor I still agree with my interpretation of key scenes between Fighter and Tutor. Please follow the link and read my thoughts, if you haven’t already. 😊 There are a few things that stood... Continue Reading →

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