WhyRU Ep.9 – PoomAlone with KruKla

Poom Alone is a YouTube reaction channel in Thailand. This channel was created by Poomjai Phumiphat in January of 2020, so it’s a new channel. But it’s taken off due to the reactor. He’s quite cute to watch, but these aren’t subbed in English. However he has done several reactions of WhyRU. The last two episodes, he’s had guest appearance from the WhyRU creative team. In the reaction to Episode 9, he’s joined by another reactor P’Topp and the acting coach for WhyRU Klaryder Nathawat. In Episode 10 he is joined by the same guests as episode 9 and with Chewin Thanamin Wongskulphat, director of the series, and Aoftion Kittiphat Jumba the executive producer for WhyRU.

Here is the link to the full video from the PoomAlone YouTube channel with English subtitles by ZaintSee channel.Poom Alone WhyRU ep 9 Reaction

Thanks to a wonderful translator @PattySA_TH for a detailed English translation of the video. You can find the completed Google Docs transcript on her twitter page. I wanted to talk about some details we learned from P’Kla and some interesting comments and observations from both P’Poom and P’Topp.

In the beginning of the episode they talk a bit about how difficult it was to film these two particular episodes. P’Kla talks about they were fighting against the wind and rain in order to get the scenes and shots they needed. The crew and others were wearing ponchos but couldn’t see details well enough, so they took it all off to be able to get the right shots. The actors also had to deal with their share of hardship during the scenes. For example the loves scenes were filmed without the air condition turned on due to noise, so it was a lot of hot air circulating around with no way to really cool down except for breaks.

PLEASE NOTE: MOST OF THESE VIDEOS NEED FULL SCREEN TO BE ABLE TO SEE SUBTITLES. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to fix it.

In this clip P’Kla talks about how he told Zee to approach his character. This validates my theory that Fighter doesn’t warm to people, is pretty much isolated in the beginning, despite having an attractive girlfriend. He keeps himself at a distance, but as he lets Tutor come closer to him, he begins to warm up to him, teasing him, touching him with little gestures you do with people you are comfortable with.

P’Kla talks with P’Poom & P’Topp about learning curve of actors

They have a very funny discussion on why P’Zee always has his shirt undone, which cracks me up. Apparently P’Aof decided that P’Zee must be seen as sexy, so thats why you are always seeing his chest and half done buttons in these scenes. Well, we now know who we should thank for these nice eye candy moments, right?

They reach the part where Tutor puts his hands on Fighter’s leg and leans in towards him. I swear that we are all P’Kla in this moment. 😁 And I agree with P’Poom, Tutor is becoming more playful with Fighter because he is more comfortable with him.

Ok, they are back to talking about Zee opening his shirt again, and they make me crack up right here. I think I’ve become so used to seeing Zee’s chest, it doesn’t even phase me, and I don’t think anything is unusual about it, lol.

We get to the interesting playful and funny scene where Tutor tells Fighter that since he doesn’t have a bathing suit, he’s just going to go naked, and begins to take off his shirt in a teasing manner. Which leads to Fighter overreacting. We see that both Tutor and Fighter are possessive over each other and don’t want anyone to see what they consider theirs. You have to laugh at P’Topp’s comment before being “corrected” by P’Kla…..🤣🤣 It’s interesting to note that this scene was created by Saint and Zee. I enjoy watching these scenes they have created, like the Adam’s apple kiss in episode 8, which was a surprise for Zee. It makes it more realistic to me. Especially after what P’Kla says in this clip.

The fact that they were allowed freedom in these scenes, as long as they were in character, makes it feel like we are actually watching two real life people not fictional characters from a show. They can’t count how many times they’ve gone off script, and we know this from what has been said, especially about all the little kisses Fighter does to Tutor are essentially Zee kissing Saint, because in that moment a part of him is Fighter and for Saint a part of him is Tutor. So the whole process flows very well, especially given their dynamics and chemistry in real life. Also have to laugh at his assertion of going with the flow of the scene, there’s accidental tongue, so they tell them just go with the flow, don’t stop or the energy stops. You really can see this playing out during the love scenes, for sure.

There’s also an interesting tidbit between Jimmy and Tommy while filming the Saifah/Zon kiss. Apart from the fact that Tommy and P’Kla are fighting over Jimmy as P’Kla is the mistress to Jimmy 🤣🤣Apparently they let them act and do the kiss as they saw fit, and what you saw was them behaving naturally as their characters, acting upon the emotions of the scene. It was very well done, in my opinion. Also Tommy’s nervousness is very much similar to Zon’s and Jimmy’s playful energy matches the character of Saifah.

The little kiss scene is discussed right here, and I love that cute little smooch that Fighter gives Tutor. A, hey you are so adorable, so I’m going to kiss you kind of a moment.

This scene letting the actors act naturally makes it seem so real to me. You can see a moment like this playing out in real life. In the scene Fighter is overwhelmed with how adorable and close Tutor is to him, so you can see the moment he decides to kiss him. Even though Tutor/Saint seems surprised, he went with the smooch, kissing him back. Though to be fair to Fighter/Zee, Tutor/Saint’s eyes were on his lips a second before the kiss, so it shouldn’t have been such a surprise. Also to be that fluid with kissing implies trust offscreen as well as onscreen.

We’ve reached the end of the first scene of this episode, the beach is a day away, both of them are excited and nervous.

I laughed so hard when they got to the part where Tutor rolls over to get close to Fighter. P’Topp “Wait…What is his hand doing?” P’Poom “He’s checking his package!!” P’Kla “There’s limited space!” These three crack me up. Wait til you get to the NC scene of this episode. Their reactions are priceless. 🤣🤣

P’Kla is a little bit right though, I bet Tutor was very very physically frustrated after that. P’Kla “Truthfully, if it was me, I’d get up and smack him in the face. (then) I have to go to the bathroom right away. When finished run to the bathroom.” 🤣🤣 We all know what for and why. Seems Fighter has a bad habit of leaving Tutor hanging.

As P’Poom says about Fighter“His words, his tone of voice….he’s a goner.” He’s over the moon for Tutor and is letting it show through. Also I didn’t catch this nuance in the subtitles because it didn’t really explain the difference in meaning unless you know Thai. Before Fighter leaves he says “P will pick you up tomorrow” and usually he would use Gu, the impolite and formal working. By changing the wording, he’s behaving more gentleman like and more like he’s treating Tutor with the proper care of someone who’s interested in him. To put it in old fashioned terms, he’s courting Tutor so he’s changing the way he’s talking to him to show Tutor how special Tutor is becoming.

To continue their earlier conversation about what to do when someone leaves you hanging, you have this very funny little exchange between P’Poom, P’Topp and P’Kla. Also the subtitles are once again a little off in the English subtitles when Fighter tells Tutor what to call him. On the line tv eng subs he says to call him babe, which I didn’t think sounded right. Well, as P’Kla explained he told Tutor to call him my love, which makes so much more sense why Tutor was so flustered after Fighter said that. It also explains why Fighter asks him to get used to it by the time they get back from the beach. It’s too cute and a pretty effective way of working the word love already into their vocabulary.

Also P’Kla explains a part of the sleeping I didn’t necessarily get the first time. Tutor was pretending to sleep. He wanted to tease Fighter a little bit. He was too excited to sleep, as you usually are on your first vacation with someone you like. He wanted to see what Fighter would do, would he cajole him, tease him? But Fighter stroked his hair and settled in, falling asleep quickly, which peeved Tutor a little, but he covered Fighter up and snuggled in.

This next part is so sweet, after viewing it the way P’Kla does. It makes me melt just a little.

This scene is where Fighter takes his hand away from Tutor’s eyes and we see this beautiful scene.

P’Kla “If this was me, I’d change my outfit to a wedding dress and get ready to walk.” P’Poom “This is really a moment.”

No, P’Poom is not the only one who thought like that. 🤣🤣

A bit about the difficulties they faced while at the beach. I’m actually very impressed with the dedication of all the cast, crew and everyone working behind the scenes.

The candlelight beach scene is so beautiful. I truly love that Tutor opens up to Fighter in this episode, telling Fighter his thoughts, worries and feelings. It’s a big step for Tutor, and it decreases the space between them, pulling them closer together.

Then they are joking around that in the sun both actors skin sparkled like the vampires in Twilight, as the town scene gives way to the beach scene, where Fighter plays in the water while Tutor twirls around taking pictures. First I’ll include the naughty bit after Fighter finds Tutor. P’Topp doesn’t miss a beat, and it’s pretty good. Snake bite and venom as *ahem* euphemism for other things….🤣🤣

If you’ve read my episode 9 review, you know that this is a key pivotal moment where Tutor has someone who is worried about him for the first time in a long time. He has had to take care of himself, and Fighter scolding him and worrying over him makes him feel so happy. Someone to carry him when times are tough and to shoulder his burdens when they become too much to carry on his own.

A little fun at the beginning of the NC scene here.

Fun little tidbit. P’Topp asked, “Is that 62?” P’Kla “Someone on twitter posted saying..if that’s 62, you need medical” 🤣🤣🤣. They are talking width people, not length, thank goodness.

Strawberry….definitely 😁

As the bubble bath scene plays, they discuss the fact that Saint is allergic to bubble bath and the crew didn’t know it. So they were discussing alternatives, when Saint came up and got right in. He didn’t want to waste anyone’s time and hard work, so he did the bubble bath scene while basically having an allergic reaction. Epitome of professional. P’Kla said his skin was very red and they washed it off immediately after the scene was done. As a viewer, I would never have imagined that he was very uncomfortable in that scene, he does so well at being relaxed in postcoital bliss.

This next clip is after the final scene is played. And P’Poom reaction to the love confession was me. “What the hell?” In English…I didn’t include that, but I loved the shock look on his face. Then they discuss what’s next. Not going to lie here people, P’Kla’s reaction to this gives something away. Fighter’s father is definitely going to be an issue between them. Sigh, I figured that since he didn’t want to hear what Fighter had to say about who he liked, he might suspect something already.

What’s Next?

I’m going to insert P’Kla’s discussion of the behind the scenes NC scene. I am actually very impressed with what both Saint and Zee went through to deliver a powerful NC scene. And the acting coach did a stellar job at helping them sort through their issues, stay focused and deliver, in my opinion the best NC scene in bl. I feel like it struck the right balance between intensity, passion, momentum, love and longing.

I feel like I understand the process a little more than before this. It give me a greater appreciation for the scene. I also am happy to hear that P’Kla treats them as his students not his clients. This is one thing I give WhyRU compared to a lot of other bls that I have seen. It is a definite sense of family and friendship that lasts before and after filming obligations. They really are close with each other, and support each other. It’s so lovely to see.

This last snippet I wish everyone would watch. This makes me realize that they understand the difference in fan bases and audiences, and want to reassure everyone they are going to do their best by the couples they have promoted. I will also be posting my thoughts and information gathered on Episode 10 reaction once I get the transcript or subtitles or both.

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  1. You know what i got from his commentary, that they indeed treat the actors like human beings and family. They look after them and they are free to express themselves too and that they are heard in the process.

    Just adds the million and one things i like about this series.

    Also, getting insider information lets you know just how much the characters grow in every scene. Its beautiful.
    I love that he is proud and sometimes surprised at what they achieved. His facial expressions is just too cute to watch and how he explains the scenes animatedly.

    I felt a little sorry for him when saint finished the sausages, but then again, he should have expected it. Quite hilarious really that he was close too, so he was just watching in the background as the sausages were disappearing off the table

    1. Hehehe, I know you’ll enjoy my post on Episode 10 of PoomAlone then. Not only did they have P’Kla on, they had P’Aof and P’Chewin. So I’ve gotten the translation, and am subbing the clips I want to include because the subbers are still working on the whole thing as its long. I hope to have it up soon. As for family, you will really get this when you see some behind the scenes info from them. P’Kla really does call himself their grandma all the time, esp on twitter. He treats them like his children, with love and respect. I think they will continue to have a relationship long after production has ended. And I love that baby Nat has two dads, that both Saint and Zee treat him like their his parents. Lol. And don’t get me started on the Domundi boys, god I love them all so freakin much. Oh, and as for the sausages, don’t worry, thats going to come up in my next post, lol.

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