WhyRU Episode 9 – Fighter/Tutor

A little bit of housekeeping before I dive into the best episode I’ve seen in a series in a very long time. I’m going to try to reorganize the site so the latest episode review is a blog post that is accessible from the main page. Then I’m slowly going to move the content from pages to posts and then create top level categories that have the appropriate or relevant posts under them. I hope this will make things easier to read and to find. Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.



Episode 9:

Part 1/4 : https://tv.line.me/embed/12974428

Part 2/4 : https://tv.line.me/embed/12974284

Part 3/4 : https://tv.line.me/embed/12974206

Part 4/4 : https://tv.line.me/embed/12974207

Where we left off : Tutor was off sulking because Fighter toyed with his feelings by coming with a girl to their friends concert. Fighter had followed Tutor to clear up the air, and basically told him “You’re the one I’ve been searching for.” Which is a pretty bold exclamation for him at this stage of their relationship. Fighter leads Tutor by the hand to take him back to Tutor’s condo.

This scene is so cute, but also shows what Tutor is feeling and how Fighter realizes his boldness is necessary.

As Tutor tells him, you have to be clear, and since you know I don’t like it, don’t do it again. As FT says “Our story doesn’t start off like others” meaning they have come the long way around to finally be together. Fighter tells Tutor that he is being bold for him. Which he is. Since revealing his feelings for Tutor, we’ve seen a completely different side of Fighter. He’s trying to be clear with Tutor on how he feels. This is a big step because Fighter has been closed off to everyone, even friends. He’s finally letting Tutor inside his walls.

After Tutor agrees that he understands that Fighter is trying, Tutor decides to tease Fighter a bit. He leans over, placing his hand on Fighter’s thigh and moves closer to his face. Fighter freezes nervously, unsure of what is happening. Then Tutor sticks out his tongue to tease Fighter. This is so cute. We see a more playful side of Tutor which he only shows to Fighter. They both are letting down their guard a bit, becoming closer.

Then we have the packing scene where we see that Fighter has no idea how to pack. Or should I say Zee, because this scene seems very him.

Apparently Zee is very forgetful. This is just one of the times they joke about it. This is where Tutor decides to tease Fighter again by threatening to take off his shirt, and strip down since he doesn’t have a swim suit. Fighter rushes over and tugs the shirt down, even going to far as to tuck it in to make sure nobody sees Tutors skin. We know from previous episodes that it’s definitely a weakness for Fighter. Seeing Tutor’s bare back gets him hot and bothered, so he doesn’t want anyone else to see it. This is all a joke and a way for Tutor to make Fighter button up his own shirt. He goes over and says to him, if I can’t show skin, neither can you. As he says later in this episode “I’m possessive over what is mine.” He knows Fighter has a great body and doesn’t want anyone else to be lusting after him either. They are getting possessive and jealous over each other and its so cute. Normally jealousy isn’t cute, but it’s not meant to shame or demean in this context. It’s meant to show how they are marking each other as their lover, or staking their claim. Because it’s a sign they feel they are already together.

What happens next is such a cute moment. They zip up the suitcase together.

Apparently this was unscripted, a little improvisation on Zee’s part. Its so cute, I’m glad they left it in there.

Thanks to Twitter users @waterdance68 and @txsundere for finding these clips for me. You can see that Saint is surprised, but rolls with it. Shows how comfortable they are with each other, they can adapt and continue in character. A little more about that later.

Then we pan slowly to the bedside, where Fighter and Tutor are once again holding hands. Its a very sweet pose, and a nice reflection upon the scene after they had confessed to each other. This time Fighter’s hand is tightly holding onto Tutors. He’s nervous and excited at the same time.

He opens up and tells Tutor his feelings about their upcoming trip. He’s never been so excited to go to the beach before. His heart is racing in anticipation. He leans back onto the bed, trying to regain his composure. Tutor leans back to join him as they lay side by side on the bed. Tutor admits he’s very excited too.

Fighter takes a risk here and asks Tutor “Can you picture us in the end?” He means can you see us and what we’ll be like at the end of this trip? Do you have a feeling of how this will turn out. He’s asking if Tutor has any thoughts about them yet. For him, he’s certain. He knows his love for Tutor. Tutor answers honestly here. “If we believe it will turn out, then it will.” In other words, if we believe we will find the answer to whether or not to become lovers, we will.” I use the word lovers here, because that’s what they are trying to prove. Boyfriends seems to casual. They are trying to see if they can be in a committed relationship with one another.

Tutor is leading with his head here, but keeping an open mind and heart. Tutor says “These things take time” to which Fighter responds by placing his arm on Tutors stomach as he raises up to face Tutor. He’s happy to be able to touch his love. To reach out to him, after all this yearning. He tells Tutor “And what if i tell you I already know the answer?” He’s giving Tutor a glimpse of his true feelings. Tutor responds by smiling and turning on his side to face Fighter. He’s listening. He hears what Fighter is trying to say. And although he’s not ready to rush in, he’s open to this. Fighter leans down to kiss Tutor, and it turns passionate, with Tutor unbuttoning Fighter’s shirt to feel his chest. After kissing a moment or two, or three, we don’t really know how long, Fighter abruptly sits up and starts buttoning his shirt.

He apologizes for getting carried away. He says he can’t help himself from wanting Tutor when they are close. Then he says the sweetest thing in that moment. He tells Tutor he’d been wanting to kiss him that way for a while now. We know that he’s been crazy about Tutor for two years. That’s a long time to want for someone, but he respects Tutor’s feelings. He knows Tutor isn’t ready for the next step in their relationship, so he stops, doesn’t push Tutor into doing what he’s not ready to do. He even apologizes for pushing as far as he did. Tutor responds with a smile and tells Fighter “You are quite romantic.” He is telling Fighter he appreciates his tenderness and caring. As we know, Fighter is very romantic. But only with Tutor. Only with his love will he go all out and do the grand gestures. He gives Tutor a tender forehead kiss, a show of how precious Tutor is to him. Then he leaves for the night.

Next scene, they are in the car now, getting ready to leave for their trip. Look how excited they both are.

A call comes in from Day to Tutor, who asks him to take notes for the four to five days he will be away. After hanging up, Fighter asks about the call. Fighter tells Tutor he should have said that he was going on a date with him. Even though he says this, I’m pretty sure he would be ok with Day knowing. Fighter has come to terms with his feelings for Tutor. Then they tease each other about their names, and it’s such a cute moment. I still love the fact that Saint calls Zee a koala, and has for almost the entire time they’ve known each other, and Tutor calls Fighter a koala. Cuteness overload.

Then they arrive at the beautiful tropical beach resort thats tucked away, luxurious and private. Honestly I can only dream of going to such a place one day. The look upon Tutor’s face as he sees this place is pure wonder. He’s so excited and amazed that Fighter went this far. The look on Fighter’s face is so sly, like you think this is good, you just wait and see.

This next clip shows how much more comfortable and open with his feelings Fighter has become when talking and flirting with Tutor. Tutor even smiles at how sweet Fighter is behaving. He likes being treated like this.

As they walk towards their place, Fighter tries to hold onto Tutor’s waist, but Tutor scolds him, aware of what others might think. Fighter then changes to put his arm around Tutors shoulder. When they arrive at their room, they stand out by the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Fighter once more puts his arm around Tutor’s waist, but even though Tutor says Fighter’s name, he is ok with him holding his waist when they are alone. I worry that how others perceive their relationship will make Tutor hesitate, esp that Fighter’s dad may use that to make Tutor break up with him. We know it’s coming thanks to the king of spoilers, aka bunny boy. I know it will end happily, so lets not focus on that now. It’s time for sweetness overload to begin.

They’ve settled into their room, and Tutor is lounging outside on a couch looking over towards the ocean. What happens next is pure fluff with a little hesitation.

Ok, I’m going to break this scene down into how absolutely perfectly beautiful it is. Tutor covers himself with a blanket, preparing to sleep. He’s tired. Then he settles in, and Fighter gives him a little grief over it. He says “if you wanted to sleep, we could have proved this at the condo.” Tutor reminds him that Fighter invited him, and because of that Tutor should get to choose what to do. He then says to wake him for dinner and closes his eye. Ok, here’s where the absolutely perfect music begins to play. I’m going to break it down, line by line with the actions played out on screen. It’s magical

Song Lyric:

(I)Have heard once

If you love someone

And that same person has the same feelings as you

It must be happiness. (Fighter is stroking Tutor’s hair tenderly as he looks down at him)

The stories were not simple as they said

If that day has come and it wasn’t what I’d hoped for (Fighter leans down to kiss Tutor’s cheek, but stops before, his face filled with uncertainty, is this allowed yet?)

I might be sad

Or might lose you

What should I do

With the truth I’m facing?

With the feeling that I love you? (He looks down at Tutor tenderly then tentatively places his head next to Tutors, and closes his eyes.)

(In the)Event the truth was not as I expected

I don’t know

I don’t know

What tomorrow will be (Tutor opens his eyes, he was waiting for Fighter to fall asleep)

Can you feel? Can you feel that? (Tutor smiles gently at Fighter, then covers him with the blanket)

I’ll let it float with the wind

You might not see it with your eyes

That my love is all around you (Tutor tucks Fighter in)

Can you feel the love that I gave you (snuggles in next to Fighter)

All my heart is in your hands.

End of song.

I don’t know about you guys but that scene makes me teary eyed. You can see they aren’t quite in sync with their feelings but the love and tenderness towards each other shine through. And I’m so sappy for spotting this, but they make a heart sleeping together.

Now we’ve finished with Tutor Fighter scene, it’s back to Zee and Saint. I see no difference in the two in this instance. When Fighter is trying to wake up Tutor, or should I say Zee trying to wake up Saint, he says this loudly. 😁

Then Tutor pouts because he’s still tired, and gets scolded for overworking himself. Fighter tells him he should only teach Fighter and quit the other jobs. Tutor shakes his head, always the stubborn one. The he gets pulled along by Fighter to brush his teeth and wash his face. What follows is the cutest darn product placement I’ve ever seen for Medent toothpaste. Tutor’s smile is the cutest ever.

Then they are off to dinner. Fighter leads Tutor with his eyes covered by Fighter’s hands. We see Fighter slowly remove his hands and tell him that he can look. The stunned look on Tutor’s face quickly slides into an expression of pure joy as he sees what has been prepared for them.

A beautiful tent with soft curtains, set in a circle with candles all around and inside the tent is a table set up with fine linens, flowers and candles for the two of them to have dinner. The look of happiness on Fighter’s face as he watches Tutor’s reaction gives his feelings away. There is such a look of love and tenderness on his face. Tutor says he feels like he’s stepping into a novel. He then says to him, “You don’t have to go all out like this next time.” Fighter says “I have more surprises for you.” He’s so happy to see his love enjoy what he planned for them. He wants to show Tutor how much he cares for him, how much he pays attention to what Tutor likes. Unlike Hwa, he always seems to know what Tutor wants because he’s been closely watching him for the last two years, making mental notes about his love. Tutor is getting swept away by his feelings, so Fighter takes his hand and they begin to run to their little oasis.

The scene of them eating dinner is part Tutor and Fighter, and part Saint and Zee again.

The chubby cheek comment is so Zee to Saint. He says it all the time. He adores Saint’s chubby cheeks. And the habit of feeding Zee, is completely Saints. He is always feeding his koala.

As you can see i think its both Tutor Fighter and Saint Zee. 😁

And the next scene is Tutor and Fighter on a blanket in the sand, surrounded by candles. The atmosphere is very romantic and soft. This is a long clip, but I’m putting it in without cutting it down. I feel that there is a lot that happens here, and to be honest, it’s such a romantic moment, I can’t bring myself to shorten it.

Tutor tells Fighter he thinks that Fighter is quite a romantic person. Fighter smiles at Tutor. He’s only romantic towards one person in his life, and that is Tutor. He’s never loved anyone before and wants Tutor to feel how special he is in Fighters eyes. Tutor tells him that it reminds him of going on picnics with his parents and when he used to be so happy. He says thank you and asks how Fighter knew he would love this. I think Fighter has been watching Tutor for a long time. He also has talked with Hwa about Tutor. He put time and effort into understanding what would make Tutor happy. It is very sweet and endearing.

Tutor warns him not to do it too often though. Fighter asks why with a puzzled expression on his face. Tutor leans in and tells him “I might get addicted to you.” This startles Fighter into trying to get up to leave. He just about jumped his boy for being so seductive and cute. 😊. But Tutor pulls him back down to the blanket. Tutor teases him for being shy. Fighter denies this as says they should sleep in seperate rooms tonight. Tutor asks why. Fighter is honest with Tutor and responds “I don’t know if I can keep my promise tonight and we’ve not agreed to be in a relationship yet.” He doubts his self control and is honest about it.

Tutor decides to be honest as well. He said he had many questions about how others might view them, how they might be judged. He admits he might be too sensitive to the opinion of others when he wonders what they think of two guys on a romantic vacation together. He tells Fighter that his whole life he was taking care of other people, and that this might be his time to be happy. Because he is happy for the first time in a long time. He also mentions in here, that Zon once told him they were in a novel, and he feels as if that were the case, the novel might be better than their real life, to which Fighter tells him that he will root for him. I feel he’s telling Tutor he will wish for his happiness to happen, no matter what. Tutor tell Fighter that his happiness is that he likes Fighter. And he likes being close to him. Tutor is smiling so gently here. He radiates happiness. Fighter is a bit stunned. He didn’t think he could be anybodies happiness. And its not for the things he can buy or for the look of him upon someones arm. Tutor is happy because Fighter is his, and he knows this. He knows how much Fighter cares for him, and he cares for Fighter too.

Fighter checks to see if Tutor is ok, and not delerious with fever 😁 Tutor says “Are you that surprised I can say something nice?” To which Fighter responds with his typical Umm. Tutor scoots closer and tells Fighter, “I want to sleep next to you tonight’. Then he wraps his arms around Fighters arm and rests his head on Fighters shoulders requesting sweetly that they sleep beside each other. Fighter can’t say no to Tutor, which Tutor is well aware of by this point. After a few minutes, he asks Fighter if he’s stiff from sitting like that. Fighter reaches back to Tutors head and rubs it gently, telling Tutor he can rest if he’s sleepy. Its these little gestures of Fighters that tell Tutor how cherished he is. They scoot back on the blanket and lay down among the pillows, Tutor’s head resting on Fighter’s arm. Tutor throws one leg over Fighters and as the scene fades, you see their feet rubbing against each other tenderly. Sigh. So sweet and dreamy.

The next morning, Tutor is embarrased and a little shy that they slept through the night on the beach. Fighter didn’t want to wake him up because Tutor looked so peaceful. They go back and get ready for their day of adventure and explorations.

This is Tutor being clingy, and I swear another Saint Zee scenes intermixed with Tutor Fighter scenes. They go for a swing, they go eat, they make merit, Tutor makes Fighter wear silly hats. It’s all so cute, but also reminds me of previous vlogs they’ve done. This montage is meant to show Fighter and Tutor getting closer to each other, being playful like lovers do.

Then it’s relaxation time. This is the domestic bliss of the hammock scene. This is their oasis away from the world. And Fighter is so sweet to Tutor, giving him a kiss on the head, then gently stroking his hair. Tutor has his hand on Fighter’s thigh while his head rests on Fighter’s arm. All stress is melted away at that moment. They are content just being together.

Then they decide to go to the beach. Fighter wants to play in the water while Tutor wants to take pictures. Fighter sulkily walks off, turning back to see if his sulking had any effect on Tutor, but Tutor just waves him off. This next montage cracks me up. Its the same sexy music they play every time Fighter takes off his shirt, because, of course he’s going to take off his shirt to swim. This makes Tutor a little cranky and he yells at Fighter “You like to take your shirt off cause your body is great.” Under his breath he murmurs something like “I don’t like for others to see whats mine” which is so freaking cute.

Fighter goes to swim while Tutor jumps around with a selfie stick twirling like a child. Then Fighter leaves the water, searching around for Tutor whom he doesn’t find at first. There’s a look of concern on his face. He see Tutor sitting on some rocks and rushes over to him. Tutor has a hurt toe, which Fighter scolds him about. He lightly hits him on the arm and tell him to take better care of himself because he is causing Fighter to be worried about him. Tutor at first is surprised he was getting scolded but the look of concern on Fighters face made him happy. Tutor is used to having to look out for himself and others, he’s not used to being the one who’s cared for.

I really love the symbolism in the scene. Fighter reaches out a hand to help Tutor up. He literally and figuratively helps Tutor up when he’s feeling down or injured. Its so sweet. Then he tell Tutor to climb on his back. He is willing to carry Tutor and his burdens to safety. He’s telling Tutor in a way “I’m strong enough to carry you when you need it, you don’t have to rely only on yourself anymore. I am here to help ease your burden and carry you when you can’t walk.”

We enter the scene with Fighter in the shower, and Tutor deciding to look for a bandage for himself. He wanders over to where he thinks they are and makes a discovery.

He’s surprised to see an unopened box. As he flips it around, he realizes that it’s a packet of condoms. Fighter sure does think of everything. Tutor hears the shower cut off, then hastily puts the condoms down and turns to face Fighter, who is looking at him questioningly. Tutor tells Fighter he was looking for a bandage with a bit of flailing arm sweeping, which looks pretty strange, to be honest. Fighter tells him to go sit down and that he will bring it for him. Tutor obediently goes to sit down and when Fighter approaches where Tutor was standing he sees the box of condoms. He looks surprised, places them back down and brings the bandage to take care of Tutor’s toe.

First Part of NC Scene – AKA Don’t watch around your parents or your kids.

Fighter grumbles at Tutor for being such a big baby over such a little scratch. This cracks me up because it’s very much him scolding his junior in that moment. Then afterwards, he asks if he can make Tutor feel better. Tutor says yes, then Fighter kisses his foot. Tutor is shocked and says “What are you doing Fighter?” To which Fighter replies “You know….We didn’t just come here to eat, sleep and have fun, right?” Tutor replies in a typical Fighter way with Hmm in agreement. Then Fighter proceeds to kiss his way up Tutor’s leg. When he get to closer to the knee, Tutor leans back, he’s feeling it. Especially when Fighter uses his tongue on Tutor’s thigh. As Fighter slides in between Tutor’s thighs, rising up over his body, he is kissing a path to Tutor’s lips, one hand under Tutor’s shirt. He reaches Tutor, takes his hand, then kisses him. He pauses for a moment, and asks Tutor if he can kiss him. Tutor responds by kissing him back, then kissing a path along his chin, his Adam’s apple, his shoulders and his arm. Tutor is very much a participant at this moment. Fighter kisses Tutor’s neck, then springs backwards as if electrocuted. He made a promise. And by damned he will stick to that promise. He tells Tutor to go take a shower, but Tutor has other ideas.

NC Scene 2

Tutor kisses Fighter twice, not letting him escape. Then he says in the most sexy voice i can never unhear, eyes heavy with passion “P’Fight, you make me long for it. Then you go away.” He tilts his head to the side sliding his eyes to the box of condoms on the night stand. “I saw what you bought.” He then bites his lower lip seductively in assent. He wants this, he’s ready. Then he leans in and kisses Fighter passionately to tell him without words what he wants to do. Fighter pushes Tutor back to the bed. He waited and heard what Tutor said. Green light means its a go. He’s kissing Tutor, then taking off Tutors shirt. They are both engaged in this, there is no wallflower here, this is a passionate couple who are ready to take the next step together. Fighter rains kisses down Tutors bare chest. Then Tutor takes charge.

He flips Fighter so that Fighter is underneath him. He kisses him passionately, then leans down, taking Fighters shirt up, kissing, his way over Fighter’s chest. Pretty sure he got a nipple in there. I’m including a play by play because, a. It’s fun and b. Its relevant. Tutor flipped Fighter, showing Fighter that he wants him, letting Fighter know that they are both committed. Honestly I feel this shows they both want to bring pleasure to each other, its not a one sided lovemaking session. I think when Tutor gets too close to Fighter’s hot spot, he pulls Tutor up and they kiss passionately. Fighter then flips Tutor underneath him. Once again kissing his chest. This next move was so slick, i about fell on the freaking floor. He takes Tutor hand, slides it up his chest and licks his fingers.

They kiss again. He starts to kiss Tutor’s chest again and Tutor pulls him in for a passionate kiss. This next action had my jaw dropping in disbelief but holy hell it was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Fighter leans up, grabs Tutor’s hand and slides it under his towel to show Tutor how hard he is. And he asks, “Are you ready?” Consent asked. Then he reaches for the package of condoms. Now personally I know i have to suppose that time has passed and he’s prepared Tutor properly, cause throwing on a condom isn’t the only thing he’s got to do. I’ll insert the novel version of prep, so we can assume this happened. Then Tutor tells him to come closer, aka, come in.


F : “Its okay” Fighter lifted his face and wiped something (the semen lmao) on his lips before smiling and looked domes at the person beneath him who suffocating on the bed with messy breath, 

T : “P…. your eyes..”

F : He instead reach out and pick things that he’s prepare earlier. He lubricated his fingers as preparation before inserting it to Tutor bright red channel below. 

T : “Did you prepare everything?”

F : “Yes.” While he shrugged his eyebrows up and down. There’s no way that a person like P Fighter will miss such an opportunity like this. 

T : “Ohoo… P is getting good at this.” While Fighter prepare the condom and the lubricant. The he took Tutor legs up to his own shoulders and kissing Tutor calf. 

F : “This position is really nice.” 

T : “……………” he’s not answering those statement because the heat already rushing up to his face. Fighter did not waste any of their time, he started to put his fingers, one by one up until 3 fingers. 

T : “Aaahhhh” Tutor face become warm till he had to arch and lift his back to reach something to cover his face. 

F : “Are you okay? Don’t be so nervous na, Ter.”

T : “Eh…ahhh.. I’m okay” Tutor nodded in silence, completely surrendered to the pleasure that Fighter was giving. Although, there is pain but it didn’t win against the pleasure occurring as he felt his channel open wider until Tutor twitching along with the rhythm of Fighter’s finger that keep hitting his sweet spot. 

T : “Ahhhh… P’ Fight, I want you inside me. Come inside me now. Please!” 

Fighter agreed and reach out the condom he prepared earlier then he put it on. He pulled Tutor’s waist to draw him closer. Tutor the looked into Fighter eyes and placed his hands on Fighter’s stomach as if he preparing it to be an anchor and to warn the elder to shoving it gently. Everything had gone smoothly, the older was poking his “big one” almost inside.

T : “P Fighter…… so great” those words sent Fighter close to tears and feeling helpless. Helpless that he almost withdrew his hard manhood that is already poking Tutor red chamber. Tutor reach out and holding Fighter arms. “Kiss me. After kissing, Tutor slid his hands around Fighters back firmly. “I want you inside.”

F : “Huh?”

T : “Inside me. Inside me now P’ Fight!” 

Hearing those, Fighter feels like a balloon filled with air that floats up to the sky. This time he tried to shove it in. He felt Tutor pinching his skin, on his back. The force of the thrust cause the younger one to pinch Fighter stomach too. 

F : Maybe he sharing his pain by pinching me. 

T : “Ahhhhh……ahhhhhh….aaahh. So amazing P’ Fight.”

F : “Pardon? You want me stop” Fighter teasing him. “Have you had enough?”

T : “No!” Tutor shake his head gently “Please don’t go. Please continue what you were doing .”

F : “Yes, definitely. We are already here and we’re not going anywhere.” His trembling voice then comforted by a sudden yet a gentle kiss. Gentle enough for him to forget that he was the one who causing Tutor’s pain.

Fighter then waiting until the younger one relax before he starting moving, his free hand then grabbing Tutor’s dangling member and started to swiping it up and down. 

T : “Aaaaaaah…….Hahhhh” Those hips were moving  fast and more intense. Loud and low moans can be heard enveloped the atmosphere as they both drown in a pool of immense pleasure. Tutor then lift his legs, wrap it around Fighter’s waist as if, its his last anchor and support to survive this dilemma.

They then looked at each others face. It was at this moment when Fighter realized that he was so lucky to meet the person that beneath him right now, whose currently drowning into the pleasure he’s providing.

F : I’m so lucky that I’ve known you. And I’m so lucky, to feel you, the feeling inside you… 

T : “Uh…..uhhhh P’ Fight!!” Tutor felt like he has touched the horizon and fulfilled his dreams as his fresh man juice burst out. Seeing this Fighter move intensely and the feel the surge of come out from the might of his manhood. Of course he wanted to ended it after the second round, third or even the fourth round. But Fighter choose to kiss Tutor and withdraw his manhood out.

End novel 1st NC scene

Then we have the bubble bath scene. Very sweet and passionate. Fighter says to Tutor, we belong to each other now, right? Tutor agrees but tell Fighter that he wont give in the next time. I think he’s implying that he gave in to Fighter as they were trying to figure out who was giving and who was receiving. We know from the author that if Tutor wants to top, Fighter is ok with it. We might get that next week in the bath scene. 🤞 Fighter is worried about how Tutor is feeling. If his body is ok. Tutor replies that he’s ok. Then Tutor kisses Fighter. Then Fighter tells him he’s concerned about him as he strokes Tutor’s hair gently and place a soft kiss on his nose and upper lip. He says he won’t do it again, he promises. And that he doesn’t want them to get bored of each other. I think that he’s trying to reassure Tutor that he doesn’t want to hurt him physically and he’s willing to not have sex like that again. Well we know that won’t happen but hopefully the next time will be easier, especially since they’ve all but told us the 9 inch monster he is packing, so I’m sure the first time must be sore. Sorry if its too graphic, but hey, its sex kiddos. Then he looks into Tutors eyes, their faces close to each other. He says “I love you Tutor” he’s opening his heart wide, letting himself be totally vulnerable to Tutor. Tutor smile back and says “I love you too” The joy on Fighters face is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. All his life, he’s never felt love. Finally the one he loves, loves him in return. They begin to kiss again as the beautiful song plays once again.


Can’t you feel my love for you?

The wind carrying it towards you

My love is all around you

Can’t you feel the love that I give to you?

All my love is in your hands

No matter what happens tomorrow (piggy back scene in manga style)

I’m willing to let it be (hammock scene, manga style)

I know we get another beach scene next week, and I’m hopeful the angst wont last long because this couple went through so much to arrive at their happy place. They both deserve love and happiness.

A few last notes. I am shocked and a little angry that people were complaining about the amount of kisses that Fighter and Tutor had. She and Saint both had the perfect response, and I wish people could understand.

I’m actually sad if people haven’t experienced this passion once in their life. Its a beautiful thing.

And I’m so so proud of our boys Saint and Zee because they designed a lot of the beach scenes themselves. Here’s a few things that they have said about it. I honestly couldn’t think of a more perfect episode, so I will rewatch and retweet so they know how appreciated it is.

I love this series so much.

Please comment, I really want to know what you think. Sorry for the crazy long post, but this was so iconic I wanted to do it justice. See you next Saturday, or next Friday on Twitter.


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  1. He knows what Saint likes because he definitely felt more for Saint than Hwa, I am crying at this point!! It shows that he is not as cold as what people think he is, he just didn’t like Hwa enough hehe. To be honest, the running part to the tent made me laugh because it was so cliché. It only worked because they are so darn good looking. I swoon everytime.

    It has come to the point where I think Tutor and Fighter is second, and it’s just Saint and Zee acting themselves in the show. Tutor and Fighter were long gone the moment they confirmed their love for each other. It’s ZaintSee’s time to shine!!

    I think I spoiled the replay button at the part where Tutor grabbed Fighter’s head to pull him into a passionate kiss. That did it for me, istg. It was so fucking hot and realistic?!

    For the “I won’t do it again”, Some people said that it was referring to the whole Hwahwa thing, what do you think? I personally think that the sentence has different implied meaning. Like one is highly likely the meaning you pointed out, but I think its possible that he meant Hwa or the whole concert thing too.

    Oh and I like the fact that Fighter used the traditional (is this the word?) Thai to show how serious he is in confessing his love for him. (Is it the first time he said it?!)

    I think this whole episode is so intimate, I felt like I was intruding the whole time. It’s so obvious Zee and Saint really love and they are so proud of the whole beach scene seeing how they constantly promote it even way before the teaser for ep 9.

    1. I look forward to your comments after my posts, so thanks for reading and writing your thoughts. 😊 Actually the running scene, I can never see in the same way since I’ve seen the behind the scenes take of it, but I didn’t want to spoil the mood by including it. It actually is quite funny as you see the cameraman and three or four people running along side the cameraman and its so completely the opposite of what they are trying to do.

      I agree its. Its funny to me in Saint’s live last week someone asked him they could have Fighter, and he said no Zee belongs to Tutor, they corrected him and said they asked about Fighter and he told them, no they are both the same and they belong to Tutor/Me. 🤣🤣

      Their love scene was so real to me, which is why it works so well. I swear, it was very very convincing and passionate.

      For the I wont do it again, it really doesn’t make sense in any other context than what I’ve said. This is when they are in the bathtub and sharing the post sex contentment. Given what had just happened I’m absolutely sure he wouldn’t bring up other people in that moment. He’s very worried that, um excuse me to being blunt, that his dick was too much for Tutor’s first time. so he doesn’t want to hurt Tutor again or pressure him for too much sex.

      I also loved how they use the formal words of love to confess to each other. you don’t see that very often in bl’s. Its a level of commitment to tell Tutor how deeply his love is.

      I loved how romantic and yet realistic parts of the episode were. It was just the right balance. I can’t stop smiling, and I can’t stop watching it. It makes me incredibly happy. And I am so proud of the hard work everyone put into these scenes. I can’t wait to see next week’s beach episode to see more of this fluff.

      🤗💕💕 Jen

      1. Omg, I hope you are on twitter and reading all the tea that our dearest Kru Kla is spilling especially about the NC scenes!!! This is where we truly know that ZaintSee has entered the scene and its no longer FTTT. This episode really did it for me, even the non-saucy scenes were so good and I felt so darn single when I watched them.

        I still stand by how this whole episode felt strangely intimate that I felt the need to cover my eyes as I watched them go by their entire day just spending with each other. I squealed so much throughout the episode.

        Yes next episode will be good too!! Oh by the way I finished Together With Me already and I loved it, so thank you so much for the recommendation!

      2. Yep, he be out there spilling the tea, i just want to have an English translation cause he dropped some really juicy details and i want the full scoop. Hopefully some kind soul with sub it for us. I’m so glad you liked Together with Me. Did you watch the second one yet? Fair warning, something happens that’s pretty bad, but don’t worry it works out, cause I don’t recommend sad endings. Its called Together With Me The Next Chapter. If you have any other series you’ve enjoyed, let me know what they are. I can drop more recommendations based on that, and it will make my librarians heart happy to do it. Lol. 💕😊

  2. I greatly appreciate you for this and also pissed that i discovered you on episode 8! But glad i caught you.

    What i appreciate even more about this episode is that much as they came to the beach to “discover each other” , they also recognized the fact that they are two people with differing personalities. Like Tutor did his thing; take selfies while Fighter went into the water.

    It showed they can be together but still do their own things and that does not mean they don’t want want to spend time with each other.

    I agree with Fighttutor, those two made us feel like we were invading their privacy at some point and it was lovely to watch

    Also, when it comes to people i think the only person whose opinion matters to Fighter are Tutor and his father and that is why he is comfortable showing affection like that. Tutor on the other hand, worries about what everyone will think.I think he hates conflicts and because he is used to protecting and being responsible for the people he love, he wants to protect his love and Fighter from the hurt. Makes me anticipate how they are going to face things after this, the father, people and how they resolve it.

    1. Thanks so much for replying. I’m glad you like my blog, this series has brought out my inner fangirl so I love talking about it. I feel that there isn’t enough said about how their relationship has changed and evolved as the series progresses. I hear lots of comment like, aren’t they too rushed? Why do they kiss so much? To this I say, pay attention, there is so much going on in each episode. In order to write each post, I watch the episode at least four times, taking notes, drawing parallels and enjoying how much thought and effort has gone into this series.

      You are so right when you said they came to the beach to discover one another. I love the fact they are willing to invest time in finding out if they are good for each other. Fighter has loved Tutor for so long, but Tutor is slower to come to terms with his feelings. Fighter is happy that Tutor agreed to give him these days to see what they have. He’s not going to pressure Tutor even though its obvious he’s already there. Fun side note here. I told my husband I loved him when we were dating and it was two weeks before he said I love you back. I didn’t push, just told him how I felt. And we’ve been married for 24 years, so it does work when you give your partner space.

      I feel so invested in their relationship, it made me smile when they had such cute moments. Especially when we’ve learned from the acting coach that the NC scene was real, and they had to cut the camera’s for cool off cause they were too into their character. Makes me feel that Saint Zee really do have a relationship and the lines have been a little blurred for them between Fighter/Tutor and Saint/Zee.

      I agree that Fighter wants his dads understanding and approval. It doesn’t look like he’s ever gotten that. We all long for our parents to understand us. He cares about Tutor’s happiness and Tutor’s opinion because he’s let down his walls and opened himself up to Tutor by being vulnerable. He trusts Tutor not to hurt him. I feel like you hit upon Tutor’s issues perfectly. He’s had to be the one taking care of others, so he had to tread gently when it comes to teaching or his job at the bakery. He has to present this caring and understanding person who’s always cheerful in order to keep his jobs. So he’s used to adapting himself to match what others think because his livelihood depends on it. I think he’s going to breakup with Fighter because his dad will guilt Tutor by bringing up Fighter’s future and what being in a gay relationship will affect him. But I don’t know how they will overcome it, but I think Fighter’s going to have to force his dad to sit down and listen to him.

      💕😊 – Jen

  3. I love this series so much! I can pick and choose parts I love from other series (DBK, Theory of Love, Love By Chance, Together With Me, Until We Meet Again – “be brave about it”, I melted!) but I can’t honestly think of another series that was as good overall as WHY R U. Ok, there are still 3 episodes left but I don’t think I will be disappointed.
    I know everyone is obsessed about 2gether right now but I am… underwhelmed. For the first time I ship the actors more than the characters (“BrightWin or WinBright? What’s the difference, we’re still together” – heart eyes emoji). For me WHY R U is the best BL I’ve seen so far.
    I love how in depth you go with your reviews, keep it coming, the longer the better!

    1. Thanks so much, glad you found your way here. As for me, I agree. If you ask me overall I’d have to say as a whole show, this one tops my list. And I’m very very picky as I’ve seen almost all of the Thai bl series out there. I think because for me, they don’t really have a lot of problematic bl tropes, like non con scenes, the only one was when Fighter kissed Tutor the first time and he regretted it. Also the lack of problematic female characters. I’m happy to say there aren’t any bad ones, I even understand and like Hwa. These things, plus the tongue in cheek nods to all the classic bl makes me smile like crazy. I mean, I loved that we got to see Tharn/Type with jealous Type, and Tee/Fuse with another adorable cheek kiss.

      I agree about 2gether. I enjoy their characters and chemistry but lets all be honest, Green steals the show every episode. I freakin love him. I’m annoyed at the kiss, and frustrated like everyone over how dense Tine is. How can the boy be soooo clueless? But I’m going to keep watching.

      Have you watched either Tossara or My Engineer? They are both cute. Tossara is part of En of Love series that focuses on four couples. It’s put out by Studio
      Wabi Sabi on their YouTube channel. Each couple only gets four episodes so it’s a little fast paced, but its cute so far.

      My Engineer I have to say I’m really enjoying for the main character is a slightly dopey med major who isn’t afraid to say what he think and is a little naive. The other mc is (of course) an engineer, who’s only been into girls, but finds this guy adorable. The med major is kind of a tsundere character but its cute. They also have an official YouTube channel.

      Thanks again for replying 💕😊 Jen

      1. About 2gether, Sarawat is the king of mixed messages and poor Tine is so clueless… Win’s confused face is adorable though 🙂
        I didn’t like En Of Love at all, unfortunately, I thought it was all over the place.
        My Engineer is really cute and I love how fast the main character goes from being a “player” to “omg I love him so much” 😀 Unrequited love is one of my favorite tropes so I was looking forward to the Boss/Maek romance but the dubbing of Maek’s voice is REALLY distracting. I guess I will have to settle with Ram&King (Ram is an early favorite!)

  4. This episode as marvelous for a lot of reasons and i agree, at some point it felt like we are invading their privacy.

    What i noticed and appreciated them even more for was that even though they came to the beach to discover themselves, they recognize that they are two individuals who can also want different things even when together. Like Fighter wanted to go into the water but Tutor wanted to document the moment (selfies).

    On the issue of their relationship vs society/people, Fighter cares more if not only about Tutor’s and his dad’s opinion the most. That is why he freely hugs Tutor like that. Tutor on the other hand, cares more about everyone’s opinion because he is used to being the one that has to protect or take care of everyone. He does not like conflict and would want to protect his love and Fighter from the hurt. Makes me anticipate how they will deal with things in future. What do you think?

  5. Ok one more question and I’ll leave you alone (I swear social distancing does weird things to people, sorry I’m annoying but I have to obsess over something!) but you quoted the book, do you have a link for an English version? Thanks!

    1. I totally feel you, social distancing is driving me a little crazy. And it’s giving me time to geek out about too, so i completely understand. If you want to know about the English translation, it’s not complete. In fact that’s the ending so far of the English translation. If you want to read it, if you have twitter, use it to dm Tasya her twitter handle is @arentyouhightoo so ask her for what she’s translated. The author has said she will publish an ebook in English probably in April.

  6. I like 2gether too. It is picking up nicely, however, i doubt the kiss happened. Sarawat had his hands covering it. so its arguable, and am glad am not the only one who finds it frustrating how dense Tine can be sometime. This may change next week.

    My Engineer is cute, am excited to see how the stories will unfold.

    I have to admit, En of Love episode one got me feeling somehow, i did not know how to feel about it. Episode two was much better.

  7. Hi!! Sorry I am late to watching WRU. May i know whats the promise that Fighter made to Tutor? I dont quite what was the promise he made which was mentioned a few times (Like spliting a room etc).

    1. Hi. Welcome to the WhyRU family! Hope you are enjoying it. We have a pretty active presence on Twitter as well, so feel free to join us there. You can search for the hashtags- #WhyRU, #FTTT or #TTFT #ZaintSee and our fandom name is #CactuZS or #cactuzs My twitter is: @Jenhg43

      As for your question, they hadn’t agreed to be in a relationship yet. So the promise was to not push Tutor into something he wasn’t ready for yet. The promise, as it were, is that he will not push for more than Tutor is ready to give. When Tutor flirts with him, saying he could be addicted to him, this turns him on, and he’s worried he may get carried away and take things to the next level if he has to sleep next to him, aka, his self restraint is hanging by a thread, cause he really wants Tutor.

      Thanks for commenting. Hope you enjoy the show and my commentaries on it.


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