Poom Alone Reaction – WHYRU Episode 10 w/guests P’Aof, P’Kla and P’Shewin

I have the entire Poom Alone Reaction WHYRU Episode 10 w/eng subtitles. It takes up a lot of space, so I’m going to change the way the post is setup. First I will put a link in to the unsubbed original video from the POOMALONE channel. I received the srt (subtitles file) from the wonderful people from Zaint See Team Subs and merged the two files to create this subtitled version. Because the file is so big, and I’ve already talked about some of the content in my post on WHYRU – Peeking Behind the Scenes Episode 9 & 10 Part 2, I’m going to use clips like I usually do, but will leave a button for the entire subbed video underneath the unsubbed one.

We begin by talking to P’Aof and P’Shewin about what they think about the episode they are all going to watch together. I like this clip from P’Shewin where he talks about getting energy back when he watches the show. When interacting with fans, he feels a part of something bigger than himself. He gets energy back from interacting with us about these episodes. He takes the feedback from fans and makes changes sometimes based on feedback. Honestly this approach has its benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s talk about the drawbacks, as they are obvious. If you are changing your content based on user feedback, this can lead to a disjointed production or a lack of continuity to the series. Also if you are changing yourself to please your audience, it tends to lack authenticity or conviction of content. However, by watching several episodes with reactors and director, producer and acting coach, you are left with a certainty that they were true to their vision of the series.

In my opinion, this particular approach had the benefit of seeing changes in the series that were needed to polish out the rough edges. The first episode was rough. Not going to lie. I felt the Domundi boys tried to put too much of their slapstick, variety show humor into the show. Toilet humor, overacting, took me out of the scene rather than added to the scene. And as we see in further episodes, they fleshed out the character’s a bit more. As a viewer I honestly found this method of content adaptation refreshing and a bit cutting edge. It became more of an interactive experience for me, and I’m sure other viewers as well.

Since this episode starts off with Saifah and Zon, I’m including this clip. I know I don’t really talk about them, but I do like their sweetness. I wanted you to see how beloved the characters are by the director, producer and acting coach. This really does show you how much these characters are loved by all of them. P’Kla talking about the way he can’t watch the scene since he’s Jimmy’s mistress, cracks me up every time. 😁. I know that fans were disappointed that there wasn’t enough screen time of Saifah and Zon. But watching this, you will understand that this couple is also very important to the P’Shewin. He actually talks about what happened at the end of the video, and I will also include it towards the end of my blog. I think it may give some fans a different perspective on the events that took place.

Ok, enough about that. From the morning after scene to the boat scene, I included the highlights in the previous blog, but I’m still going to put some amusing bits in here. I have to say P’Top cracks me up. He is just saying things I know you guys were thinking. 😂😂

We know where everyone’s eyes go, lol

I agree with P’Shewin about the way in which Tutor behaves now that they are officially lovers. I noticed a shift in attitude of both Tutor and Fighter in this morning after their first night together. They were both softer to each other, clingy, playful. The walls came down and both Tutor and Fighter are free to act spoiled for each other. I keep hearing this word and the translators who do official subs call it cringing. I don’t think that’s really what it means at all. I feel like its more like acting childish or wanting to be spoiled.

ของเด็ก is the word used and it means babyish.
P’Kla and P’Top 😁

I love what P’Kla says right here. Fighter is making a solemn promise that he will still love Tutor even when they are old and grey. Very sweet and romantic. Honestly Fighter in this scene, breaks my heart because we know what happens in episode 11. The happiness when rewatching this scene, causes me a bit of pain as I remember Tutor asking him to let go of his hand. I tear up a bit. I know people might say it’s just a story, but for me, their story resonates deep within me. I feel like they are real people we know, so the actors and everyone have done a great job at pulling me into the story. I am definitely emotionally invested in them.

They talk about the boat scene next, but I’m going to skip that one. If you want to, I do have parts of it in my other review. I’m going to jump ahead to the scene after Tutor talks to his mother on the phone at the beach. I found P’Aof’s description spot on. They really do delve deep into what moves these characters, their emotions and actions.

This next scene I am going to leave in completely, because I want you to watch P’Shewin during this scene. He feels every emotion I did and it flows across his face. This is why I respect this director. I have never seen a director so invested in the characters he’s moved to tears by their happiness. It’s as if he see’s them as real people too. It’s beautiful. And the scene is so romantic, sweet and basically perfect. A culmination of happiness reached. Sigh.

Then we have P’Kla being P’Kla. Gotta make sure everyone is ready for the NC scene. 😂

Things heat up. I love how embarrassed P’Shewin gets. He is so shy, it’s really cute.

He wants everyone to watch this with different eyes. I love what he says. I wholeheartedly agree. Sex, in this case, goes hand in hand with love, an expression of their feelings for each other. It’s loving, sensual and full of feelings. And I for one understand that when you have longed for someone for a long time, it’s hard to hold back, so kudos to Fighter for trying to keep his promise. As P’Shewin says he’s come a long way in his journey from where he started, so even though he screws up in ep 12, we need to realize how far he’s come. Remember I still want an apology for going to far with Tutor, but I understand sometimes it’s not so clear in real life. But I still wish for it. Then again, I am older so I tend to look at things from the talk it out perspective, instead of the hotheaded early 20s guys.

The NC scene

They discuss the difficulties and dedication of the actors while filming the sauna scene. Apparently they would have to go from extreme heat inside the sauna to cold outside because it had just rained. And Saint’s back was very red because of being pressed up against the wood. Yet they worked hard to deliver the best performance.

And this next small bit I had to include because I really feel the way P’Poom feels when I watch this part of the episode. It’s love.

Honestly I’m including this once again because it shows just how much thought goes into the meaning behind the scenes shot. It’s really quite beautiful if you think about them merging together, sharing the same breath, becoming one. Sigh. Romance at its finest.

Ok, I want you guys to watch P’Shewin in this sweet morning scene. He actually tears up at how fulfilled and full of love these characters are in this moment. I tear up with him, I still love to cuddle with my husband first thing in the morning, half awake, stroking skin. And so does he. It’s such happiness and contentment. This feels like I am really dropping in on an intimate moment between the two lovers. I think that’s why P’Kla gets embarrassed. It feels too real.

Fighter likes being babied

P’Kla gives something away above, and it’s only after watching episode 11, 12, you come to understand what he means. It’s easy to love someone and harder to support them. We know that Fighter didn’t know how to support Tutor when he was insecure and Tutor didn’t know how to support Fighter in conflict with his father. But they came to understand that your lover’s happiness is your happiness. And that nobody needs to solve things alone in a relationship. You are meant to support each other and carry each other when needed. Love is meant to support and lift you up. When you are together, you need to not only share your happiness, but your sadness, stress and worry. Love can help everyone through these times.

Sorry for the sappy diatribe. Couldn’t help it. I really do believe in that kind of love. My husband, when we were just dating, listened to stories of my past that were painful. He sat there, rubbed my back, and gave me tissue to dry my tears. I fell even harder for him then. That’s the kind of love Fighter and Tutor learn to have. And that’s the kind of love I wish for all of you guys. I really do.

Now closing thoughts from our guest. And I want you to pay attention to when P’Shewin talks about the difficulties the production team faced around the same time as Covid – 19. And also he doesn’t shy away from taking full responsibility. I hope this makes a few of you guys reevaluate how unhappy you are at the ending of the series. I really do feel that they tried their hardest to give us the best they could. And then P’Kla talks about how he views his students, and it’s truly a two sided relationship. He really is a great teacher.

This last bit is how much appreciated reaction channels are to P’Shewin. He basically says this community makes him feel like he is watching this with friends and it gives him a different experience and opportunities to interact and share more details about the journey they have taken during this show.

For me, this is a sort of sad time. But I realize I’m not alone in feeling a little lost without new WHYRU content. Today the WHYRU Behind The Scenes episode came out. I was happy once again to have new content, but also a little sad. Especially as it is not subbed in English. I understand we’ve gotten greedy as international fans and a bit spoiled with some simultaneous subbing, but I will be patient. Hopefully someone will sub it, then I will do another post on this.

I really would love to do the Poom Alone Reaction for WHYRU Last Ep but I don’t know of any translators who are working on it. If there are any translators who are willing to translate, and/or timestamps I can sub it myself. These videos are really long though. This one is 1 1/2 hours and I think ep 13 is similar length. However, I really really want to know the insights given to the ending of the series. They were all crying and I want to know what was said.

Thanks for taking the time to read my crazy long blog again. Hope you enjoyed. Let me know your thoughts. Hugs. 💕🤗 Jen

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  1. This cast and crew did give us their all and i’ll forever appreciate them for it.

    Am wishing and hopping you get eps 11-13 too.

    *Boom boom*

    1. Thanks sweetie. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I did get a translator to do a summary though, which was very kind of her. So I likely will post that in the next few days. That’s on Episode 13. I still want 11 and 12 though. And a more detailed 13, but I will take what I can get. Lol. Hugs 🤗 😘💕 *boom boom* 😁

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