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PoomAlone React WHYRU Episode 10 – Eng Sub w/guest P’Shewin, P’Aof and P’Kla

Apparently there’s been some issues with subtitles coming up on the full video so I’m going to try this there to see if this works.

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  1. tieutrutru May 20, 2020

    Thank you for translating this video ❣❣❣

    • jenhg May 20, 2020 — Post Author

      I didn’t translate this, the wonder @Patty_SH on twitter translated it, and ZaintSee team subs converted it into a text file, then I merged it all into one. Kind of a group effort. But thank you for liking it. 🤗💕 I am so glad you liked it. Honestly I feel like I’ve learned a lot about WHYRU from watching these videos. I’m happy to be able to share it with you guys.

  2. Stephanie August 8, 2020

    Thank you for this. I haven’t been able to see it anywhere else translated.

  3. BobinN August 21, 2020

    This is one of the best series I ever watched. Apart from Twilight Saga I never watched anything so frantically…ZS is beyond real, beyond the entire cast and their efforts. Cinematography is really commendable. Waiting for more ZS projects ❤️💙🤞

    • jenhg August 21, 2020 — Post Author

      As are we all…..we get greedy for ZaintSee content, but there are lots of videos on YouTube of Lives, FanMeets, etc. So if you are like me and miss ZaintSee just look it up and rewatch old content til they gift us with new content. Can’t wait to see them together again. The cast, the crew, the cinematography the music, all of it made WHYRU superior to others, so it’s hard to connect to any other series like this. So happy you found my blog. (Of course with my shameless self promo there on twitter, how could you not, lol) Hope you will rewatch with me as I’m going to rewatch the entire series in the run up to the fan meeting in September. Thanks again for reading and commenting. – 💕 Jen

    • jenhg August 23, 2020 — Post Author

      Agreed. There is something so magical about the whole cast, crew, and this series. It delivers such great energy, flow, and the cinematography, the set design, props, everything is just perfection in my book. I too would love to see more ZS projects. Can’t wait to see them together again.

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