Oxygen Episode 6

This week, our first couple has confessed to each other and begin their life as boyfriends. What does that look like for Solo and Gui? Also thank goodness we get more of Kao and Phuri as I missed them terribly last week. I love Solo and Gui but Kao/Phu are irresistible. I smile at the... Continue Reading →

Oxygen Episode 5

So what is happening with our couples this week? Are Solo and Gui going to reconcile? What’s going to happen with Kao and Phu? Will there be any change in the Petch, Perth Khim love triangle? Let’s dive in to the episode to see what happens. Make sure you go check out Krishna’s review and... Continue Reading →

Oxygen – Episode 4

This week, what happens between our couples? Anyone new or new development between the pairs or triangles? What about Solo, does he get rescued in time by Gui? And do we find out what’s wrong with Khim? What about Dr. Perth and Dr. Petch? And finally will Phuri allow Kao to come closer to him?... Continue Reading →

Oxygen – Episode 3

I have to say that I’m happy with this series so far. I wonder what Krishna will make of this episode, so make sure to head over to Psycho-Milk to see what opinions we share and where we differ for this episode. Just click on the button below to check it out. Don’t forget to... Continue Reading →

Blog Update – Life Update

Hi guys. It’s been a hot minute since the last time I posted one of these, so I wanted to update everyone. If you guys are still reading my blog, that is. As you guys have probably noticed, I’m not putting out quite as much content as I had in the past. It’s not because... Continue Reading →

My Oxygen – Episode 1

I’m so excited this series is finally here. I am doing another joint review with Psycho Milk. I can’t wait to see what Krishna thinks of Oxygen the series as well. We will be releasing our reviews at the same time. So please read both of our reviews to see a different perspective on the... Continue Reading →

WHYRU LookBack – Episodes 8-10

I blogged about these episodes pretty thoroughly so I won’t have too much to add here. I will drop additional footage that was released in the behind WHYRU episodes that aired after the series ended. I hope that you enjoy these glimpses behind the scenes. Episode 8 WHYRU Episode 8 of Tutor Fighter Relationship Analysis... Continue Reading →

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