WHYRU LookBack – Episode 6 & 7

Here are my previous thoughts and analysis on Episode 6. I still agree with myself, lol. Please read it before you read my added information. Episode 6 Thoughts on Tutor/Fighter Relationship Episode 6 Let me say once again that Sutor moments are sweet. I love the look of affection in his eyes here. Now here’s... Continue Reading →

WHYRU LookBack – Ep 5

These episodes make me smile, so I rewatched with happiness. Then I reread my thoughts on the previous posts. Episode 5 Fighter/Tutor I still agree with my interpretation of key scenes between Fighter and Tutor. Please follow the link and read my thoughts, if you haven’t already. 😊 There are a few things that stood... Continue Reading →

WHYRU LookBack – Ep 3 & 4

Today, I need a distraction, so here goes. I watched episodes 3 and 4 of WHYRU last night and here are my thoughts on these episodes. Episode 3 We start off seeing the forceful kiss once more. As Tutor shoves Fighter away in shock and anger, I am once again struck by the look on... Continue Reading →

WHYRU LookBack – Ep 2

Let's start off by saying I love the character's cameos in the this episode. When I see Tharn Type in the beginning of this episode it makes me smile so much. I've missed them too. They are so cute. Zon's confusion is adorable too. When he stumbles off to the sound of the birds, it... Continue Reading →

WHYRU – Another Lookback

Sorry, I can’t leave this place. WHYRU holds a power of me and my heart can’t seem to escape it. So in light of the FM coming up, that I will enjoy virtually, and not in person thanks to the lovely Rona virus, I’m going to walk through this series once again. Please join me... Continue Reading →

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