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I’m sure that most of you have watched the WhyRU Behind the Scenes Episode (detailing episodes 8,9) last Friday, aired in the place of WhyRU episode 11 on both LINETV and One31. If you haven’t then you should, for sure. I’ll post the links next. What I aim to do in this post, is to combine information we learned there, along with information learned from Saint’s IG live reaction to Episode 10, and the information learned from PoomAlone Episode 10 reaction with guest appearances of P’Kla, P’Shewin, and P’Aof. Basically compiling info so we see special details we might have missed.

WHYRUEpBehind 1/4 https://tv.line.me/embed/13196885

WHYRUEpBehind 2/4 https://tv.line.me/embed/13196886

WHYRUEpBehind 3/4 https://tv.line.me/embed/13196887

WHYRUEpBehind 4/4 https://tv.line.me/embed/13196888

Episode 9

Let me start off by saying, to be honest, Episode 9 and 10 were by far my favorite episodes, and I’ve watched them many times over. It fills me with a sense of nostalgia about the beginnings of a relationship, when everything is still shiny and new, you are still discovering each other. You put your whole self into the relationship, trying to make each other happy. It’s a beautiful moment in time. One you can look back on years from now. I mean, we all must have a favorite memory we can recall with clarity. This is it for Fighter and Tutor. It’s their chance to block out the outside world, and lock themselves into a time capsule, where just the two of them exist. The setting is perfect, the mood is right, and they both are committed to opening themselves up to each other, without walls or defenses. And if you watch these two episodes back to back, it’s like a complete movie. In my mind, there’s not much that can top this.

So for people who don’t like it, I’m not sure what you are here for, as WHYRU is at its core a romance story. Regardless of which couple is on screen, its about the buildup, the confession, the getting together, overcoming obstacles and finding love worth fighting for. That’s it in a nutshell. I want that for each of the couples in this show. There should be no fan drama. We should all support the story, the actors, the cast, the crew, the author, the director and producer. Everyone worked so hard to give us a chance to see happiness and different types of love in one giant package. Regardless of who had how much screen time, its about the big picture. At the end of the day, even if we don’t like something, don’t drag people who tried their hardest, you can criticize but realize that there is a person with real feelings on the other end of the keyboard reading what you wrote. Was it helpful? Was it good feedback with details on improvements that can be made? Did you just criticize or did you keep a balance, saying a positive thing as well? Ok. Soapbox rant over. Let’s dig into the episode.

Going to start off by saying I love the dynamics between Saint and Zee. Even behind the scenes, it’s hard to take your eyes off them, because they are always up to something. In this first clip, we see them ‘arriving’ at the resort, and we see how close the crew has to be to take such gorgeous shots. Also, we see Saint full of energy. He really is the Energizer Bunny. I swear he makes me so tired just watching him, lol. Of course he wouldn’t be Saint, if he didn’t tease and fight with Zee. I can hear a kids voice to their parents…..but Mom……he started it. 😁 Zee must have the patience of a Saint to deal with Saint. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Ok, before we get to sweetness, here’s a moment of complete Saint Zee goofiness. They are such dorks….which is why I love them.

Saint Zee being Saint Zee…..🙄😁
Have some more Zee Saint being Zee Saint. You really need to not let him dance….

Ok, I lied, here’s Zee’s fake ass posing vs reality…..😂😂

Reminds me of this….
Joss is the man……call him out, boy! 🤣

Next scene is one of the most beautiful scenes, the sweeping romantic gestures, the candlelight beach scene. Where I think we can all agree with P’Chewin here.

Yes we will……forever
Me too…..I’ve already shown it to my husband for future reference, lol

Then it’s time for some dining……One of the things i find so funny about this scene is this. Here we have a super fancy romantic private beachfront cabana with a table set with fine linens and china. And what do they have to eat? Sausages shaped into little octopuses, like they do for Japanese children, lol. And French fries, ketchup, bread. I like to think this is Fighter realizing the Tutor may not be comfortable with fine dining choices, so he puts him at ease by offering him food that he knows Tutor will eat. But I could also be reading too much into it. It’s still funny though.

Sure, you have to eat, they told you to eat…..aren’t you forgetting something?
Or someone? 😁

Next we have the playful around town scene. This is so cute and I swear, other than some super sweet bits, it’s totally Saint and Zee. I mean they even go to a temple together. It’s so cute. And we should all agree that Zee should never ever try to dance when Saint is around…..😂. But I love the fact that he knows and takes joy in the fact that he’s a really awful dancer…..

Ok, I think if you’ve watched the behind the scenes episodes, there is some repeating stuff here, but it’s some of my favorite moments, so I’m going to stick them in anyway. Feel free to scroll down to the Saint and PoomAlone parts of episode 10 if you don’t want to rewatch. Another Saint Zee moment, where, of course, instead of exiting the hammock, Zee decides to be Zee, making bunny crawl over him. 😁

Their first love scene is next. I’m impressed that they really put so much effort into it. I’m going to include these two clips into it. The first clip we have P’Kla explaining the blocking and emotions to Zee. As he explained before they have to block out the movements and memorize them before they run through for rehearsing so that the motions are smooth and emotions can flow. Saint explains to Zee how things were going to go in this part of the scene. I adore the fact that Saint is very comfortable giving advise to Zee, it’s definitely not his first love scene. However, I will say that Saint seems much more confident with himself here. And Zee, bless him, knows Saint speak because he understood Boom, Boom…..then….😁 And he seems to take advise well, I love the communication between the two. Then we have the clip where P’Kla talks Saint into immersing himself in the scene, and Saint is very open to his advice. I respect both of them. I’ll thow another clip after this which really solidifies for me why they make good acting partner and friends. It ends on one very hilarious and awkward moment when we all feel like screaming and cringing at the same time. 😳😆 God bless the translator for their little commentary here.

And then….zoom zoom……😁
Well……where do we go from here peeps? 😏
First I was totally P’Topp, then I rewatched and I was P’Poom…which were you guys?

Before we start Episode 10, here’s a little conversation had between P’Chewin, Saint and Zee during their episode of CopyABangkok the youtube channel of P’Chewin where he has guests on to watch a movie and chat about it.

Here’s the link to his channel and this was episode 6. You should check it out.


CopyABangkok P’Chewin, Zee and Saint – It’s true they talk together about everything and it makes for a good relationship

Actually I’m going to include a few more clips from this episode. I love how comfortable Zee and Saint are here. They are so touchy when together. It’s cute. And I love Saint’s imitation and characterization of P’Chewin. It shows he really does know them very well. The other clip I’m including is Saint and Zee appreciating the fact they fell like family when they are with P’Chewin and each other. It’s so lovely to see the family they have made.

Saint Zee being so lovey…and yes, apparently Saint knows Zee’s hot spot, the ear.
Too funny – Saint imitating P’Chewin 😁
Their Couple Definition of Tutor/Fighter or Fighter/Tutor – Plus Saint doesn’t even flinch when Zee mentions Handcuffs, whips and the like……These boys are wildin…😂😂
Goofing around, but the last line P’Chewin says….it’s true
You do feel blessed. Ok. Enough Saint Zee or I’m going to cry
Taken during Zee’s birthday fanmeeting last year

Ok, since this post is insanely long and I haven’t even gotten to episode 10, I’m breaking this up into a two part blog. See you in the next one. Probably up tomorrow. Hugs and thanks for reading. 🤗💕

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  1. I so enjoyed the recap. Yes, the man was right, i don’t know if anyone can not be envious of Tutor. Theirs is fairy tale but more realistic.

    Also, am with you on the food being part of Fighter’s plan. I mean the trip was for them but even more, for Tutor to impress him and give him something to be happy about.

    Looking forward to part two. Until then,

    Boom Boom *wink*

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it. It’s the little details I pick up on that interest me when I rewatch so I try to share those with you. Part two should be up later tonight. I really think Fighter wanted to spoil Tutor, showering him with love and attention, so he went all out with the romantic gestures. It paid off as it showed Tutor how much he was loved. Getting excited about tomorrow’s episode. I’m off to work on part 2 of the blog because I want to get it published before tomorrow’s episode. 💕💕🤗

  2. A lot of the screen caps and video clips are not working now, but I do love your recaps and analysis.

    1. Can you tell me which ones aren’t working? I changed my blog layout around and maybe that has something to do with it.

    2. Also, thank you for liking my blog. I love WHYRU so much, I am going to start a second round of viewing blog leading up to the global fan meeting in September. Also I plan on doing a piece on the fandom and various aspects of it. So please subscribe and check back every so often. 💕 -Jen

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