WHYRU LookBack – Episodes 11 & 12

I said I would skip the angst because I wasn’t sure I was emotionally prepared for it, but I rewatched, only skipping a few moments. Saint and Zee have me feeling a rollercoaster of emotions during these episodes. They put their whole self into these scenes. I had to see if I could catch any other little details in these episodes.

Episode 11

Here are the links to my part 1 and part 2 analysis of Tutor and Fighter in this episode.

I love parts of this episode. Part 1 starts off with adorable car goodbye kisses. I can’t help but smile. I remember those early days of my relationship with my husband. We would give cute kisses when we left each other. It’s realistic and sweet. Then we have Tutor holding onto the necklace given to him by Fighter, with a smile on his face as he lays down to sleep. Reminds my of holding a small stuffed toy given to me by my sweetie. It’s a tangible sign of love that you can hold in your hands.

Then we have the tutoring session aka the make out session. The smiles on Saint and Zee’s face is pure joy and happiness. At this point I’m not going to call it Tutor and Fighter since they basically did whatever they wanted in the scene. They were given free reign. This was also filmed on Valentines Day, where Saint brought Zee a rose and Zee brought a Koala neck pillow. Zee drove Saint home. Make of it what you will, but in any even it was a sweet day.

Valentines Day

The scenes where the dad interrupts them, is interesting to me. His homophobia rears his head. He is shocked to see his son and his son’s tutor making out. And if you watch his face very carefully you will see the shock gives way to disgust, then anger. He’s not a happy camper. I still try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the actor does too good of a job at making me dislike him. It’s hard to move past it. And when he bullies Tutor, it’s a hard pill to swallow. He is of the father knows best mindset, and I hate it.

The bedroom scene I still love the way Fighter becomes an adorable koala for Tutor to lighten the mood. The look of love on Sutor’s face is so sweet. There are moments of pure happiness that feel so real to me.

Then we have the bully scene. Saint portrays Tutor so masterfully here. You can see him fighting back his tears, determined not to cry or let the man in front of him see him vulnerable. The quiet desperation of the tears in the garden really showcase his acting skills. He is filled with sadness and despair. His love is ending and he feels powerless to fight against what Fighter’s father wants.

We have an amazing scene with the bakery owner and Fighter’s dad. It’s one of the most frank conversations I’ve ever seen about the issues faced by many people in the LGBTQ+ community in a television show. It’s heartfelt and personal. The message comes across loud and clear. Who are you to judge other peoples happiness? The reason you are unhappy lies within yourself, so figure that out and let your son find his own happiness.

The breakup scene, kudos to both actors for that. It’s masterful, subtle and hurts like hell. Not much to add to that.

Episode 12

The first scene breaks my heart. When I hear Fighter calling Tutor begging to know what’s he’s done wrong, and then offering to fix it, it’s heartbreaking for both of them. He’s just hurting them more, but he doesn’t understand because Tutor won’t tell him.

The breakup scene breaks my heart once again, but what a masterful piece of work from Zee Pruk Panich. That scene is so powerful. You feel every bit of emotion from him, from anger, to longing, to desperation, to love then heartbreak. I feel it all coming from him. And he should be damn proud of that. As a new actor, he put his all into this performance and it shows. I honestly can’t wait to see what he does next.

As he is leaving, he can’t bear to take the necklace with him. As his fingers stroke the nametag he gave Tutor, it’s so beautiful. His fingers tremble, remembering their first meeting and how he felt falling for him almost immediately.

And Saint hugging himself as his anger, sorrow, regret and heartbreak hit him all at once. There is no longer anyone to hold him and tell him its going to be ok.

Then we get to see other couples and I love WHYRU for smacking me around like a rag doll sometimes. We can go from crying to laughing without getting whiplash. I love them for giving me a chance to recover from the heavy emotions.

Look at these cute moments and how can you not smile. We have Zon imagining himself and Saifah at the beach, daydreaming about it. It’s the lovely animation sequences that make me smile.

Then we have my other favorite couple Japan Tanthai. I want another season just for them. They have great chemistry and are so freakin adorable together. Park and Seng pulled off the surprise of the show in my opinion. I was not expecting to completely fall in love with another couple from this show, but I did.

Then we have the sweet tic scene. It’s lovely. Watch Tutor’s hands curl around Fighter’s. He is so happy to be holding Fighter’s hand once more.

You can read the rest of my analysis on the other post, linked above. Thanks again….. I will be doing extra thoughts on episode 13 in a few hours. – 💕 🤗 Jen

The Valentines Day – Before Saint got his 🐨pillow…See Zee carrying his rose? So sweet. ❤️💙❤️💙

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