YYY – Episode 5 – Review

Welcome back to the weekly segment where Red from Psycho Milk and myself review our thoughts on the current episode of YYY. Make sure you check out his review below. And if you haven’t watched the episode, please do so before reading as this review will include clips and images from the show, aka SPOILERS.... Continue Reading →

YYY – Episode 4 Review

It’s time once again to review this week’s episode of YYY. Psycho-Milk and myself have teamed up to review YYY jointly, so make sure you go check his review out. Link to it in the button below. Psycho Milk - Review of YYY Episode 4 Disclaimer: Once again, if you haven’t seen YYY episode 4,... Continue Reading →

YYY – Episodes 0 – 3

First off let me say this. I am super excited to be doing a joint review of this series with my good friend Red from Psycho Milk. I have long been a fan of the site, of Red’s reviews and news for many years. The insights, honesty, praise and criticism makes his reviews a must... Continue Reading →

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