WhyRU Episode 6 – Fighter/Tutor

Disclaimer again: This includes spoilers from future episodes so if you haven’t watched please do so.

WhyRU – Fighter/Tutor Introduction and International Links

Where we left off:

We get to see this tentative kiss again.  Fighter doesn’t answer Tutor’s question, but searches Tutor’s face with his eyes.  He wants Tutor to know how he feels, but he’s afraid of rejection.  Does Tutor feel the same way, will he push Fighter away? He gathers up all his courage and approaches Tutor slowly, giving Tutor time to turn away or push him away.

Tutor closes his eyes as Fighter’s lips approach his. He seems to know that their lips will connect this time. He flinches slightly, i think remembering the forcefulness of their first kiss.  But Fighter’s lips are gentle and soft.  Tutor answers the kiss back, rounding his lips into Fighters.  He is a participant in this kiss, not just a bystander.  Then Tutor pulls back.  He’s not ready for anything more than the first touch yet.  He still doesn’t have answers from Fighter.

The first thing Tutor asks after he pulls away from Fighter “Is that your answer?” The question Tutor asked was “Do you like men?” Fighter is hesitant. He answers that this kiss and his previous kiss mean the same thing.  What he is trying to say to Tutor in his clumsy way is this.  “I kissed you because I like you.” But Tutor still can’t read between the lines so he just stares at Fighter.  Fighter, since Tutor doesn’t appear to understand, decides not to confess at this moment.  He can’t tell whether Tutor likes him or not.  Just because he didn’t reject him immediately, it doesn’t mean he will accept Fighter.  So Fighter says the line everyone hates on him for. “I was just teasing you Tor.” Fighter doesn’t know what else to say because if he says anything else, Tutor might put distance between them.  They were just getting close, and Fighter doesn’t want to loose that closeness.

9B2E1B31-DD07-44D7-8305-D273F71C8346This is from the special episode in the beginning. His walls are coming down for Tutor, but he’s scared to let him get too close, especially when he doesn’t know what Tutor feels in return.

After this, Fighter leaves for the night. He can tell Tutor is thinking about what happened. The next day, Tutor is sitting outside at a table near the engineering faculty.  He is calling Hwa to see if she is free to talk. He feels guilty for kissing Fighter and want’s to come clean about it to Hwa. She is his childhood friend and he doesn’t want to see her hurt. He doesn’t want to be the cause of her tears either. But it’s not the kind of thing he can say over the phone, and Hwa is busy so he agrees to talk later.

Fighter comes up to him after he is off the phone and asks why Tutor is avoiding his calls.  Fighter is determined to not let Tutor put distance between the two of them.  Fighter tries to reassure Tutor in his own way, “If you think it’s no big deal, why let it bother you” about their kiss.  Tutor brushes off Fighter and says he has to work, that he will talk to him later.  In the end, you can see Fighter is worried.

AAA76798-E5FA-42B9-AABC-27585D03903DFighter knows that if he lets Tutor put distance between them, he might not get another chance to be close to his crush. So he decides to keep pushing forward.  Next scene is Tutor at work at P’Kae’s bakery.

As we open on the bakery scene, we see two customers who are creeps. They are discussing touching someone’s ass in the bathroom. Gross.  When Tutor comes over with the menu, they become very aggressive, wanting to hold his hands, touch his waist. Tutor is very uncomfortable so he tries to escape their wandering hands, but they are customers so he’s trying to not be rude.  Enter Fighter.

Fighter walks up to Tutor, placing his arms around his shoulder.  Tutor whispers to him “What are you doing here?” He tell Tutor to go wait outside, and Tutor turns & leaves.  He trusts Fighter to take care of the situation.  Fighter meanwhile leans in and announces to the pair that Tutor is his boyfriend and to please respect him. He is angry. But he also just announced in a cafe full of people that he had a boyfriend. Huge leap in coming out. He wants them to know that Tutor is his, and that he will take them apart for disrespecting Tutor and touching him. He warns them to be nice next time or else. ,We don’t usually see Fighter this mad.  He turns, walks out, placing his arms around Tutor steering him outside.

Tutor asked what Fighter told the customers.  Fighter replies “I told them I was your boyfriend.” I find it super interesting that Fighter just admitted it to Tutor, and Tutor doesn’t come back immediately and deny it either.  They both are aware they are doing a delicate dance with each other, skirting the line of friendship and relationship.  Fighter decides to push his luck a little and tease Tutor by saying “And I told them we had sex last night” To which Tutor complains it was too harsh.  Fighter replied he was trying to help him.  Tutor asks why Fighter is there. Fighter replied he was free.  Tutor is a little embarrassed so he says to Fighter, so annoying. Then Fighter gets his feelings hurt. Does Tutor really not want him around?  He replies, you said it, and turns to leave.

This is when, if Tutor felt nothing for Fighter, he would have let him go. Instead he calls him back over. He doesn’t want Fighter to leave. He’s afraid if Fighter leaves, the distance between them will grow, and on an instinctive level, he wants to stay close to Fighter.

Fighter asks “Am I annoying you?  But you have to stay with me for a long time.” The music plays in the background to remind the audience he once told Tutor that he had to stay with Engineering for four years, as if to say you have to stay by my side for a long time.  The look shared between the two is filled with vulnerability from Tutor, unsure of his feelings, and the caring tenderness of Fighter, who wants nothing more than for Tutor to stay by his side always.  But Fighter isn’t ready to confess, so he uses the teaching excuse to tie Tutor to his side. He tells Tutor he wants to take Tutor to his home to teach him after work. Tutor tries to back out, claiming he doesn’t have his books, but as Fighter knows Tutor is always prepared. Cutest thing ever is Tutor walking away, then turning back to call Fighter a Koala bear. I swear sometimes the line between Zee/Fighter and Saint/Tutor get blurry.😁

They arrive at Fighter’s house. Tutor looks around and checks everything out.  He is curious about Fighter’s house. From the book standpoint, he feels like it lacks warmth. He says to Fighter your home feels cold, to which Fighter replies, It’s not my home, it’s my moms house(in the show they changed the mother to the father) Which shows how Fighter really feels about his place there. Its not where he’s comfortable, or accepted.  They move onto Fighter’s room to study.  I love this scene for many reasons.  It shows that Tutor can pout with the best of them, and that Fighter can be sweet, accommodating and cajoling.  They are taking steps forward in their growing bond. And of course…..Koala bear once again works it’s way into the scene.

At the end of their study session, they head downstairs to leave. Fighter’s dad is there.  Fighter introduces Tutor to his dad, telling his dad that Tutor is teaching him.  His father makes a not so great first impression on us.  He tells Tutor basically his son is lazy and just wants to play games all the time, so good luck trying to teach him. Then he asks Fighter if he’s seen Hwa. Fighter immediately says if you are going to talk about this, I’m leaving. Then dad says never mind, I have to leave, and then walks away.  Of course Tutor is once again reminded that Hwa and Fighter are in a relationship and he feels uncomfortable about it. He asks Fighter if he’s talked to Hwa and Fighter says not really, then changes the subject to taking Tutor home. He doesn’t want Hwa to become a focus for Tutor.

For this next part, there is a lot to say about this scene. Tutor has brought food to Fighter’s house and they are eating and studying together.

Fighter is touched by Tutor’s willingness to give him the pork and for taking what he can’t eat.  He has never had anyone care about his likes and dislikes. He has never had anyone put him first. He takes a risk and shares this information with Tutor. Its another example of opening up and letting Tutor into his inner walls.  He wants Tutor to understand him. He is being vulnerable in front of Tutor, trusting him with this information, trusting that Tutor won’t use it against him or hurt him.  This is a big step for him.

Tutor is nervous and unsure what to do with this information, so he keeps his eyes on Fighter’s face while he is transferring pork from his plate to Fighters plate. He accidentally knocks a glass down, spilling water into Fighter’s lap. He rushes to wipe it up with tissue and he hears Fighter’s frantic heartbeat. He asks “Why is your heart beating so fast?”

Fighter can’t help it. His heart is racing because he just opened up and his crush is so close to him, his hands on Fighter’s chest. Its that first flush of desire stirring in him. We’ve all felt that moment when we are physically close to to someone we like and we want to kiss them, hold them. That’s what he’s feeling. So he asks Tutor if he can hear that. Tutor nods.   Fighter is bad at words. So he reaches out physically.  His hand caresses Tutors hand. He gently kisses his hand. He’s trying to tell Tutor in his way, that he cherishes him. Tutor is special to him. It’s not just desire, it’s tenderness and longing.  He slowly pulls Tutor in for a kiss.  Tutor inches his face closer to Fighters. He is feeling something in this very moment, but in the end, before their lips and feelings connect, he pulls back. Tutor is still unsure. And his head and heart are not on the same page yet.  Tutor says its time to leave and doesn’t want Fighter to take him home. Fighter knows he needs to give Tutor space in that moment, so he goes to get him a taxi.

I really really dislike this next scene. Fighter’s dad is a complete asshole. But maybe there is a reason behind this.

This scene is where we really see how Fighter is treated at home. His dad assumes he must have another girlfriend and thats why Fighter is putting space between himself and Hwa. The dad says you since you’re dating another girl, so you have to bring her home and introduce her to me.  Fighter says he’s not seeing anyone but you see he wants to say more to his dad. His dad angrily cuts him off. He doesn’t want to hear what Fighter has to say. I’m left wondering if Fighter’s dad knows that he likes men, but doesn’t want to accept it or hear it. He basically tells Fighter, that because he’s dating Hwa’s mom and their business deals are going well, he needs to make up with Hwa. He orders Fighter to do this.  We see that his sons happiness isn’t as important as his image and his business.  After this Fighters dad leaves abruptly causing Fighter to slam his hand against the table in anger.  He wasn’t heard.  He is so frustrated. He knows he doesn’t like Wha, and that Tutor is the one he cares for. This is when Fighter steps up and I am so proud of him.  He decides to end things with Hwa, despite what his father says.

Hwa is waiting nervously for Fighter.  Remember she thinks he’s going to break up with her, and she doesn’t want that.  She threatens to go to his dad and her mom about this to order him to stay with her.  Fighter is angry.  He accuses Hwa of always running to them when it should be solved with just the two of them.  Hwa rightly says to him, “Are you sure it’s just the two of us? I’ve never felt like in this arrangement, it was only just us.” She feels that there is someone else there, someone that he cares for but doesn’t admit it. This is the truth. Fighter has always liked Tutor. Since Freshman orientation he’s wanted to get closer to Tutor.  But because of their parents, Hwa’s pursuit of him, and his reluctance to admit he liked a guy, specifically Tutor, he’s kept her at arms length this whole time. She is crying.  She is hurt and angry, so she asks him “Don’t you care about me at all?”

Fighter feels pushed into a corner.  She’s just hit on the reason he came to talk to her. He’s trying to do the right thing.  He blurts out a harsh truth.  “I do care. But you are not the one for me.” He didn’t mean to say it like this. You see the regret in his face immediately. He meant to be easy, letting her down. He feels bad for hurting her.  As he takes her hands into his, he apologizes. He can’t take back those words. They are harsh but true. He stands there, holding her hands in his, trying to find a way to comfort her without getting back into a relationship with her.

Hwa is stunned, her heart breaking.  She tells Fighter to go. He’s hurt her enough and she doesn’t want to hear anymore from him.

Fighter, with regret, figuratively and literally lets go of her hands. His relationship with Hwa is over. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore than he already had. He walks away, knowing that his actions will have consequences. His father will punish him somehow. But his feelings for Tutor grow stronger every day, and he can no longer deny his love.  If he wants to pursue Tutor he must release Hwa and face his feelings. This requires bravery on his part. Because he still doesn’t know what Tutor feels for him.

Next scene we are back at Tutor’s condo, with Tutor studying for a quiz and Fighter reading a book on the couch.  Tutor is frustrated at the course material, so Fighter decides to tease him by taking his book away.  He’s trying to lighten the mood, trying to get Tutor to relax a bit.

This leads to the trope of the accidental fall on you kiss.  This is interesting because there is a slight pause as they separate. Then Tutor leans in and kisses Fighter. I’m sure that Tutor takes the initiative here because of the placement of the window grids. He leans in and they share a gentle kiss, but Tutor pulls away before things can escalate.  Tutor asks Fighter. “Do you know what you are doing here?” Fighter replies “Yes, I do. I’m going with the flow. I just wanted to tease you Tor” He says this for two reasons, in my opinion. He is reading Tutor’s mood right now. Tutor seems defensive and frustrated in that moment.  Even though, I can’t stress this enough, Tutor went in for the kiss first, he’s laying the blame on Fighter’s shoulders.  “If that’s what you think.” Tutor turns away in frustration. He wanted a clear answer right then.

Fighter decides to test the waters a bit.  Make Tutor think about what just happened. Push him to see if he will respond. He asks for real “Or do you think I like you Tor?” He’s not being a jerk. He really wants to know if Tutor thinks that Fighter likes him. What does he really feel? Does he understand Fighter’s feelings at all.

Tutor is angry. Reading the question as a denial. “Are you denying it? After all we’ve done?” I love the fact that Tutor is now shifting the blame from Fighter only and taking on the responsibility of playing a part in this delicate dance of desire they have been sharing.

Fighter really wants to know what Tutor is thinking about him. He knows he only has Tutor in his heart, but does Tutor know that? So he asks and challenges Tutor at the same time, “if you think I like you, prove it to me, if you dare.” He wants to push Tutor to make a move, he’s getting frustrated and tired of being the only one wanting in this relationship.

Tutor, of course, rises to the challenge. He feels the need to prove it.  If Fighter wont say it, his body will tell the truth. Tutor leans in, unsure of how far he’s going to take things. After the first touch of his lips on Fighters, his desire kicks in and he pushes Fighter down.

We hear Fighter say “Tor” softly as he is pushed back into the couch. Tutor crawls over Fighter’s body and begins to kiss him. Fighter smiles before things get going. Tutor is kissing him.  Tutor is showing Fighter that Fighter is wanted.

As the kiss becomes more heated, Tutors hands slide down Fighters chest. They keep sliding down as Tutor takes control. He is testing the waters, feeling Fighter’s hard body under his skin.  He reaches Fighter’s jeans and keep moving down. He wants to know. Is Fighter feeling this? What does Fighter feel like under his hands. At this point we see Fighter pull back in shock as Tutor’s hand reaches his dick, which is rock hard. He can’t believe Tutor touched him there. And Tutor, if all he wanted was to prove that Fighter likes men, had proof under his hand. He could have stopped there as proof. But knowing that Fighter is excited for him feeds his desire as well. He leans back in capturing Fighter’s mouth once again in a passionate kiss.  His hands still caressing the length of Fighter as they kiss. Watch Tutor’s right shoulder and you will see movement, which is oh so hot. This is when Fighter decides to take control.

He pushes Tutor to the other end of the couch, Tutor is under him.  He looks down at Tutors swollen lips. He never thought things would go this far, this fast.  Tutor tilts his head back silently telling him to continue.  Tutor wants more. As Fighter leans in to kiss Tutor, Tutor leans up to meet him halfway. This is an acknowledgement. They are both into this together. No matter how it started, both are committed to seeing where its going. As Fighter continues to kiss Tutor with all his built up passion, Tutor grabs his hair, tugging on it as they kiss as if to say, I want you, hurry up.  Fighter’s hand slides up Tutor’s leg as they kiss. He wants to feel Tutor, to confirm whether Tutor is as turned on as he is. He wants to feel Tutors desire. As his hand lands on proof that Tutor wants him, it startles him out of the moment. He didn’t expect this much this fast. He hears Tutor’s voice from before asking him if he liked men.  Is this only to answer that question in Tutor’s mind?  He moves away quickly as Tutor once again leans up for a kiss.  As he picks up his things to leave, he turns back to ask the question that has been on his mind for so long.  He’s not trying to be a jerk.  He really wants Tutor to think about how he feels.  “Have you asked yourself the question, what do you feel for me?” He wants Tutor to really think about his feelings. Fighter wants to know what Tutor thinks, does he care, is it desire, is it like, is it love? Fighter knows his own feelings but not Tutors.

Fighter leaves Tutor, who is sexually frustrated and angry that Fighter pulled away.   Who says I wanted to kiss you? Well, Tutor, your actions speak louder than words, so what does that say about your feelings? This is from the special episode but they cut this. I think it gives you more clarity into what Tutor is beginning to understand.


Then Tongta, Tutors sister arrives at his door, so he sets aside his feelings. Ending of episode 6.  Hope you guys enjoyed.  Please like and subscribe, and please leave any comments you have.  Only two more episodes until I’ve caught up.  Then the long wait for the much anticipated beach scene begins.


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6 thoughts on “WhyRU Episode 6 – Fighter/Tutor

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  1. i really liked how Tutor didn’t seem disgusted that Fighter allegedly told the customers they had sex, seems like he was pretty okay to hear that. And the Koala one, honestly there is blurred lines between ZaintSee and FighterTutor right now and it’s killing me.

    The lunch scene was so cute?! Fighter was so tender with Tutor tbh, the part where he kissed his hand showed just how much Fighter wanted Tutor right there and then. Just feels like this whole time Fighter was sure but Tutor is the one caught in between his feelings and reality.

    I am quite confused with the relationship between Fighter’s dad and Hwa’s mom. I don’t get why Fighter and Hwa have to date when their parents are dating?!?! Doesn’t that make them step siblings if their parents get married?

    The actual episode cut out the part where Fighter pulled Tutor to him the second time and I felt that it was so important to their story because it truly showed that Fighter wasnt just being a dick (excuse my language) but he just wanted Tutor to admit that he likes him too. I guess Fighter is just afraid of rejection but the fact that he keeps using “teasing” as an excuse is so annoying to me?! Who teases their friend/enemy like this?! Not me for sure… But kudos to realising that Tutor actually touched and felt Fighter’s length though, I was so caught up in the kiss that I didn’t even realise that, I shall go rewatch it again!!

    1. I think you’re right about Tutor not minding, he’s not prejudice or anything. I also find it interesting that there was a little pause after Fighter said I told them I was your boyfriend. It was ok. Tutor was shocked, but also a bit glad that Fighter was claiming him.

      I agree, the lunch scene was super sweet. Fighter opening up to Tutor was a pivotal moment here. He was telling Tutor that Tutor made him feel special in a way no one else had ever done. Tutor is always one who will be struggling over which to lead with, his heart or his head.

      The relationship between the family dynamics, i feel, goes like this. Hwa’s mom and Fighter’s dad were dating, Whether it was business or pleasure, or both, we don’t know. But they definitely have a business arrangement between their two companies as well. I think they have children of a certain age, they both are from wealthy families, why not have them meet since they are both single. I think they might not have pushed things this far if Hwa hadn’t been so insistent on dating Fighter. As to marriage, there really isn’t any indication that is going to happen, so i don’t think they worried about it.

      You’re right about the extended scene. It definitely added the part where you see Fighter isn’t willing to just let things go. And please don’t ever feel like you’ve got to say pardon my language here. Feel free to say whatever you feel. I’m a grown ass woman who doesn’t get offended easily, so speak your mind. And for the last part, Fighter uses “just teasing” because that’s always, from the very beginning, been his excuse. And he knows if he uses that excuse Tutor wont run away. If he confesses his feelings or tries to talk about it, he’s afraid Tutor will put distance between them. He doesn’t want to have Tutor pull away yet, and he doesn’t know how Tutor really feels about him, which will be cleared up in ep. 7, so i hope to get to that one today. Yes, please rewatch that scene again, you know, just for clarity? Then rewatch it a few more times just to make sure. 😉

  2. I haven’t forgotten about you.

    Why R U episode 12
    #2 Does Hwa know Fighter won’t go against his dad and it’s why she does the whole go around routine? I mean, she talked to Tutor about Fighter about them not having kissed yet and it was just before then Fighter kissed Tutor, right? I realize Tutor doesn’t bring his personal ire into his business (his tutoring sessions) and vice versa but is Hwa so oblivious to Tutors struggle? I realize I went into a completely other number on that one. Yeah it is a form of flirting. Is this where he hints he doesn’t stand a chance with Tutor? And why does he think that? The fighting is a form of flirting for Fighter? He like to annoy Tutor or is it the only way he knows how to do it?

    #6 He was very protective of Tutor and ver possessive. It was first a matter of safety. These guys could hurt him, let’s get Tutor out of the line of fire, then it’s I’m dating him so back off.

    #8 I think Tutor is insecure. Nothing in his life has been a sure thing. He hasn’t seen his family in a while, he doesn’t have too many students he teaches at school, some of them recently stopped his sessions, he had to go look for work and it was hard to find one. The creditors coming around for the money his father owes. He’s had a lot of instability. When he thought he was on steady ground he wasn’t. So I can’t blame him for being a little jealous. Yeah this guy likes him so what is he doing with this girl?

    #9 Tutor strikes me as the type who is very busy. Makes time when he knows he has it. He’s had friends but no romantic interests until Fighter. Others had wondered what his interest in Hwa was, Fighter included. He was worried about her and protective but it is as far as the interest goes. Yikes, that would have been awkward with the benefits thing. I’m glad they kept it simple (well kind of) where Hwa and Fighter are concerned.

    #9 I thought it was aftercare, Fighter could have been on the outside of the tub but I got that he wanted to be close to Tutor. (What did I say about apologizing?) Tutor packed as well? That’s news and it’s not. It did feel like an intimate scene, felt like the rooftop scene to be honest. Beautiful, real, raw.

    #12 Yeah Fighter definitely had to put everything in him into it, I think bot their hearts grew for each other. What Tutor learned about Fighter and what Fighter did for him made Tutor love him more. It made Fighter learn about himself and what he’s willing to fight for. Fighter learning what it took for Tutor to walk away and why. That kind of sacrifice. What does NC mean? This brought them closer, I think they missed each other but I don’t think the word completely covers the time apart and the space between them.

    1. And I hit enter before I had a chance to respond. Lol. That’s always the way it goes. Hwa does know that Fighter won’t disobey his dad. She’s used to getting her way when they fight by complaining to her mother who then tells Fighter’s dad. She’s a spoiled princess. Not unkind, but spoiled. And yes. She’s completely oblivious to Tutor’s feelings for Fighter. In her mind, like in most of their friends mind, they don’t like each other. She can’t see the simmering desire and tension between the two of them. Also he doesn’t think he stands a chance with Tutor because he’s been pretty bold in the past and Tutor didn’t respond. He gets next to him and says if I want to talk to someone who understands me, can’t it be you? Something very similar. But because he’s physically so close to Tutor, he feels worried that others might see them and think they are kissing. So he brushes off the question. He uses teasing as an excuse to get as physically close to Tutor as possible. If he says he’s teasing, Tutor won’t protest much and Fighter gets close enough to feel his body heat, and smell him, lol. He’s using it as an excuse. It’s the only way he sees to get close to Tutor and be different from everyone else. Tutor is friendly with lots of people but doesn’t let many people inside his personal space. #6 – He is both protective and possessive. His first thought is the safety of his love. He doesn’t want anyone to make Tutor uncomfortable and he’s worried they will come back and harass Tutor. So I don’t think it’s jealousy or possessiveness right there. The only time he really shows his crazy possessive streak is when Tutor works with that student that has a crush on him. He’s crazy possessive and jealous over Tutor’s attention to that kid. It leads him to do crazy things in Episode 12, and Tutor know it’s the only way to get Fighter to leave him, so he arranges to be with that boy and flirt in front of Fighter so Fighter will think he’s moved on. It backfires on him. #8 – Yes, Tutor is insecure. He too is possessive. He doesn’t like seeing him with anyone else. He’s especially irked because Fighter didn’t tell him. He just showed up with a girl. This was Fighter testing the waters to see if Tutor would get jealous. Did Tutor care enough to get angry? Yes he did. I love the line Fighter says to him though. “You’re the one I’ve been searching for.” It’s so romantic. ❤️ #9 – I too am glad they didn’t include the friends with benefits in the show between Hwa and Fighter. It would have been messier. And tub scene is aftercare, but also a chance to cement their status as lovers. You bathe with your partner, your lover. Yes. Tutor brought some supplies with him as well. He was prepared to take the next step. I love that he asks Fighter what size the condoms are in case he needs to wear them too. He’s prepared to be an active participant in this part of their relationship. #12 – I’m glad you liked the analysis. NC means literally “No Children” so it contains mature themes inappropriate for kids. Thanks for responding, it means a lot. – 🤗 💕 – Jen

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