I’m starting out by saying that this is by far the hardest episodes I have watched in a recent series. I felt all the emotions in this episode. There was rage, horror, fear, sorrow, love, longing, comfort, heartbreak, then finally hope. That’s a lot for basically forty minutes of a show. Yet they did a masterful job at pulling those emotional strings. I felt like I was a puppet in their hands this episode.

We start off at school. Fighter is riding the escalator up and he see’s Tutor coming the opposite direction, going down. They make eye contact and Tutor glances away refusing to greet Fighter. We know that he has his reasons. He’s trying hard to not give Fighter false hope, or hurt him more by stringing him along. Tutor is trying to make a clean break of it, using his head to distance himself from his love.

Fighter, meanwhile is extremely hurt and confused by the turn of events. Not long ago everything was wonderful in his world, and now his love won’t even acknowledge his existence. He is being treated like a stranger, and he doesn’t know why.

Drowning his sorrows the rich man’s way – 🍷

Sorry, most people, especially college aged kids, drown their sorrow in cheap liquor or beer. Yet here’s Fighter in a classy bar having wine to chase away his heartache. Just mentioning it because it also speaks to how comfortable he is with wealth and power because that’s the world he’s been raised in. But it comes at a lonely price.

He decides to do the thing most people do when a breakup happens and drown their sorrow. He drunk texts & then drunk dials Tutor. The sorrow and confusion in his voice are real. He will change what Tutor doesn’t like, he will fix it. Just tell him what to do.

Just put the phone down Fighter……🍷🍷= 📵

He is desperate and vulnerable when he leaves the message. He’s on the precipice of a breakdown, and you don’t know which way the wind will blow. Will he fall apart with a flood of sorrow and tears or will he be angry at the unfairness of it all? We all know the answer is both. It’s a bumpy ride people cause it’s going to be rough sails for a bit.

He gets a text from Tutor that says: If you want to know the reason, come meet me in the building right now. Tutor wouldn’t say that. If he would text at all it would either be to tell Fighter to stop texting him, or to say lets meet somewhere to end things cleanly. That’s how Tutor is. Especially now that he’s decided to lead with his head and not his heart. But we know Fighter is not thinking straight. He’s drunk and desperate, so he jumps up and heads off to find Tutor.

🤬🤬 – I want to punch this kid so bad

Clearly Tutor has a bad habit of leaving his phone laying around when he goes to get something or on a bathroom break. The glee in that kids eyes as they pass each other infuriates me. I also am glad they released the deleted scene that I put into my last review as it adds more context to Fighter’s jealousy. He warned Tutor this kid was hitting on him.

One of the only times I’ve seen where the show seems to break continuity shows up in Episode 11. We always see each scene and the action from a main character’s point of view. We know what they know or saw. When they showed us the student unlocking his phone and snapping/sending the pic of Fighter kissing Tutor, Tutor didn’t know about it. The flashback implied that Tutor suspected it, and it was odd that it showed us what Tutor couldn’t see. And if Tutor suspected that this student, whom had a crush on him, sent something that toppled Tutor’s relationship, I don’t think he’d still be tutoring the kid with his arm around him. It seems done in a way to deliberately make Tutor seem like he was flirting with the kid. I’ve also seen Tutor be polite, but not overly affectionate, not even really hugging Hwa, his best friend, so it seems inconsistent to me.

Fighter loosing his shit….jealousy takes over all rational thought🤬

Fighter clearly didn’t look at Tutor, who was still wearing the necklace given to him by Fighter. Fighter honestly knows deep down that Tutor wouldn’t date one of his students. But this gives Fighter the push to do something he’s wanted to do since the breakup, which is to go demand answers. He is using this as an excuse to seek Tutor out.

Let me pause here and tell you how hard this next scene is for me to get through. I HATE IT! I really and truly have only watched this force part twice because it’s horrible. I am so angry at Fighter during this scene, I was terrified for Tutor. I can tell you what he’s feeling, but know this. I condemn violence and force in relationships. I felt this scene viscerally and it’s hard to sit through. Know that I will tell you what Fighter is thinking or feeling but I am in no way taking up for him or excusing his behavior. I’m simply telling you the characters feelings that led him down this dark path.

Fighter, stupid stupid Fighter lays in wait for Tutor. This is a brutal and traumatic scene and I HATE it. Tutor unlocks the door, steps inside and turns to shut the door behind him when Fighter pounces.

He pushes his way inside and shoves Tutor against the wall. Tutor is pinned to the wall while Fighter plants brutal kisses on his shoulders. Tutor is fighting back, trying to shove Fighter away. He’s scared, angry and confused as hell. What’s happening?

Fighter is driven by jealous rage and overwhelming despair. He is punishing Tutor for being with another man and he is trying to claim Tutor as his own. Basically Fighter is trying to possess Tutor, like he’s an object to be owned.

Tutor: “What the hell is wrong with you? Are you crazy?” Tutor shouts into Fighter’s face while trying to get away. He’s never seen Fighter like this before. The gentle lover is gone and a cruel hard person is in his place. Why is he doing this? What is wrong? Who is this person because he’s not the Fighter I know. Tutor continues to struggle against him, but Fighter is stronger.

“I am crazy” “I’m crazy because I love you” Yells back Fighter. He’s like the wounded lion that someone poked with a stick. He’s furious and hurt, lashing out at Tutor.

My heart hurts so bad for Tutor,who in the middle of being brutally attacked by Fighter, yells “I’m hurt!” He shoves Fighter off him and tells him to get out. At this moment he feels so betrayed. And angry. A person whom he loves and trusts just assaulted him, used force against him. And this person is the one he’s trying to protect from more pain. Tutor ended things so that Fighter will have a bright future and a better family. And now, in addition to the emotional pain he’s experiencing, he’s being physically thrown around by the one he loves the most.

Fighter is being deliberately dense here. He’s pretending that Tutor is talking emotional pain. Then he can vent his pain onto Tutor saying my pain is worse than yours.

“I’ve told you everything! What more do you want from me?” Tutor is pissed. Can’t blame him. He’s trying to spare them both the pain, his heart is hurting so bad, then he gets physically attacked by the one who professes to love him the most.

“Told me everything?” This sets Fighter off once again. He’s still in the dark. He knows nothing other than Tutor asked him to let go. He just wants answers and his liquid courage causes him to shove Tutor

Told me everything? What the hell is wrong with you Tor?” (Really dumbass, thats what you’re going with? 😡) “Do you think i didn’t know what’s going on with you, huh?” Stupid insanely blind jealousy here rearing it’s irrational ugly head.

“What do you want from me?” Tutor staring at Fighter, angry, the most angry he’s ever been too.

Fighter unbuttons his pants then he says “I want to do what we did at the beach” “I’m afraid you might forget.” He’s turning something beautiful into something ugly.. Like he expects Tutor to agree, just sex, no feeling. And all I can do is think, stop Fighter, stop before you go to far. Tutor is shocked.

“Let me go P’Fight” Tutor is getting scared now. What the hell is going to happen?

Three times Tutor tells Fighter to let go, and is ignored as fighter shoves him down on the bed. I hate this so much. I wish this scene weren’t here. Fighter is using his strength to control Tutor just like what his dad uses to control him. He’s using his might to make Tutor do what he says as that’s what he learned from his dad.

Tutor’s arms are pinned down. He’s still telling Fighter to let him go. Fighter says “Now do you remember what happened at the beach?” He has a crazed look in his eye. Do you remember the taste? He’s so desperate, at this moment Tutor is starting to pity him.

Fighter’s force lightens, he is kissing Tutor’s neck, he lets go with one hand to reach into Tutor’s shirt. Tutor stays still, praying that his passivity will bring Fighter back to his senses.

Fighter looks at Tutor’s face and says “Do you remember it?” He’s desperate for Tutor to acknowledge that he misses their intimacy. He leans down and plants tender kisses, trying to stir up Tutor, to make him as desperate as he is.

Trying to soothe the savage wounded animal

Tutor makes no move but kisses Fighter back, a way to soothe him, calm him down. Stop him from going too far. Tutor wont embrace him.

When Fighter kisses his way around Tutor’s chest, Tutor lays there still will a cold expression on his face. When Fighter goes to unbutton his pants, he says to him coldly “Are you satisfied enough P’Fight?” This shocks Fighter out of his daze, and he falls to the floor horrified by what he’d almost done.

Fighter’s confession

The first thing Fighter does as he starts to cry is to tell Tutor that he’s made him lose his mind. I’m going to do this scene from here, one character at a time so you can see the scene from both pairs of eyes. I’ll start with Fighter, since he does most of the talking.

He finally tells Tutor that he’s loved him from the first day he met him. It’s always been Tutor for him. I knew it, and finally Tutor knows it too. He tried to step back because he didn’t think Tutor liked him or was interested in guys. As time passed, the longing increased. He wanted to get close to him so badly. But there was Hwa, that he thought Tutor liked in a romantic way, then when the excuse of teaching English came, he gathered his courage and set out to open up to Tutor. Never in his life had he been more scared of rejection. Nobody has ever really loved him. What if Tutor couldn’t accept him? Would he be hurt?

He took a risk and he took a gamble on love. He put all the cards out on the table and said to Tutor, I love you and I want to be with you always. You are who I’ve been searching for my whole life.. And Tutor loved him back, and he felt happiness, pure joy and love for the first time in his life. Then they came back and it’s all gone and he doesn’t know what to do. He crawls to Tutor, placing his arms around his waist, begging to know what he did wrong and how to fix it. He will do anything in this moment to make Tutor happy with him again.He holds Tutor’s waist, his head in Tutor’s lap. He is supplicant at the moment, begging at the feet of his love. Tears stream down his face as he says “I already left, but suddenly you became like this.” Meaning that Fighter did as he asked and let go of his hand, but why must Tutor be so cold. Why must he act like they are strangers?

Tutor pushes him away and tells him that enough is enough. That Fighter doesn’t know what he’s been through. But if he asked Tutor right then, then Tutor would answer that he doesn’t love him anymore. He repeats the words, driving a knife and twisting it inside Fighter’s heart.

Fighter is shocked. Never in his dreams did he imagine that Tutor could be so cruel to him. Fighter asks him..You dare say this to me? And Tutor says Yes, I don’t love you anymore now leave. Fighter responds in a way with pain and shock “you say it like you don’t care about my feelings” He starts to cry again. This Tutor is cruel. Tutor delivers another blow by telling him “If you love me, you’ll get out of my life.” Go back. Fighter gets up to go but after a few steps Tutor tells him to stop.

Tutor takes off the necklace and shoves it at Fighter, placing it in his hand. Take your necklace back, I don’t want to keep it anymore. Fighter begs Tutor to keep the necklace even after they’ve broken up, but Tutor refuses to look at him. Broken, he turns away, places the necklace down beside the name card he gave Tutor on the first day they met. He traces the name with his fingers remembering the words Tor said to him the first time they met. The haunting music plays again. It’s both sweet and horribly sad. He walks out the door.

Tutor: He watches Fighter on the floor. He’s so angry right now. Angry that Fighter doesn’t understand, angry that Fighter hurt him. Angry at the situation he’s in when all he wanted was to protect the one he loved. Fighter confesses. He is shocked at how long Fighter has loved him, but isn’t he the same? He never pushed Fighter away during the times it was the two of them. He let Fighter get closer. He should have stopped before it got this deep. Before both of them were hurt this badly.

As Fighter holds tightly to his waist to ask why once again. Tutor is done. He’s been emotionally and physically assaulted by the one person in the world he trusted the most. And this person said “I’ve already left but you’ve become like this.” How else could he be? It would be too painful to try to remain friends, because his heart couldn’t take it. It’s time to put an end to this torture, for himself and for Fighter. He brutally shoves him away.

Enough is enough. You don’t know what I’ve been through. But if you ask me in this moment, I don’t love you anymore.

Everything he’s endured for Fighter’s future happiness. And Fighter wants to blame him and hurt him? He knows he still loves Fighter, but at that moment part of him despises Fighter too. Fighter is weak and broken and once again Tutor has to be the grown up, dealing with the hard issues that need to be dealt with. Tutor again feels so alone in this moment. He stiffens his spine, pushes his feelings down and places his cold mask in place. As he orders Fighter to leave, he repeats, so there is no doubt in Fighters mind, “I don’t love you anymore. You should go”. As broken Fighter turns to go, Tutor tells him to wait. He takes off the necklace and tells Fighter to take it back. He’s given up. He’s not fighting any more. It hurts too much. After placing the necklace in Fighter’s hand, he looks away refusing to acknowledge the last plea of Fighter, to at least keep the necklace.

Tutor wont keep the necklace. He’s done fighting. He’s tired, physically and emotionally. After Fighter places the necklace near the name tag Fighter had written for him, he leaves. Tutor is alone. He’s so angry at the world right now. Why did things have to turn out this way? He holds himself once again as there is no one left to give him comfort but himself. This mirrors the posture he had when he couldn’t find a job, and he was in his apartment comforting himself. He’s back to being alone again. But it feels much more hollow now than before, because he knew the true measure of what it meant to share his burdens with someone. And what it meant to be truly happy.

We then see Fighter crying in the shower, broken as the scene goes back and forth between the two, you see how much pain they both are in. They are both alone again, knowing that the one they love is so far away and out of reach. They both are lonely once more.

Whew……That was tough for me. I’m sure it was tough for you guys. I hope you understand their perspectives a little more than before.

This is also the scene that Zee is most proud of, and I can say he delivered a masterful performance. He put his everything into this scene, and it shows. I am amazed at the nuanced performance of Fighter. And honestly I know he’s not a violent person and for him to have to throw Saint around like that had to be very difficult to do. And the tears. Oh the tears and emotion he put behind this performance blew me away. And Saint too. He really delivered. I could feel the anger, the frustration, the sadness. Kudos to both of them for a stellar performance.

Then we have the sad montage of both of them remembering each other and the special time they had together at the beach. They are both missing each other badly. But Fighter has given up and Tutor has convinced himself that its for the best if they aren’t together. The song is perfect, proving once again whoever picked the music for this show is a freaking genius and they deserve an award. It’s the best music to match every scene. I am honestly so in love with all of these songs, they have made it into my playlist.

Next we see Fighter sitting on a bench looking all raggedy and unkempt. He looks pale and spaced out. Dew come up and has to call Fighter’s name three times to get his attention even though Dew is standing next to him. Dew sits down on the bench next to him, and trust a friend to keep it real for you. He tells Fighter that he looks awful, almost as bad as Tutor. He said Tutor looks more pale though. Fighter jumps up at the mention of Tutor’s name and the fact that he looks ill. He asked Dew where he saw him and takes off to find Tutor.

This scene unfolds and we see how much Fighter still loves and cares for Tutor. He literally catches his love as he’s falling, thus keeping him from hitting the ground. The symbolism is as long as he’s around he will not let Tutor fall. He will hold up and support his love. As he fusses over Tutor, wanting to take him to the doctor, Tutor shrugs him off the first time, but Fighter asks politely to take care of him while he’s sick, and Tutor gives in. As we see Fighter leading Tutor away, we see Tutor smile, happy that his love is taking care of him when he is sick.

We also see that he’s wearing Fighter’s necklace inside his shirt. He’s still wearing it, but close to his heart.

Fighter gives a sponge bath to Tutor, being so delicate and gentle. The shirt looks the same, but when Fighter unbuttons it, the necklace is off, so I’m supposing he took it off when Fighter went to get water and a towel. Also he put on the bracelet that Fighter had tied to his wrist in his first year. I know these scenes were shot separately, but I’m putting my own spin on this because it seems consistent with what Tutor might do. He took off the necklace but put the bracelet on so that if Fighter noticed he might understand a little more about him too. If you remember Tutor wore the bracelet Fighter gave him until Fighter announced that he and Hwa were dating, then he took it off. Because he thought their time was over. Now he knows that Fighter loved him back, so it’s a subtle way to tell Fighter he wasn’t the only one with those feelings back then either.

The heartbeat scene is reminiscent of both the time when Fighter’s heart was racing at Fighter’s house and this scene at the beach. They are both feeling the same thing again.

When Tutor asks Fighter not to go, he is allowing himself to reach out and ask for what he wants. He wants to be held, he wants someone to take care of him, and let himself be babied while he’s sick. By the way Fighter is acting, Tutor can see that Fighter still cares for him. It makes him happy and a little selfish. We all do that with the people we love when we are sick. Fighter is delighted that Tutor doesn’t want him to go and wants to be held by him. He holds him so tenderly because Tutor is the most precious thing in his world. Tutor is his heart, his love, his happiness all in one. He doesn’t know when or if he will be allowed to do this again, so he is savoring each moment. He’s imprinting this into his memory so he can replay each second over again later.

Which brings to mind this scene. Tutor’s words are almost the same. Stay with me like this for a while. They fall asleep in each other’s arms once again.

A text message sounds on Tutor’s phone which wakes up Fighter. There are several in a row, so he leans over to check the message. It’s worth pointing out that he know’s Tutor’s passcode. They really trust each other and don’t keep secrets from each other. However, once he reads what Zon has texted him, he uses Tutor’s phone to call someone to talk about what he read, probably Zon.

@PattySH_TH :

This scene hurts my heart. When Tutor wakes up, he’s still drowsy. He reaches for the source of warmth, comfort and love while calling for P’Fight. He reaches over to the cold bed, and calls out for Fighter once more, thinking he’s in the other room. As he wakes up further, he realizes that he’s alone. He looks at his phone to see if Fighter left a message for him. When he sees the message, he remembers they aren’t together anymore. His heart shatters once again as he feels alone, without love or comfort, without warmth. He smothers his cries into the pillow, sobbing for the loss once again of his happiness.

Since the subbing is all messed up I screen shot this next scene with Fighter and his father, then subbed it myself. I subbed it based on the subtitles that were wonky and I think there is a sentence missing towards the end, but you can get the gist better of what is said here.

Fighter comes in so hurt and angry at his father. His father has controlled his life for so long, but the one time he is happy, his father took it away from him. Fighter finally says what he has been feeling. He tells his dad that it hurts too much and he can’t stand to feel this way anymore without his love.

His dad replied that it’s all for Fighter’s future. Fighter is angry enough to call his dad fucking selfish, to which he gets a hard slap across the face. His dad isn’t used to being talked back too. He thinks that Fighter should obey and respect his father, as I’m sure that his father treated him this way. I’m not condoning this behavior but trying to explain where the dad is coming from. I have talked to someone from Thai culture about some things in this scene and I will share what I learned with you. The dad and/or mom are supposed to be respected and listened too, and if you’ve watched any other bl’s or lakorns you know that even if they disagree they are to obey their parents. This is the perspective of their culture:

like…I’m your father and I’ve experienced more life than you. and I have your best interests at heart. you should obey me because I love you, I gave life to you, and I’m ordering this, so that you don’t have to go through pains I’ve gone through.

– twitter friend

This is a way to look at what the father does. I really think he wants to save Fighter from heartbreak.

Fighter rightly asks why haven’t you ask what I like or what I dislike? The dad responds that everything he does is for Fighter’s future. Then Fighter asks do I look happy right now? Or you? Is this what you want for me?

The dad is angry at this. You feeling will disappear and your future is ahead of you. Don’t make a mistake that could cost you a bright future. He doesn’t understand because he doesn’t know love. For love Fighter will risk it all. He is scared of his father, and rightly so. The man is cold, unapproachable, and with a bad temper. But for this love, Fighter will talk back to his dad.

He rightly says to his father, it’s your future. When the dad raises his hand, Fighter stands taller telling him hit me again, I can’t do anything to you. Because he won’t raise a hand to his father. His father is shocked when Fighter grabs his hand and slaps himself multiple times. Fighter is telling him with this gesture, you can hit me, but you can’t silence me. Fighter demands to know why. Why can’t his father be pleased with him? Why must he control him?

This is when Fighter’s father explains the future plans he’s laid out for Fighter. You’ve got to get married, have a family, status and inherit my business.

Business again. That’s all Fighter hears.

The truth comes out. His dad demands to know how he knows that the love between Tutor and Fighter will last? He say’s homosexual love isn’t stable. To which Fighter replies with an absolute zinger of a line. “And your heterosexual love is? My mom left you for another guy.” How can you judge other people’s love?

This is why he controls Fighter. Fighter is the only family he has left and he doesn’t want him to disappear from his life. He doesn’t understand that he’s driving Fighter away with his actions. And it’s also the first time that he hears the word love from his son. Not a relationship but love. The dad is stunned into silence. They both look at each other since starting this fight. For the first time in a long while they are really seeing the other person standing in front of them.

Fighter is seeing that his dad is just a man. A man worried and scared that his son will make a mistake and end up unhappy like he is. A man who doesn’t know how to open up and talk about his feelings, because he’s never had anyone show him how. Before Tutor came into his life neither had Fighter.

Fighter’s dad is seeing a different side of his son. This version of his son is strong, not weak. After the initial attack, he’s trying to reason with his dad. And this version of his son is in pain. Real pain. In this moment Fighter’s father doesn’t know what to do. How did things get like this?

Fighter brings his hands together in a Wai, a sign of respect to his father. He begs his father. Can I make my own decision on this matter, if it turns out badly I will handle it.

We do that to our parents or teachers/mentors. It’s usually meant to show your subservience, or you’re begging for something, or you’re asking for forgiveness. The next level to that is bowing to their feet, which is the ultimate show of absolute respect.

– Twitter friend

The father is sitting in stunned silence. A look of shock at the respect and maturity Fighter is showing him in this moment. Then Fighter does something he’s never done in his life to his father. He bows to his father’s heart. This explains the significance in Thai culture. Fighter is humbling himself before his father, showing a level of respect and subservience he’s never done in his whole life for this one thing.

The father has tears in his eyes. Fighter steps back and says “I’m asking for my life back, Pa” Because for him Tutor is his life, his happiness. Without Tutor he is just going through the motions of life. The dad gives in with tears in his eyes, he walks away, leaving Fighter alone in their kitchen.

Fighter’s knees give out from under him as he slowly slides to the floor. He had used up all his strength and courage to stand up and plead with his father. But he succeeded. His father understood him now, and he was free to make his own choice. Of course he chooses Tutor. Fighter wants to find his way back to happiness again.

We go back to Tutor’s condo and Zon has come to see Tutor. Tutor is still recovering from his illness, but once again he’s wearing the necklace Fighter gave him out in the open again. Especially since their cuddle session happened, he wears it while feeling like Fighter is beside him. It makes him feel less alone.

Zon tells Tutor that he wants to invite Tutor to go to the beach with him and Saifah. This look on Tutor’s face hurts as he remembers the last beach trip, where he was truly happy for the first time in a long time.

Zon tells him he wants to talk about the novel, telling Tutor “We write our own story.” He’s such a good friend to Tutor here. He’s trying to encourage him. I like the fact that Zon references the strength and how Tutor can fight harder than this. Su Su Na…It’s cute.

Tutor, Zon and Saifah arrive at the beach house. Saifah again asks how Tutor is doing, and gets scolded for worrying too much. They discuss sleeping arrangements, and Saifah and Zon will take the downstairs bedroom, leaving Tutor the upstairs bedroom. Tutor wheels his suitcase to the stairs and begins to hoist it up himself.

He can’t help but think about how Fighter carried their luggage the last time they were at the beach. Once he reaches the top of the stairs he goes in, looks at the ocean and lays back on the bed. He is feeling sad, lonely and a little lost. He decides to sit up only to find a mirage appearing in front of his eyes. It’s the person he longed to see the most, the person who makes him feel safe, loved, warm and secure. Then Fighter smiles at him, lighting up his whole face, and Tutor can’t help but smile in return. No matter what has happened between them, at that moment they both feel joy in their hearts at seeing each other again.

Thanks again for reading my crazy long analysis. I hope to do a behind the scenes type post in the next few days. 💕💕🤗

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  1. Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog, I wanted to comment many times but my english is not very good. Hehe.
    I love fighter and tutors love story, from the begining their dynamics made me interested on them, both characters are very well developed. I’m a bit sad that this friday is the last episode, I’m gonna miss them…for sure I’ll be rewatching the series many times…
    Well…now to the episode, it really was a sad one since the first second, even when they were happy hughing each other I was feeling sad because even if they loved each other that much they couldn’t be together.
    The first part was really dramatic, I was a bit surprised that the series turned that way, but it was very well made specially the acting. About tutor and that child, I think tutor wanted fighter to see them, its not what tutor would do but he in my opinion knew that fighter wouldn’t let him go that easyly so he had to do something bad to push him away. Fighter attacking tutor was hard to watch, I was angry at him, he really was crazy and out of him, and I clearly saw the disapointment in tutors eyes. I was scared for the preview, I was thinking if fighter is really like that then everything was a lie, all the romantic scenes and their love story, but when I actually watched the episode and when he started to cry and talk from his heart (zee’s acting was amazing) I realized that wasn’t the case, everything was true, he was honest and sincere towards tutor. And when tutor said that at that moment he didn’t love him I think tutor was honest because at that moment he felt angry and betrayed by fighter. Ah! Tutor sure felt something for fighter too, maybe not at first side like him but like you said he didn’t really pushed him away. The first part of the episode was so heartbreaking.
    The third part is so precious for me it was like telling us that even they hurted each other a lot they can still comfort and be each other hapinness. Tutor crying in that part, facing reality again after that dreamy moment with fighter was again so heartbreaking.
    Fighter comfronting his father is one of the best scenes in the series for me, the script was amazing, when fighter told his father that his mother left him I was surprised not only because it let his father without words but because it meant that his mother left him too, and it might be for my personal experiences but family problems hit me hard so that scene made me really sad.
    In the last part I was so happy to see fighter there. Now I want to watch how they are going to talk about everything that has happened.
    I still have many things to say but I think is enough for this coment. Thanks for reading. 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly! Please feel free to comment anytime, as I love to interact with like minded people. 🥰 I can totally understand your English. And if you feel more confident in another language, leave a comment in that, and I’ll find a way to translate it. I just love to chat. lol. You know, I just couldn’t figure out about the student, but your interpretation feels right. It was him deliberately saying, “I’ve gotten over you, look, I’m happy. Move on.” That is kind of a jerk move, but I guess he was tired of being constantly called and texted. And I agree that it was hard to watch Fighter loose control. People have multiple sides. Even though he’d been nothing but gentle to Tutor before this, he had a dark side to him which made him lash out at Tutor for hurting him. I’m just glad that he came to his senses before he did things that he couldn’t undo. As for Zee’s acting, I agree 100% about how much he has improved in this series. He showed such depth of emotion, it was powerful to watch and my heart broke for him. The scene with Fighter and his dad was powerful to me because for the first time they both spoke from the heart to each other, the words hurt but then they really came to understand one another. As to the mom, you are right. She abandoned not only Fighter’s dad, but Fighter as well. He never had maternal warmth, which is why Tutor’s warmth was special to him. Tutor’s sister clearly accepted him as a little brother too. And we know that Tutor’s mom was happy for him. Tutor grew up with a loving sister and mother, whereas Fighter grew up with a cold father. This is why it hurt him so much to loose his happiness. Again, I’m so glad you commented and feel free to reach out any time you want to chat about anything. Tomorrow is the big day, so looking forward to it, but dreading the end of my favorite series. 🤗💕 Jen

  2. Am so excited, thanks for putting this up. Let me just say, i was livid about what Fighter did, still is. I tried to see how he could have gone off tangent like that but didn’t find any. He could have shouted, rant, hell if he must, punch a wall or something but not lay a hand on Tutor.
    Before i go any further, i have a question. I think they could have have chosen any reaction but they chose this. From the writer’s point of view, do you think this was to get a rise out of their reader/ viewer make them debate, or this resonates with their demographic, or was it meant to make the reader hate the character/sympathize. It is way out of character for Fighter. For such a character assassination, am in awe how the writer did a 360 in less than a minute to bring us back to looking at him as a person again.

    On to that horrible scene. Before, what Tutor did, dangling that kid in front of Fighter like that, yet still wearing the necklace. Like Kelly, i think what he did was very intentional to make Fighter hate him. I was angry he used his student like that. I hate the kid, but am thinking this time he didn’t know but was a pawn. And the text was sent by Tutor too.

    Thanks for shedding more light into the bed struggle scene. I was at a loss why Tutor would kiss him back, with feelings too. Ohh the horror, anger and disgust in Tutor’s eyes when he finally asked Fighter if he had enough, that was so me. I did not want to taint the beach.
    Zee did a good job expressing the bottled up anger and confusion and the lashing out.
    When he finally broke down, Fighter broke me too. The tonal range. The drops were absolute killer. I don’t think even Tutor knew how much effort Fighter put into pursuing him, how it started and the joy it finally brought him.

    When he said he don’t love him anymore, i thought its coz he needed to make him finally leave and the the fact that he was angry with what Fighter did made it look even more convincing. I say this coz he avoided the question about not caring for Fighter’s feelings. When he gave up the necklace, i thank Fighter’s power of begging and not giving up. The thought of Tutor giving up completely did not sit right with me (phewks).

    Something else, is it me or did they use the blue background setting in these scenes perfectly. From the school to Tutor’s room. If it was intentional, it is one more thing to add on to why they are setting themselves apart from the rest. I also noticed that Tutor hid his necklace a lot after the Fighter incident. But he switched things up, brought out the name tag and the string.

    Sick Tutor. Help me out here, this scene comes after their what you’d call final break up and Fighter incident. Fighter’s behavior and a little of saint. Am looking at it as the series alluding to beginning to address Fighter’s outburst. They broke something then. things are not okay. We all know how they are with buttoning and unbuttoning of shirts. We see a very hesitant bordering afraid Fighter trying to lift Tutor’s body and unbutton his shirt. I mean they have broken up that is a given. When he goes to touch Tutor, is it coz he doesn’t know if has a right to anymore, or coz he does not know how Tutor will react, and that he is ashamed of himself? This is the same bed, memories still very fresh. Then comes that thoughtless joke about “am taking advantage of you” and Tutor looking at him unamused. Then he said, i want to wipe you down to cool the fever, that is when Tutor eases up. We are kind of gravitating back to asking for permission. Then Tutor asking him to stay. It is after the heartbeats talk but we also saw Tor reaching out and squeezing his hand. Is it just me looking for a resolution or did it happen? I also hope they both address Fighter issue clearly next episode.

    I almost thought he was delirious until he woke up and searched for him. Even in rough times like this their love shine through brightly. I loved that bed scene.

    Fighter’s dad. Remember i said i am writing him off? Yes, that is still happening for me. Last week we tried to find out why the disconnect. I think they are just like that whatever got them there, it is fine. Though we saw them talking. I for one applaud Fighter’s bitch slap after what his dad did to him and to Tutor. Best part, Fighter equate Tutor to his life. I agree with you. I think for the first time the man really saw his son for who he is and not just someone he shares a DNA with. I was also wrong then, there was no inner conflict for his dad last week. I think until Fighter hit him with the how can you judge any kind of love when you had an “normal” one but it still eluded you. Once again, Zee did an amazing job representing Fighter. The way Zee and Saint took on Fighter and Tutor is absolutely beautiful.

    I gotta ask though, what was the man (Fighter’s dad) so happy about standing idle in his kitchen drinking water. It was hilarious. Was he happy about the stock market? his plans were going accordingly, they laced his water? or is he an overall happy guy?

    Sorry long comment again.

    *Boom boom*

    1. Me and you sweetie, we have to so much to say about this show!! 😁 As to Fighter’s behavior and why they chose this reaction, I think there are a few reasons behind this. One, I feel like they’ve focused so much on how far Fighter has come since the first episode, but if you can remember, he was hostile and sullen, a bit unapproachable. He let Tutor inside his walls, but he basically just got told the equivalent of FU, I’m over you, and he reacted in rage and hurt. As we see later his dad resorts to violence, and he was raised by his dad. So force was his way to punish Tutor. Also i feel like it was to make Fighter seem more realistic. He can’t be too perfect all the time, without flaws, so they made him do something out of character because his character was really at a breaking point. He lost everything without knowing why and now Tutor won’t only answer his calls, but seems to flaunt the fact that he’s over Fighter and leading a happy life now, which enrages Fighter because he’s still drowning in despair. That’s my opinion anyway. I agree about Tutor deliberately doing this to drive Fighter away, once you guys pointed it out, that makes sense as to why he has his arm around the kid as well.

      As for the scene on the bed, Tutor used the only tool he had available to reach Fighter in that moment, his love. When he kissed him back he was trying to say remember who you are, remember who we were to each other. Come back to yourself. And yes, the look of disgust was so real. It’s when Fighter realized Tutor in no way wanted him in that moment and that he was about to do something so horrific it would break both of them. And when Tutor tells Fighter he doesn’t love him anymore, I do think he was trying to drive Fighter away, but also he was angry in that moment. Angry at how weak Fighter was and how strong he had to be for both of them. I too am glad that Fighter leaves the necklace. It becomes clear that even though Tutor keeps it tucked into his shirt, he still holds Fighter close to his heart, with the bracelet he was wearing and the name tag by the bed. He kept Fighter close to him, even though it probably hurt, he couldn’t bear to put them away.

      And the color’s you are so right. The aesthetics they use are so on point. It’s actually one of my favorite things about this show. The thought they put into color’s and mood, plus all the prop placement and symbols they use. I’ve never seen a show so good at incorporating all these little details.

      For the scene with sick Tutor, Fighter was very gentle and treated Tutor as if he was fragile. It was a recollection of the last time he was there, and to show that he won’t hurt Tutor again. Just like Tutor understood, which is why he curled his fingers around his hand. They were communicating without words. Also he didn’t just unbutton and strip off the shirt of Tutor, but tried to protect Tutor’s modesty, he was afraid to push the boundaries, so he played it as safe as he could. I really wish they had talked about it though. But maybe we will get that in the last episode. As to the dad, he didn’t redeem himself, but I see him as more human and learning that his son has really thought this through makes him give in to let Fighter make his own decision. I only hope that Tutor can help the two of them see each other and build a relationship. Zee was magnificent in this episode, he did a stellar job with all the emotions, he had me drowning in the feels.

      The dad sitting there drinking water with a happy smirk is hysterically funny now that I think about it. What the heck was in his water? 🤣🤣 Did they lace it with some happy juice? But seriously, I’m ready and not ready for tomorrow. I’m going to go rewatch happy scenes now. Hugs. 😘🤗💕 – Jen

  3. Once again thank you for connecting the dots. It never occurred to me that Fighter’s outburst was a direct reflection of his upbringing or relationship with his dad. You are right, they both responded to the difficult situations violently. Bravo to the team!

    The bed struggle scene, its interesting how you bring out the contrast in their desperation, one from love and another anger.

    I still find the dad so cruel. Yet, i also know his character mirrors a lot of parents. It will take me sometime to finally see things from his perspective. My bias is showing lol. That he relented on this issue does not equate to his growth as a character yes? He only revealed a different trait. Am thinking it was his way of showing he loves his son despite not looking like it always.

    Like you, am not ready for tonight. I am not ready to let go yet. At the same time, am eager to see what they got for the ending.

    Surprisingly, am not eager nor in a rush to ask for more, like a sequel or second season. Partly because those usually don’t live up to expectations, some bring in unnecessary dram (mostly cheating) and i don’t want anything to spoil their story.
    Majorly, its coz i feel the characters have come full circle (am hoping tonight’s end answers all the questions i have). However, if they choose to produce another, i’ll be more than excited and hope for a 2.0 story telling.
    What of you, demanding for 2?

    *Boom boom*

    1. I adore you, and I tell you this all the time, but I mean it. I hope the dad redeemed himself in your eyes. I’ve got more to say about him for this episode. I am happy they got their happy ending. They could do a season 2, but it ended so beautifully, why would they? Unless they changed the focus and gave us more about Dew Blue, Japan Tanthai, Junior Soda and the rest, maybe a little more mii2 dealing with parents? But for me, TTFT story is done…and they lived happily ever after. I actually would love to see Fighter meet Tutors mom and maybe Tutor’s mom and Fighter’s dad to meet, not to get together or anything, but to help each other learn about their kids. Kind of like Kao’s mom and Pete’s dad in DBK. But I’d only like to see it as an episode or two as a what were these characters up to kind of way. TBH I adored Japan and Tanthai. *meow* and want to see how they turn out. Seng and Park have great chemistry too. Now I’m off to rewatch and take notes so I can get cracking on my episode 13 blog post. *boom boom* 😘🤗💕 – Jen

  4. i finalliy gpt to watch the ep and emidiatly came to read ur blog.
    i t was the right choise ! since you helped me unswer a lot of the q i had.
    but something i dont agree with u about fighter beaviour and personality: he wasnt always kind and gentel. he did push and mistreeted tuter in the begining to. he wasnt respectfull of tuter banderies and constently teesed him. making him feel uncomfurtable and comfuzed and scared in the first episodes….when i so that fighter finks tuter is with another man it was obviyes to me that he will bacome livid. people onlove tend to do crayzy things. desperet inlove pople can destroy everything… so i saw it coming…the brutal atack. unfortuanatly it was pretty obvious that zee was completly at lose and not comportoble to atack saint. it wast real for me.
    but in the bed it seemed more intence and real.
    the acting was more belivable.
    i gusee i expected more after ep 11…but the corona destroyed what could have been in my opinion a much better ep with better flow and more detailed concting scenes….
    but zees acting almost all the was soooooo good.
    saint did good to but sometimes the childish part of him comes out and feels out of character when he plays serious tuter….
    all in all the ending with zees smile gave me peace of mind for the next ep

    1. Thanks for coming to check out what I have to say after watching. As for the behavior of Fighter, I see where you are coming from. But if you look at Tutor’s actions and Fighter’s body language in these scenes, Fighter is very aggressive in his “teasing” of Tutor. He likes getting up close and personal in Tutor’s space. I don’t think Tutor was ever scared of Fighter though. He didn’t react in fear, just discomfort. Honestly I’m pretty sure his heart was racing too, but he didn’t understand why. I say this because I think Tutor liked Fighter but wouldn’t admit it to himself. That’s why when you see the scene of the string tying ceremony, they are really looking at each other, with a little attraction, a little hesitation and uncertainty. This is why until Fighter announced he was dating Hwa, Tutor continued to wear the bracelet that Fighter gave him. It meant something to him. And if you watch this scene again, Fighter is trying to let Tutor know he’s interested in him, that he’s willing to open up to him, letting him inside Fighter’s walls. And he feels the sexual tension, because make no mistake, it was definitely sexual attraction on both sides at that point if you watch Tutor’s expression closely you will see it. Tutor, on the other hand, treated Fighter with blatant hostility because deep down he felt something for Fighter and at the same time Fighter wasn’t treating his “girlfriend” right who happened to be Tutor’s best friend, so he was angry about that. Fighter was also jealous of Hwa’s and Tutor’s relationship because he felt that Tutor was interested in Hwa which made him jealous of his own girlfriend, because he really wanted Tutor to treat him the way he treated Hwa. That was my impression anyway. As for the attack scene it was real to me too, and it’s why it made it hard to step into Fighter’s headspace and Tutor’s in those scenes. As for more that could have come, I agree that corona gave them and us all a setback, but I’m still proud they managed to somehow tie up most of the loose threads out there. As for Zee’s acting, he has come so far since the first days. I am impressed with his growth and look forward to seeing what’s next from him. And Saint, he has improved a billion times from Pete in LBC in my opinion. I think Pete was kind of one dimensional and Saint did the best he could with what he was given, but this role really challenged him to step outside of his comfort zone. As far as the childish behavior, I don’t know if you watched or read the PoomAlone review of Episode 10 with the director, but P’Chewin explains this behavior and it’s explained in the novel as well. Tutor had to grow up fast. He went from a pampered spoiled prince to basically being on his own, supporting himself and his family. He only acts childish in front of his family, because he lets himself get spoiled by them. He lets Fighter inside his inner circle, behaving like a spoiled child because he trusts Fighter to take care of him, not hurt him, and baby him. To be honest, I understand that feeling well. When you have to be a grownup faced with hard things, sometimes you want someone to swoop in and take care of you. That’s my two cents on why Tutor acted like that. The actual line from the book says “P’Fight, I’m only acting like this around certain people. My sister and my mom. And now you.” He says this as he snuggles up in Fighter’s arms at the beach after their arrival, and Fighter holds him close, glad for the chance to get closer to Tutor. Hope that gives you some perspective on the character. Thanks for reading my blog, and I’m enjoying chatting with you. 💕🤗 – Jen

      1. yes yes and yes!!! i agree with ur insights.
        i think zee and saint made a realy huge leap in their acting. i enjoyed it. and totaly bought their acting…most of the time at least.
        i still thinkthere is no competition to zee’s expreseave eyes. but sain put so much eport in his role and it shows. and his cute parts just comes natural to him.
        i still cant except that the series is over. at least tt ft part. so hard to say goodbay. but i guss i will rewatch like trilyon more times…. and obses some more…
        i read some more blogs and insights that helped me fill more gaps. and the scenes made more sence to me. like ft ‘s mother betrying his father and seeing tt betrying him make him more inrage.
        i still wish there was a clear conversation when tt is seak and tt asks his forgivness…but the looks and hand hugs were nice to and soooo touching.
        anlike other bl’s what got me here was the pure real feelings those actors realy had for each other. it madw me feel like im intruding on a real life couple. i laughse and cried with them. and for me its realy unic. so i am going to falow zee and sain hoping in the future for more grate acting from them.
        i dont think we will get in the near future another grate romance like that…but this directir..i belive in his romantic soul..i think he will do something unic again

      2. I agree with you about the director. Can’t wait see what P’Shewin does going forward. As for his mother leaving his father for another man, it def made Fighter feel abandoned and betrayed. He also was abandoned by Tutor, and even though he knew rationally that Tutor wouldn’t date a student, the fact that Tutor did this made he feel betrayed because he was being affectionate towards someone else, he had his arm around someone else. And we know he flipped then.

        As for Zee and Saint, I have fallen hard for both of them. I will follow them and support them in whatever path they choose to walk. Acting, modeling, business. They have a fan for life in me. I feel that they’re really special people who have lots of kindness, compassion and goodness in them. I agree this romance was very special. I can’t see another one being this good, or capturing my heart like this one. We can just rewatch then watch the box set when it comes out. – 🤗💕 -Jen

  5. First, can I just say what an Angel you are. Taking taking the time to put this online. It takes and energy and I really appreciate it. Second you saved me time with the pictures and video you posted. Your closed captions are better than the ones on YouTube. I have really read your posts and your insight into this. There is rarely a tv show or movie that I connect or click with. TharnType and Tutor, Fighter are the rare ones.

    Episode #2 The picture you had of all of them in the car, Tutor, Fighter, Hwa. I think there was someone else in the back but I couldn’t make it out. Fighter has this look on his face while Hwa is talking about the fighting between him and Tutor. I think Fighter is aching for him. The look is not happy, aching for someone he thinks he can’t have.

    #6 Fighter telling the customer Tutor is his boyfriend. I thought isn’t that jumping the gun a little bit. It’s like he knows what will happen or what he’s hoping for, then I remember Tharn and Type buying bed sheets and Tharn telling the sales woman Type is his boyfriend. The couch when Fighter says “Tor” I thought he was protesting. That’s a hot couch scene.

    #7 Did Tutor hit the back of a Fighters chair at the concert?

    #9 After they pack, on the bed talking, when Fighter leans in to kiss Tutor the poor guy is shaking the entire time and I love you is written on him during the entire kiss. Tutor moving and turning toward him is like him rewarding Fighter saying “than you for your honesty.”
    #9 During their dinner Fighter’s shirt is open. Didn’t Tutor talk to him about that?
    #9 Fighter is listening as Tutor talk about growing up, Fighter is falling even more in love with him.

    #9 Don’t apologize for giving a play by play, it is fun and two it is relevant. Tutor moans or is it a breath in answer to Fighter’s “can I kiss you”. Fighter moans when he kisses Tutors neck. When Fighter pulls away and Tutor puts his hand on Fighter’s shoulder it’s like he’s anchoring himself so he won’t float away. I want to say it took a lot of will power for Fighter to pull away considering they have been on vacation. In this moment Fighter was baring his soul to Tutor. This is one of the few times Fighter does touch him.

    I also want to say crushes can go horribly wrong. The person can be obsessive about the person they have crushes on. Stalking, kidnapping or worse. Fighter knew he liked Tutor, even if it was hard to accept and it could have ended up with Tutor saying no, rejecting him. Could Fighter have moved on or watched or looked after Tutor from a distance?

    #9 When Tutor kissed a Fighter, it unleashed all he had kept inside. When Tutor was on top I don’t think Fighter could believe it was real. Fighter has humility. This was one hell of a scene.

    #10 Tutor is taking his shirt off, Fighter looks like he might spontaneously combust or short circuit from seeing Tutor or kissing him.

    #10 He’s looking at Tutors leg like he wants to touch it but looks away like he doesn’t want to try his luck at the sauna. I think this is also a part of his humility, just because it’s there and they’ve been together once doesn’t mean he has to act on it. He wants to get his body under control. Tutor is touching Fighter like a piano. Tutor is kiss his neck and lips, Fighters hands are in his lap. Also in the couch scene on 6 Fighter never touches Tutor, his hands brace on the couch but it’s as far as it goes. Tutor touches his fingers to Fighters lips, Fighter doesn’t want them to leave, again he is going to short circuit. Tutor on Fighters lap, Fighter still can’t believe it. Rolling Tutor in the Sauna like Fighter is saying “I can’t take it anymore. I want you.” As you said, Fighter taking Tutors hand to Fighters “package”, Fighter saying touch him and don’t stop. What promise did he make Tutor?

    #12 I think Fighter was doing fine staying away after the break up, keeping his distance. I only watched that one scene once and it was all I could take. Concern outrage for what Fighter was doing. I don’t condone what he did or condone abuse in any shape or form. They had been doing good and then this happened. And Fighter doesn’t know Tutor isn’t suffering just like he is. Fighter’s dad had to know throwing money at Tutor after telling him to break up with his son had to be an insult. I applaud Tutor for just walking away. I do think the stress of what Tutor was dealing with was making him sick. I am glad Fighter was there and found out about his dad. His dad never expected him to talk back, fight for it. Tutor taught him that, what he feels and has was worth fighting for. I think it was the biggest compliment to Tutor.

    Ok, when I first started reading these I was always rerouted to another sight for #3, the review, so yours was really refreshing and insightful. When I started reading them there was no 13 so I was kind of bummed. I took an internet break for a while, came back 2 or 3 weeks ago. I was glad to see 13. I know it was about 2 couple but I only read or watched about Tutor and Fighter.

    #13 I was so glad Fighter was there, told Tutor everything. My mom has the same insight about family as Tutor does. But I’ve also had Tutors work ways. Had to work really hard for what I’ve had and life throws curveball after curve Pablo and you have sometimes fight to survive. Anyway, I had not realized it was like they were exchanging wedding vows. Who says you need a wedding ceremony and everyone there to do it. Tutor isn’t alone anymore but neither is Fighter. Tutors friend Zon saying they could get pregnant from the looks they were giving each other. Again your clips and video were miracles. Fighter so glad to have Tutor that close again. As you had said about the rooftop scene, Fighter looking like a wolf in #13 his eyes sweeping over Tutor, taking him in, like he’s looking at a meal. He’s starving. He’s had two years of crushing on him and they were together for a week or two before the breakup, there is some serious catching up to do. Again Fighters humility as Tutor is kissing him. Fighter kissing Tutors stomach isn’t kissing, it’s a worship session. And Tutor is no innocent bystander. I don’t think they had one session though. Who knows, maybe one of them did get pregnant. The mark you saw, there was a lot of desperation and need to get close, the pain would not have been felt or it would have added to the desperation and need. Yeah, they should have closed the door because Fighter had other ideas. The beach with all of them, the water idea was gone as soon as Fighter kissed Tutor again. Bed was a more appealing option to him.

    The music was really good, it never overpowered the scenes. I’m a music junkie so having music here was an added bonus. Fighter was already in worship of Tutor by the time the rooftop happened.

    Thank you again for sharing your reviews here. Your an Angel and all of this is what I needed.

    1. You just made my week! I am thrilled you found my blog and you’ve been able to dig into the series with me. I love it so much and it’s wonderful to have a dialog about parts of the show that speak to us.

      Episode 2: Saifah is in the car with them. He was catching a ride home as he lives in the same direction as Tutor. And Fighter is definitely aware that he wants Tutor but can’t have him. He’s also worried when Hwa asks him if it’s because of Tutor, Hwa wanted to know if he was jealous of her relationship with Tutor. He is jealous, but in the opposite direction. He’s jealous of Hwa, he wants to be close to Tutor. In the novel one of the reasons he starts to date Hwa is to get closer to Tutor. I hope you will look and read my LookBack posts as I’ve added new details and insights where I felt it needed clarification.

      Episode 6: He tells them Tutor is his boyfriend to get the creeps to back off. If it was just a friend he was standing up for it wouldn’t have as much weight with them as saying he’s Tutor’s boyfriend. Also its as if he’s trying it out. How does it sound to say it out loud? Is he embarrassed? The answer is clear. He’s comfortable saying it, and so when the time comes, he won’t freeze up. As for the couch scene. Very very steamy. And he is protesting being pushed down. He didn’t expect this. He expected Tutor to maybe kiss him like before whereas Tutor steps up his moves. He is frustrated with Fighter always using the teasing line, never admitting his feelings. So he’s determined to prove to Fighter, that Fighter is into him. He reaches down to check to see if Fighter’s body is reacting to their kiss. When he finds proof, he could have stopped there because the answer was yes. Instead he is swept away by his feelings, and he is turned on by the fact that Fighter is turned on, which is why he swoops back in for more kissing. If you look after they switch positions, Tutor pulls him into the kiss, then tugs Fighter’s hair. The kiss is more passion than curiosity and Tutor is feeling it.

      Number 8 – Yes, he deliberately wanted to make sure Fighter saw him storm off so that Fighter would come after him. He was getting Fighter’s attention so Fighter would see how mad he was. Fighter realized he’s fucked up and decides to be bold and tell Tutor that he’s the one Fighter has been searching for, then they leave together.

      Number 9 – The kissing scene on the bed is sweet and genuine. I love that moment. I felt both emotions as Fighter has his love beneath him, even with their clothes on, his desire is palpable. As he tell Tutor later he’s wanted to kiss him like that for a long time. And Tutor is accepting it, enjoying the feel of Fighter skin beneath his hands.

      During dinner Fighter’s shirt is open, but Tutor doesn’t care because its on display for him. It’s just the two of them on a secluded beach. He is very possessive and doesn’t like it when others see his mans hot chest and six pack. He wants to be the only one who gets to enjoy that. Lol

      As for the crush, he never thought he’d have a chance with Tutor he was always watching from afar. But when they got closer to each other, he pays attention to Tutor’s cues. He backs off if he feels that Tutor is unsure. In fact he backs off when Tutor is wanting to continue in Episode 6 because he wants Tutor to think about his feelings. He doesn’t want to take advantage of Tutor, he wants Tutor to figure out if he likes Fighter. He is a gentleman in his behavior and he respects Tutor too much to do something that might hurt him.

      Good, some people might not like the play by play but I think its relevant.😊. There are a few mistranslations here that I want to clear up. The first one is “Can I kiss you Tor?” which doesn’t make sense because he’s already kissing him. What he actually says is “Just Kissing Tor” telling Tutor that he won’t push for anything else. He just wants to kiss Tutor. He knows that Tutor saw the condoms, so this is his way of telling Tutor he won’t ask for anything else, just kissing. In the novel he thinks to himself that he and Tutor are headed down that road, and that when Tutor was ready they could have sex. It’s just a breath. And Fighter moans into Tutor’s shoulder. You don’t get to hear Saints….ummm…Tutor’s moans until Episode 13 part 3 before they are interrupted by Zon and Saifah.

      And yes, when Tutor takes control Fighter really is in a state of disbelief. He feels so lucky to be able to be this close to Tutor, to share the passion and the love. He is in awe. It really is one hell of a scene. It feels so loving. I am in awe that there is no passivity here. Both are acting on their emotions and my favorite part – they both are determined to give the other pleasure. This is not one sided love making, it’s mutual desire, passion and love. Neither of them are selfish lovers, which is nice to see.

      Don’t know if you caught this, but I put the other mistranslation which happens right after Fighter says “Are you ready Tor?” Tutor doesn’t say “Come closer to me.” Tutor says “Come inside me” So so so very different but the translators got shy and went with a softer line. It’s much hotter though and gives clear consent about what he wants in that moment.

      10 – Yes he does. And he is. Be sure to check out the LookBack I will be publishing for Episode 8-10 for a few added scenes. Also did you miss the part where Fighter touches Tutor’s dick (sorry, we are adults, its easier to say that, lol) in the end of Episode 6 to see if he’s hard too. And he is. But that’s what triggers Fighter’s flashback to Tutor asking if he liked men. Well, here is Tutor, rock hard underneath him. Maybe Tutor needs to ask himself the same question he asked Fighter.

      The promise he made Tutor in the bathtub after their first time together. He promises Tutor that he won’t do it (sex) again. Then Fighter says he doesn’t want them to get bored of each other. He’s worried about pressuring Tutor for sex or making Tutor feel like that’s all Fighter wants. So in the sauna he’s trying to keep his promise not to have sex again. Which is why Tutor lets him know that Tutor is the one to break the promise because Tutor wants to have sex with him. He wants to feel connected and closer to Fighter. You should watch and read the behind the scenes for those episodes. The director, producer and acting coach offer up good insight into motivations.

      Ep 12 – its still hard to sit through. Fighter hurts Tutor. I thank God he stops before he crosses the line. But Tutor also kisses him to calm him down. He is trying to tell him, look, I’m here in front of you. Stop. I have watched it 3 times and it’s horrible every time. But it is worth watching for Zee to have his moment to shine. He does such an amazing job at breaking down as Fighter, letting all his secrets and walls down baring his soul to Tutor. He makes Tutor cry too, but Tutor knows he doesn’t want Fighter to loose his only family, so he steels himself and says what he knows will hurt the most. Fighter learned from his dad that money can solve everything which is why Fighter’s dad offers to pay off Tutor. He thinks Tutor is taking advantage of his son. Remember his son just spend almost 50,000 dollars to pay off this guys debt. Im glad that Fighter fights for his love too. It’s an impressive as hell scene. I love it.

      Episode 13 – I love the soft vulnerabilty of Fighter as he tells Tutor that Tutor will always have him forever. He looks about ready to cry. And the kiss is pure beauty. as for the wolf, they both turn into wolves in part 2 of the episode. I love the willingness to let Tutor top him. He’s willing to do what his love desires because sexual position doesn’t matter to him, the intimacy of being together does. With that said, they definitely went more than one round that night. I think they both got a turn, lol. As for the moans, turn up the volume in part 3, after Fighter leans in to kiss Tutor. The camera pans away from them and to the door but you hear Saint’s moans…..Zee must be a very good kisser….😁.

      I love the music too. It is perfect and fit every scene.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this for me. I love to chat about the series and you can find me on twitter too. JenHG43. Also don’t forget to check out my LookBack and some of the behind the scenes details.

      💕🤗 – Jen

      1. I was working on couple of projects that are almost wrapped up.

        #2 I read the review for episode 6 and Fighters confrontation with Hwa. In the fact that she goes to her mom, who goes to his dad, who goes to him, the revelation of her feelings for him in the car, was he that oblivious to them? He didn’t have a clue? He just thought they both liked the arrangement they were in? Why doesn’t she go to Fighter directly?Is she surprised they haven’t called a truce? I know Tutor is her best friend and she wants her best friend and boyfriend to get along.

        #6 He could have gone as far to say he was Tutors brother. I know with the feelings he has it wouldn’t have been the same. But the guys would have backed off if they believed this guy was going to beat them up for messing with Tutor. Again it’s a big step to say this and accept it. They had kissed before on the couch before the major kiss happened. It was the surprise reach for the book Where Fighter loses the ability and Tutor reaches in for his book. There was the kiss that followed where Tutor pulled away and a Fighter didn’t want to stop. Fighter’s guard is down. In this one moment he is baring his soul. He was surprised of Tutor touching him.

        Ok, I will admit I stumbled upon this. Like Tharn and Type, randomly. It was recommended to me on YouTube. I watched the video, I think it was fan made, and thought holy crap. I did a YouTube and google search and was blown away.

        #8 Did you say Fighter was there with someone to make Tutor jealous or was that someone else? No one was around I realize but fFighter taking hold of Tutor and holding him there in public was bold. I realize Tutor wanted to push him away, Fighter just passed him off, he doesn’t want Fighter touching him. Then the explanation Tutors like fine.

        #9 Fighter was very brave in the bed scene. But they were being honest and vulnerable and it’s not a word or trait either of them are used to. Tutor is only open with family and Fighter has his guard up with his dad. The kiss from Fighter and the feelings were big steps for him. Tutor returning the kiss and opening fighters shirt were big steps for him.

        #9 I’m not being judgy, Fighter has known how he’s felt even while he was with Hwa. But Tutor, is he gay or is he gay for one guy? How doesn’t Tutor know he has a six pack, Fighter always has a shirt on. Does Fighter have it open before just so Tutor can see it?

        I can see that, I mean people were misinterpreting his relationship with Hwa. I mean, after watching he clip it was love at first sight for Fighter. He was bored with his life. The laps he had Tutor run to get his signature it was obvious he wasn’t bored anymore but even more so that there was something more there. Did he think Tutor didn’t know he existed. I mean in his teasing of Tutor he was always aware if he was physically close to Tutor. Were those stolen moments for him? Chances he took to be close because what he wants is inconceivable? To be close to Tutor, to know him. To be his boyfriend. Were these possibilities out of reach for him. Was it not like a crush but more like a dream? I had been surprised when Fighter flipped Tutor on the couch. The stare at Tutor, he couldn’t be he was kissing Tutor after all this time. I did see the tug on Fighters hair. I was surprised up until then, I had thought Fighter had been the open one. The tug was a little aggressive to me, in a good way. He wasn’t pulling away or pushing Fighter away. I had seen the kiss before when Tutor asked Fighter if he liked men. The kiss was slow going into it. Fighter was cautious, I forget what episode it was. It was the fight over the pen. Fighter was clicking it. Did Fighter ever answer him. If he’s into guys or just into him or was the kiss the answer? You had said Fighter backed off of the couch kiss because he didn’t know Tutors feelings? I didn’t know of Tutors feelings. I put was a fair question. No he would not cross the line, have sex for the sake of having sex with someone if he didn’t know if they were into it.

        “Can I kiss you, Tor?” Made sense to me. It fell in line with Fighters behavior. He had asked Tutor if he wanted to feel better and kissed his ankle. He had to clarify why they were on this trip. They had agreed to find out if this was what they wanted. Moving up Tutors body, he didn’t ask to kiss him the first time, they just looked at each other, Fighter mesmerized by the moment and kissed Tutor. Asking him if he could kiss him, realizing he may have made a misstep before and seeing if Tutor wants to. When Tutor was walking away from the table and Fighter reaches for it and looked at the box, I wondered if he figured out Tutor saw it and figured it out. Fighter covering his bases. I’m glad Fighter is willing to wait until Tutor is ready. He’s been patient up until now. He never thought he would get this, this dream came true just kissing him. Being close to him. There had been some confusion about the line “come closer to me” or “come inside me” they are very different. They got shy. It’s a little more rated R and you said hotter.

        #9 the bath scene I don’t quite get. Is it to help Tutor after the even? For them to be together minus the bed? I love Fighter taking the bold step and declaring how he feels. Saying it out loud and for Tutor to say it back. They are both leaving their hearts open. Tutor is seeing parts of Fighter no one else gets to see. Fighter loves how big Tutors heart is. Tutor made Fighter work for it. The first time Fighter ever really had to work for anything. Tutor didn’t just give it to him.

        #10 No, i didn’t miss that(don’t ever apologize for it) . It’s what struck me when I watched the fan made video. I thought holy crap they went there? Had Tutor asked himself what he asked Fighter up to that point? I mean was he just kissing him to kiss him, experiment or was there more to it?

        I mean, he waited this long to make his feeling known. How can Tutor think it’s all Fighter wants? I know it’s going to be on Fighters mind a lot more now that they have . He had self control before hey were ever together and he has control now. I’m glad Tutor went first, showed he wanted this like Fighter does. Showing Fighter he doesn’t have to put on a brave face.

        #12 When Fighter cam through the door I thought “what the hell?” Tutor is protesting as Fighter pulls him. Him being so forceful, I saw Tutor kiss him back and I thought he was nuts. Thought he was condoning Fighter’s behavior. Since you said that, he was trying to tame the savage beast. Seeing Fighter cry was so heartbreaking but also letting Tutor in during this impossible minute. Fighter was going down Tutors body and I thought is this ok with Tutor? I couldn’t believe what Tutor was saying And at the same time it’s an out of control situation. But also what it took for Tutor to say what he did. To love someone else more than himself. Fighter had been there when the guy tried to rough up Tutor. It was the only way to stop the whole thing. The father did even ask questions p, he just assumes. Like he knows human nature or knows Tutor. Fighter is throwing all he knows into this. He learned from Tutor, to work for it his father never saw this side of Fighter. To work for something. He’s only know he bored Fighter.

        #13 Fighters not made at Tutor, even though he tells Tutor not to leave him in the dark like that again. Tutor gets that but Fighter is doing what Tutor taught him at the beginning, working to get back in his good graces. Fighter completely letting his walls down. So is Tutor. Wanting to protect Fighter and I think Fighter loves him for it. He probably does cry. Crying because he loves Tutor so much, because he’s back with him. That kiss is pure love. Fighter missed him and Tutor missed him equally. It hasn’t changed, just grown deeper. Everything’s unguarded with them in bed. Nothing but an exchange of love, showing love. The feel of his skin and everything it brings. They might have both gotten a turn or it really didn’t matter to them. It might not be as desperate or in need of each other but there was still need there. There wasn’t much talking. Tutor telling Fighter if Fighter weren’t there he would be lonely and he was keeping him from it. That kiss and there wouldn’t have been any talking following it.

        I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter or instagram account. Email is all I’ve got.

      2. I am so happy every time you comment. It means we get to discuss my favorite things.

        #2. He had a clue. I just don’t think he realized her feelings were deep enough she called them love. She doesn’t go to Fighter directly because even though i love Hwa, she’s a spoiled princess. She gets her way by telling her mom and letting her mom and his dad make Fighter bend to what she wants from him. It works for her and she gets what she wants as Fighter won’t go against his dad. As for the truce, she’s annoyed but she also knows that Fighter and Tutor are both stubborn. She doesn’t see that it’s a form of flirting for Fighter.

        6. He could have said they were brothers, but he was testing out his feelings. How did it feel to say it out loud? He found that he could say it with ease, and it wouldn’t be a problem for him. Yes. He does open himself up to Tutor. The kiss means something for him. He wants to make sure it means something to Tutor.

        As for finding this on YouTube, please please watch on the official links only. They have english subs and I know some of the subber’s who worked hard on that series. They deserve to get paid for the views they accumulate. The links are on my website under inter links. If you live in the USA, line tv is now available on the App Store for apple. But regardless you can watch through the official links for interfans, it would mean a lot to them.

        8. Fighter was there with a friend who was a girl. I think he was testing the waters to see if Tutor would get jealous and then Tutor deliberately bumps his chair when he storms off so that Fighter will come after him. He want’s Fighter to apologize and reassure him. Tutor tries to push him away, not because they will be seen, but because he’s mad Fighter brought a girl to the concert when he’d confessed to Tutor already. He was still sulking, and wasn’t ready to make up with him yet.

        9. Tutor is gay, I believe. He’s never had a girlfriend or boyfriend because he hasn’t had time or interest to be in a relationship. And he was definitely attracted to Fighter for a long time. He never thought of Hwa in those terms either, so I’m pretty sure his first real sexual and romantic feelings are for Fighter. I know that for Fighter, the author has very explicitly stated that Fighter is not straight. And that fighter felt a magnetic attraction to Tutor from the very beginning. I assumed Fighter was bisexual because in the book he and Hwa had a relationship with benefits type thing.

        Yes, he had a big crush on Tutor. The way in which he handled these feelings were to tease Tutor, and he loved being able to get physically close to his love, so he took those moments when he could. He thought the possibilities were out of reach for many reasons. He thought Tutor had a crush on Hwa, he knew his dad is homophobic. He thought Tutor doesn’t like him at all. No fighter never answered him about the kiss. Tutor kept pushing for answers and Fighter wanted to know, so he very slowly and deliberately kissed him gently. End of episode 5. Tutor curves his lips into that kiss too before pulling away. Then Tutor asked him if that was his answer. Fighter responded that he kissed him for the same reason he kissed him the first time. That he was teasing him. Because he didn’t know how to respond. Tutor asked the wrong question, it’s not about whether he liked guys, but about how he felt about Tutor specifically.

        Can I kiss you Tor? It’s not what he said. The translation is wrong. He says Just kissing Tor. He’s telling Tutor he won’t ask for anything more than kissing. He already had Tutor’s consent for kissing after the first kiss on the foot. He tells Tutor that they are coming to test out their relationship, not just to eat and have a good time, but to be like boyfriends. Tutor’s ummm, is his consent as he lays back on the bed, he’s agreed to go where things go. Which is why Fighter is very cautious. He doesn’t want to push Tutor out of his comfort zone. Which is why he tells him just kissing tor. He knows that if he’s patient, eventually they will become lovers, so he doesn’t want to pressure Tutor into anything he’s not ready for.

        Fighter knows that Tutor saw the condoms. Which is why he was reassuring Tutor he wouldn’t push for more. And the end line is really “Come inside me” but the translator got shy so they changed the english sub to mean something else. But in Thai, it’s definitely “Come inside me” 🔥🔥😁

        9. Yes, it’s aftercare for Tutor to soak in the tub after his first time having anal sex (sorry to be explicit but it’s the reason they are soaking) he’s trying to help ease Tutor’s discomfort. In the book he also takes out an anti inflammatory and some pain medicine to help him (Tutor had packed them in his own bag, because he too was prepared for them to become lovers) It’s also a moment of intimacy where Fighter shows his caring side to Tutor, being sweet and tender to his lover. And the confession of love between the two of them is so beautiful. I really think this is one of the most romantic and heartfelt confessions in a series that I’ve ever seen.

        I’m glad that you caught the thing in episode 10.

        Episode 11. He reminds Fighter that Fighter told him it’s not all about sex. But notice that he doesn’t protest too hard here either. He’s putting up a token resistance, like hey, we should be studying, and hey someone could see us, but yes continue because I like being close to you. so that’s what’s going on in that scene.

        12. I hate this scene. I really hate it. But I understand it’s purpose and what it does for the drama. Fighter learns to fight for his love, putting his whole self on the line. Tutor learns that it’s ok for him to be someones happiness that he needs to place his own happiness first, and that will be enough for Fighter. Their NC scene is a def switch. Tutor wants to show Fighter how much he’s loved and cherished, also to lay claim to his man. This is all for me, he’s saying as he tops Fighter. You belong to me, as I belong to you. It’s a way for him to make sure they claim each other, physically and emotionally.

        As for the lonliness, I love that he opens up and admits his needs to Fighter. Tutor usually has walls up not letting others inside his defenses. But for Fighter, he shows his vulnerability because he knows that Fighter won’t hurt him..

        Thanks for the great response. If you go to my about page you can email me anytime as well. Hope all is well with you.
        🤗💕 – Jen

      3. Ok, I fished through my emails to find the one you sent so I could reply and then realized I was going another direction, started with one I haven’t touched on yet. And a couple other. I haven’t read the last email you sent yet.

        #3 He kissed Tutor to shut him up. You can’t see lips, it’s just their faces smushed together. Fighter has become annoyed and panicked while Tutor taunted him. He’s pissed as he walks away from Fighter. Fighter just kissed him and now he wants Tutor to keep quiet. Tutor is upset, scared as he talks to Hwa. Like somehow she’ll find out just as he’s talking to her. She’s his best friend and her boyfriend just kissed him. She’s drunk and not in the greatest state to be receiving information. Fighter is trying to get himself together outside. It looks like he’s going through a mid life crisis trying to sort this out. Disbelief as he leans against the building. Acknowledging the kiss as he touches his lips, replaying it in his mind. He walking toward the door as Tutor is coming out. Tutor has nothing but hate in his eyes, hate for the kiss, hate for the position Fighter put him in. During Fighters stage of processing there has been no hate in his face. Standing on the stairs, he is openly apologizing to Tutor. Tutor is walking away, shoving past him. Fighter can’t turn away as he watches Tutor walk away. There is regret and apology on Fighters face. He regrets what he did and how it came to be. Not exactly how he pictured his first kiss with Tutor going, out of the many ways he probably pictured it going. He’s as together as he can be to go inside. Acting a little territorial when it comes to take Hwa home but it leaves as fast as it comes. The kiss with Tutor at the forefront of his mind.

        #6 I thought it was strange too when Fighter was taking the leaf off the plate. So Tutor took it but decided to give Fighter his meat. It touched Fighter. No one had taken note of what he liked and Tutor was giving him something in return. Tutor had not seen where the water has landed. He just started wiping where he thought it did land. The water falling over was barely enough to bring him out of his state. And in response Fighter reacts. The kiss on the hand felt intimate. Fighter got more nervous and anxious the closer Tutor got. Fighter didn’t want to crowd him after Tutor pulled away.

        I think it’s really great they aren’t wearing an over abundance of make up. Their faces are so shiny. It’s really brave.

        #7 I love that Tutors sister came into town. He needed someone to talk to. I think she was as surprised as him but it’s her brother, someone she cares about so there was no room for judgement because it was taking a lot for him to tell her. I love the airport, the boyfriend, no boyfriend. It’s still uncharted territory for Tutor and he’s not sure what he’s comfortable with. The look on Fighters face seeing Tutors sister is very (oh shit). The last thing he was expecting. The fact that she supported her brother was very refreshing to him. He was glad Tutor told her even though he was unsure what ground they stood on, she was sure. He was also a little sad he didn’t have anyone behind him in that aspect. But Fighter didn’t really need the reassurance except his own. He broke up with Hwa after his father was pushing him to resolve things with her. He had the courage to do it on his own. The same as going through with talking to Tutors sister. He didn’t need permission from anyone, not even his dad. He knew his dad wouldn’t understand this. His dad had shut him off at every turn when it came to Fighters personal life. But Fighter knew who he liked and has known his feelings on it for a long time.

        #7 I have been sketchy about touching the rooftop scene. It is loaded and your review was a lot to read but it was worth it. I’m not going to touch on it’s romantic, it’s sweet. It’s real, is what I am going to touch on. It’s raw. Tutor is already exposed, vulnerable because of his sister leaving. With this he’s even more raw, vulnerable. So is Fighter, revealing himself, being open and vulnerable in a way no one else knows about. So I’m not going to touch it. With how you wrote it, it’s beautiful, raw, it’s perfect.

        #8 At the concert, Fighter said Tutor is the one he’s been looking for. The first time he saw Tutor he knew Tutor was the one. He didn’t need to look any further or date anyone else. He didn’t have eyes for anybody else. All he saw was Tutor, before they got together and after they did and even after the break up.

        #8 I remembered seeing the Adam’s apple kiss and thinking, he did what now? It was a bold move and want it after he told Fighter to stop kissing him because his lips were bruised?

        #9 I was thinking about this the other day, when they get back and the room is decked out with candles, Tutor thanks Fighter. Tutor is grounded. He’s surprised, he’s not taking it for granted what Fighter is doing for him. It’s unexpected, he’s grateful. He’s never been spoiled or pampered. This has been adding up for a while for Fighter, to show how he feels, what he’s gathered about Tutor and he finally gets to show it. From the time they get there all of what he feels is radiating out of him.

        #12 When Fighter forces his way in and says he’s afraid Tutor will forget what happened at the beach. Does he think Tutor forgot? Is it why he thinks Tutor broke up with him? Seeing Tutor hanging out with another guy doesn’t mean anything. Does he think Tutor moved on? Does he honk that little of Tutor and the relationship they had. I know he learned some of this from his dad and he’s been drinking so it’s bringing everything he’s been feeling sins the break up to the surface.

        Tutor is very principled, valued, knows the difference between right and wrong. Thinks before he speaks. He’s honest. He didn’t bother anyone with what he’s going through because he saw it as his business and he didn’t need to burden them. Hey have their own lives, their own stuff going on. Tutor is private. He told his friend Hwa he was dating Fighter. Being afraid of what she would say or think wasn’t the only reason.

        Hwa said she felt there was more in this relationship than just them. Fighter didn’t say a word about Tutor. He was ashamed, he was protective. He didn’t know her reaction and he didn’t want to hurt her. In a sense he had already moved on, he just didn’t know how Tutor felt. I want to add when confronting his father, he said the kid couldn’t wait to tell you, could he? Fighter doesn’t answer. As if the father knows Tutor sold him out, Fighter doesn’t say a word of how he came about this information. No matter how he won’t turn in Tutor that way. He leaves Tutor out of it in both cases. Talks about his own life to his father. Doing it behind Fighters back makes his father a coward.

        It’s like I can’t break away from them and the thought of leaving Why R U behind makes me sad. It feels as if I have been on an epic journey with this show and it’s going to close again. I read all of your notes on the behind the scenes footage. Thank you again for posting all of it. I usually get an inkling about something before I watch it. El Cor del la Cuitat (Max and Iago) were first, they are what inspired me to post on Archive of our own in the first place. Tharn and Type were next. Then Tutor and Fighter. They reeled me in.

        Why didn’t it get picked up? It seems like it would.

      4. Tutor doesn’t hate Fighter as he is looking at him on the steps of the club. He’s angry at Fighter for taking this too far. He knows Fighter teases him all the time by getting into his personal space. But the angry kiss unsettled him, and seeing fighter on the steps made him mad all over again because he thinks Fighter should apologize. Fighter def knows he liked the feeling of Tutors lips even though it wasn’t meant as anything more than a shut up kiss. He’s known about his desire to get closer to Tutor….but maybe not what it really means. As for taking Hwa home, he’s just being the responsible party. He wouldn’t feel right letting Day take her home when he brought her there.

        6. Yes, the kiss on the hand was very intimate. It was meant as a tender gesture, the you mean a lot to me, and thank you for caring enough about me to do this. It was packed with feeling.

        7. Thank you. I love Tongta scenes as well. She has so much to say in the time she shows up. She’s wise, honest, truthful and kind. All the traits a big sister needs to be. And Fighter felt confident enough, he didn’t deny his feelings, only looked nervously awaiting whether she would accept them or not. It’s sweet. Glad you liked my rooftop scene coverage. It is such an iconic kiss, it should win an award for sure.

        8. You are right, but he wasn’t ready to acknowledge his feelings at the time. It was safer to fall in line with what his father and Hwa wanted from him. The Adam’s apple kiss is about Tutor showing his dominance. Tutor isn’t submissive in this relationship, it’s one of equals. He tells Fighter his lips are bruised, because Fighter is a kissing machine, lol. But when he decides to kiss Fighter, he’s in control of when and where and how much force is used. He takes control right there and Fighter submits. It’s lovely to see.

        9. I agree. Fighter can finally go out and express all his feelings. He takes a risk and bares his soul to Tutor. He wants Tutor to know how cared for and cherished he is. He also wants Tutor to relax and be pampered because he sees how hard Tutor has struggled. He’s trying to show his feelings and take care of his love at the same time.

        12. He knows. He is insanely jealous. Don’t know if you saw the deleted scene where this kid is flirting hard with Tutor, and Fighter gets possessive and starts to manhandle the kid. So he told Tutor to stop messing with the kid. He saw how the kid felt towards Tutor. So when Tutor says to him, I’m here, come see why we broke up. Then he sees Tutor with his arms around the kid. He see’s red. He thinks (irrationally of course) that Tutor has taken up with this high school kid. He’d been drinking and didn’t think clearly. So he’s trying to remind Tutor of what they had, and prove that Tutor can only find satisfaction with him, not the kid. He’s angry, he’s hurt, he’s drunk and he’s confused. Then Tutor does this to make him stop. And it’s like waving a red cape at the bull. All his feelings explode outwards to Tutor.

        I understand exactly how you feel. As you can see from my blog, I am not moving on to well either. I will be forever grateful to everyone from the team for creating such a memorable series. I am so looking forward to receiving my box set so that I can binge watch it again. I suggest you check out Oxygen. It’s not the same type of story, but it’s fluffy and adorable with lots of things that will make you smile.

        As for why it didn’t get picked up for a second season, there are many reasons to be honest. Covid really screwed their schedule for filming the finale of the series. It also caused the sponsors to pull out of the series, which left them scrambling to pay everyone. Then Saint and others had filming commitments lined up, so it all adds up to no season 2. There will be a Saifah Zon special episode, which I am looking forward to this year. And there is a new Shewin project called Destiny to look forward to which involved Domundi boys, Talay from YYY, and Perth from My Engineer. I think it’s going to be very good. I love Shewin’s work.

        Thanks for commenting, and I’d love to hear your thoughts again. 💕🤗 – Jen

  6. I absolutely loved reading your blog. Though this episode had me in tears esp. Fighter begging Tutor to take him back, the reading had me bawling…Truly a heartwrenching episode.

    1. Thank you so much. Why r i is my muse. I see so many layers to Fighter and Tutor. I’ve watched so many times and it seems as if I discovery something new each time. The episode left me in tears too. His raw honesty there. Z really pulled himself into that. He was Fighter and Saint was Tutor to him. So the rejection and his honest response as came from him tapping into personal feelings. In fact Saint had to remind him after the scene was over and he shrugged away Saints hand, he picked it up again and said “You still have me Phi” in order to reassure him. 😭😭

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