WhyRU Episode 5 – Fighter/Tutor

Disclaimer again: This includes spoilers from future episodes so if you haven’t watched please do so.

WhyRU – Fighter/Tutor Introduction and International Links

We start out with Tutor, out searching for another part time job. P’Kae has found him a company to interview at in the evening, but he’s not sure he will get the job, so he brings his resume to other shops and stores. When he exits a shop, his happy smile slides off his face, but he keeps walking, determined to find a job.  This is when he is spotted by Dew.

I had to put these images in here, because as most of you have noticed, it’s the case of the mysterious disappearing packages. It cracks me up from picture 1 and 2, Dew has packages, they disappear for a moment, then come back…..like magic. 😁 Fighter ditches his friend to see what Tutor is up to.

This scene is very important for many reasons. Fighter originally follows Tutor on instinct. He’s curious. He follows Tutor into a restaurant and waits until he leaves.  Fighter asks the manager what Tutor was asking about, and learns that Tutor is looking for a job.  He begins to follow Tutor from shop to shop. He wants to understand Tutor. Tutor, meanwhile, keeps trying. As he is wandering the street holding his resume in one hand we see him holding a melting ice cream cone in the other.  He seems sad, but takes a bite, smiles slightly and keeps moving. This is Tutor reminding himself of his childhood. Of the easy days when a simple ice cream cone could bring about happiness and joy. He wants to feel those things again, if only for a fleeting moment, especially when life is so hard for him right now.  Fighter is still copying Tutors movements.  He even buys himself an ice cream cone.  He’s trying to get into Tutor’s head.  Right at this moment, he is overcome with pity. Fighter has never had to work hard like this for anything in his life. He feels sorry that he was hard on Tutor. It bothers him to see him struggling, and he wants to help. Even if its in a small way. So at the last shop of the night where Tutor has an interview, Fighter finally approaches him.  He claims he happens to be in the area and offers Tutor a drink.  We know that he noticed Tutor hadn’t stopped for a drink, so Fighter is once again trying to take care of Tutor. Tutor accepts the drink, then leaves to go on the interview, and what happens afterwards is frustrating for both of them. Fighter is waiting for him outside the store.

I love Tutors confidence here. He knows he’s polite, and hardworking. No false modesty here.  Then Fighter asks if Tutor has had dinner. Tutor teases Fighter once again. 90B2CA85-32CC-41BA-ABB6-8B6704F78B48

He just wants Fighter to ask him. He tries time and time again to tame Fighter’s behavior. He knows Fighter is older, proud, stubborn and not at all nice in his words. Yet Tutor demands Fighter behave like he wants from him.  I really love it when he does this because he feels confident he can get away with it, that Fighter’s not going to be mean, or storm off.  It’s his version of flirting. You won’t see him treat any of his friends this way, only Fighter. He enjoys their banter and honestly he wants to be on an equal footing with Fighter, sometimes he wants to have the upper hand in their relationship.  Its a push pull dynamic. But Fighter gets flustered by Tutor and doesn’t know how to respond. Nobody but Tutor has really teased him before, so in his embarrassment, he tries to play off his concern. Fighter has bought food for Tutor to eat, but instead of saying, here, I bought you some dinner because I was concerned you hadn’t eaten, Fighter opens mouth and inserts foot.  He tells Tutor that he has leftovers and Tutor can have them to eat.  This pushes Tutor’s button hard.  He doesn’t want pity. Pity makes him angry. He can provide for himself, he doesn’t need help.


The look on Fighter’s face is regret. His food is rejected and Tutor walks away. He just can’t get it right.  All he wanted to do was help, but instead he made Tutor mad. He still can’t understand Tutor’s pride. Fighter has never been through hardship before. He relies on his father’s money. They probably have a housekeeper so he’s never had to take care of things himself. Tutor has been on his own for a year, struggling every day to make ends meet and take care of not only himself but his fathers debts. Tutor has had no one to get him through this but his own blood sweat and tears.

The next day, I have to insert this scene of Tutor getting ready for customers. Its a reminder that Tutor studies hard and tries to be prepared.

Then Fighter comes in an we have an adorable bantering scene, while simultaneously doing product placement. Honestly I think this is such a clever way to work it into the series. Psycho Milk has a great blog post about this. *Best Blog Ever* https://psycho-milk.com/

Fighter later comes back to tease Tutor, but really, he is watching to see if he’s going to be ok and make sales. He’s trying to make sure Tutor is successful. Tutor gets called over to the managers area and told he has to make 20,000 baht in sales. Tutor is worried but determined to do what he needs to.  Fighter, of course, is still lurking around the corner.

Fighter sweeps in behind Tutor and finds out what his quota is. He’s still intent on making sure Tutor doesn’t fail.  I love the manager in this scene.  She is the y-girl in all of us.  Also she’s another wonderful nod to the history of Thai bl series. This show is riddled with them and they make me smile every time I catch one. Like the obvious cameos of Tharn and Type and the cameos of Tee and Fuse.  Her name is Min Ratawan Aomtisong. She played P’Ann, Noh’s nanny/housekeeper/honorary aunt in Lovesick.  I had to include one of my favorite Lovesick moments with her in it. Sorry it’s a bit off topic, but Lovesick will always be one of my favorites.


Back to Tutor and Fighter. Fighter has his friend come and buy all the product but he didn’t give her enough to cover tax, so he gets busted at the cash register. You can see by the look on Tutor’s face, he’s mad.

As a punishment Tutor has to wear a bunny costume and hand out face masks.

I love this scene for many reasons. In the book it was a cat costume but Saint is known as a bunny among his fans.  He has labeled Zee as a Koala for a very long time. So this is them playing themselves until the masks come off.  Fighter learns the way to show he truly cares is with actions, not money.  This is a big lesson for Fighter. As I’ve said before he’s never had to work hard in his life.  He did this to ease Tutor’s burden and he enjoyed being with him.

Now I’m going to throw in some behind the scenes footage of this scene.  I adore Saint and Zee. They make me smile and laugh. They honestly brighten my day when I see them together. Saint trying to do his sexy dance moves in this costume…..priceless. And I had to include why I love them together so much. They are always looking out for each other. Zee helps Saint up and Saint helps Zee out of his costume. So cute.

I feel like I’ve taken several side steps in this analysis but I felt compelled to add these other scenes.  I hope you guys don’t mind.

After a days hard work, they are sitting on the steps together, catching their breath.  Both of them are smiling and Tutor thanks Fighter for his help.

This cute moment happens where Fighter tries to do the I’m stretching my arms, let me put it around you maneuver and it cracks me up.  Then Tutor, gives him the pointed rebuttal and he tries to act all cool. Its so freaking cute. He’s trying to see how accepting Tutor is at this moment.  Then my favorite scene of this episode happens.

This is another turning point in their relationship. Tutor is tired, so he lets his defenses down and rests his head on Fighter. This is a big deal. The last time it happened he was asleep so he could claim he didn’t mean to do that. But this time, he is awake and decides to lean on Fighter. He hasn’t had anyone he could lean on in a long while. He feels safe with Fighter. He knows that Fighter won’t let him fall, that he will literally and figuratively hold him up.  Fighter teases he will charge a leaning fee, but Tutor calls him stingy and cuddles closer to him. Then Fighter asks Tutor to teach him again. Of course Tutor replies “You know what you need to do.” Fighter then sweetly asks Tutor to teach him again, agreeing to all his terms, and even using the sweet na at the end. Tutor smiles and snuggles closer. Fighter tries to get an answer but give up because it’s clear Tutor wants to sleep on the way home.  Fighter nuzzles Tutor’s head, then moves him comfortably and places his arms around his crush. He is so happy and content at this moment. I really wish they would have added these two lines from the book as they add just the right amount of detail to this scene.  After Fighter adjusts Tutor’s head, Tutor says “See, you do know what I like.” To which Fighter softly replies “But I want to know more” and Tutor doesn’t quite catch that, so Fighter tells him to rest.  That’s the truth, he wants to know everything about Tutor. This scene is so sweet. They are both very happy in that moment.

This scene is after the taxi ride, walking back to Tutor’s condo and Fighter’s car. Fighter is learning to be more honest with his feelings in front of Tutor. He admits that he wants Tutor to quit the beauty store because he’s worried about him. The surprises Tutor and also makes him happy.  He agrees to stop working at the beauty store and to teach Fighter once again. Fighter’s adorable victory dance that is caught by Tutor is super cute. He’s excited that he can spend more time with his crush. Tutor thinks that Fighter is really cute in this moment. They are learning how to give and take. Fighter learning to be more honest and less arrogant. Tutor is learning to lean on someone and take advice from someone who cares about him.

I’ve only included this clip because it’s adorable. Saint’s accent is super cute.

Cue the music and insert cute teaching montage of them getting closer to each other and more comfortable together. I’ve also included the pic of Tutor eating, but we all know that look upon his face is pure Saint because bunny loves his food. 😁 The heart hands are so cute.

We can’t have too much sweetness so of course, lets throw some drama back in, lol.  I’m going to post these two clips back to back and explain how I think they are linked.

The first scene we have Tutor, alone, facing hardship in the rain. No one to help him, no one to rescue him or to lean on but himself. No one to help him come in out of the rain. Then we see the second scene. He is once again in the rain, facing his dad’s creditors, another hardship. Fighter comes along and pushes Tutor behind him, literally placing his physical body between Tutor and his hardship.  He, without hesitation, agrees to pay off Tutors debts. Then he checks Tutor all over making sure he wasn’t hurt.  Here is someone who eased his burden and is worried about him. Tutor is shaken by the tenderness Fighter shows him. He’s been on his own so long, he’s touched someone is looking out for him and trying to take care of him.  Another step forward for them. The walls between them are getting thinner.  Now time to come in out of the rain

Look how happy Tutor is in this moment. Fighter is showing how much he cares and it means a lot to Tutor.  Next scene is an interesting power shift in their relationship. Be careful not to watch at work because its a little spicy.

Fighter sees a flustered Tutor when he takes off his shirt, so teases him to do the same. Tutor reluctantly agrees and what happens next is so interesting.  Fighter sees Tutor’s back and it turns him on. He is freaked out because he didn’t expect this reaction just by seeing Tutor’s back. So he turns away in embarrassment. Tutor is confused and worried something is wrong, so he demands that Fighter look at him.  When Fighter turns around and stares into his eyes, you see his nervousness.  This flips a switch in Tutor. Finally, the tables are turned.  Instead of being the one whose heart is pounding, he’s the one making Fighter’s heart pound. He pushes Fighter down, chest to chest, he leans in close. This is thrilling for him. Meanwhile Fighters heart is pounding like crazy, and Tutors skin is pressed up against his, Tutor leans close to whisper in his ear. Fighter’s eyelids flutter and he swallows nervously. He is the mouse caught by the cat at this moment, trapped under its paw.  Tutor whispers “You like this don’t you? Now that you know what it feels like, don’t tease others like this.” Then pushes away, picks up his shirt and walks out. Wow.  The sexual tension between the two blows up in that scene. They both want each other, and now they know it.

The next day we see Fighter waiting downstairs at Tutor’s condo.  He’s getting nervous and anxious because he can’t reach Tutor.  After what happened he’s worried that Tutor will put distance between them again. But that’s not the case, forgetful Tutor went to the store and left his phone at home. This makes Fighter relieved and they go up to the condo to study together.

Fighter is clicking his pen, i think he’s feeling some anxiety or tension. This is driving Tutor crazy. The push pull thing happens when they wrestle with the pen.  Fighter almost kissed Tutor again. And Tutor felt it until he pushed Fighter away slowly.  Tutor gathers up his courage and asks Fighter a question he’s been thinking for a while.  “Why did you kiss me that day?” Fighter is hesitant. Does he want to say it? What does Tutor feel? Tutor then asks “Do you like guys?  Answer me P’Fight” Fighter searches Tutors face for clues.  Tutor isn’t asking the right question. The question should be “Do you like me?” How can he answer that question without know how Tutor feels.  So he inches closer, searching Tutor’s face for clues. Will he reject me? Will he accept me? I’m giving him time to turn away. I’m scared, but I’m trying to show him how I feel. As Tutors eyes close, Fighter gently places his lips on Tutors, as if to say it’s you. You are precious to me. And Tutor’s lips part, accepting the sweet kiss because he feels the tenderness from Fighter, so he responds, his heart beating fast. Cue the music and fade into the animation. I love the sweet moments in this episode. I had butterflies in my belly.  Hope you guys enjoy reading and I didn’t bore you.

Thanks so much and please let me know if you liked it, your thoughts and opinions or anything.

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  1. once again, thank you so much for your analysis!! I love to read all the different viewpoints because I for one don’t think that much while watching, I am definitely those who just watch for the drama/romance and don’t read too much into things and this definitely puts things into perspective for me!

    I do agree that they should have inserted the two lines in the taxi scene though, it would have enhanced and defined their relationship/feelings more. I guess they wanted to leave some doubts here and there for both of them after all the series should be more dramatic than the novel.

    The ending scene though, it felt more like Fighter wanted the attention on Tutor and he knew he could get it by clicking his pen after the initial annoyance that Tutor displayed. He truly knew where it could lead him to and he jumped and took the chance.

    1. Thank you for your kind words😊 As for the ending scene, yes. I agree. Fighter definitely wanted to get Tutor’s attention. He wanted a reaction from him, good or bad. He felt very frustrated that Tutor was acting as if nothing had happened between them.

      So he decides that he shouldn’t be the only one with unsettled thoughts, so he deliberately pushes Tutors buttons to get something started between them. At least that’s how I read things, thanks so much for reply because I love to hear what everyone else thinks too. It’s so fun to talk about this series and these characters.

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