WHYRU Episode 11 – Tutor/Fighter The Breakup 2/2

The next day we see Fighter waiting impatiently for Tutor to appear on campus. He keeps looking at his phone. He’s anxious and worried about Tutor. When Tutor approaches with heavy footsteps, Fighter tries to ask what’s wrong. He gets shrugged off both literally and figuratively with Tutor telling him that he’s just stressed, that he’s late for class and has to go. Fighter is scared and worried. You see it in his face and in his eyes.

The we have Zon sleeping over at Tutor’s condo. This is such a great scene. I love it so much. It shows the friendship that Zon and Tutor have.

Also Zon offers to listen to Tutor. He’s willing to be a sounding board for his friend, no matter the problem. He’s shocked that Tutor and Fighter have had sex. He doesn’t have any negative judgment, just seems shocked. Of course this leads to the are we in a y novel question since he is developing feelings for Saifah as well. He tell Zon they might be in a novel as strange things are happening, but he encourages Zon to follow his heart, while he says for his situation he should follow his head.

In my opinion, choosing his head over his heart is also a way to protect himself from further hurt.

The next scene is where Tutor is resolved and hurting. I can’t find a logical break, but I want to put the scene in here. If you want to watch it, feel free. But you can skip it and read my thoughts if its too painful.

Tutor really gives him the fake smile and Fighter knows something serious is wrong. He even tries to tease Tutor, desperate to lighten the mood before Tutor utters words Fighter doesn’t want to hear. He sees this coming as is doing everything in his power to stop it from happening. He tells Tutor, if I didn’t care about you, who would I care about? Smiling to try to cheer Tutor up. He doesn’t know what else to do. He’s already asked him and tried to reassure him. So Fighter is doing the only other thing he knows how to do, which is to tease Tutor.

Tutor holding his hand and pulling it away from his face hurts me so much. Then he puts on his brave face as he begins the painful process of asking Fighter to let him go.

He asks Fighter if he remembers the promise Fighter made that he will hold onto Tutor’s hand. He’s putting on a brave face, trying to not breakdown.

Fighter in his scared state tells Tutor to stop teasing him, its not funny. He knows deep down its not teasing. Tutor would never tease him like this. But in this moment, he’s in a blind panic. Two days before, things were good between them. Yes they were worried about his dad and hwa, but they love each other. It should be ok. And Tutor wont talk to him.

Tutor starts to cry. Fighter holds on to his hand tighter. He doesn’t know what’s happening. He wants to know why. All Tutor says is I’m sorry. In hurt and frustration Fighter lashes out at Tutor, telling him to stop acting like he’s the star of a soap opera. All Fighter wants in that moment is to understand why. He wants to know what’s wrong so he can fix it. He needs to fix it. Desperation is driving his actions. For the first time in his life, he loved someone and that someone loved him in return. And now it was all falling apart and he couldn’t understand why.

For Tutor, the pain he is in is so visible. He doesn’t want to hurt Fighter, he doesn’t want to hurt himself. But for the sake of Fighter’s family he will let Fighter go, even though Fighter brought him so much happiness. And then Fighter says what he does about being in a drama and it’s like the knife is twisting inside him. Once again Tutor is putting others happiness and needs above his own, and he’s not understood. He wishes Fighter could see that he was doing it for his family.

Tutor tells him that there are many pitiful characters in a soap opera. That he feels like no one understands him, he hates to feel helpless, he hates to feel weak. But he is weak at this moment. He’s not strong enough to endure the pain of having to let go of Fighter’s hand. He ask Fighter do you know what I have to face? Fighter has never had to care what others think or feel. Yet Tutor has always had to care about other people. He doesn’t get to care for himself. As he said at the beach, he was always taking care of others. He tells Fighter no one cares about his feelings and they hurt him. Fighter is hurting him right now by not letting go.

Fighter asks him if he regrets this, and he says nothing, because he’s used up everything he had just to ask Fighter to let him go. He’s broken and hurting.

Fighter tells him he doesn’t understand. All he knows is that his love is hurting, and he doesn’t want to make it worse. The only thing he can do to help his love, is to let go and walk away. This is the hardest thing he’s ever done. But he can’t stand to see his love’s tears. He would give anything to keep his love from falling apart, so he tells him that he’s sorry that he made him. He holds his hand then strokes his hair trying to get Tutor to smile. He walks away trying to not fall apart and not feel worse.

Tutor starts to fall apart, covering his mouth to keep Fighter from hearing his sobs, so that Fighter wont come back. If Fighter knew how hard this was, he wouldn’t let go. And at this moment they love each other enough to not to want to hurt each other any more. The beautiful song that played during their confession plays as their breakup song. As Fighter was hiding his love now Tutor is hiding his pain. The song is both a love song and a song filled with pain. So well done and heartbreaking. 😭😭💔💔

Zee impresses me so much in this scene. I wasn’t sure if he could pull off the heartbreak scene. His tears hurt me. The tremble in his lip, the hand covering his face. I knew Saint can pull of tears and pain, he’s so good at it. But Zee pulled it off.

I can’t end here. I have to talk about what we’ve seen for the next weeks episode and what has been leaked/spoiled.

I think you are seeing things out of order. Here’s a few more pictures and a video of them in the same clothes, then I’m going to give you some context.

Let me break down what I think is going to happen. Fighter is going to be and is heartbroken. I think he goes to a bar, gets drunk and does something stupid, like show up at your ex boyfriends to demand an explaination. Then he sees that Tutor is still wearing the necklace that he gave him. This sets him over the edge. Tutor still has feelings, so he pins him to the wall kissing him. Tutor kisses him back because he missed him/still loves him. Then he pushes Fighter away, protesting. Fighter throws him down on the bed, kisses him again, refusing to let go or stop. Then he realizes that Tutor is struggling. He pulls back, shocked at his actions and Tutor cries. He leaves and Tutor falls apart, crying into his pillow. Fighter is torn up about what he did. He leaves the condo feeling sorrow and disgust at himself and what he did.

This is how hard this scene is to watch, so be warned.

This scene is hard. I may not have it right, but I think I do. We will see. Also Saint had to coach Zee because he was so caught up in this scene he couldn’t shake it off. So the crew gave them space and Saint tried to crack jokes to help break Zee out of character.

Then Tongta comes back from Germany. (I know they are at the airport because I recognize the windows in the preview, and as you can see from the above video, they are wearing the same clothes) She asks Tutor and Fighter to pick her up at the airport. Tutor can’t tell her what happened. Or maybe he does. Zon has been staying with Tutor so he talks to him before he leaves to go pick up his sister. He takes off his necklace before going. Fighter either meets him there intentionally or not, not sure. Then we see Fighter trying to talk to Tutor with Tutor pulling away. I can only assume either Tongta spills the tea about what happened or it came to light somehow, because we see they are going to talk about what happened.

This is when he goes home he blows up at his father. He has found out that his father got between them and ruined his relationship and his happiness. This is when he gets slapped by his dad. And apparently according to Zee, that slap hurt….lol. He wasn’t holding back.

I believe that the words from P’Kae, the fact that he hit his son, all of that will come back to the dad. I also firmly believe that Fighter and Tutor will be together after they overcome these struggles they will come through to the other side.

Sending hugs and love in case this episode is painful as well. They haven’t let us down. So trust in them please. They’ve given us such a complex story. Fingers crossed by the end of the episode they will begin to heal.

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  1. I noticed something when they FT slides his hands down for one last time before walking off though, TT had his index finger lingering in the air for that one last touch, seemingly like he didn’t want to let go at all but I guess in the midst of all the confusion and pain, FT did not realise it.

    It was darn painful to watch for sure, I thought I was strong, I didn’t even tear but when I saw FT fighting back his tears to smile at TT and apologising for making him uncomfortable, that did it for me. My heart ached so bad and everytime I replay that breakup scene, the feels get to me again and I will tear so I am swearing off that episode until they reconcile.

    Not sure if you saw the part where they were both crying and FT looked back one last time before the camera panned to TT, I am just wondering what do you perceive that as? One last look? Or is it FT wanting to see if TT is as broken as him?

    1. I think it’s one last look at his love before he walks away. He can’t quite believe it. His heart is broken but he still wants to look at Tutor. He loves him so much, even if it hurts him, he still wants to look at him. What are your thoughts on the preview for next episode? And what do you think about my prediction?

      1. Well I agree that something like that will happend but the only thing I am confused about is how did fighter found out about his dad

      2. Yeah, that’s the question. It could have come from Hwa who would tell him that the dad sent the picture, it could come from Tongta who Tutor might have confided it. Or, it could be that Zon decides to push his friend towards happiness by telling Fighter. Not sure yet. Fingers crossed we find out tomorrow. 🤗💕

  2. I love to read you, I am totally in love with this couple, I could talk about it for hours but my English is not very good …

    I have a question, we see that Tutor wears his necklace during a confrontation with Fighter, but on the last photo, he is sitting on the bed, he no longer wears it. Would he have returned it?

    But he wears it when he talks to Zon, does that mean that this scene takes place before the conflict with Fighter?

    And when he cries in bed, he wears the same shirt as when he talks to Zon, so maybe he doesn’t cry because of his argument with Fighter …

    I can’t take it anymore I want to see this episode even if I’m scared !!!

    1. Thanks for liking my blog and commenting🤗💕 Feel free to say whatever you want. You English is good and if you need to say it in your native language I can try to figure it out by translator apps, lol. I think Fighter gets drunk and goes to Tutors condo to demand answers, he’s not ready to give up. When he sees Tutor wearing the necklace, he thinks theres still a chance and he’s angry with Tutor for pushing him away. He does throw Tutor around and forcefully kiss him, that we know. I think he stops before things go too far. Then Zon is sleeping over with him. He’s crying in the morning, he’s hurt and sad. But, he’s got to go pick up his sister at the airport. He takes the necklace off before he leaves. I don’t know how or why but Fighter is at the airport with him. They talk, he finds out somehow that his dad interfered. Or he finds out his Dad interfered then he goes to the airport to talk to Tutor. That’s my thoughts on how things play out. I agree, I want to see what happens next

  3. I knew the breakup was going to be brutal because the two characters are very passionate about each other. So i was prepared for a brilliant yet scathing delivery. However, i did not prepare enough because they got me real good.

    I absolutely love Tutor-Zon relationship. It is not the usual ones we see where they shout and tease each other. It is different. Then again, this is Why R U, they vybe different.

    Your thoughts about what may happen next sort of connects to my theory about the breakup. To me in Fighter’s mind, he felt like his partner got overwhelmed and needed a break. That he can come back and talk to Tutor after he has calmed down. Because he does not understand where Tutor is coming from with all that hurtful talk.

    What hurts the most is that they are both hurting eachother by protecting eachother. It is awful really.

    I felt Tutor when he said he does not want to be the soap opera character that nobody understands but everybody wants to hurt. powerful statement. Props to Fighter for holding in his tears while smiling through the heartache. I died a thousand times.

    Boom boom.

    1. Yeah, Saint and Zee delivered times 10. My heart broke so much when Fighter smiled, ruffled his hair and asked him to stop crying. Then both of them walked a way trying to keep each other from seeing their pain and tears. Beautifully done. As to the Tutor Zon relationship, I love it as well. I have a feeling Zon will play a part in their reconciliation. I really think it will hurt more before we get through it, so good luck to us this episode. 🤗

  4. omg!!!!!
    hi jen im after almost 2 hours of readind ur blog and i enjoyed every minute. although its near 3 pm here i cant stop myself from commenting to ur blog (hope u can cope with my bad spelling…. but i need to sher and vent!)
    first of all i found ur analisys of the events in the darama so on point and helped clear some of my questions/ like the meaning of t and f to one another and why the breakup neaded to happen…
    about the next 2 ep that r left: i agree the spoilers mixed the time line/ all that clowning again. just their way to push us inicent fans other the edje of sanity! like this quarentint biz is not enough?!
    but im on to them! i had a loooooooooot of time to think thanks to miss rona.
    and i think t like the introverted guy that he is will try to drown is sarrow in rome. then after he gets enoghth coarge will revert to his past behavior and get angry. go to miss t and demand answers. he will try again to control t. like he was tought by his father.
    it wont work because like we see in the teazer f is stubern. angry and wont move from his dessisipn to hide the trouth from t no matter what/
    so i gess he will give him back the necless and t admits deffit and leave. (the agony!!!!)
    than u sea zon with f that wears a difrent shirt! he will hear zons words about zols novel , will get dipressed and cry to hi fillow (silly men…. i dont get them! if i ever in my dreams of dreamd would have got such a beautiful and strong love from somone i would have respected that and fought with him, if he believed in me and my courge that would have given me the strength to fight for our relationship. but since thats never gonna happen is this life time. let me get back to my over point: the airport!!
    sma clothes. how tonga comes back so soon? i dont get it? maybe f or t living?
    maybe going to the beach again to heal? the director sain the end scene will happan at the beach’, so…… need to wait 8 more days to find out and than cry some more/ because it will be a novel and they were carecters that took control of zols storly!!! happy ending!!! i can breave again through my mask!!!
    su su na to u jen!!!

    1. Awwww, thanks so much for reading…..I know it’s long, lol. I couldn’t help myself. There is so much to talk about, right? I’m so glad you found the analysis helpful. I feel like they put a lot of layers in the show, so it’s fun to see the connections they make and the little details they include. The theory about Fighter getting liquid courage and being stupid is true, I think. He hurt and confused. I know that he’ll stop before he hurts Tutor but I still am going to hate to see it. And as for giving him back the necklace, i thought about that too and decided that maybe after talking to Zon, he takes it off, because he is wearing it in the scene with Zon. As for going to the beach, I know they will end there, but Tutor still pulls away from Fighter in the preview at the airport so I don’t think they’ve reconciled yet. Not sure though. Guess we will find out soon enough. And as for Tutor, just remember that he values family above all else. He’s sacrificed much in his life to make his family not suffer and he doesn’t want Fighter and his father to be unhappy because of their relationship, he thinks he’s doing what’s best for Fighter’s family. And lets be honest, he’s 22, still in school paying his way through college. Here is this powerful intimidating man being very scary to him and he does his best to stand up to him, but Tutor has always been respectful of his elders. He tried. However, I think he will try again. He will realize his happiness is Fighter and he will fight to be with him. So glad you found my blog and commented. I love to talk about this so feel free to send me a message anytime. 🤗💕. and please don’t worry about spelling, you are just fine as you are and we can chat anytime. 😘

      1. hi

        u dont know how it feels ror me to finally be able to talk to another why r u fan! all my friends dont relate to the bl genre or asian dramas . so ur blog realy came for me at the right time.
        thank u!
        and after the emo intro: back to our discוssion: after listenning to the directors interviews i believe he is such a romantic soal that lives this couple romance as his own. he wants a ft in his life too and thats why he wont let anything too violent happen to bunny tt. so we can breathe… but todat it will be even more painfull from last week …. the behind the scenes of ft leaving tt after their talk realy hurts and acare me… the all crew cried there like someond died! i think ft will tell tt how much he feells alone and betrayed . like he felt all his life. i mean his mom left him his father left him emotionally he doesnt do relationship and sharing to not get hurt . when he finally took a chance on love he got the mother of regection! so i think he will go back to feeling alone and wont trust any one. i think like u that tt will snap out of his enxiaties at the end (like what happend in the history 2 drama) and go look for hurt ft.
        if not im going to take a box of tishu and go find him my self!! i like the sea too…so its a win wim situation!!
        enjoy tounight! i will see the ep only in 2 days time and come to check ur blog after .

      2. Thanks I’m so glad as I enjoy chatting about WHYRU too. Ep 12 broke my heart and mended it all in one episode. I will have my thoughts up on it later. Maybe Monday or Tuesday, but definitely by Wednesday. I am so glad that FT opened up. Let me know what you think when my posts go up. 🤗 Jen

  5. Hello
    I happen to find this show on twitter and completely fell in love with ZaintSee and scrolling through the ZaintSee timeline I found your blog. I want to thank you so much for clarifying their story for me because reading the subtitles and the way the story is cut I find myself that I missing alot of things but after ready your interpretation of the episode and rewatching it again it make so much sense and you open my eyes to the many subtlest gestures and reaction they have towards each other. This my first ever BL and the community I found with this couple is just extraordinary. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

    1. I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my blog and that you enjoy it. WHYRU is a series that I’m passionate about. I love all the little details they’ve added in to make the story more complex and realistic. Saint and Zee are lovely people, and I really do admire the heck out of them. I love their chemistry together and they always make me smile. I am sad however that this Friday is the last episode. But I will continue to follow Saint and Zee in whatever they do next, and there is always rewatching and waiting for the box set. I’m working on my episode 12 review now, then I’m going to do a behind the scenes for episodes 11,12 but the behind the scenes wont be up for a few days. Feel free to chat with me on twitter as i love to talk, esp about this series. Also I love it when I get comments, so feel free to share your opinions and thoughts.

    2. Hi Judith! I am so glad you’ve found the show and have found your way to my blog. 🥰 I love Tutor and Fighter’s story very much, and I started this blog because a lot of people just didn’t understand the little details as their relationship progressed. There are lots of good bl’s out there, but I happen to think this one is the gold standard. If you want any recommendations, feel free to let me know and I can tell you which I’d start with. Also I love to interact with peeps, so feel free to message me here or dm me on twitter. Thanks for reading my blog and please come back maybe the end of this weekend. I’m really ready and not ready for tomorrow’s episode. 🤗💕 -Jen

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