WhyRU Episode 3 – Fighter/Tutor

Ok, Disclaimer again: This includes spoilers from future episodes so if you haven’t watched please do so.

WhyRU – Fighter/Tutor Introduction and International Links

We jump right into the scene where we left off.  Fighter angrily kissing Tutor.

Tutor is shocked and angry that Fighter grabbed him and kissed him.  He asks what the hell Fighter just did. Fighter blames Tutor for saying Fighter was gay.

Fighter is angry and scared. How does Tutor know his deep secret? And also, what did he just do? He just kissed a guy. His crush. As Tutor starts to go, he panics. What will happen if Tutor tells everyone that Fighter kissed him? In his panic, he shouts to Tutor not to tell anyone what happened.

Tutor meanwhile turned back to face Fighter expecting an apology and gets an order instead.  He is mad and storms off.

Fighter is shaken. He can’t believe that he kissed Tutor. He is scared and regretful. He regrets crossing that line and forcing a kiss upon his crush. He doesn’t know what Tutor will do. He knows he should apologize, but if he does that he gives up and acknowledges that Tutor’s words are true & thats why he is so conflicted.

Tutor goes back inside and sits with Hwa, and asks her feelings for Fighter. He wants to know if she really is serious about Fighter.  He is confused by the kiss.  He doesn’t know if Fighter was playing around with him. Tutor doesn’t want Hwa hurt by Fighter either. She is Tutors dear friend, so he is trying to figure out what to do.  Hwa replies that she doesn’t really know what she feels about Fighter, but she’s told Fighter she loves him. She has confessed.  This leaves Tutor confused about what to do, so he decides to go home to sleep on it.

Meanwhile outside we see Fighter.

This look shows his sadness and confusion. He is sorry for what he did. He touches his lips, remembering their kiss. He kissed a boy. His lips touched Tutors and even though Fighter was angry, he felt something for the first time. I personally think he’s never been attracted to anyone or felt desire for another person before. Fighter has always been calm, but Tutor has the ability to get under his skin. Fighter loves getting close, he loves teasing Tutor, now Fighter has kissed him. He liked the feel of Tutor’s lips.

As Tutor comes out of the club, Fighter is headed back into the party.

Tutor is still very angry with Fighter. Fighter stands silently in front of him, unsure of what to say. Tutor brushes by him, bumping shoulders. As Fighter watches him walk away you see the regret and longing on his face. He knows he’s done something he shouldn’t have. He wishes he could go back and undo it. He doesn’t want Tutor to hate him. Tutor is the only one he truly lets close to him as we will see later on in the episode.

The next day, Zon has a daydream sitting outside at school. We are still not sure if his dreams are a future vision of things to come.  In his dream, he walks up and hears Tutor and Fighter arguing. Fighter pushes Tutor against a tree  and Tutor says he doesn’t like it and what will people think if they see them. Fighter in Zon’s dream says to Tutor “I don’t like it when you are with him.” To which Tutor responds “I’ve got a way to help you get over you moodiness.  Kiss me” Zon is shocked and shows himself. Tutor tells him that its ok to be kissing, because they are dating, and thats what people who are dating do.

Zon is being awakened by Tutor. He tells Tutor he had a dream. Tutor replies, yes, a Y dream, you’ve told me before. Then Zon says to Tutor, but you were kissing Fighter. Fighter looks shaken, but denies it a little too vigorously. Saifah joins them. Saifah & Tutor depart for class, but stop off at the bathroom to put water on Tutors eyes. They are a little puffy, probably due to lack of sleep.  He looks into the mirror and remembers the kiss. He touches his lips. I don’t know why, but it feels as if he felt something there too. He can’t get it out of his head. Fighter and Dew walk in, causing Tutor to rush out of the bathroom to avoid him. Fighter sees Tutor’s phone, pockets it, then leaves.

Fighter is now standing by the elevator looking at Tutor’s phone when Tutor comes up demanding that Fighter give the phone back. Fighter sees this as a good opportunity to make sure that Tutor doesn’t go around telling everyone that Fighter kissed him. He’s still scared and worried about being outed by Tutor.

He says the word abnormal again. This is a hot button for him. It hurts that Tutor thinks he could be “abnormal” because from where he stands, its normal. Its not disgusting or wrong. He wants to know what Tutor really thinks about him. His question is genuine, he wants to know if Tutor thinks Fighter likes him. And he really wants to know the reciprocal answer, what does Tutor think of him. The fact that Fighters face is so close to Tutors means something right here. Fighter is pushing forward, but Tutor’s not running away or punching him, or even getting angry. He seems ok with their closeness which to me seems like he’s different when he’s with Fighter, whether or not he realizes it yet. He wouldn’t let anyone else in that close space bubble, but Fighter is there and has been for a long time. Tutor is nervous, but not scared or angry. He snatches his phone away, and leaves, but not before telling Fighter “It’s my business if I tell anyone what happened.” Which, of course gets Fighter all anxious and worried again.

Now we see Hwa consulting with Tutor about her concern about Fighter. Tutor thinks she wants a love confession from Fighter, but she says she doesn’t need that. She tells Tutor that they’ve never had sex. Tutor defends Fighter, calling him a gentleman. But Hwa’s next words hit him hard. She admits that in the 2 years they’ve been together Fighter has never kissed her. Tutor tries to hide his shock while he replays Fighter’s kiss in his head. Fighter has kissed Tutor but not Hwa. What does that mean? He reassures Hwa and turns to leave. I love Saint’s changing expression here. We see the change of his persona to his real personality. He’s pissed. He’s angry because he feels that Fighter is playing with Hwa’s feelings.  Saint does a great job here.

This next scene tells me so much about Fighter and Tutor’s relationship.

Fighter is afraid that Tutor told Hwa about their kiss. He pushes Tutor to the wall. Tutor once again says abnormal, triggering Fighter’s response of “What’s abnormal?” To which Tutor replies “Men don’t hug and kiss each other.” He’s right, but Fighter asks him how, and then Tutor ask how long he’s going to keep playing around with him, since it started during freshman year.

The flashback begins. As we see Tutor tell Hwa that Fighter needs some space sometimes, Fighter hears this and approaches.  He tries to get Tutor to move over, but Tutor doesn’t move until Fighter is super close to his face. Fighter says that Tutor does understand him.  This means a lot to Fighter. No one has ever understood his need for space, the need to be alone. “Can’t I talk to someone who understands me?”

Tutor, of course denies this. He also talks back to Fighter in a way we never see him do with anyone else. They banter, he gets a little pouty. His worry is that someone will misunderstand them. He is not angry or cold with him. Everytime it’s the two of them alone, they bicker and flirt.  After they move around, Fighter pushing Tutor’s back to the pole, you hear Fighter ask him a serious question. “What if I want to know you and understand you, will you tell me?” He wants to know if Tutor will open up to him, he wants to really know Tutor. Fighter wants Tutor to let down his walls and let Fighter in.  But Tutors main concern, and we will see this pop up again in later episodes, is that other people will see them and what will they think.  He asks why Fighter does this, and Fighter admits he wants to. He like to tease Tutor. His claim he’s a senior and can do what he wants is just an excuse he uses to get closer.

Back to present day. Tutor asks why again. He hears once again “I’m just teasing you Tor” Tutor asks him in exasperation, “Do you treat everyone you want to tease like this?” Fighter’s response is honest and raw. “No, its only you I treat like this.” Tutor doesn’t know what to say or do in response. He’s stunned. Maybe there is something between them. He walks away, still thinking about it.

Next there is a scene where Fighter and Tutor help a professor pick up papers he’s dropped. The professor gets a call and asks them to deliver the boxes for him. Fighter offers to carry them for Tutor and they touch hands, both of them are hyper aware of each other in this moment. They deliver the boxes and have a pleasant conversation. Then scene changes to night for some reason and we see them trying to leave the building only to find it locked. They split up to see if they can find another way out and they cant.  This next scene is so cute. Now, there are empty benches all around the opening and they are sitting side by side on one bench. Its late and they are both tired, but they aren’t talking to each other.

The way Tutor is soft for Fighter is so obvious here.  He cares and wants Fighter to be comfortable. Can we talk about the trust it takes to fall asleep on someone? Fighter subconsciously trusts Tutor to hold him up, to support him, to keep him from falling.  And Tutor trusts Fighter in the same way.  The soft snuggle into Fighter’s hair makes me smile so much. It’s such a loving gesture. As we will see in future episodes, Tutor only behaves like this with a few people, his family, and with Fighter. He will snuggle into him when he’s tired and acts a little spoiled with him. He pouts and teases and acts more childlike with Fighter. This is because he feels safe and cared for when he’s with Fighter. From the very beginning he knows Fighter will take care of him. Think of the drink that he brought him in earlier episodes. And from future episodes, we know Fighter is always looking out for him. The two of them on the bench sleeping and snuggling together are their subconscious desire to get close to each other, to literally lean on each other and hold each other up.

Hope you guys liked.  Sorry for the length. Next episode I’ll try to trim it down a bit.

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  1. please don’t trim it down!! I LOVE TO READ YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT EACH EPISODE!! keep its length and thank you for posting your analysis!

    1. Thank you so much. I was worried people would stop reading if i made it too long, but I love it so much, it would be hard to cut it down. I’m so glad you are enjoying my long rambles 🙂

  2. I find your analysis very interesting. I recently rewatched Love By Chance and thought about Ae possibly being demisexual, since he was surprised at his body responding to Pete, not in a “omg I’m gay” but in a “omg I’m actually attracted to someone for the first time in 18 years”. Could Fighter be the same? Is Saint catnip for demisexual boys? 😀 😀

    1. As for Saint himself, he’s amazing and I swear, anybody, straight, gay, bi, pan, Demi basically everyone will fall for him because he’s so damn sincere, sweet, loyal, and above all someone who tries to make positive change in the world. There was a video I found that made me laugh because it was basically all different bl boys and their reactions when they are next to Saint when talking. They all were fascinated and couldn’t take their eyes off him. 😁.

      Director talking about Saint/Tutor

      As for Ae, I agree with you. He is written and portrayed as a demisexual but not really talked about like that.

      As for Fighter, I feel that he’s at least bi and his dad knows he’s attracted to guys. I think it’s one of the reasons in episode 6 he’s very hostile to Tutor until Fighter clarifies that he is there to teach Fighter. If you go to my main page I have a relationship analysis link at the top. Then I have a page with links to each episodes reviews if you’d ant to check them out. I’m new to this whole web design blog thing, so I’m trying to find the easiest way to make it readable. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion with me. Hopefully you’ll check back next Saturday for my episode 10 review. 💕😊 Jen

      1. Do you have a link to that video? I can’t see it in your comment , it won’t load properly. You can use the email I submitted if you prefer. Thanks so much!

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