Ok, I don’t want to say goodbye, so I’m not going to. This is not the last post I’m going to make on WHYRU. There are still stories to be told, truths and details to be uncovered, behind the scenes to see. This is what I love about this show. They really put so much thought into everything they did. I might do a post on just the acting coach P’Kla and what he said about this journey. I might do a post on P’Chewin and all the things he’s talked about during this show. Maybe a post on Music because the musical selection was top notch. I might even do a post on the amazing cinematography in this show. Let me know what you guys would be interested in reading about please.

The next morning we see the morning after for both pair of lovers. We start off with the new lovers Zon and Saifah. Zon of course, checks to see if their last night was real, lol. The scene is sweet as Zon gets shy around Saifah who teases his lover, asking to shower together. It embarrasses the shy Zon, who smiles and turns away. Saifah then responds by throwing the covers over them, wrestling with Zon while enjoying their newfound closeness.

I don’t normally talk to much about Saifah and Zon. It’s not because I’m not interested in them. They are an adorable couple. They are the sweet first love puppy kind of couple. I think if I were in a different stage in my life, or life was more simple, I would be more into this couple. But I mention them here because it’s obvious meant to compare and contrast the pair of lovers. I honestly love the back and forth we get from both couples. It shows that different types of love are valid and beautiful. It can be innocent and sweet, a gradual progression of love. Or it can be a rollercoaster of emotions, love, longing, loneliness, hidden desires, confusion, heartbreak and ultimately a triumph over obstacles. They both pull the heartstrings of mine.

We pan to upstairs, upon the reunited lovers after their first night together in a very long time. The scene is very different. Clothes are strewn all over the room because the urgency was felt by both to reconnect not only their hearts but their bodies as well. The lovers are asleep on the bed, side by side. Their fingers are entwined as neither one wants to let go of the others hands anymore. This makes me smile so much. So much symbolism between them. They are not only holding hands, their fingers are intertwined symbolizing their connectedness. They are no longer solitary, but part of each other.

Lock the damn door boy! 😁

When waking up, of course it’s always shown as Tutor is the first to wake up. He pulls his fingers gently away from Fighters, then leans up to watch his lover sleep. He touches his face and chin gently caressing the features of his beloved that he missed so much. He sits up taller, leaving a hand upon Fighter’s torso. He can’t bear not to be touching Fighter in this moment. It has been so long since he could touch Fighter, he wants to stay as connected as possible to his love.

Fighter wakes up and feels for Tutor’s hand then gives it a gentle kiss. This is his way of saying I love you and I’m so happy to have you by my side this morning. Then he moves to snuggle into his lover’s embrace. A look of both happiness and sadness flash across his face. He asks Tutor, did you miss this? The physical closeness of waking up in your lover’s arms. The skin to skin contact makes him so content, filling his heart with warmth. He missed the texture of Tutor’s skin, the unique smell and taste of his lover.

Tutor looks also a little sad but happy to hold his happiness in his arms. He agrees that he missed this. How could he not? The warmth that only a lover can give, the peace in these still moments. He strokes Fighter’s skin reminiscent of their last morning at the beach, a smile on his face.

Fighter reaches up and strokes the necklace that, like their relationship, has seen good times and bad times. But it’s still shining, still around Tutor’s neck, showing the commitment they made to each other. As Tutor said when he wore it, even when they were apart, he felt Fighter close to him. He took comfort in that. Just like we never saw Fighter take off the earring, he made a promise and he kept it.

The sit up and Tutor thanks Fighter for coming to him, admitting he would be so lonely without him. Progress for Tutor who now can admit how much Fighter means to him, and how he allows himself to be needy in front of his lover, because he knows that Fighter will make sure he’s not lonely anymore. Then Tutor strokes Fighter face and they kiss.

Fighter, oh Fighter, you are so bad at guarding what’s yours. They are interrupted by Saifah and Zon who just walk right into the room. Clearly they expected Fighter and Tutor to be dressed, not kissing in bed, clearly undressed. 😂 You can tell they are new lovers because I bet anything that Tutor and Fighter’s night did not end with just one time. Just sayin…😁. And still quoting Revil: Unlocked doors are the enemies of gays everywhere, lol. At least this time it’s their friends and not their parents, lol.

Zon, Zon, Zon…I laughed at the :We’re in a Y novel” line. I know it’s cheesy af, but its so freakin cute when Tommy says it. 😁. They invite Fighter and Tutor to go for a walk on the beach. Fighter clearly has other plans and looks a little grumpy at the idea, but of course what Tutor want’s Tutor get as he pleads in a super cute way that Fighter can never resist. The eye rolls and nose holding from Saifah & Zon crack me up because it’s such a best friend thing to do. You give them a hard time if they are being too lovey dovey..😁. Honestly I like the switch of Tutor telling Fighter his pouting is cute. It’s a nice mirror to the times Fighter called Tutor cute when he sulked too. Zon leaves but Saifah stays, giving the pair a thumbs up sign. Honestly this made me laugh. It’s like he’s saying Way to Go and Thanks for the advice all in one. I’m pretty sure either Fighter or Tutor shared their knowledge about sex with Saifah so it wouldn’t be hard for Zon’s first time. I personally feel like Fighter, since he’s good friends with Saifah, would have shared once he knew they were together.

After Zon pulls Saifah away, Tutor turns around to Fighter, wanting to know if this means they didn’t lock the door all night. Of course Fighter sees no problem with this, I swear modesty thy name is not Fighter, lol. He gets smacked in the chest for this, and then he accuses Tutor of being shy. Um, sir, do you not remember what Tutor did to you last night? Shyness is not his vocabulary when it comes to sexy time. They wrestle, and Fighter starts pinching Tutor’s chest as they fall to the floor in a tangle of arms, legs and covers. Also, side note, they must have been wilding in the extended NC scene because Zee has a long scratch and what appears to be a bruise or small hickey on his chest. 😏 Ok then. We see you Saint. Apparently Zee isn’t the only aggressive one between you two during these scenes.

Parallel time cause I can, lol. If you don’t want to see cuddles, you can skip it, but personally I think it’s super sweet.

Saints cover of Midnight Version OST

I love this next scene with the four of them standing on the beach. Of course Fighter wants to play in the ocean, and of course Tutor doesn’t want to. Cue the same scene once again from their earlier beach trip. Fighter gets sulky and decides to go by himself. Sexy music time begins as he takes off his shirt and shorts. This next part is so freakin funny, I died laughing. Zon elbows Tutor and nods at Fighter and his glorious six pack. Your boyfriend is showing off, huh? Tutor, who was a little possessive before, get VERY possessive this time, telling Zon that apparently his possessiveness doesn’t get to his boyfriend, who seems amused by this response. He even pretends not to hear making Tutor practically shout that he’s possessive which is too funny. Apparently now they are back together Tutor wants nobody to see his boyfriends fine body but himself. Guess since he took possession of him last night, Tutor is still feeling territorial. 😁

Happiness(I’ll update it tomorrow with subbed lyrics but too tired now, lol)

Fighter tells Tutor, if he plays with him in the water, Fighter will put back on his shirt. Tutor allows himself to be led away, but still trying to get Fighter to pick up his shirt and bring it along. 😁. Ok, the next is sweetness but I didn’t include it of Saifah and Zon being so lovey dovey, it’s like cotton candy fluffy goodness. It was adorable. Funny thing is when they were playing at the beach scene earlier, neither one of them took off their shirts, and it made me laugh. Because this is what Jimmy and Tommy look like, and there is no need for false modesty on their part either,lol.

I love the conversation had at the waters edge between Fighter and Tutor. It mirrors a certain conversation they had at the beginning of Episode 9. I love the symmetry of the two, where Tutor says everything takes time in that episode because he’s still waiting to prove if this is love. Whereas this last clip between them Tutor confirmed that everything between them came from these feelings. To which Fighter asks if this is because of love. I don’t know why they placed the words in the wrong order, but Tutor confirms that it is. He is certain. There is no hesitation on his part. He knows how precious love is and how he will hold onto his happiness with both hands, not letting go. Fighter hugs him in relief. He knew they were back together, but he still needed reassurance that he was loved. The echo of the hurtful words still lingered in the back of his mind. But with Tutor’s words and his embrace Fighter was able to let that voice slip away and embrace his happiness as well.

Feelings change

The last kiss between the two of them shows how precious they are to each other. Their hands cradle each other’s face, confirming their feelings for each other. It’s lovely to see because we’ve long known that Fighter thinks of Tutor as his most precious person. He cradled Tutor’s face in his hands for the confession/kiss in the last part of episode 7. Now they both cherish each other.

Zon and Saifah join them at the waters edge and they stand arm in arm as the drone spins around them the perfect song plays WHYRU OST. Then they run to the waters edge ready to play, with joyous feeling of friendship and love. It’s truly a sweet scene to end on. But I also love they circle back around making a circle, from beginning to end. I’ll show you what I mean.

The beginning of each couple. We have Zon confused and uncertain if he is dreaming, seeing the future, stuck in a novel. Having feelings, yet unsure of what is real and what is not. Then we have Tutor convinced that life is hardship and struggle, but you can persevere with determination. Believes in needing no ones help and relying on only himself. And we see Fighter, wanting to help Tutor, longing to open up and offer support but unsure of his reception, so keeps his distance but teases Tutor to keep him close.


Endings. Zon has found his answer. He makes his own story, choosing to follow his heart without fear or doubt. And his heart is telling him Saifah will be with him because of love. He has a partner who helps him find a path and flourish in a new pursuit, music and love. And we have Tutor, who found someone to love him, support him and be with him for the rest of their days. He is alone no more, he is lonely no more. He is loved and loves in return. He learned to follow his heart and that his happiness is what is most important to his beloved person. Fighter learned to open up, be honest about his feelings. He also learned how important communication is in relationships, familial and romantic. He will walk hand in hand with his love, never letting go. It’s his lasting promise.


Ok, I’m done waxing poetic. I can’t help it, this show has helped me through rough times, and I love it for that. I love it for the characters who pulled me into their story and wouldn’t let me go until I wrote about them. Thank you for reading my long rambling posts. I will keep writing, I hope, so please subscribe if you haven’t. Hugs. Jen