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I wish I could bring you guys more content. I really do. But I don’t have a translator anymore, but before life got crazy for both of them, they shared some translations and summaries with me. I hope you find it helpful and interesting. I would love to have full subs of both the MentKorn episode 11 reaction and the PoomAlone episode 13 reaction, but that would require a full transcript of each with timestamps to be able to sub them. Episode 13 is 1 1/2 hours and that’s very long. Episode 11 is 1 hour 52 minutes.

Episode 11

Let’s start out with Saint’s interview with Dara Daily in April.

He talked about what he’s currently watching and his favorite scene so far, from WhyRU. Honestly I just loved his insight into his character. And as he says in this clip, he’s trying to be as gentle during the breakup as possible because even though Tutor is hurting, he doesn’t want Fighter to hurt more.

I also left in the bit about him watching Itaewon Class for the business related content. It’s so very Saint. And soon we will be all buying flavored popcorn and croutons….if only they shipped internationally. 😁

I asked translator Patty_SH to translate a few clips from another reaction channel MentKorn because they also hosted P’Shewin, P’Aof and P’Kla for their reaction video of Episode 11. However I’m going to put the clips in and post translations underneath. The reason I am doing this is because I don’t have time stamps and I don’t want to get anything subbed wrong.

1.26 clip is about Willie Mackintosh (fighter’s dad). They’re talking about his eyes have a look that feels different from his smile. And Chewin explains that they tried to really emphasize that in the music that accompanies his scenes. They wanted the sound to be slightly scary…until he smiles. They wanted us to feel like there’s some sort of of dissonance. Chewin spoke with P’Aof about it.

I can agree about the eyes. I know that I’m not the only one that felt how cold he actually was by the way his eyes weren’t smiling at all. He’s super scary in these scenes, and honestly I was impressed Tutor was as brave as he was during the kitchen scene.

1.14 clip. Chewin explains Fighters room and some of the things he keeps there are representative of him. They intentionally tried hard to make him not the typical “Top” or Alpha. The team painstakingly tries to be detailed about these things. Same as tutors bedroom.

Yes, I think we all were a quite bit surprised by his erotic art on the wall. 😁 His aesthetics are very distinct. It’s very modern and sleek. The table and everything else have a designer flair though. I love that Tutor’s bedroom shows books, relaxing color schemes and little details that vibe with Tutor’s character.

2.10 clip is krukla explaining tutor uses his brain. He makes rational choices. He knew that Fighter wont leave himself. It has to be tutor who breaks it off. Tutor can understand fighter’s dad’s point of view. He wants fighter to be normal and have normal good things in life. Tutor thought logically about why he needed to break up. 1. Tutor had some small initial fears prior, 2. Will they really continue to hide like this?, 3. Society still doesnt see them as normal, 4. Fighters dad has a point.

I agree that Tutor uses his head. He basically admits this to Zon. That his problem isn’t going to be fixed by following his heart, that he needs to follow his head. The sacrifice he decides to make, he does so for Fighter’s benefit. He wants Fighter to be happy. At the end of the day, he feels that Fighter will have a better life ahead with his family if they aren’t together. But the issue for me and the issue for Fighter has to be that he decides on his own what will best best for Fighter, without giving Fighter a chance to weigh in on this issue or find a way to navigate this issue successfully by doing so together as a unit. But Tutor has been alone for so long that he doesn’t recognize that he’s being arrogant about their relationship, assuming he knows what’s best. Just my two cents.

Clip 2.01. Tutor flashback. Tutors nature is rational and someone who is rational thinks things through with all possible scenarios and endings. Tutor weighed his options for all endings in his kind and he came to the conclusion that this break up was the best way for both sides. He thinks about the time at the airport. He even said that he’s alone. He has no one but now he has P’Fight so the flashback was meant to tie the previous episodes together more. Tutor was trying to logically figure out how to cause the least amount of heart ache. (KruKla was explaining) P’Shewin explains about the flashbacks. P’Shewin also says that Tutor was trying to figure this out using his intelligence, but it’s driven by love. Sorry, I forgot to translate one part in your clip when krukla is explaining. He also mentions that Love is not just love between 2 people. It’s love and all the surrounding levels of people in your life. It’s not easy nor clear. Like if you have a friend whom you don’t like their spouse/lover. It’s not an automatic happiness just cuz the two people are in love.

This makes sense. We know that real love is more complex and complicated than just two people falling in love. I think this ties into what I’ve said before. The reason that Tutor and Fighter’s relationship resonates with me, is that it seems so realistic. I mean, I feel they went out of their way to show us a realistic relationship, flaws and all. I love how much thought they put into these characters and this story.

That’s all I have for episode 11. Unfortunately I don’t have anything for episode 12. The next section will be screen recordings from the PoomAlone review of Episode 13. However, they may or may not match up because it’s just a summary.

Episode 13

This is a translated summary from the wonderful Twitter user: @mayarasarit who was sweet enough to watch the PoomAlone episode and summarize the main points for me, even when she had exams to finish! Thank you so much sweetie! I’m so grateful and I hope you did great on your exams.

1. In the beginning, they all said they wanted everyone to watch this episode and feel good, just use your emotions. Don’t have to think so much, just have fund. Because everything is unlocked within the characters, and their problems are solved.

2. When they watched the “previously” part, they said that P’Zee was slapped for real. And they didn’t do it once because they needed a close up, and a wide shot (but P’Shewin apologized to Zee for this, haha) but P’Zee said that it didn’t hurt because P’Willie knows the timing well.

I love the intro where P’Shewin, P’Aof and P’Kla introduce Poom Alone and call P’Poom and P’Top over to sit there as if they are the guests. And they are all wearing such cute headbands. P’Poom and P’Top had to feel so surreal because they started the whole channel to react to WhyRU. Then to have them appear and watch the last episode of the show which started their channel had to feel so satisfying.

The next clip will be about Jimmy/Tommy in their roles as Saifah/Zon.

P’Kla said that it’s good that Jimmy and Tommy are in the roles that they are to show that what kind of face should be what (meaning that a soft face doesn’t have to be a bottom and the one with the rougher features doesn’t have to be top)

I am adding what I heard in the clip that P’Poom thinks its sooo cute. And then we have P’Poom talking about Zon being possessive when Saifah tries to lift his shirt, Zon pulls it back down. And of course I left in the bit where P’Top says to just rip the shirt off, with gestures and everything, which earns him an eye roll from P’Shewin. 😁. I love their interactions. It makes this so fun to watch.

P’Poom and P’Top commented on how good ZaintSee are at kissing. And P’Aof said kissing had become so natural for them and that they were used to it.

Gee, you think? I mean how many kisses and unscripted kisses were there in the series. Many. And honestly I am still living on the sweetness and reality of how natural and beautiful their kisses are. I remember how it is in the beginning of a relationship. You find your kissing rhythm, and when feelings flow it’s easy to kiss. Sigh. Another example of how much I love this couple because of how realistic they play their relationship.

P’Shewin talked about how this was the second trip to the beach for FTTT and he wanted it to be different. He saw that there’s a difference between going traveling with friends and going traveling with lovers. He said that Saifah felt more grown up, Zon feels more free and doesn’t feel like what he is doing is strange in other people’s eyes. And for FTTT, he wanted there to be an obvious switch in Tutor between when he was alone and vacationing with friends that are a couple vs. when he had a partner too. They also said that IF there is a season 2, they will use Fighter’s line again. “You are my happiness.”

I definitely see the difference in attitude. Tutor goes to the beach with Saifah and Zon, and it feels a little lonely because he doesn’t have his love anymore. And his two friends are still in the honeymoon phase, which he doesn’t want to intrude upon. So, even though he came along, he was feeling a bit melancholy til Fighter came along. Then, once he and Fighter reconciled, he was able to have fun again. They had couples time on the beach and double date vibes for dinner and wine. All in all a happy relaxing time for him.

I’m going to insert the whole TTFT scene in here then. Then I will tell you what P’Shewin talks about about halfway into the scene.

P’Shewin asked everyone to try and breathe along with Fighter and Tutor. Teacher Kla coached them on how to breathe (through the mouth, the timing and how long). The breathing can say a lot about someone’s feelings. Fighter’s breathing shows his longing and thirst for Tutor.

Not going to lie here. I was dying laughing at P’Kla and P’Shewin once again passing out stuffed animals to hide their crotch during the NC scene of TTFT. Usually P’Kla makes everyone cross their legs first. 😂😂. I absolutely loved both P’Poom and P’Tops reactions to the use of the necklace. P’Top is usually unflappable, as he is super naughty, but even he was embarrassed and a little shy by the level of intensity in the necklace kiss scene. 😁

I’m going to include the Saifah/Zon scene and their reactions to it. It’s a long clip (almost 12 min) because they are having a discussion about the scene after their reactions. I think if you know a little Thai you can pick up on what’s being said, and I’ll post the summary after the clip.

No one instructed Jimmy to use his tongue. P’Kla talked about Call Me By Your Name and about the scene where Elio sits by the fire and cries because P’Kla thought that Elio thought about his love with Oliver from start to finish. So when he briefed JimmyTommy for them to think about how much their characters went through to reach this point. But he never told them how to feel. Everyone was so shocked when not only Tommy cried but also Jimmy. They were shocked how “in” they were into their characters. The teacher cried and ran into the room and hugged both Tommy and Jimmy. There were many discussions about the Sai/Zon NC and about their characters. SaiZon both were ready to be intimate with each other but they sat on opposite sides of the bed at first because they respect the other person and honor them. They wanted to make sure that both parties were ready.

Honestly, I feel a little too embarrassed to watch this scene. And I don’t get embarrassed easily. I feel they are so innocent and sweet in their love scene, I feel uncomfortable, like I’m a creepy person watching two kids first time. And I think it’s due to my age. But strangely I don’t feel this way when it comes to TTFT NC scenes. To be honest, they feel like adults, i think that might be why. Also once again, let me say THANK YOU to WhyRU for once again bringing up consent and respect for your partner in this situation. This sets the bar so high, I’m not sure, other than UWMA, I have ever heard consent or safe sex mentioned before. They definitely have my mad respect for that.

The FTTT NC: pushing Tutor against the wall is a signature of the FTTT relationship. The necklace part is a symbol of their relationship and their love so he wanted to incorporate it into the NC , and all the couples have some item that symbolizes their love. They deliberately did wide shots to give the viewers a feeling like they are looking from the outside and they think that the wide shot leaves some space for the imagination.

I have to say I find it artistic and erotic at the same time, the necklace kiss has layers of symbolism about passing back and forth the symbol of Tutor’s nature of a Fighter. The passion flow both ways, and sometimes Tutor is ok being passive but sometimes he needs to dominate or take charge as well. Quite beautiful. This symbol around his neck reminds him that he’s not alone and that he is a Fighter.

The next summary I’m going to include won’t have a clip with it, as I’m not sure when it was said and this is a very long video.

Teacher Kla said that this is the first time that an acting coach has gotten so much spotlight. P’Aof said he feels like this series is his child. And he thanks P’Shewin and P’Kla for helping making this happen. P’Aof also apologized to the actors for not being able to file and he takes the blame himself. He said thing it’s his first work and he hopes to improve. P’Shewin said he’s grateful for meeting so many people through WhyRU. And he thanked all the reactors too and Poom Alone. And he said every comment gives him encouragement. And they told us to wait for the Saifah/Zon episode and the box set.

I think that we all will be anxiously awaiting the contents of the box set. 😁 I will do some other thoughts on the series later. I have felt like this is a rollercoaster I never want to get off from. I love this series and the people behind it so much. They have a fan for life in me, and I am so thankful that I found this series in my darkest days. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Leave a comment below if you want to talk about anything.

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  1. I’m sorry but I don’t know who to ask. I have created a PayPal account and I would like to order a box but the contact does not respond to me by email. What to do?

    1. You can contact them on twitter by sending them a direct message. If you don’t have an account just create one, and their twitter account is @Serenity_ZS You can send them a private message asking about the box set. It’s the best option for international fans as the box set price on EThaicd is more expensive. But that is also an option if you can’t order the box set from Serenity_ZS. The website for the online shop is https://www.ethaicd.com. Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you for your answer. I do not have Twitter and creating an account now takes too much time, I am not very good with social networks and the deadline will soon be passed. Never mind! Thanks again for your answer, I love all of your articles on Why R U!

    1. Awww, sorry I couldn’t be more help. Thanks again for reading my blog and liking it. It means a lot! 😘🤗💕 – Jen

  3. Hello Jen! I’ve been a silent reader of your TFTT posts for quite sometime and I just need to thank you for all your analysis and remarkable details. I would return to your page several times a week to check on new post of the couple. I really hope you will continue pen down your thoughts on them although the series is over. I’ve ordered boxset C and I hope it will reach my doorstep ASAP. In the meantime I’m so glad Why RU team is still giving us BTS scenes of them every Friday! Don’t ever stop writing because your blog gives me life as well! 😁😁😁

    1. Thank you so much and I’m sorry to just now be getting back to you. Been a crazy week IRL. Thank you so much. I have a couple projects I’m finishing then I plan on going to work on the behind the scenes stuff if I can find eng subs for it.

    2. Also thank you for enjoying my blog. I am passionate about Fighter and Tutor and WhyRU. I feel connected to that show and I’m glad to be able to share and talk to people who appreciate it as much as I do. Feel free to drop me a comment anytime or send me an email. Hugs. 😘🤗💕 Jen

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