WHYRU LookBack – Ep 3 & 4

Today, I need a distraction, so here goes. I watched episodes 3 and 4 of WHYRU last night and here are my thoughts on these episodes.

Episode 3

We start off seeing the forceful kiss once more. As Tutor shoves Fighter away in shock and anger, I am once again struck by the look on Fighter’s face. Zee’s face is so expressive. I don’t know if it’s due to his modeling, time with the Domundi crew, or acting lessons, but he nails the art of the saying an expression is worth a thousand words.

Scared & Regretful Fighter

Once Tutor goes back to the party, asking Hwa what she feels for Fighter. He’s unsure if he should tell her or not. He doesn’t want to hurt his friend. So he’s trying to figure out how hurt she’d be if she found out Fighter kissed him. We know the answer to that later, she’d be pissed at Fighter, not Tutor.

Outside, once again we see the expressions dance across Fighter’s face as he struggles to come to terms with what he’s done. We know he’s liked Tutor since the very first day. He knew his feelings and his attraction, hiding it from everyone, even himself at times. He’d settled into their push pull relationship which involves pulling when alone and then Tutor pushing when there were people around. But Tutor threatened to expose him. Fighter used it as an excuse to do something that he longed to do for a while. He kissed Tutor, but not in a kind or gentle way. It was a punishing kiss.

He feels his lips again, an expression of wonder crossing his face. Tutor’s lips were soft under his. He liked the feel of them, the way he tasted. That shakes Fighter, making him realize his feelings are real. It’s confirmation that he is indeed attracted to Tutor. The kiss proves it for him. But because of the kiss everything can get exposed now. The feelings he’d pushed down, the longing he felt, the desire he had, all of it came rushing up in an instant after the kiss. And what if Tutor hated him after this? What if he lost Hwa, Tutor and his father’s approval? All for an angry kiss?

Confusion and Regret

They meet again as Tutor is leaving, Tutor is angry and Fighter is regretful, yet they say not a word to each other before going their separate ways.

This next scene or dream sequence, I really love it. I wish they had more animated scenes in the later episodes. I feel it made a good shift from reality to the Y novel Zon thinks he’s living in. Actually it’s foreshadowing, if you look at this scene as coming in episode 11 after Tutor has finished Tutoring the kid who had a crush on him.

Tutor seems shocked that Zon dreamed that Tutor was kissing with Fighter. Zon tells Tutor he was pleased about the kiss, which disconcerts Tutor. He wasn’t pleased about the kiss. But he also couldn’t stop thinking about it either.

Remembering Fighter’s kiss, the feel of his lips

Then we have Tutor basically running away once Fighter came into the bathroom, leaving his phone in his rush. The elevator scene where Tutor and Fighter bicker about Fighter giving Tutor his phone back. The sexual tension is so thick here. Tutor is finally starting to see that he unsettles Fighter when he pushes back. And he uses this to his advantage. Fighter wants reassurance that Tutor will be silent, trying to intimidate him into saying what he wants. Tutor has finally had enough. He’s not going to take it anymore.

Closer and closer

We get the whole Hwa never had sex with Fighter or kissed Fighter scene. Then we get the whole Tutor Fighter up against a wall scene where Tutor calls the way Fighter plays abnormal. This wounds Fighter to the quick. We have the flashback scene to how he’s always teased Tutor. It’s because he loves him and wants to get close to him. Its the only way he knows how.

I love how much Fighter exposes his feelings in this scene. Tutor doesn’t seem to catch on, but Fighter is desperately trying to make a connection with Tutor. Tutor is too concerned about appearances. But you can see something pass between their eyes, a level of awareness that they both kind of like the closeness. Tutor doesn’t push Fighter away. I swear with their faces so close, they’ve almost kissed so many times in the past. Tutor’s main concern is what others think. He doesn’t say he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t push him away because he’s uncomfortable.

Then we have the picking up papers for the professor scene. Which leads to one of the funny inconsistencies in this episode. How long does it take to put three boxes down and leave the building? Not hours upon end because it goes from early afternoon to nighttime by the time they are done. 😁.

I also love the fact that they are grumpy to be trapped together in the building but yet choose to sit on the same bench when there are many empty benches around them. Then the cliche falling asleep on shoulders trope, followed by snuggly Tutor. Snuggly Tutor is one of my favorite parts of his personality with Fighter. He relaxes and lets himself be taken care of because he trusts Fighter instinctively to hold him up, care for him.

He doesn’t act like this with others because he’s always offering the shoulder for others to lean on. But with Fighter, he snuggles close allowing himself to be taken care of. I love that.

Episode 4

They are rescued by Chen, in his cameo. It’s so adorable I wish he had more appearances. Then the ride home is filled with happy close moments where they feel more connected to each other. I like when Fighter leans over to get Tutor’s seatbelt for him, he see’s awareness in Tutor’s eyes. He feels something. That makes Fighter happy.

Hwa once again consults with Tutor because she’s afraid that Fighter called her out to break up with her. She doesn’t want that. Tutor almost spills the beans about his kiss with Fighter because he feels guilty, but gets interrupted by the arrival of Fighter. They of course, bicker back and forth because Fighter senses that Tutor almost told Hwa.

That’s not fighting, that’s flirting

Then we have Fighter waiting to ambush Tutor outside his condo to make sure he didn’t say anything to Hwa. Here we have another moment where Fighter reveals his feelings for Tutor.

After this we have the two of them butting heads over Fighter’s refusal to take tutoring seriously while at Tutor’s condo. This leads Tutor to getting angry and telling him to leave. Fighter tries to tell him he didn’t want to be there anyway, while trying to shove money at Tutor. Tutor refuses the money because he wont take something for nothing. His pride has been wounded. They don’t understand each other yet. Fighter finally realizes he’s fucked up and tries to ask Tutor to take him downstairs to leave. Tutor refuses, saying see yourself out the door. Fighter leaves, and they both are unhappy but for different reasons. Tutor feels that Fighter doesn’t respect him and tries to solve the issue with money. Fighter doesn’t understand Tutor’s pride, to him it was just a way to give Tutor money he needed. Money is just paper to him, he doesn’t value it but uses it to solve problems.

They do make progress next episode and I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to see the bunny and koala dance scene, the car shoulder snuggle scene and the first sweet kiss. I will also do six and can’t wait for part 4. Don’t worry, I will link the extended version of part 4 in that post. 😁

I’m aiming to finish this rewatch by the time of the fan meeting. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for rewatching & going through the feelings with me. – 💕🤗 Jen

6 thoughts on “WHYRU LookBack – Ep 3 & 4

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    1. Thanks for reading and watching along with me. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I’m always in my WHYRU feelings lately, so it’s nice to be able to share with others who are feeling the same. 💕🤗 – Jen

  1. Hey, around this time could be the time that Tutor picked up on the fact that if he pushes Fighter or press him harder, he loses his train of thought and that is when he can get away with anything.

    1. You are exactly right, he realizes he can get Fighter to reveal himself if he pushes him. And the power dynamic shifts between them. I like confident Tutor…..it’s like the switch gets flipped. Flustered Fighter stands no chance at all against Tutor….😁

  2. I have a theory : Im sure that Tor loved Ft from the first day , remember when he asked him to pet the string ? Look at his face , eyes , his stares to FT … he was no longer mad at him … He knew that he have something for Ft , but he dnt realized whts that yet … And go to the wall scene … we get flashback for reason here … Tor for the first time realized Ft feeling for him … if u notice , he become more soft and patients with him … and the scene in the building the brove for that … we can see how become Tor too emotional when he whith Ft … he dont bush him anymore , he give him time , he is waiting for him to open up … sorry it was so long … but I fell the need to share my thoughts with u guys … Especially about this part .. Cus no body had talk about thin before …

    1. He did have feelings for Tutor. He was doing the flirting dance with him. The feeling of attraction was there. He thought that Fighter didn’t like him, which is why he requested Fighter to tie the string for him. He was telling Fighter if Fighter didn’t accept him, he would leave the faculty. He was insecure as to whether he was welcome or -wanted. But after the string was tied, we saw flirty Tor again. He flirted with Fighter before Hwa came and sat down. But Fighter was too embarrassed once Hwa showed up. So he gave the drink to Hwa. Which shocked Tutor. He didn’t like it. And when we see he gives up on Fighter unconsciously is after Hwa and Fighter tell her they are dating. It’s at that time he removes his string that Fighter had tied on his wrist. That moment he tries to put distance between them and shut out any feelings he had for Fighter. Because Hwa is his best friend. But he still can’t quite escape his feelings either. It’s why when they are alone you see the dynamics shift between them. Fighter gets physically closer to Tor, and Tor only worries about what others will see. He also allows himself to behave a little needy and spoiled around Fighter. He trusts Fighter to take care of him in a way he doesn’t feel towards anyone else. Thanks for you comment. And it was fun talking with you today. Have a great day. Jen

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