WHYRU – Fighter‘s Love Song to Tutor

This song perfectly conveys Fighter’s feelings for Tutor. As I’ve said in my blog, this is the most wonderful song, and once the lyrics were translated from the WHYRUEpBehind and some help from @Lalisrpn, It makes this rooftop scene my number one romantic scene of all times. Sorry. Not much else can top this. It’s truly epic.  The lyrics and the hauntingly sweet voice go hand in hand telling the story of how long Fighter has loved and longed for Tutor to like him. Finally Tutor looks away and Fighter gets something he’s wanted for so long, Tutor likes him. He can finally show his love that he’s been keeping inside for so long. Which is why this kiss is so tender, with Tutor’s face cradled between his hands, he can show his most precious person how he feels. Sigh.  Now I’m going to go rewatch the confession in the bathtub scene, and remember that Zee told Saint he loved him first, then Fighter to Tutor. I swear. I’m a sucker for romance.

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  1. As the series reaches 40 million views, fans and trolls will wreck havoc to our once peaceful universe. But scenes like these will keep the faith. Thanks for another amazing post!

    1. Thanks for this. It’s already getting to be a problem in my opinion. I see too much drama and dissension in this space, so I want this to be a place where we can all discuss theorize and engage without toxicity. I still am in love with the characters created and admire the hell out of the whole production team for really pushing themselves in making this. I’m going to keep writing my thoughts and opinions. If it’s one thing I’ve definitely taken away from your blog, its that you should say what you think, and not to worry about what others think, staying true to your inner voice and self. I love the fact that no matter how unpopular some views you have might be (looking at those T people) you never shy away from expressing your opinion. So neither will I. Hugs.

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