WHYRU LookBack – Episode 13

Let me start off by saying I cried again. The end of the episode is so full of heart. It’s like I can’t break away from them, and the thought of leaving WHYRU behind makes me sad. It feels as if I have been on an epic journey with this show. And it’s coming to a close once again.

The fan meeting feels as if I will be saying goodbye to the characters. This makes no sense as the show has been over for a while. I guess we keep getting ZaintSee content through Medent, Bazaar, WoodyFromHome, MyBoyFriendCallsMeBaby, Trek31, and every show they appear on. I’m worried that once this is over, we won’t see them together that often.

However, I know they will still see each other. It happens more frequently than we know. They have said they see each other every week at their homes. As Chen said in one of his lives “Why do they have to show you when they are together?” Or some similar sentiment implying their time together is between them and not for us. I take comfort in the fact that they are still very much in each other’s lives, whether we see it or not.

Back to Episode 13 for now. Here are my previous posts on it, followed by the behind the scenes summaries.

I love the scene where Tutor has just finished watching the video from Fighter’s dad. He turns back to Fighter with a hopeful expression on his face. He wants to believe Fighter has come for him, to get him back.

Then there is the scene where Fighter tells Tutor that Tutor is his happiness. Then he asks Tutor if they could get back together and could he be Tutor’s happiness? The love and joy shine through as Tutor nods his head and reaches for Fighter’s hand. He’s the one reaching out this time. He’s taking hold of Fighter’s hand after letting it go. This is Tutor’s way of saying I choose you Fighter, I choose to be your happiness and you are my happiness. The sweet forehead kiss is filled with so much love and tenderness from Fighter. He cherishes Tutor and wants to show him. I still have butterflies in my belly when Tutor kisses Fighter. I’ve seen this scene so many times, but I still am touched by this happy moment.

The beach scene where they all play on the beach together is very cute. I love hearing Saint’s song playing in the background while they romp around. This scene is mostly Zee and Saint not Tutor and Fighter. 😁 Can’t help but be happy to see their happiness once again.

Next we have the eating scene. Let’s all laugh at how excited Saint was to partake of food on camera. SaintFood is real people. 😁🐰🍲🍷

Look at these two dorks…..😂😂

Now we have the look that could make one of them pregnant, according to Zon…..🤣🤣

Then the steamy scene from part 2. So so steamy. The necklace kiss is the hottest kiss I’ve ever seen on screen. 🔥🔥🔥And I’ve watched a lot of BL. 😁 I have the scene included in the other post above. Top Tutor is very sexy. I love his confidence once Fighter agrees. He knows what he wants. I’m still happy that they are portrayed as equals in the bedroom and everywhere else. As Saint and Zee have said, there is no wife in the series. They are both husbands, lover, partners and equals. It’s refreshing to see a reciprocal lovemaking session where both parties give and receive pleasure. No selfish lovers in this show.

The next morning, this makes me laugh.

Wild Night, huh boys? Making up for lost time, multiple times probably. 😏

They get interrupted from their kissing session, then we have Zee and Saint wrestling around on the bed and floor. That’s not Tutor and Fighter, its Saint and Zee. 😁 Don’t believe me, just watch this clip.

Or this one….they play rough…..😂😂

I love the manga style pictures of every couple in the ending. Here we have the collection of them.

And last, but certainly not least, here are pictures of all the people behind the scenes that we don’t see. They are so important and I’m so grateful to each and every person in these pictures, whether it’s makeup, hair, costumes, prop, sound, setting, cameramen, lighting, so many others that put all their efforts in and gave us this amazing show. They put their all into this series and I will always be thankful to them.


I’m ready!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🧯🧯🧯

What about y’all? 💙❤️💙❤️

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