WHYRU LookBack – Ep 5

These episodes make me smile, so I rewatched with happiness. Then I reread my thoughts on the previous posts. Episode 5 Fighter/Tutor

I still agree with my interpretation of key scenes between Fighter and Tutor. Please follow the link and read my thoughts, if you haven’t already. 😊

There are a few things that stood out to me a bit more this time around. Tutor goes from shop to shop to ask about possible job openings. He’s feeling discouraged, so he buys an ice cream cone. The ice cream cone is a reminder of a childhood long gone, a simpler time and happier days. By eating this ice cream, he’s trying to reassure himself that he will be ok, this too shall pass and he just needs to keep walking forward. He is trying to give himself some encouragement and a bit of joy to help ease the heavy weight of finding a job and being responsible for his father’s debts. He doesn’t have anyone to do this for him, so he does it for himself.

You can do this Tutor……don’t give up *Tutor’s inner thoughts*

As Fighter watches him struggle and never give up, he feels sorry for Tutor. Fighter has never had to work hard. He’s always had money. Things come easy to him. He watches him with eyes of pity and concern. He buys an ice cream, not understanding Tutor’s feelings, but trying to walk in his shoes to see what Tutor’s life is like. This is a big step for Fighter who doesn’t connect with others easily. There is always some distance and indifference in his attitude towards people. But he wants to understand Tutor. Fighter longs to close the distance between the two of them.

Why the ice cream?

I go into detail in the other blog post about how Fighter wants to help but his pride gets wounded then he opens his mouth and wounds Tutor’s pride as well.

We have the absolutely wonderful product placement scene next. We have Tutor carefully discussing what’s wrong with Fighter’s skin so he can use various products to look and talk much nicer. It’s too funny. I have to smile at their banter. For them bickering is a type of foreplay. They like to needle each other, they both enjoy pushing each other’s buttons. Neither of them like to back down either, which always makes me smile. Tutor, even though he’s younger, gives as good as he gets. He’s so comfortable that he allows Fighter in close enough to not be polite.

We have naughty Fighter, who tries to solve everything with money. He gets busted by the manager and Tutor when he tries to buy all the stock to make Tutor’s quota. Tutor is embarrassed and unhappy. The adorable bunny and koala dancing scene ensues. I love that bunny by himself doesn’t have much energy, but when joined by the koala, they make a game out of it and have fun together. Then this scene happens.

When the koala head comes off, Tutor is surprised to see Fighter underneath. Fighter is anxious. He doesn’t know if Tutor is still mad at him, or is going to tell him off. So he smiles as if in apology. This is the first glimpse of vulnerable Fighter we see. He was willing to act like a fool and help Tutor to make up for his mistakes. Tutor is surprised to see this side of Fighter. He feels grateful and a little shy. It’s the first time they have been close without bickering. I love this first moment of good feelings between them.

I smiled with delight at the snuggly taxi ride home scene. I adore sleepy and clingy Tutor. Its a side we only see with Fighter, and a bit with Tongta. He knows that Fighter will hold him up, not let him fall. He feels safe, and can be vulnerable in front of Fighter. Instinctively Tutor lets Fighter into his circle of people he can be needy with. And Fighter is so delighted to have Tutor nestle into his side and nuzzle into his neck. His soft smile is full of tenderness. I love this.

When they are walking back to the condo from the taxi Tutor agrees to teach English once more to Fighter. He starts walking away, but realized he forgot to tell Fighter something, so he turns back to see Fighter in mid victory pose. The look of amusement and affection is pure Sutor. I say Sutor I because there are moments we see the line becomes blurry between Saint/Tutor.

Then we have the teaching montage full of pure adorable playfulness. More Sutor and Zighter (Zee/Fighter) moments. Reread my thoughts on this in the previous post. They are having the best time during these scenes.

The we have the debt collector in the rain trying to kidnap Tutor because the debt collector’s brother wants his money. We see how quickly Fighter swoops in to stand in front of his love, ready to protect him. He doesn’t blink an eye when the debt collector tells him that Tutor owes his brother 1.5 million Baht. He agree’s to pay it all in full to get the debt collector off Tutor’s back. Now let’s do some conversion here. According to current conversion rates it’s a little over $48,000. I knew Fighter was rich y’all, but he must be rolling in the money for that.

After the debt collector leaves, I love the worry on Fighter’s face as he inspects Tutor for injuries.

I love the look of stunned disbelief on Tutor’s face. And let me say once again how much I love the cinematography here. You are in Tutor’s point of view, so the focus is on him, with Fighter slightly off focus, so your attention is drawn back to Tutor’s face.

And here we focus on Fighter, as we are in his point of view. The concern on his face is obvious as he inspects Tutor for any injury. He’s taking charge. His care and concern are obvious, even to Tutor. The lighting once again in shade of blue. I swear I could wax poetical about the cinematography. I usually don’t pay attention to these things, but it is a feast for my senses. Even the sound of the rain coming down makes the scene more meaningful. Fighter swoops in like a white knight, rescuing his prince from harm, making sure he’s ok. Then Fighter pulls Tutor in out of the rain, concerned for his health and safety.

Is it any wonder Tutor stares at Fighter as if seeing him again for the first time. Tutor’s so used to taking care of himself or other people, he’s forgotten what it’s like to have someone to take of him, or be worried for him. Again, the lighting and focus are on Tutor, because it’s his emotions they want us to feel.

When they are drying off in the condo, Tutor offers to pay back Fighter for the money when he has it, and give free lessons. All Fighter wants Tutor to do is to be a good teacher to him. He just paid or agreed to pay $48,000 to pay off Tutors debt because of love. I can’t fathom that sort of money, and neither can Tutor. He tells him no one gives anything for free. That’s how he’s had to live. But here is Fighter, paying off his family debts without asking anything in return. It seems like he’s living a dream. It’s just one of the many ways that Fighter takes care of Tutor.

One of my favorite scene comes next. You can watch it on the other page of mine. It’s the first time I ever saw Saint as sexy and their chemistry was off the charts good in this scene. It’s like a switch was flipped and he turned on the charisma and seduction by the boatloads. I am still impressed by this. Especially given that his previous role of Pete was a timid and shy character who was never an aggressive partner in the bedroom scenes. So to see Saint in a whole new, more grown up, light was quite eye opening and exciting.

The last scene is the one with their first kiss. I love Zee’s expressive face and eyes in this scene. He conveys so many emotions without ever uttering a word. He searches for answers in Tutor’s face, wanting to know what Tutor thinks of him. How can he answer the question if he doesn’t know and has never had these feelings before? He is so scared of rejection, but longing to close the distance between them. He inches closer one slow moment at a time, curious, scared, hopeful and yearning expressions cross his face. It’s a masterpiece.

Beginning of awareness for both
What do you think? What do you feel?
The stare at each other’s lips….the curiosity
The first real kiss…..

I still adore the hesitancy of Fighter and the curiosity of Tutor. The both feel something in that moment. Fighter’s eyes search Tutor’s face looking for answers to his questions. What does Tutor feel? He knows how much he is in love with Tutor, but Tutor only asked about men in general. How can he make Tutor understand that for him, he’s only ever loved Tutor? It’s always been just him and no one else. So when Tutor flinches but doesn’t pull away, Fighter places his lips oh so gently on Tutors. Tutor wants to know too, he’s curious about this. The feeling is different. There is no violence or storm, there is only the feathery touch of Fighters lips. Tutor softens his lips, accepting the kiss, even curving his lips slightly around Fighter’s. The sweetness of this moment still gives me butterflies.

And once again the cinematography of this scene is amazing. The softness of the lights around them twinkling and the scene shift from the real world to the animation. It is perfection and sets the mood to soft and delicate, with feelings of sweetness and longing.

I said I wasn’t going to say much about this episode, but here I am making this huge post once again. 😁 Can’t stop myself though. I know I’m not the only one who is completely in love with this show, so thanks for reading. I will publish my thoughts on episode 6 and 7 together I think. That will come out probably today or tomorrow. Once again, please let me know your thoughts and opinions on this. Thanks for reading. 💕🤗 – Jen

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