Oxygen Episode 5

So what is happening with our couples this week? Are Solo and Gui going to reconcile? What’s going to happen with Kao and Phu? Will there be any change in the Petch, Perth Khim love triangle? Let’s dive in to the episode to see what happens. Make sure you go check out Krishna’s review and see if we find common ground or different opinions about this episode.

We left off in episode 4 with a cliffhanger of a seeming confession from Kay, the newbie on staff at the cafe, to Gui. He hoped that Solo would hear. Of course he heard and his jealous streak had him leaving before Kay backpedaled and stated he wanted to be like Gui, independent and mature.

Solo – Gui

We start off with jealous Solo, who is not happy with how close Kay is to Gui. He asks for milk only to be told by Kay the cafe was closed. He uses his puppy dog eyes pleading with Gui. Gui tells him to come back tomorrow. Solo decides to stake his claim on Gui by saying he would take him home. Solo is stepping up his game, getting bolder in his pursuit of Gui.

Sorry Kay, there is no room for you here….😁

Just in case you have forgotten Solo is very rich, here is the car he’s driving Gui home in. I love cars. The kiddo and I watched Top Gear, a British motoring show, for many years. I drooled a bit at this sweet ride.

BMW I8 – Please Solo, take me for a ride in this too. 😁

The next day Solo bumps into Gui at the market while getting supplies for the school camping trip. He asks for Gui’s help to buy things for Kao. He uses his puppy eyes to his advantage, making Gui unable to resist him. Gui is still uncertain whether he will go on the trip with Solo or not, but agrees to help Solo gather supplies.

After this Solo leaves the bag at Gui’s condo for him instead of Kao, in the hopes that Gui will come on the trip with him. Gui doesn’t commit one way or another.

The next day Solo and Kao are talking while waiting for everyone to show up near the buses. Kao can see that Solo is anxious and unsure whether or not Gui will show up. He tries to reassure his friend, but in the end Gui shows up with two of his friends to join the trip. Solo is so relieved and happy until he realizes that Kay is there as well. Kay is excited to see Gui. He’s happy that they have to travel to the camp with their faculty since Kay is the same major as Gui. Meanwhile Solo is not happy at all.

We come to an annoying character in my mind. Kay is beyond pushy. He’s manipulative and constantly trying to get as close to Gui as possible. Gui is kind in the beginning but by the end of episode he’s had enough of Kay. He has to firmly reject Kay, saying he can only be Kay’s senior and nothing more. I am glad.

There is resolution, a public love song, a confession and a kiss from our lovely couple. It’s such progress for them. I’m truly happy that they are together. Now will come the challenges they must face, whether it’s Linda, Solo’s dad or other’s, it’s up to our couple to navigate these obstacles, so hang in there people, it might be a bumpy ride.

Petch – Khim – Perth

It’s shaping up to be not so much a love triangle as a bunch of one sided loves. We have Dr. Petch who seems to have fallen in love with Khim. We have Khim who isn’t in love with anyone that we know of. Then we have Dr. Perth who clearly has feelings for Dr. Petch.

So Khem is now working at the cafe, and Dr. Petch is trying to run interference between the two siblings who are arguing about money. He has placed himself in the middle of their family situation because he cares about both of them. Khem, a typical teen, is spending money on frivolous things like new shoes, whereas Khim is minding her money to buy food, make rent and afford her therapy. This shows the differences in behavior of an adult versus a teenager. So Khem storms off, saying he won’t be a burden to her financially, so he’d find somewhere else to stay. Khim, due to the stress, collapses and is rushed to the hospital.

This is going to get interesting from here.

She wakes up to find that no one can contact her brother. He’s stormed off in a huff and she’s missing him. She regrets her words. Dr. Petch tries to comfort her, but fails to distract her from the worry over Khem.

He thinks she’s going to jump…..but there’s always a twist….she’s just a fujoshi staking out a pair of guys. 😁
Oh boy…..you’ve done it now Dr. Petch. At least when asked if it was Dr. Perth he said no.

We see how things just got sticky for our triangle which may turn out to be a square with someone else in the mix. 😁 Wonder how things will all shake out now?

Phu – Kao

We see that before the trip, Kao was camped out in the lobby of Phuri’s building, waiting on him to come home. He wanted to ask if Phu would go with them on the camping trip. Phu answers that he’s busy and abruptly leaves Kao standing there wondering if he was still mad. Kao was antagonistic to the peers in Phu’s class who were talking shit about Phu. But it appears Phu didn’t like Kao’s actions.

Not a lot of development or screen time for this couple this week. This week was about Solo and Gui, and them finding their way to each other. Kao was Solo’s wingman who ran interference with Kay so Solo could spend more time with Gui.

At the camp, there is someone who heard Kao singing and wanted to ask him out, but gets dismissed altogether by Kao until he learns the guy is in the same faculty as Phu. He eagerly asked questions about Phuri and makes notes in his phone to ask him later about the rumors.

Kao refuses to believe that Phu could beat someone to death.

I hope we get more of this couple next week. I somehow think his notes on his phone will backfire on him, but I’m happy he added the word unbelievable. I want Phu to open up more to Kao. We shall see how much they include from Nitrogen into this story or how much they save for a season 2. Fingers crossed they speed up their relationship a bit, because I really enjoy their chemistry together.

So that’s it for our episode this week. What do you think? Did you like it? Tell me your thoughts on all the couples. And let me know what you are looking forward to the most. Also make sure to check out Krishna’s review and see if our thoughts this week are similar or do the diverge in places.

See you next episode peeps. 🤗😘💕 – Jen

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I’m just mostly watching My Oxygen for the fun of it. Not really investing much thought into it anymore. Partly because there has been other BLs that are tugging way harder at my heartstrings.

    Here’s a question totally unrelated to My Oxygen but here goes, Are you watching any Filipino BLs? I’ve gotta say they’re going hard on it. There are so many that’s coming out from them. Not all are good ones but Gaya sa Pelikula is still ongoing & I’m in love with the whole story setting, our 2 leads & even the sister. Even through the limitations amidst the pandemic, I still love them so much. You feel the heart & the love that went into it.

    Gameboys is another top favourite & probably my No. 1 for its innovative story setting, tight storyline, well written script & gold actors. It made me love everyone even down to the semi-villainous characters. All the side characters are getting their own series & I can’t wait!

    1. My Oxygen is just a feel good fluffy kind of story. It makes me smile every time I watch it, so it does it’s job for me. There are other bl’s that I have on tap to watch after I finish either My Day or Oxygen.

      As for Filipino BL’s I started watching Gameboys but had to stop watching when I figured out that the father was going to pass away from Covid. I lost my son in June, so I can’t handle a show where a major character deals with the death of a loved one. It was fantastic though. And when I’m able I will go back to it. I started Quaranthings, but there was too much on my plate to continue, so I dropped it. If you would recommend some, I’d love some suggestions. I just request that it not get too heavy. I will give Gaya sa Pelikula a shot. And I know there is a paranormal bl coming up called My Curse that’s Filipino as well, so two of my favorite things together, sign me up please. 😁.

      Thanks again. Looking forward to your suggestions. 🤗💕 – Jen

      1. Haha…Episode 6 did give me that feel good fluff I’m missing from the show in the form of Phu & Kao. These 2 boys are definitely hitting me in the right feels. So, am looking forward to your review on it. A little intrigued by the sudden introduction of a 4th character making it a rectangle?! Whoa…now I’m suddenly all excited for episode 7 to see where they’re heading with that.

        Yeah, Cairo dad’s death definitely made everyone cry buckets especially with the realistic portrayal of the actor. It was so good yet so painful to watch. Understandable why you couldn’t continue with it. I haven’t started Quaranthings though. Wasn’t too sure on whether I would like it. Right now, I’m just hook on Gaya sa Pelikula. You should definitely give it a shot. It hits in all the right places. Episode 4 was amazing with all the little hidden details plus each episodes’ post credit scenes of the 2 leads are something to pay close attention to. I didn’t know about a Filipino paranormal BL so thanks for a heads up on that!

  2. Hello Jen.

    Am starting with Solo-Gui. I still can’t believe Solo didn’t explain why he ghosted him for days neither did he apologize. Although watching it, i was with Gui. When Solo flushed his secret weapon, the puppy eyes- i forgave him too. Shame, i know.
    This week, if i were to be asked to choose a fighter in this episode, i would have chosen Solo. He had a goal and achieved it. The chase was intense and lovely and made for great entertainment. Especially the part where he wanted to kill Beer and Kao and Jedi were holding him back.

    Kay- Oh how i hate Kay, maybe even more than Solo. But, i think he is more opportunistic than manipulative. He used all the ammo in his arsenal ( i hope i used that correctly) to get Gui. Really, look at his opponent, campus moon, nice guy, famous, people’s favorite, Gui likes him, has a special menu at the coffee shop and special serving hours, rich and did i mention Solo’s face and height? He had to bring out everything when Solo doesn’t look like he tries much. At least in this episode he is more opportunistic than manipulative. After that milk scene, he somewhat pulled back on manipulating situations.

    When Solo was ghosting, he was pushing- borderline creep. But he took advantage of the time Solo was away to get Gui to notice him. He also takes advantage of the fact that being Gui’s junior gives him access to Gui a lot more than Solo. So he uses the time at the coffee shop and the bus. Plus he somehow learns that Solo is a bit soft in the way he relates to Gui, so he tries that too. Gui is partly to blame. Despite the fact that he is nice, you can’t tell me he can’t tell that Kay is overstepping boundaries. He treats him the same way he treats Solo, a man he is suppose to like. He doesn’t say anything even when he clearly is uncomfortable.

    So in the bus, Kay sees an opportunity to get closer to him and takes the earphones, i mean it’s Gui, “he is my mentor/senior so he will share”.In the room during sleeping arrangements, he follows because Gui is suppose to take care of his Junior. Another opportunity to get closer. Bonus, he gets to annoy his rival. I hope his major is business/politics because he has the potential of a mean unethical person and knows how to calculate his risks. It is also admirable that he gives it one last shot, voices his intentions which promptly gets rejected (psst, i rewatched the rejection coz it gave me un-inexplainable satisfaction) . That said, I hate him.

    Lol, i love how Kao dismissed the guy who was shooting his shot. He didn’t even pretend to listen. His selective listening skills were activated and all he cared about was Phu. Like the man did’t even exist or was some random salesman selling him insurance. I still like his approach, Phu is innocent of any accusation, confirm every rumor he hears about his love interest, then make up his mind about how he feels about it.


  3. Hi,
    This is totally #MyOxygen unrelated and closer to what Mochin H asked. It’s regarding Pinoy bls. Other than #MyDay, in case any other catch your interest, when you are picking a series to review, would you mind picking a Pinoy alongside a Thai one to review here?

    I feel they bring in something new, fill gaps, push envelops especially in areas other bls are afraid to touch. Please consider it.


    1. Give me some suggestions sweetie. As long as there isn’t a major character death, I’m good with it. Hope you are doing good. Hit me up sometime on twitter, I’d love to catch up. 💕😘🤗 – Jen

      1. Hi Jen,
        I am fine thank you. I will look you up sometime. It’s jus that we are getting towards the end of the year and work usually get heavier this period.
        I am definitely recommending #GayaSaPelikula (Like in the movies) for two major reasons.
        1. Written by a queer playwright
        2. Acted by members of the queer community
        3. No spoiler for you (refer to 1 and 2)!!!

        There haven’t been any death reference yet, am not sure about the future.
        It is very wholesome. I hope you enjoy it when you get to watch it.


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