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This week, our first couple has confessed to each other and begin their life as boyfriends. What does that look like for Solo and Gui? Also thank goodness we get more of Kao and Phuri as I missed them terribly last week. I love Solo and Gui but Kao/Phu are irresistible. I smile at the screen when they appear. Kao is so charming. And will the triangle become a rectangle between Khim, Petch and Perth with a new person in the mix? Read on to find out the answers. And don’t forget to check out Krishna’s review to see if she has the same or differing opinions on this episode. We’ve been similar in past episodes, lets see how we compare this episode.

Solo – Gui

We start off with our established couple here. Solo and Gui are still at the beach on the trip with their friends. Solo gets a phone call and walks away to talk. This leads Jedi and Kao to advising Gui to make sure Solo doesn’t destroy his phone. Of course Gui goes and stops Solo as he’s about to toss his phone into the ocean. I love Gui’s maturity here.

What a sweet sentiment.

Of course he pushes his luck asking Gui to sleep in the same cabin as him again.

And of course Gui gives in to Solo’s puppy dog eyes. Who wouldn’t. At least he managed to put the condition of separate beds, but do you think Solo would play fair? 😁 He’s a sneaky puppy.

Look at that satisfied smile.

Solo gives Gui more birthday presents than his song, he filled a closet with clothes for Gui. He wants Gui to move in. Gui will be starting an internship soon, so Solo wants to spend as much time with Gui before the internship starts.

Look at their cute couples mugs…..How adorable is this? 🥺💕

But it’s not all sunshine and roses, yet. Solo has yet to tell Gui about his past and issues that are troubling him. So Gui just waits patiently.

It comes to a head, when Jay calls while Solo is in the shower. Jay tells Gui that Solo needs to do what his father says or there will be consequences. Gui passes on the info to Solo, which leads to Solo coming clean about the position he’s in. I’m so proud of this scene because for Suppanut, this was a moment for him to show us a different emotion of Solo. So far we have seen sad, melancholy, anger, pleading and pouting. But by opening up to Gui, he had to be vulnerable in front of him.

The tears in his eyes that refuse to fall convey his anxiety and worry that Gui will leave him. But he won’t stand in Gui’s way because he wants Gui to be happy.

Gui calls back Jay and lets him hear their conversation. He decides to be in a relationship with Solo. I love that he decides that he will let Solo handle this part of their relationship, whereas Gui will be the one to make sure Solo is fed, happy and content. They take turns caring for each other. It’s more of a relationship of equals where they complement each other.

Can’t wait to meet Jay and Solo’s dad. It’s going to be an interesting ride from here on out. I like the story of Gui and Solo. Can’t wait to see what will come next for them.

Petch – Khim – Perth and ….. ?

Remember I said that we might be in for a love square instead of a love triangle. Well this week I think they’ve given us the fourth person in this strange relationship. Read on to see who will get swept up into this hot mess of a storyline.

Of course Petch is going to take her home. When they arrive, they are afraid that someone is in the house. I adore how absolutely dorky Petch is willing to get for Khim’s sake. The look on his face is priceless too. I couldn’t help but giggle.

Nothing says protection like a frying pan and a pot on your head….😂😂😂

It’s only Khem, who has returned home and began to raid the fridge. After Petch leaves them, Khem expressed his concern that Petch is hitting on his sister. This is where things get interesting. Khim blurts out that Petch likes guys, which brings about an interesting look in Khem’s eyes. Uh Oh.

Meanwhile Khim tasked Petch with taking a picture while eating with his crush. Of course he takes a picture with Perth. When Perth asks Petch what is going on, Petch says he has something to tell him. It hurts my heart to see the hope that goes across Perth’s face as he says I hope it’s something I’ve been waiting to hear. He expects a confession, but what he gets is the truth.

Poor guy is heartbroken and angry, and I can’t blame him.

Later Petch apologizes but only to get Perth to go to the movies with him. He has to prove to Khim that he had a boyfriend. Perth is angry, rightfully so. He expected an apology not to be taken advantage of again.

When Perth storms off Khem comes over to ask if he’s ok. Since Petch now has two movie tickets, he asks Khem to go with him. Not a good idea there Dr. but he’s not very bright in noticing people’s feelings, is he?

Sooooo there we have it…….our love square…..Both Perth and Khem are crushing on Petch who is crushing on Khim who has no feelings for anyone. Sigh. Messy storyline upcoming, I think.

Phu – Kao

And now on to my favorite pair. I love Solo and Gui but Kao and Phu are just irresistible.

Kao is missing Phu. So he tries to call him several times, but he gets no answer. He decides to go find him. I love this about Kao. Others might give up when the person they are pursuing doesn’t return their calls, but not our persistent bunny.

Kao goes to the international business building and unfortunately stumbles on the bullies from before. Of course they want revenge and don’t fight fair. As they hold onto Kao, they begin to beat him up. When one of them grabs a pipe, I was scared for Kao at that moment, but Phuri comes at the right time to rescue his bunny. He beats them all up single handedly. Phuri is in a fury…..sorry….not sorry. I had to. 😁 After they are all on the ground he grabs Kao and hustles them off.

I LOVE THIS LINE!!!! And in his badass voice…..😁

He takes Kao to his condo and tends his wounds. Yes, dear reader, we are treated once again to the sponge bath phenomenon of the bl world. Where Kao must take off his shirt to be wiped down. Well, I’m not complaining. Kao without his shirt is nice eye candy. 😏

I love that he gave his bunny a bunny shirt to put on. He said it belongs to his brother who used to live there, but I like the idea that he bought Kao 🐰pajamas.

And after giving his bunny medicine and tucking him in, we are blessed to see this Phuri.

He’s smiling at his sleeping bunny…..awww.

The next day they are out to eat when we hear the boys are expelled and have quit the school. Kao thinks it’s his fathers doing, but I’m pretty sure that it was Phuri’s doing. There is also the rumor started that Kao got beaten up by Phu on social media. So Kao decides to nip the rumors in the bud, counting on the stalker social media types that appear around his campus. Do people take other people’s pictures without their asking? Is that a thing there? It would seriously creep me out.

What are you doing? I love his reply….😂😂

And this last shot I love and had to include is this one.

Phu knew perfectly well what his bunny was up to…..I love that he calls it his tricky bunny face…..😁🐰

Phu once again advises Kao to make sure of his feelings. He wants to know that Kao is not only in it for the chase. I think he’s finally realized he adores his bunny and doesn’t want to let him go. But if his bunny doesn’t love him, he needs to stop himself before his feelings go too deep. Kao is confident. And I love that about him. He doesn’t question his surety that Phu is meant for him. Looking forward to the next curveball that is thrown to our couple.

And there we have this weeks episode. I loved it. All the scenes were important to the story and further moved the plot or character development along. I have to say that each week I look forward to this new episode. Nothing can replace WHYRU in my heart, but this gives me fluffy happy moments that give me a serotonin boost. At the end of each episode I’m smiling, so that’s a win in my book.

Once again, give Krishna’s review a read and see where we are the same or different for this episode. I think our similarity seems to win out over our differences, but I’m sure one day there will be an episode where our opinions will diverge.

Also please drop me a comment below and lets dig into this episode. What are your thoughts? 🤗💕 – Jen

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. I like Oxygen. It’s light, fluffy and most of all honest except for when Solo ran for cover and ditched Gui. But he manned up and recovered nicely. I like that Gui was clear with his feelings ( finally ) and shared them with Solo and Jay. He leaned in and did what he had to do. So yeah, where does it go from there ? Phu and Kao are the type of 2nd leads that make you scratch your head. I’ve watched too many Chinese drama’s where the ML has that stony/icy personality – I live for the episodes when they “light up” a bit or a lot usually 20 episodes in…so Oxygen doesn’t have that many episodes to waste so I hope Phu can go with the flow soon. I don’t know his backstory ( or missed it) to know why he is the way he is. To be honest, the other three characters don’t interest me much. I admit I’m one of those ” if it’s Boy’s Love – we don’t need a female antagonist…guys can do bad all by themselves… Sammy and Yiwah get a bye…they weren’t oppressive at all. For the most part the pacing is ok although there are times they could speed it up- the camera lingers a few seconds too long in some scenes – but it’s bearable. Overall, I like it and look forward to the next episodes.

    1. I’m glad you like Oxygen. It’s fun and fluffy. As for why he ran, he didn’t run for cover per se. He was trying to distance himself and take care of the private investigator hired to stalk him and Gui. He thought that if he left Gui alone the private investigator would back off. He is rather naive some times. Hope you are enjoying more of Phu/Kao. I find them charming and love watching the icy Phu warm to his bunny. You will know his backstory, if not in this series then in the second season. It’s the main plot of Nitrogen. I adore the books, and I’d advise you to go read them on Wattpad. They are officially authorized by the author from a thai to english speaker. I don’t mind a well balanced cast. I adore Yiwha, Sammy’s character in UWMA & LBC, I also like Dell from UWMA and from Lovesick-Yuri is a good character in my opinion. Hope you come back in the next few days because my review will be up.
      – Jen

      1. Will do ! I’ll be interested in your review. I found E7’s editing to be very choppy this time which took me out of the scene a couple of times..lol

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