Oxygen – Episode 4

This week, what happens between our couples? Anyone new or new development between the pairs or triangles? What about Solo, does he get rescued in time by Gui? And do we find out what’s wrong with Khim? What about Dr. Perth and Dr. Petch? And finally will Phuri allow Kao to come closer to him? Read on to find out all the answers. And be warned, there are spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the episode, please go do so. Also please check out Krishna’s review. Do we have the same opinions, or are we diverging in our thoughts about the show? Read both and leave us some feedback. Are you enjoying two views on the same story?

Solo – Gui

We left off with Solo in a precarious position, drugged by a Yam who was trying to make a sex tape while he was unconscious. Gui came to the rescue, we assume, as he intercepted the photographer who was leaving the room for Yam to assault Solo.

I am disappointed that the show didn’t have any consequences for Yam, other than Gui rescuing Solo and Yam running away. And Solo knew and let himself get drugged so that Gui would rescue him. He had his friends on standby but had Gui been any later, the assault would have started, so they were of no use. At least they took him home. Sigh. I had hopes they would show charges being filed against Yam.

The friends take him home and, of course, Gui makes food for them all. He’s such a caretaker to his juniors. And Solo gets to behave like a spoiled child in front of Gui, forcing Gui to feed him when he didn’t eat enough. It’s cute.

The friends leave and we have the obligatory sponge bath given to make the ill person feel better. Must be a cultural thing, because no matter how ill I’ve been, my husband doesn’t off to give me a sponge bath. 😁.

We finally get Gui’s backstory about Big Mama and the orphanage he grew up in. He was one of the kids who took care of others. The orphanage was forced to close, and everyone was adopted but him. He’s not bitter or sad about this. Just matter of fact. He went to live with Big Mama and started work at 13 to help her out. Very sweet with a sense of responsibility, our Gui is. He wanted Big Mama to focus on her dream of opening a school, so he helped her dream become a reality. He’s saving money to go visit her. He’s not self pitying or sad, he’s just caring and focused on making his way. I love this about him.

They share the cute thumb kiss between them. Solo isn’t the type to steal a kiss, so he puts his thumb between them. It’s enough that Solo shows his affection for Gui, but not forward enough without persmission.

Solo start to notice that someone is taking pictures when he is with Gui. He’s annoyed by it, but doesn’t bring it up to Gui. I know too, since I’ve read the novel. But it will be revealed later.

Solo begins to put distance between them, not showing up at night, not coming by the cafe much, which worries Gui. He doesn’t understand what’s happening.

Also there is a junior who is pulling out all the stops trying to win over Gui and we see that he can’t resist helping someone in trouble out. However, he does have boundaries with this new person, so he doesn’t receive the special treatment Solo does.

So we end this couple with a bit more drama. Gui receives a confession from the new guy, that Solo overhears. And Solo destroys his father’s private investigator’s phone with pictures of Gui and Solo together. What happens next? We’ll see what happens next week.

Dr. Petch – Kim – Dr. Perth

We seen Khim in the hospital with Dr. Petch by her side. We learn that Dr. Petch can’t contact Khim’s brother, so he waits for her to wake up. Things don’t look good for her. She has severe COPD (a respiratory condition) that impacts her lung function to half capacity.

I love that Dr. Perth also helps, despite knowing that his crush or love is getting a girlfriend, he wants his friend to be happy and he too cares about Khim. They both put the pressure on Khim’s brother by giving him a stern talking too. I love that both Dr. Petch and Dr. Perth work together to secure the boy’s cooperation. They finally get through to him, and he starts a part time job so his sister can receive treatment.

I enjoy the dynamics between the three of them. I like Petch and Khim as a couple. But I also want Perth to have a happy ending too. No idea how that’s going to happen, but I have hope.

Phu – Kao

I love this couple. Kao is so damn adorable and Phu is finding him hard to resist. I love that no matter what comes Kao’s way, he’s steady in his pursuit of Phu.

Phu knew that Kao had taken his ID and looked up his schedule. I love that. He’s not fooled at all by Kao, but doesn’t seem to mind. Kao’s pout is about not being able to meet later that night, until Phu tells him he has to call his mother. Phu smiles again and they exchange line numbers. They are getting closer, so he invites Kao to come to class with him.

When there, Kao hears people behind gossiping loudly about how savage and brutal Phu was, saying he killed someone. Kao is pissed off, but class starts. Kao tells him that he doesn’t think he’s a bad person, and if he wants to tell Kao, he will listen. But he doesn’t push for answers. He puts his head down and puts one earbud in. Phu gently places the other bud in Kao’s ear. It’s a sweet tender move on Phu’s part. And Kao lends his silent support by this gesture, wanting Phu to know that Kao is by his side.

Holding pinky’s is so cute.

Of course after class Kao tries to pick a fight with the seniors for gossiping about Phu, but when Phu decides to leave, Kao rushes after him. I love the progression in their relationship. I can’t wait to see what happens next between them. Right now they are my favorite couple.


Out of the four episodes we’ve seen, this is the slowest. I don’t hate it. I feel like it lacks something however. I needed their to be consequences for Yam’s behavior. I needed Solo and Gui to communicate more. I wanted Gui to realize he was being fooled and hit upon. I realize this happens in the book too, but it feels as if the writers said, oops, they are too close, lets pull them apart now. And honestly I want Dr. Petch and Khim to end up together. There dynamics are lovely. But I want Dr. Perth to find his happy ever after too. The strongest scenes this episode had to be the development between Kao and Phu. They make me smile. I hope we see more of Solo and Gui communicating next week. Let me know your thoughts, and make sure to go check out Krishna’s review. What does she think? Are our feelings similar this week?

Rating: 4/5

🤗💕 – Jen

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  1. Haha- I love your comment about the sponge baths- kind of like rushing to the hospital for minor cuts- Is this cultural- or just a staple in Thai Bls? Like going to the beach or planting trees?
    Kao is definitely my fave- and their pinky hold was great- I usually like the sweet quiet moments of Solo Gui- but I do wish Petch the actor was more smiley and expressive as Gui. Solo is supposed to be the cold one.

    1. So true…..like do they really give sponge baths for every illness or when you are drunk? And do they all go to plant trees on a school trip or clean the beaches? It’s got to be a cultural difference because in every Thai bl this seems to happen. The pinky hold moment was also my favorite. It was so sweet. Gui is the more caring big brother type. I think he’s weighed down by his responsibilities and his need to care for others. With that said, I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode. The review will be out later today, so check back and let me know what you think. 💕🤗 – Jen

  2. Hi Jen, long time!

    Can i just say, at this point am so done with Thai bl series sprinkling sexual abuse/assault in their productions and no consequences like it’s a norm? For instance this one. What was the point? The girl just left like ‘hey no biggie’. Then, surprise surprise, we don’t see her again like it never happened. So why was the scene there? At least in the book when they soaked Solo in water, Guitar gave them an earful and they apologised and someone else took over the filming with him there.

    I saw no point in that scene. Like they wanted to get a rise out of those who care or they needed a filler then that was their go to. Very questionable go to. I need to know what these people think and why the hell they treat sexual abuse/assault/harassment in bl entertainment so lightly.

    Kao-Phu. I still think one of this days Phu is going to lock Kao in a room somewhere and leave lol. He talks. A lot. But, i like that Phu is getting used to it, even though he still looks at Kao like he is from space. That Kao, sought to confirm the truth from Phu when he is ready to share was honestly my best moment with the two. Now Phu has someone in his corner.

    Okay, Gui’s junior has no concept of boundaries or personal space AT ALL! He comes on strong and comes off as just annoying and bothersome. If someone is hitting on me and is so in my face like that, i’d scream at you. He is lucky Gui is polite.

    Honestly, i am giving up on the threeway situationship that is Khim, Perth and Petch. I thought it would be something fresh, new and exciting since I am familiar with the other couples. So far, they give me nothing to work with. It feels flat for me and just a filler. The closeness that is developing between Khim and Petch feels flat. There friendship is beginning to feel “relatable”, but other than that, nothing. This episode also left out Perth somewhat. I hope they keep a proper balance in the amount of interaction these three have and that their story line doesn’t end up disconnected.


    Make the sponge bath a thing when you fall sick so your husband gets used to it. Tell him, you have friends who swears by it 🤭🤭. I remember my mum toweling us as kids when we had fevers, up until high school. After that nothing, just meds and rest.


    1. Thank you. I think I should write an article about the dismissal of sexual assault in these shows. There is no serious consequence for anyone’s actions. I am disappointed with the clear sweeping it under the rug treatment of a serious matter. Date rape drugs are no joke, and the trauma of assault, even if it was stopped before things went too far, causes serious problems. I wish they would talk about them. At the very least show charges being pressed or the girl getting expelled.

      Kao Phu is so my soft spot. I love Solo Gui, but find myself completely charmed by Kao. He’s adorable. The development between the two characters is nicely paced as well. I feel they are doing a good job in showing Kao’s sincerity and Phu’s walls coming down.

      Gui’s junior. Can’t wait to hear what you think of him after this episode. I’ve got lots to say about him, not any of it good, honestly.

      As for the three way relationship, I think you will like this episode. It definitely looks like it’s a Khim and Petch romance with Dr. Perth on the outside looking in, supporting his love in his pursuit of happiness. I do hope it ends happily though.

      Will have to try your suggestion……😋. I will say they said it helps me recover quicker……😁 Thanks for the tip.
      😘🤗💕 – Jen

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