Manner of Death – Episode 3 Recap/Review

So what do I hope to uncover from these episodes? I want to know more about Jane. Who was she as a person? She taught high school. She’s a childhood friend of Buns. She brought Tan to the party to celebrate the hospital director’s birthday. She has an older sister. She suffered from depression. Those are facts. I want to know her personality. What she liked, disliked, who were her friends, what are her hobbies? Knowing this may help find her killer if we uncover these things.

Episode 3

We left off with the mysterious masked man standing at his bedside. This man warns Bun to back off the case or else. Then injected something into his iv line. The person could have killed him, but they didn’t. It is clear that many people want Jane’s death to be ruled a suicide and the case to be closed.

Pued is at Jane’s house 20 minutes before her death. He goes in through the front door as Tan is leaving out the back entrance. The two don’t seem aware of each other’s presence. He creeps up the stairs.

The next day Bun is reviewing camera footage to see who was in his room. When he woke up that morning, he would have chalked it up to a vivid dream had he not seen the empty bottle of the tranquilizer on the nightstand. Who is the masked man? I know, it’s cheesy, right?😁 I couldn’t resist.

A man in a baseball hat, doctor’s coat, and mask enters Tan’s hospital room. He walks out the door, strips off his doctor’s disguise, then leaves on the back of a motorcycle. His face and feature are obscured the entire video. Bun is clearly frustrated, and I can’t blame him. Someone is watching him closely.

We shift scenes to see Inspector M examining the rope closely in the evidence room. Will he tamper with the evidence? Is he looking for answers or covering up something? The scene fades, and we are left with more questions.

Bun is released from the hospital but unsure if he is fit to drive. Tan appears and offers to drive him home. Once Bun is safely home, Tan proceeds to go down the street to find a taxi or ride into town. He hops on the back of a motorcycle. The model looks similar to the one Bun’s attacker escaped on. It leaves me wondering if they are deliberately insinuating that Tan is the villain.

The next day Bun is pressured, by both Inspector M and the hospital chief, to rule Jane’s death a suicide quickly. Bun feels the pressure to suppress the evidence and declare Jane’s death a suicide even though the evidence suggests homicide.

A hashtag appears on social media. It says Justice for Jane. Everyone in town begins to talk. What happened to Jane?

We see Sorn and Nan are on the way to school in the morning when they stop at a food cart to get breakfast. Sorn realizes he has left his money at home but promises to come back later to pay her. Nan offers to pay but only has 100baht, nothing smaller. The owner tells Nan that she doesn’t have enough money for change & sends them off with Sorn’s promise to pay later. Nan has a lot of lof money. Where did she get it? The day after she gets ino a black van with tinted window she is flashing money around. This sounds like prostitution to me. I think I am right.

While visiting Rongtiva, he discovers that Pued and Jane were a couple. This shocks Bun because he assumed that Tan and Jane were together. Pued and Jane broke up, leading Jane to become depressed. Yet Pued offered to look into Jane’s death for Bun. Pued never told him about their relationship either. That is suspicious, in my estimation.

Bun tries to get in touch with Pued but can’t find him. After talking to Por, he tries to reach him again but with no success. They find Pued’s abandoned car on the road. No signs of a struggle.

When Bun arrived home that night, someone is waiting for him. They struggle, and Bun manages to stab the intruder in the shoulder. Tan shows up and fights with the intruder, who runs away when the odds are against them. My suspicious mind says Tan stages this to make Bun trust him. Since he battled the guy in front of Bun, it’s not possible to be him. It’s too convenient.

Why was he at Bun’s house? He followed Bun home to return the cactus. Bun treats his wound and shoves a cloth in his mouth, moving it around to check for loose teeth. At this point, he throws the rag away, which is a waste of DNA in my book. Saliva contains DNA, and the bite marks on the victims, especially if fresh, should contain the DNA of the perpetrator.

So Tan decides to stay at Bun’s home to protect him in case the intruder comes back. Bun can’t sleep well, so the next day, Tan offers to have Bun live with him so the intruder can’t find him again. He promises to protect Bun. That promise seems very sincere. Time will tell if it’s a lie or the truth.

I love how I took notes, and I made a notation that Nam had needle marks that Sorn saw before she got picked up again by the black car whose license plate he commits to memory. But I have no idea when this happened in the episode. So I’m adding it at the end. Sorn is worried about her. I think she’s caught up in the same thing as the other women, drugs and prostitution ring.

They arrive at Tan’s house, set among the lush countryside outside of the town. Cram school teachers must make a lot of money because his house is enormous, especially for one person. Its gorgeous.

But it becomes clear that Tan lives alone. He can’t cook, tries and fails at making anything edible for Bun. Bun heads to the kitchen, dons an apron and gets to work. Soon he has an edible mean he shares with Tan. It’s quite the domestic scene. Tan is ever the bachelor, he only has one furnished bedroom. So, of course, Bun tells Tan they can share the bed. These men are moving fast. Bun has moved in, made dinner and is now sharing Tan’s bed. 😁

Final Thoughts

I’m glad to learn that Tan isn’t Jane’s boyfriend. Didn’t like the thought of him cheating on Jane or flirting with Bun after Jane died. The intimacy between them is more acceptable now that I know he’s not a playboy hopping between casual relationships.

I am suspicious of Pued’s sudden disappearance. Also, Inspector M seems to know more than he’s telling anyone. The reporter is the same. Let’s hope we see who is hiding what soon. Bun is still my favorite character, followed by Oat. The rest of them I’m suspicious of because they are hiding something. Let’s see what the next episode holds. Thanks for reading my thoughts. I can’t wait to hear yours.

🤗😘 – 💕Jen

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  1. I thought no one drugs someone already in the hospital with a threat to leave everything alone unless they have some kind of involvement. Whether it was in Janes life, death or somewhere in between. If there is more than one person threatening Bun then it may be bigger than what he thinks and what he is able to see.

    Bun had not seen Jane in a long time and she wasn’t about to give her life story when they hung out the first time. She gave cryptic details that she’s was involved in something or stumbled onto something. But it didn’t sound like she trusted anyone to tell them.

    I didn’t like Tan showing up at the party with Jane after Tan kissed him at the club the night before. I mean if Jane and Tan had no secrets between them he would have told her and there would have been no question but neither of them corrected Bun in his assumption Tan and her were together. I mean Tan was openly flirting and close to Bun and he was supposedly with a date. It felt like Tan was hopping too much. I was a little relieved when Bun found out Tan and Jane were just friends but sad they both lost a friend but things just aren’t adding up for how she died.

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