WHYRU LookBack – Ep 2

Let’s start off by saying I love the character’s cameos in the this episode. When I see Tharn Type in the beginning of this episode it makes me smile so much. I’ve missed them too. They are so cute. Zon’s confusion is adorable too. When he stumbles off to the sound of the birds, it makes me laugh. I keep picturing a cartoon version of him with the birds circling his head.

Aww, Tharn Type and a confused Zon

We have the scene where Day is trying to find out if Tutor likes Hwa, and Tutor seeming surprised by this question. I don’t think he’d ever given any thought as to his actions related to Hwa. He’d always treated her like a princess. I seem to recall when I read the book, it explains their dynamics in more detail. Apparently when they were children together, Hwa did something and Tutor got hurt. She felt so guilty she burst into tears and became inconsolable. Which led to the hurt Tutor comforting Hwa. He can’t stand to see her sad, and she loves him to pieces as a best friend and she can’t stand to see him suffer. Which leads to Tutor spoiling Hwa, and Hwa needing/wanting to help Tutor out of his current troubles.

The classroom scene with Zon and his friends make me smile. Poppy is so over the top as Junior. I can’t help but giggle. And we see Tee & Fuse once again. A lovely cameo that makes me want to rewatch Make It Right again. I love their dynamics. Peak and Boom have lovely chemistry, it’s so sweet. And the dumpling kiss has me grinning from ear to ear. I love the way P’Shewin inserts the wink and nod at the other series he directed. If you are long time bl fan you get the reference, but if you are a new bl fan it is still sweet to see.

Upon rewatch, I noticed how worried Fighter looks when Hwa mentions Tutor’s troubles in the car scene. He might pretend he’s annoyed by Tutor, but he longs to be closer. In episode 12 we hear that Fighter say the more he tried to distance himself from Tutor, the closer he wanted to become. And that is seen here. He doesn’t want Tutor to suffer. It leads him to make some very bad choices to try to remedy the situation because Fighter’s dad has shown him that money solves all the problems.

We have the Hwa, Fighter, Tutor and Saifah scene. Hwa is so the spoiled princess but I really like her. She’s an example of taking a trope, like the spoiled princess girlfriend, and turning it on it’s head as Janis Janister delivers such a good performance, you are completely charmed by her. In the end, I love Hwa so much in this show. She’s also a good example of a female character who achieves growth and change. By the end of the show, she’s supportive of Tutor and Fighter’s relationship. She’s kinder, and she gets her own happy ending. Day is so perfect for her. He loves her, but also tries to help her be a better person. More on that when we get to episode 8.

Fighter and Tutor fight in the car. Fighter wants to know what to get Hwa because honestly he can’t be bothered to talk to Hwa about that kind of thing. Tutor is pissed his best friends dating partner doesn’t know what she likes. When Hwa gets in the car, she knows they’ve fought. Tutor and Saifah leave. And Hwa and Fighter have words. This is a good scene. It breaks my heart for Hwa. And I see the panic in Fighter’s eyes as Hwa brings up Tutor, terrified she has come to see through him and to the heart of his feelings for Tutor. This makes him lash out at her quickly trying to take Tutor out of their conversation because he knows in his heart that it’s all about Tutor.

Poor Hwa, Poor Fighter

When Hwa tells Fighter she loves him, he looks taken aback. He’s so blind to her feelings at this point. And it’s when he starts to pull away from her. He feels guilty that she loves him because he can’t return her love. He only longs for Tutor, a forbidden wish, a hidden desire for something he knows he’ll never have. But he tries to pull back from Hwa, not realizing it’s already to late. She’s put her heart out there for him.

The Saifah and Zon elevator scene makes me smile like crazy. Where they are bumping into each other, trying to outdo each other, I can’t help but giggle. Then the girls come up to ask for a picture prompting Zon to remember his sister’s fiction. You can see he’s starting to become aware of his own attraction to Saifah because he’s more aware of the closeness in their bodies. Also I adore the way Saifah says My Zon. 🥰

We have Tutor baking montage, which is cute. I should probably call it the Saint baking scene because we all know #SaintFood is real.🐰🎂

What a cutie!

Then we have the party and bar scene. I love that when the two of them are alone, the anger between them seems to shift into a playful atmosphere. Especially when Fighter ‘teases’ Tor, Tutor is used to it, and worries that others will see. I’m going to speculate, but I think that Tutor feels something when Fighter gets in his space. You see it in his eyes. He’s physically aware of Fighter. And I think as much as Fighter enjoys getting close up to Tutor, Tutor doesn’t hate it. He might push him back, but it’s always a half hearted attempt. And it’s always the protest that others might see and get the wrong idea. I honestly feel like had Fighter not kissed Tutor out of anger the first time, Tutor would have responded a bit before pulling away.

The smile on his face while watching Tutor do math on his fingers. It’s clearly filled with affection. He knows how he feels about Tutor. Which is why he’s sneaking glances at him when Tutor isn’t looking.

And the kiss scene. Tutor totally sees his chance to get under Fighter’s skin. He see’s that his claim seems to rattle Fighter. His revenge, finally he’s got the upper hand with his line senior. So he decides to use this as a way to get Fighter all flustered. He gets up in Fighter’s space, making Fighter panic, especially as Tutor keeps repeating that he likes guys. Fighter does the gay panic thing…..he’s terrified Tutor has seen his darkest secret and is exposing him. He is backed into a corner, and decides the only way to shut him up is to kiss him, its just his excuse to give in to his desire and kiss Tutor. He’s wanted to do it for years, but he’s using what Tutor is saying for the justification of a forceful kiss. Tutor is shocked as hell, and here the episode ends. With regret on one side and shock and anger on the other side.

Sigh, still going through it. Will try to watch 3 and 4 this week again. I love them so much. I miss them. And I am so ready for the boxset and fanmeet……

Let me know how much you miss this too, and what you think.

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  1. Hi Jen, how are you doing?

    Something am just noticing now, Fighter really never gave the impression of we are in a “relationship”. A lot of it was in her head. He knows absolutely nothing about what she likes, even the basic. I mean the man couldn’t even be bothered to get her a measly plastic flower lol. It is her birthday for crying out loud.
    But she knew, when she later reveals that he has never touched or kissed her. What was she waiting/holding out for really? Both were wrong to stay in the relationship, but now that i look at it, Hwa could have left early honestly. She did seem like the girl to cave under her mum’s pressure, she seemed resourceful.

    Still on relationships, i still can’t tell who or what Tor was more pissed at.
    That Fighter knew nothing about his best friend or pissed on behalf of Hwa, or that Fighter had the audacity to ask him for something to get Hwa, after having “approached” him first, or that Fighter was not one to try for anything (unbothered) or at himself for caring and getting mad at fighter. Could you clear that?

    1. Hey sweetie. Doing ok, little better each day. Thanks for asking. 🤗😘. As for Hwa, in the novel, Fighter gave in to whatever Hwa wanted, want to eat a restaurant, fine, want to do this, fine. He went along with her with an air of boredom, duty and responsibilty. But Hwa is also very stubborn. She puts her head in the sand when she wants to because, even though I adore her, she’s a spoiled princess. She wanted Fighter as her arm candy and she wheedled until she got him. She likes the way he looks, and honestly cares for that because she thinks they would be a good match. When she says she loves him, she’s in love with they way they look together, the easy time they have together. We know her love for Fighter is not deep, especially with how soon she became willing to let Day into her heart.

      Tutor, at this point, was pissed because he feels Fighter is not treating his friend right. They’ve been seeing each other for 2 years, but he doesn’t know what she might want for her birthday because he doesn’t care enough to find out. This makes Tutor mad. After all this time, why doesn’t Fighter know the least amount about her? He’s protective of Hwa, he thinks of her a sister whom he’s looking out for. I think also, deep down he’s disappointed in the turn of events. He doesn’t want to acknowledge on the surface, that he and Fighter were flirting before Fighter started dating Hwa. Which is also why, when it’s the two of them alone, Fighter gets into Tutor’s space, and Tutor definitely feels something, but doesn’t know what it is, so tells himself he’s just nervous. Tutor is the king of self denial, lol. It takes him so long to admit to his feelings for Fighter. He was frustrated at himself too when he got out of the car, for putting Hwa in the middle once again. Thats what I think. – Can’t wait to go through the feels with you again later this week. 🤗😘💕 – Jen

  2. Hello cuteness, I thank destiny for being able to meet your blog. I love your reviews, they make me pay more attention to small details and you made my obsession with this series, bigger hahaha. Now I will see the series again for the tenth time and I will take into account what you say to enjoy it more. You opened my mind in many scenes and I thank you for that. Sorry if my English is very bad hahaha❤

    1. Hi there sweetie! So happy you found my blog and are enjoying your time here. 😘 My WHYRU obsessed fangirl heart love it when I get to share thoughts with you and we get to fangirl together. I’m glad you are rewatching along with me. Just followed you back to twitter, so we can chat anytime 🤗😘💕. Your English is great, no apologies needed. I will do 3-4 together this week, so a new look back post should be up this weekend. 🤗😘💕-Jen

  3. Hello cuteness, I thank destiny for being able to meet your blog. I love your reviews, they make me pay more attention to small details and you made my obsession with this series, bigger hahaha. Now I will see the series again for the tenth time and I will take into account what you say to enjoy it more. You opened my mind in many scenes and I thank you for that. Sorry if my English is very bad hahaha

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