Geared Up – My Engineer Ep 5 – 7

Who’s Ready? Let’s get GEARED UP – for Episodes 5-7 of My Engineer

This week I’m talking about the couples and the actors who play them.

Disclaimer: If you haven’t yet, please go watch the episodes on the official YouTube channel. My Engineer Official Youtube Channel

Also since this is week 2 of our fab collab, please check out Jordie Seay’s YouTube video to get the behind the scenes scoop, setting and fan interactions and J. And Laylay’s Thoughts on Y podcast to get the scoop on storyline and bl tropes.

Episode 5 – 7

Duen being adorably shy but happy

Bohn and Duen

Duen has decided to let Bohn pursue him. He has brought him food and didn’t tell him no. Every time Bohn comes up with a cheesy line, Duen smiles shyly. It’s so adorable.

Bohn has stepped up his attempt to win over Duen in this episode. He finds out that Duen has a very important report to finish, and that Bohn’s flower has made him late to that class many times. Bohn decides to stop being quite so selfish, so he tells Duen he will stay away for the week Duen needs to write the report.

Actually, Bohn goes on a hunt for the book that Duen needs because he wants to help him. This is growth for Bohn, who couldn’t really care about what he bought girls in the past. He’s been lazy with them, putting in minimal effort but he wants to help Duen succeed.

Duen Starts working on his report, but I think he misses Bohn too. He’s getting used to being showered with attention and affection.

At the engineer building, Duen and Bohn are having cake to celebrate Duen’s passing the assignment. When he’s gone for forks, Frong shows up to talk to Bohn. Frong announces that he likes Duen, but will give up as Duen clearly likes Bohn. He also tells Bohn not to make Duen sad or he will scoop him up. Duen comes back and sometimes that boy is clueless about who’s flirting with him. 🙄

Rivals no more

While eating the cake they talk about the upcoming volunteer camp, which leads to the fact that Duen has serious allergies to bugs and food.

Bohn tries to get to know Duen better as he realizes he doesn’t know much about his crush. He gets rejected by Duen once again when he asks him out, but Duen throws a challenge into the mix. If you can get your volunteer project done in time, I will go on a date with you.

Bohn pulls out all the stops and gets finished in time. He and Duen and Duena go to the floating market as Mommy, Daddy and kid. Of course a girl hits on Duen and Bohn gets jealous. They leave Duena sitting by the docks so she doesn’t see them argue. This jealous Bohn is getting old.

Duena falls into the water and gets rescued by Bohn. Bohn brings them home from the hospital asking once more if Duen will be his boyfriend. He says no, then I don’t know.

By the end of Episode 7, Bohn’s jealousy rears its head again, forcing him to apologize once again with flowers. Duen agrees to be his boyfriend.

So cute!

Boss & Mek

We start off with of course Boss trying to pick up girls and Mek doing all the work handing out and putting up fliers.

Mek gets scouted for acting in a student project and Boss jumps on board. Mek always goes along with whatever Boss wants. However, we see that Mek is finally getting praised on his own as the director is impressed by his acting. Mek has a happy expression. Then Boss tries to help with lines, and this happens.

It’s dialog but also a confession

Boss is oblivious as always, and the main actress is introduced, we see stars in Boss’ eyes. This couple may not be a couple in the end. I can’t see how they will be together, since Boss is really really smitten with this girl.

Honestly, other than Boss falling for this girl and secretly going out with her, there isn’t much couple development for Mek and Boss.

Unless you want to say that Mek is selfless in his love for Boss. He wants Boss to be happy, no matter if it’s not with him. He encourages Boss in his relationship because he truly wants his love to be happy.

Ram & King

Ok, by far these two are becoming my favorite couple in this series. Their interactions are so cute and I love the way that Ram slowly warms to King. King is serious and a good senior when he see’s Ram struggling he teaches him where he went wrong.

They get closer together over these episodes. As thanks for tutoring him, Ram pulls him along to treat him to a meal. King doesn’t know where they are going, but goes along anyway. I love that King doesn’t feel uncomfortable around silent Ram, he just keeps talking to him as they eat. He will ask for head shakes or nods if he wants a response. This makes Ram feel more comfortable with him I think.

So cute. Then there is a rain scene where its raining and Ram shows up with an umbrella while King is waiting on the bus. They get on the bus and even though it’s pretty empty I love that King chooses to sit with Ram. He borrows his sunglasses, comments on his tattoo and actually gets spoken too by Ram who asks if he want’s a tattoo. They are clearly getting closer.

We see Ram with a group of freshman studying hard. And its so cute to see King tease Ram by secretly snapping pics and texting them to him. The playful King and perplexed Ram are cute to watch. And look. After making him a sheet of notes, when looking at Ram, we get this. I love this blossoming romance.

A smile, an actual smile!

In episode 7 we have Ram rescue King from the overexcited dog that Ram feeds on campus. In exchange, King has offered his freshman year notes, so Ram needs them right away. King takes Ram to his condo filled with plants, allowing Ram into his inner sanctum. He even mentions the carnivorous plants, the Venus Flytrap. Kings sister shows up thinking that Ram is King’s boyfriend, and Ram doesn’t talk to her. King clears the air, saying he’s his junior and makes excuses for why Ram doesn’t talk to take the pressure off Ram, and it’s really sweet. After he gets the notes, King’s sister offers to drive him home. Ram is getting close to King, has even met his sister now. Can’t wait to see where this cute story goes. I really love this pair.

Actors – Cooper Patpasit & Poy Kritssanapong

From Episode 4 but it’s so cute I had to put it in. Can they both be any cuter?

Cooper & Poy with kids

Here’s a song from Cooper’s IG. He has a lovely voice.

How Deep is Your Love?

Actor – Inntouch Naphat and Ryan Peng

Happy 25th Birthday! April 18th
Having too much fun!
From Ryan’s IG wishing InTouch a 🥳

Actors – Talay Sanguandikun & Perth Screaigh

Having too much fun! 😁

And I gotta love a versatile Perth. He’s so freaking cute!

I know it’s a bit shorter than my normal crazy long post, but I hope you enjoyed catching up on the couples and actors. Please be sure to go check out the rest of the gang to get a different spin on My Engineer episodes 5-7. Give everyone some love please. Leave a comment and I will definitely respond as I love to chat with you guys.

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  1. Hey i love Ram and King too. They are adorable and i love how their story is unfolding. Honestly, am anxious to see when Ram is going to finally talk to King, if he will keep it minimal as he does with friends or if he is different.

    When he grabbed King to go get the notes, i honestly thought its coz he thought the guy was joking and he wanted to call his bluff. lol, it never occurred to me he needed them immediately. Boy that was urgency!

    Bohn and Duen! That couple scares me. I have a feeling there’s will be a push and pull coz one is impulsive and the other ‘slow’ for lack of a better word. Besides, his jealousy will drive both Duen and i over a cliff. But, am still rooting for them and excited to see what happens.

    Mek and Boss, i don’t know what to say. A question though, do you believe Boss is that clueless? Even Duen was naive, still is but he caught up. Not even Tine was that clueless.

    I loved Jodieseay’s review of the characters. Between his analysis and your reviews the lit lover in me felt very satisfied.
    The podcast session was new to me. I listened, then watched the past episodes then went back to listening again. I had some opposing opinions, agreed on some. Overall, i would want to listen to them again. they piqued my interest.

    Thanks for introducing me to them.

    1. First of all, let me just say I adore you!!!! You are so sweet and I love to read all your comments, and also it makes me so happy that you went and gave Jordie and LayLay&Jay a listen. I love that we all are very different people so you get very different views on each episode. As for Boss, I really do think he’s that clueless. In his mind, his best friend is his “hubby” while at school. Boss is very self centered and spoiled around Mek, so he always gets what he wants. And when its that type of relationship you take the other person for granted and don’t really see them for who they really are and how they look at you. I keep thinking this idol girlfriend thing is going to blow up in Boss’ face and Mek will be there to pick up the pieces, and maybe that’s when he will see him for who he really is.

      As for Duen, I agree that this jealous Bohn is getting old fast. It’s annoying and unnecessary when Duen clearly is into him and only him.

      King and Ram are still so freakin cute, I can’t wait to see what happens next with them. I love the fact that King really doesn’t force Ram to be anyone that he’s not. He accepts his personality and King keeps enough conversation going by himself.

      Gotta go for now, so I can finish up with my episode 12 analysis. Then I’m doing a behind the scenes look at 11 and 12 but it might be a few days before that goes up.

  2. What about Frong and Thara? I think that is the name. Not much has happened. Frong hates the doc’s guts for now, don’t know why. Coz of the flowers incident? Or there is more?

    1. Don’t know much about the backstory of them either. It is interesting that Thara is the only person I’ve seen Frong rude towards, so lets watch and see where this goes.

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