Geared Up – My Engineer – Episode 13

Who’s geared up and ready to dig into the behind the scenes content for episode 13 of My Engineer? As always, please watch through the official YouTube channel below. And make sure to check out Jordie Seay’s Video on Tropes and Storyline and the Thoughts on Y Podcast about couples and actors this week. I... Continue Reading →

Geared Up – My Engineer – Episode 12

Guess what time it is? Time to get Geared Up for the latest segment of our cool collaboration on My Engineer. This week I am talking about couples and actors. Jordie Seay is reviewing behind the scenes and fan interactions. And J. and Lay are talking about the storyline and bl tropes. As always, please... Continue Reading →

Geared Up – My Engineer Ep 5 – 7

Who’s Ready? Let’s get GEARED UP - for Episodes 5-7 of My Engineer This week I’m talking about the couples and the actors who play them. Disclaimer: If you haven’t yet, please go watch the episodes on the official YouTube channel. My Engineer Official Youtube Channel Also since this is week 2 of our fab... Continue Reading →

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