Geared Up – My Engineer – Episode 12

Guess what time it is? Time to get Geared Up for the latest segment of our cool collaboration on My Engineer. This week I am talking about couples and actors. Jordie Seay is reviewing behind the scenes and fan interactions. And J. and Lay are talking about the storyline and bl tropes. As always, please check us all out and let us know your thoughts on this episode. Links to their channels below. Don’t forget to watch My Engineer through their official YouTube channel.


King and Ram

We start the episode off with Ram and King in an absolutely adorable situation. King and Ram are in a panic because the dogs and Kings nephews come barreling into the room together. I’m going to leave this clip here because it’s so cute.

Panic and Chaos

It’s too funny to me that Ram is afraid of children in the same way that King is afraid of dogs. Both of them flopping on the couch in relief in complete sync is so funny to me. 😁

They decide to take the boys to the park to burn off some energy. As someone who once had two boys who were a year apart, I can attest to the fact that they can wreak havoc in a short amount of time, especially in a small apartment. 😁

While at the park, Ram and King are challenged to a piggy back race by the boys, who have been couched by King’s fujoshi sister on what she wants, a picture of Ram and King kissing.

Of course, somehow at the park, we have the bl fan girls who squeal at the whole thing, seeing things through their fantasy goggles which show two boys always in a romantic light. 🙄😊

Later on, once the boys have gone back home, King brings Ram water as Ram is sitting on the grass crumbling leaves and looking troubled. I like this because I used to the same thing when I was thinking things over or worrying about something. It’s a very realistic gesture which tells you Ram’s mental state without him saying anything. As they lay back on the grass head to head, it makes a beautiful picture as King tries to let Ram know he’s not alone.

The two are getting closer. Ram smiles for King in a sweet way. You can see that he’s falling hard for King.

Next is King getting injured while rescuing a dog from a person with mental illness. Then we have the obligatory Ram taking care of King scene, which is very sweet. King and Ram talk about tattoos and meanings which leads Ram to tell King about his nightmares. He is opening up more each day, sharing more about his inner self. King is also getting better at reading Ram and reassuring him.

Then we have their last scene together on the bus to go to the Engineering Camp. This is such a sweet scene as it shows how comfortable both of them are with each other. They’ve begun to share things with each other and the smile on Rams face is so sweet. He is really crushing on King. King seems aware of Ram, but gets nervous if they are too close, I think he’s repressing his feelings, trying to be more of a Pi/Nong relationship.

Bohn and Duen

We start off with a sulky Bohn and a happy Duen who meet Frong and Thara at the ice cream place.

Bohn is sulky because he’s not allowed to tease Duen for the day. Honestly pouty Bohn is a little annoying, but Duen doesn’t seem to let it bother him. He orders ice cream and when it arrives he and Bohn proceed to flirt and tease over ice cream.

After ice cream, they are talking in Bonn’s car about kissing. Bohn is always jealous of Duen, but feels a little foolish when he learned that Duen’s first kiss was a doll.

Then we have the scene where Duen brings Bohn his last flower. It’s sappy because he gives him a rose bush he can keep forever to remember the thing that brought them together.

The last scene with the two of them happens on the bus to the engineering camp. Duen is too excited, taking pictures and ignoring Bohn. But Bohn eventually opens up to ask Duen to change his social media status from single to taken. This seems silly to Duen, who tells him the whole university knows this, so what’s the big deal. Bohn confesses this is the first time he’s ever wanted to change his status because Duen is important, but Duen has fallen asleep, missing the confession. Bohn looks troubled, but leans Dunn’s head on his shoulder. This may be a source of conflict later on for them.

Mek and Boss

We don’t see much of Mek and Boss in this episode, but what we do get actually makes me like them a little more as a couple.

Mek and Boss show up on campus wearing their full school uniforms to fulfill their promise to the tree. They stumble into King and Ram at the park on campus. King offers them food, but Mek leads Boss away, not wanting to share their time together with anyone else at the moment.

Too sweet

The last scene is of them on the bus, teasing each other. They appear so happy together, you can’t help but smile.

Frong and Thara

I am finally warming to this couple actually quite a bit. This episode we see Frong start to move past his crush on Duen and look at Thara with interest.

We start off with Frong, smiling at Duen and scowling at Bohn while they wait on Duen’s cousin to join them at the ice cream place. He’s suprised to find Thara is Duen’s cousin. Frong orders ice cream and Thara takes the same as him. Then we have the girl shippers in the background thinking all the boys at the table are couples. This amuses Thara, who tells Frong they must look good together. Frong goes off to the bathroom while Duen and Thara talk about how Thara is concerned about Frong.

Thara saw Frong’s tears at the hospital and wanted to see him smile more.

Thara offers Frong a ride to the hospital. But it turns out by ride, he meant the back of bicycle which is kinda disconcerting to Frong. Once they are back at the hospital Thara offers Frong some unsolicited advice that shows he’s perceptive and pays attention to Frong.

After getting news that his mom’s cyst was benign, Frong rushes to thank Thara. Which leads to this sweet scene.

Frong is catching feelings

Their story ends on the bus together with Thara trying to help Frong through his motion sickness. It’s so sweet that Frong really likes it when Thara holds his hand. They are becoming my second favorite couple.


This section covers the actors Instagram and Twitter posts. I’ve also added a button to the My Engineer YouTube page above as each actor did a daily vlog this week. Go check them out and give them some love.

Talay and Perth

It seems like Talay started a gaming channel and Perth has been gaming as well. Their interactions on social media with each other make me laugh though. They clearly enjoy interacting with their fans for their weekly Q&A before the new episode is released.

Here are some of Talay’s Q & A English questions answered.

Q & A – Perth

Poy and Cooper

Cooper reached 500K followers this week. And Poy tells everyone that they don’t need to worry, there’s already a summer project underway for My Engineer.

InTouch and Ryan

I’m in love with InTouch’s cats. They are soooo cute!

Cats make the best friends

Shane and MD

All I can say is man these two are pretty and they are super flirts on social media.

Love this Matrix style going on here!

And yes MD, we like your ride, lol

Look at the cutie pies!! And looks like they had a DaraDaily interview.

I hope you guys enjoyed the couples and actors segment of My Engineer episode 12. As always, thanks for reading. Feel free to leave comments about the couples or actors. I love chatting with you guys. Have a great week peeps. 💕💕🤗 – Jen

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  1. Hi Jen, how are you. I have been busy this past weeks i missed your blog.

    One thing i like about this series is that they are consistent and maintained the couples dynamics and traits throughout their interactions and little growths.

    One thing though, Bohn and Deun. Those two are strange. Sometime i get the feeling that Bohn is into the relationship more than Deun and he is more open. Then out of nowhere Deun talks or reveals something about him to Bohn. Also, it feels like Bohn pays attention to everything about Deun more than Deun does him. Take that bus selfie moment for instant or even that time he was stuck doing his paper research. Sometime when he gets jealous (which is very annoying) its like Deun is not paying attention and its things they can talk about instantly and get resolved. Like that kiss thing.

    I like Ram/Kings relationship development. It is slow, but it is happening and both know something is changing, but are not sure what or how to look at things.

    But, i must admit, Mek/Boss was the surprise for me. Who knew the shrine dude would get his love easily like that. Also, it makes absolutely no sense for me why Boss was after the girl, like he was determined!

    On a lighter note,I enjoy how Thara keeps bringing cupcake in conversations and people go, awww your cat/dog? then he reveals that its a turtle and then comes the comical awkward silence.

    1. Hey sweetie, wondered where you’ve been. Hope you’ve been doing good and staying out of trouble, lol. As for Bohn Duen you hit the nail on the head. It’s definitely going to be a source of tension, or maybe even a breakup because Duen keeps pushing away Bohn, even when they are alone. I get he might not be into PDA’s but come on, in private you could kiss him, hold hands, cuddle, something. Even though Duen said he was Bohn’s boyfriend, he doesn’t act like it yet. And I think Bohn is getting frustrated.

      Ram King is still my favorite. I love Talay and Perth a lot. I love how Ram is opening up to King, and how King instantly gets what’s going on with Ram. You can see the hearts in Rams eyes when he smiles at King and it’s cute to see.

      Meek/Boss. I still think that they turned that character around way too fast. I mean he went from crying over a girl to getting with his best friend in a few hours. Talk about fickle.

      Thara and Frong are still so cute. I love the dorkiness of Thara. He’s a hot doctor with a fondness for lizards, lol. And Frong is so falling for him. He smiles so sweetly and shyly around him, I keep wondering what he’s done with the arrogant Frong I’ve seen before. I think we only have a few more episodes to go. Also check out YYY, if you can and my joint review with @psycho-milk. It’s seriously crazy, but it has heart. You should give it a try. Sending hugs and love.
      😘🤗💕 – Jen

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