Geared Up – My Engineer – Ep 14 (Season Finale)

Who’s geared up for the season finale of My Engineer? I’m not ready yet. I have had such a great time doing this joint project with three amazing individuals, I don’t want it to end. We will just have to find another project to do together because Jordie Seay, J. And Laylay are so great to work with. It makes me a little sad to think of saying goodbye to this project, but not goodbye to my friends though.

As always if you haven’t watched the season finale of My Engineer, please do so on their official YouTube channel My Engineer Official

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Where we left off: Bohn and Duen had broken up. Mek and Boss were lovey dovey, Frong and Thara had bonded over their dads death, and King had pushed Ram away.

They were trying to wrap up each couples storyline so the bounced back and forth between the couples. I mean a lot. There are 14 different scene shifts and story shifts in one episode. So I’m going to preface each scene shift by their couple tag: B/D for Bohn Duen, M/B for Mek Boss, T/F for Thara Frong, R/K for Ram and King. Then I’ll give scene thoughts and at the end of the episode review, I’ll share my thoughts on this episode overall and what I expect going forward for both the summer special episode and the second season.

M/B: Mek and Boss come across Fon, who has come to try to get her man back. Boss doesn’t want their to be a misunderstand so he tells Mek that even though she called, he didn’t answer her, but texted her instead. Mek feels discouraged so leaves Boss to talk with Fon. Mek tells Boss no one has to know they were ever together. 🙄 Talk about being overdramatic.

T/F: Thara finds Frong’s necklace. He spent all nights and morning searching the woods for this. Given their discussion about losing their dads, Thara wants to help Frong during this difficult time. It’s a very sweet scene and we see how touched Frong is when Thara puts the necklace around Frong. He’s falling hard for Thara. Can’t say I blame him, Thara is pretty perfect.

B/D: Duen is missing from the camp meeting and Ting Ting said they separated earlier. So Bohn goes to Dunn’s tent to apologize. He makes a grand apology to an empty tent. Thus the search for Duen begins as the whole camp sets out to find him.

Ok, this was the cheesiest, lost in the woods moment. Are there any wolves in Thailand? Maybe so, but crying, lost in the woods scared and needing to be rescued is an annoying trope. It makes Duen look weak. Maybe that’s me, but this scene we were supposed to worry about Duen, I found myself laughing.

Then we have Bohn finding Duen and scolding him. Duen is angry and scared crying telling him they’ve already broken up. I want to say I am super impressed with Cooper’s acting. While Poy’s hysteria didn’t quite ring true to me, Cooper shines in this scene. The single tear while kissing is beautifully done and we feel Bohns love and desperation for forgiveness from Duen.

They go back to the campsite hand in hand. All is well with them.

M/B: When asked where Boss was, Mek implied he didn’t know and he may have left. But of course soon after that Boss comes back. He tries to talk to Mek, but gets brushed off. Then one of the cutest confessions happens in the show. I’m surprised because I wasn’t crazy about this couple for a long time but InTouch and Ryan pull off the cutest storyline ending in the show.

B/D: Back in their tent Duen tries to make sure Bohn isn’t still mad from pushing him into the water. Bohn admits he was just teasing Duen and that he wasn’t mad at all, which prompts Duen to kick him out of the tent. It deserves more than that. Duen cried himself to sleep because he thought Bohn was upset with him. That is an awful petty thing to do to someone you supposed to love. That’s a bit of gaslighting, and I don’t like that side of Bohn at all.

B/M and R/K: They play a card game, not for money but for shots of alcohol with their friends. Of course one person out of each pair is drunk and needs to be carried away. Mek carries Boss away and Ram carries King away.

B/M: When Boss and Mek end up in the tent together, Boss explains what happened between him and Fon. I enjoy the fact that in this show, there are no real female villains. Even Fon has her like able side. Glad they threw out that trope, at least.

R/K: King has been acting coldly towards Ram all day and tries to push him out of the tent. He finally reaches a boiling point when Ram refuses to leave because he doesn’t know why King is treating him this way. I love the loyalty and stubbornness of Ram. It really does remind me of a dog, who refuses to leave it’s companions side. They both come to understand that they want one another. This is the best kiss in the series, the way Ram cups Kings head and goes in for a kiss once he makes the decision is so well done. Butterflies in the belly good kissing. 😁

B/D: Bohn wakes up inside the tent with Duen not there. Duen is sitting on the hillside looking at the stars. The talk is sweet. And Duen finally tells Bohn how he feels, they kiss then act shy. Best scene between the two in my opinion.

The next morning as they prepare to leave, we have a few unresolved issues between two couples. We have Ram and King, who just made out the night before, and Thara and Frong.

R/K: King wakes up in Rams arms and is unsure. He goes out of the tent, then Ram comes out. King seems unsure and is hesitant but brings up the night before. Ram claims to not remember, which leads to a relieved King. King gets picked up to go to his grandma’s house, and tells Ram he will see him back in the condo. As he is riding away, he receives a text from Ram telling him that he wasn’t drunk last night. Implying they needed to talk when King comes back to the condo. I’m glad they didn’t end on the whole, I will pretend I was drunk so we don’t have to talk about our feelings trope.

T/F: Thara and Frong take a picture together to remember the trip, then Thara asks for Frong’s line ID. Frong is excited, until he learns he’s been friend zoned. The look on his face as Thara walks away is so sad. I hope we get more of them in season 2.

B/D: The last thing we see of them is Duen asking for Bonn’s phone. He officially changed both of their social media status to be in a relationship together. This made Bohn happy. The cute smiles on their faces is a good place to end season 1.

Final thoughts on this episode. It felt very rushed to me. Like somehow they tried to tidy up every couples storyline and loose threads in one episode. It was hard for me to get invested in this episode as they bounced around from couple to couple. There were a few moments I really enjoyed, like the whole Boss confession was adorable. And I enjoyed the progression of Ram and King who have great chemistry.

But overall, I feel like they tried to do to much in one final episode. They announced a season 2 and a special summer episode.

This season has been up and down and basically all over the place. While I enjoyed watching this show, it really doesn’t stand out compared to some of the more recent bl shows. Specifically WHYRU and Until We Meet Again. I know that Until We Meet again has a bigger budget, and a few seasoned actors under it’s belt, so it’s not quite an even comparison.

But WHYRU is an independent production with only one known name under it’s belt. So, in terms of that, there is no comparison. WHYRU has sort of ruined me for other shows. And I think I was expecting more when I learned this was the director of Sotus.

With all that said, will I continue to watch season 2? Yes I will. Which leads me to my predictions about what we will see in season 2.


R/K: I know this show is based off of two books. The second book focuses on the couple of Ram and King in their relationship. They have a long way to go I think. Ram has to figure out how to deal with his family issues, his mother, his father’s infidelity, his brother’s suspicion. King, meanwhile, will need to figure out how much he’s willing to put into this relationship of theirs. I’ve compared him to a cat before, and I still find that this is the case. He’s skittish and wary of relationships, like a cat who wants to get comfort and pets, but is unsure of the person holding out his hand. Can the cat trust this person? We shall see.

B/D: I think there will be several obstacles in the way of their relationship. I think Duen’s dad is going to be an issue. He wants his son to settle down, marry a woman and start a family. He probably will have problems with his son dating a guy.

As for another issue I think they will have to face, is Duen’s lack of intimacy, won’t kiss him, doesn’t want to hold hands, and basically acts like he is reluctantly with Bohn. I think this will come back into play and so will Bohn’s jealousy. We shall see,

T/F: Honestly other than Ram/King, I am looking forward to Thara Frong the most. I want to see more of Frong flirting with Thara and opening up to Thara. I want Thara to suddenly become aware that he’s being chased by Frong, and for him to open his eye a bit. That’s what I hope to see from that pairing.

M/B: Well, to be honest, I don’t see how they can be a couple in the future as Ryan Peng was fired from the set, and sent packing home. I think they will either have tragedy strike, or Mek move away or fall for someone else. This is sad ending for this couple who in the last few episodes, had me rooting for them a bit. They turned out to be that really cute couple you see being clingy together. With all that said, I’m not sure he will get another partner to pair with. Or if he will become more like Ting Ting, a good supporting character without their own romantic subplot. We will have to wait and see how they resolve it.

Here is a link to the summer trailer. My Engineer Summer Special. It doesn’t have English subs yet, and it looks like they went on vacation together and rented a house. I know I’ve seen a snippet somewhere on Twitter where they were all playing Hungry Hippo together and it looked pretty funny. I definitely plan to watch it.

Also have to take a moment and thank Jessica, Lay, and Jordie for agreeing to my cross platform idea. I wanted to think outside the box and we each had our own medium we were used to doing reviews on. Jordan does great reactions, kpop content, and much more on his wonderful YouTube channel. I had been a subscriber for a while and we got close on Twitter. And Jay and Lay have this fantastic podcast that really delves into Y series, as well as happenings in the bl community. I have always enjoyed their conversations and sort of stalked them on Twitter too, interacting with them, so I thought the idea of a YouTube, podcast and blog covering the same content would be good.

We brainstormed on a Skype call for hours, and I was so happy to jump in to conversations with them, even though they were all friends before me, they treated me like another member of their squad, and I am so happy to not only work with them and create something new and exciting, but to make friends with them. If distance weren’t a factor, i would hug all of them right now as they have been such great friends during our time doing this. In my personal life things have been really hard, and they’ve been so supportive and encouraging, lifting me up when I felt overwhelmed. I’m so happy to have friends like that.

I hope you have enjoyed the different style and voice each week covering different topics of the same episodes. I have enjoyed changing up my content each week and finding out what the others thought of the same episode. I hope I will get the opportunity to do something like this again. If you have any thoughts or ideas you would like for me to explore, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, watching and listening to our Geared Up segments of My Engineer. 💕😘🤗 – Jen

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