YYY – Episode 4 Review

It’s time once again to review this week’s episode of YYY. Psycho-Milk and myself have teamed up to review YYY jointly, so make sure you go check his review out. Link to it in the button below.

Disclaimer: Once again, if you haven’t seen YYY episode 4, this will contain spoilers, with clips and photos from the episode. I will leave a link below to go check it out.

YYY – Episode 4

This week I remembered why I love P’Shewin’s works. It has all of his signature moves, comedy, whimsy, nods to other bls, and most of all, it has heart. Honestly, while I have enjoyed this show in previous episodes, this is the one that made me fall in love with it. So lets dive in and talk about what happened this week.

We left off with Pun staring at Nott and Arm frozen mid-embrace in the elevator. We start off this week with a quick recap which rolls into the current episode. I’m going to insert Arm’s POV as the elevators open. This clip highlights another reason I love this director. His aesthetic is pleasing to my senses. I love the soft focus, the filter used and the music played for this sequence. It’s dreamlike quality makes the audience understand the emotions of Arm a little better, while still providing a bit of comic relief.

Then there are elevator shenanigans with Arm and Nott, Nott trying to embrace and cheek kiss Arm is something that Arm wants, and doesn’t want at the same time. It hurts Arm a bit to be so close to his crush but not able to actually confess because he’s sure Nott is just being his overly obnoxious friendly self. The elevator lurches to a halt on their floor, throwing Arm into Nott’s arms, lol. When the door opens we see Pun’s shocked and hurt face.

The credits roll. Next we have the I’m mad, and I want you to notice scene. Pun is packing up skincare in his bag rather forcefully and noisily to let Nott know how irritated he is. This, in my mind, conjured up the scene in WHYRU where Tutor sees Fighter with a girl at the concert. Tutor decides to storm off in a huff, but wants Fighter to notice, so he goes behind his seat and “accidentally” bumps it to get his attention before he finishes storming off. There’s no point in doing it if the intended audience isn’t looking, right?

Nott finally asks Pun where he’s going. He tells Nott that he’s going to do a photoshoot and noisily storms off, slamming the door on the way. Of course they weren’t alone, so as soon as Pun leaves, Om is over pestering Nott about what they were fighting about. Nott seems perplexed as he remembers the sequence of events, but eventually admits he has no idea why Pun was mad.

Om then asks about Yuri, who has been absent from the apartment complex since the day that Pun and Nott were stuck in the elevator. Om takes the chance to call Yuri and here’s their conversation.

There are two things I want to point out about this scene. One is Yuri herself. She, in this moment, calls up Yuri from LoveSick days vibe. This has to be an intentional choice because P’Shewin directed Lovesick 2. I love Lovesick. It has a special place in my heart.

And yes, I’m aware that this is from one of THOSE sites, which I do not support, but there is nowhere I can find LoveSick season 2 English subbed. Netflix only has season 1 subbed. I only support official links. I heard that Line TV has season 2 now, but it’s not available in my country, nor could I find any links for inter fans. If you know of them, please leave a link in the comment section to tell me where to look.

When Yuri from YYY says that she knows she’s not his special someone it really does mirror the Lovesick Yuri in the same vein. I love the nod to the bl that won my heart over for Thai bl dramas. I love both Yuri’s. They aren’t your typical bl girl, which is either a crazy manipulative bitch or the y obsessed fangirl. She’s just a best friend who’s in love and even though she has her heart broken, she will ultimately support the couple because their happiness is what she wishes for.

Now back to YYY. We have Pun who totally can’t concentrate at his photo shoot and ends up with these hilarious examples of how to smile pics because he’s too distracted to listen. Talay is comedy genius in his deadpan way. I love him.

Then comes a scene which the viewers can appreciate. Nott confronts Pun while they are sitting on the bed in the evening after Pun has showered. Nott asks Pun what is wrong. He wants to know what is going on. He tries to clear the air by telling Pun that he’s really frustrated because he doesn’t know what is wrong. Of course the WHYRU song about hidden feelings by Earth Patravee begins to play as Pun once again refuses to tell Nott about his feelings. The scene ends with both sides frustrated and Pun telling Nott he’ll move out.

We shift focus with the beginning of a new day back to Porpla and her minions. They are playing house with Porpla, the alcoholic mother, who’s exasperated by her two children, the minions.

I LOVE Poppy as Porpla. I really do. He’s brilliant and is the absolute show stealer in every single scene he’s in. As we see in the later part of the episode, he not only plays Porpla with flair, but also with heart. Pun interrupts their playtime and requests to move out of Nott’s room. This sends Porpla to faint and she can only be revived by alcohol, lol.

Then we have the apartment meeting where Porpla declares that Om and Pun have to switch rooms.

We have Arm and Pun, who both like Nott, sharing a room. I’m not going to lie here, I wasn’t really warming to Om, but this scene endeared him to me. He tries to help smooth out the problems with Nott and Pun even though it doesn’t suit his interest. And let me once again talk about the use of color in the aesthetics. We have the cool side of the room with blue hues with the troubled emotions and the warm side of the room Arm is in with his unrequited love. Visually this is so appealing to me.

Back with Nott, who is drinking in his room with both Yuri and Om. This leads to some hard truth telling by Yuri, who calls out Nott on his attempts to be blind. She tells him he looks sad and that he’s choosing to blind himself rather than ask why. This is so true. Yuri is basically passed out then and Om tells Nott this is his chance. Nott replies that Om will get 20 years in jail for non con sex, aka rape. Which leads to this exchange. I LOVE the director for this. Even though Om is portrayed as the resident pervert, he reminds me a bit of Pond from Love By Chance, pervert at heart but good person underneath.

P’Shewin brings up consent in this episode and communication. These two things are often overlooked in most bl’s, but the directors tackles them in a straightforward manner. I love him for that.

Next day we have the two Chinese brothers trying to reunite both Nott and Pun by asking them to help them prepare for an audition by playing a pretend couple. This leads to both Nott and Pun refusing to speak to each other and only talking using the brothers as intermediaries. So childish. Once the mission failed, the two brothers return to Porpla’s apartment and Porpla this time is playing as Annabel, the doll from the horror movie. I love all the costume changes and different characters that Porpla morphs into. It truly is so funny.

I love this because Porpla and her minions use the bl tropes to meddle into the affairs of her tenants. Whatever you think of Porpla, she really does want them to be happy.

We go back to Om and Nott, to see Om peeing on Nott. This scene is so gross out humor, which is not my cup of tea. After Nott wakes up, telling Om he better clean up Pun’s bed because Pun would be unhappy with it. It is telling that he thinks of that bed as Pun’s now, even though Om slept there longer. The minions are at the head of the bed and tell them they’ve been summoned by Porpla, and then they disappear. As one person on Twitter pointed out, they may not be human, which would explain the strange happenings in this apartment.

This leads to another surreal moment where Om, Pun and Nott are in Porpla’s apartment talking to a feathered boa gorilla statue as if it’s actually Porpla. She tells them to switch back rooms, which leads to Nott walking off in a huff this time. But before Pun can leave he gets advice from both Porpla and Om. I love that everyone here, no matter what they seem, is rooting for this couple to get together.

Which leads to the discussion of feelings between Nott and Pun. Pun confesses his feelings. I LOVE this next clip. It has all the heart and feelings, and validation of feelings. This is so beautiful.

The episode ends on them cuddling with the excuse of not wanting Pun to sleep in a urine soaked mattress. That’s the reason for the previous scene, lol.

Ok, I have to say this episode jumps to the top of my list of favorite episodes of YYY. I enjoyed this so much. I am giving this episode a much higher score because each actor brought their A game for the characters this time.

Rating: 4.5/5

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