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Who’s Geared Up to and listen to more about My Engineer episodes 8-10? 🙋‍♀️

We took a break because of my personal life, but I’m psyched this week to Gear Up for a different look at My Engineer, episodes 8-10. This week I’m talking Behind the Scenes, Settings and Fan Interactions.

And please watch/listen to my fab collab partners as we all will be covering different aspects and different views for these episodes.

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Disclaimer: Please go watch the episodes first before reading,watching and listening to our content as it will contain spoilers. My Engineer Official YouTube Channel

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes. What have we learned about these episodes from the actors/directors. This is a bit tricky as there isn’t much translated into English as compared with some other series. But there was an announcement.

As Jordie touched on there were rumors about the actor Ryan Peng, who plays Mek, who has not been seen in promotional events for the show. There were rumors that the Chinese backer for the film asked he be part of the cast as a condition for financing. However, there were rumors of bad behavior on set. Last week TEP, or Thai Entertainment Portal, a company that brings English language news, interviews, and even fan meetings of the Thai BL stars and shows, released the following information in regards to the issue.

So according to this press release, which is released to the general public now, Ryan was habitually late, and behaving in an inappropriate manner while on set, causing issues with the cast, even delaying filming. We will still see Mek, as Ryan finished filming before he was let go. However, we will not be seeing him in promotional materials for the show, as he is no longer in Thailand.

I’m not going to talk more about this, as I am sure both cast and director are trying to put this behind them. In fact, it’s a testament to the show itself that even though the official statement was released, there is very little discussion or backlash from fans online. Honestly for me, Mek and Boss are the weakest couple in terms of chemistry. I don’t think it’s either InTouch’s fault nor Ryans, but their onscreen interactions seem to be too simplistic. I don’t know how they are going to make Boss turn around and see the loyal best friend as anything other than that. Time will tell I guess.

Also there was a cast react video for Episode 8 that came out on their YouTube channel, with Poy, Cooper, Shane and InTouch. It’s not subbed in English but that doesn’t stop us inter fans from watching. Here’s a sample of the clips put together. Pay attention to the first section of this clip as there were comments made by fans about it.

Cast reacts to Episode 8

Now you see some tension between Poy and Cooper. But if you read the Thai text they put up on screen, which I did, it says Poy plans to prank Cooper, or tease him. Which is why Cooper reacts grumpily and Poy turns away with the text prank success….lol. Now inter fans commented in the section below that Cooper seemed really mean to Poy and began speculating at tension among the cast. If you watch the rest of the video, they get along well, laughing and teasing each other, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. However, the admin of the page felt there were enough comments they had to add their own information about it.

In other behind the scenes news, they released this from the official Facebook page. This is the OST which is played in the intro to the show. I’ve put a small clip, but if you like the song, you should check out the official video on YouTube.

Merry Dancers – My Engineer OST

The cast reacted to episode 8, but there are no English subtitles so I’ll put a brief snippet in. It has yet to be released even though they have released through episode 10. And a few more behind the scenes clip, not translated. Sorry for that, but it’s what’s available. I am grateful for subtitles on the actual show, but a lot of other content isn’t accessible to international fans.

Here’s a teaser preview of their interview with Thai Entertainment Portal which doesn’t have a release date. When this comes out it will be in English, as TEP is an English Channel. Again, I am sorry as this section seems to be a hodgepodge of clips.

Settings, Scene and Cinematography

One thing I will give this series is the use of various settings to keep things from getting boring. There are many bls, especially those set in schools, that tend to stick to only a few changes of scenery. I have to commend the director for using different locations for each scene, making the transition from one scene to the next more visually stimulating.

We begin at King’s condo where his sister is offering Ram a ride home. They load his bike into the truck and drive to King’s house as she needed to grab something before running Ram home. I love this setting. As is reflective of King’s green thumb and love of plants, his home is all earth tones, and wood. It’s very connected to living things and this deliberate choice really works well in giving you more details about the people who live there. They care about each other, as there are family pictures all around. There’s a dining room table which looks well loved, suggesting the family eats together and spends time with each other often.

We have Bohn’s condo and Duen’s house which share the same color palette. It makes the transition between the two locations as they chat on the phone seamless, as they go well together.

The campus commons, the park and the cafe are popular choices for scenes. The park is especially important in these episodes as it’s where Mek tells Boss to take his new girlfriend on a date. Of course clueless Boss makes Mek basically take him on a park date before he takes out his real girlfriend.

I have to admit, it’s a super cute setting for showing how crazy Mek is about Boss.

I like this shot of Duen’s friends literally forming a line in between Bohn and Duen to show he has to go through them in order to have a relationship with Duen.

Then a scene change shows the last test Bohn must pass in order to have Duen’s friends accept him. He has to box and win against Ram, who is a professional boxer. Of course it’s more dramatic if it takes place at night, and you have Thara there to guarantee people stick to the rules and patch them up afterwards.

I enjoy the cool and warm colors as Duen patches up a beat up Bohn.

The visuals of Thara and Frong and their contentious relationship are interesting to me. They take place around flowers or the hospital. Flowers because Frong’s mom runs a flower shop and the hospital obviously because that’s where Thara’s most comfortable. Both flowers and medicine require patience, attention, tenderness and compassion. They might seem very different, but they aren’t.

The dream sequence with cool colors and use of sepia to represent flashbacks make it easy to distinguish between reality and the past/dream landscape. I have to say the masochistic Bohn in Duen’s dream cracked me up.

Last scene/setting discussion ties the natural world, it’s beauty and tenderness as it concerns King and Ram and their burgeoning relationship. Ram sees his dad with a girl at an hourly motel, he’s troubled by this. King really understands Ram, and can tell he’s upset so he takes Ram to his special place filled with plants to nurture and give him space to decompress and unwind. Of course it’s very green. He seems to be welcoming Ram to open up to him. It’s a beautiful scene with a beautiful surrounding.

Fan Interactions

The cast did a DaraDaily Live, a Facebook Live, and they also did a Q&A for episode 10.

Here are some samples of the questions answered by the actors. I am a huge Perth fan now as he really is into Pokémon and is so approachable for his fans. And he’s trilingual so he tweets in Thai, English and Japanese.

Talay and Perth are hilarious!

Here are a few of the cast members individual TikTok’s and the official My Engineer TikTok.

Shane and Cooper
Cooper plus cat….yes please!
Cutie Pie Poy!

Then Talay and Perth have way too much fun together!


And Talay is so funny he has 3 separate hashtags he’s made for people to use. Gotta love a man with a sense of humor.

And lastly here’s a clip from Perth’s live with a little behind the scenes info. Hope you enjoyed this blog! Please go check out by collab partners and give them a listen and a view and let us know what you think! Love y’all! 🤗💕 – Jen

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