Hi peeps. I’m Jen. A crazy cat lady who’s been married for 20 something years, with 2 teens. I have been into BL shows for about a year and a half.  My current obsession are Thai BL shows, but I’m open to other genres too. I get obsessed and love to talk theories about the shows I watch, so please feel free to comment or shoot me a message if you have similar or different opinions.  I’m here for fun and bl, all for the love, not hate.  Real life is super hard right now, so I am using this little corner of the world for happiness.  Fair warning, sometimes I can be a bit thirsty, it just depends on the day and the ship.  I am always thirsty for Zee Pruk.DFAC4816-6D68-4909-8CE0-596DCA06E6A2_1_201_a

Just getting that out there.

These are my current fav bl guys.

Enjoy your stay. Please be kind as i am new to building a website.