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Hi peeps. I’m Jen. A crazy cat lady who’s been married for 20 something years, with 2 teens. I have been into BL shows for about a year and a half.  My current obsession are Thai BL shows, but I’m open to other genres too. I get obsessed and love to talk theories about the shows I watch, so please feel free to comment or shoot me a message if you have similar or different opinions.  I’m here for fun and bl, all for the love, not hate.  Real life is super hard right now, so I am using this little corner of the world for happiness.  Fair warning, sometimes I can be a bit thirsty, it just depends on the day and the ship.  I am always thirsty for Zee Pruk.DFAC4816-6D68-4909-8CE0-596DCA06E6A2_1_201_a

Just getting that out there.

These are my current fav bl guys.

Enjoy your stay. Please be kind as i am new to building a website.

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  1. I love Zee too. Good looking young man. I have been watching gay movies, reading gay novels for over 25 years. I LOVE IT. At 18 my first show was the American version of Queer as folk. It blew my mind. I fell in love. So I understand the appeal. I too am a woman.

    1. Happy you’ve found your way to my little corner. As for Zee and Saint, I adore them. They are very hardworking actors with good hearts who really care about giving back to the community and caring for each other in tough times. And they are both pretty, lol. Glad you are liking the show. I am a fan of all LGBTQ+ content, and I’ve really been enjoying Asian bl’s these last few years. I wish we had more content like it in western media, but aside from a few shows a year, there isn’t a lot of stories that represent diversity. If you haven’t watched it already, 3Willbefree is amazing, I loved it so much. Feel free to leave comments as I like discussions 😊

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