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So last week threw me for a loop, and I knew this week was going to do the same if they followed the book. And it was lovely to see, and also brought me to tears once again. I’ll try not to put too much personal details in this review but I feel that somethings in my life experience entwined with this episode as if I was meant to watch it at this very moment.

So let me say that I’m going to start from my least favorite couple this week and work my way up to who I enjoyed the most this week.

Also make sure to check out Krishna’s review on Psycho-Milk’s website to see if once again we are in sync. I promise we don’t talk about the episode before we post. We just appear to be very in sync with our views on the characters and plot so far. Will this week be the same or different? Read on to find out.

The ❤️ Square

I fight myself to not skip this section of storyline. I am supposed to like someone in this, but I find myself annoyed with all of them. I guess I need to go back to calling it a triangle because once again this week there was no Dr. Perth. So it exists between Dr. Petch, Khim and Khem.

We start with the ever annoying Petch arriving at the meeting place only to find that Khim is going to try to cancel. Apparently Khem has a fever, and she doesn’t want to leave him. She’s a good big sister. Petch looks a little disappointed, but he’s a doctor so he understands. What I don’t understand is what happens next.

Khem runs out from the apartment with his bag packed ready to go. She checks his temperature again, still a fever. He brushes her concern aside and proceed to head towards the car. Now here is where I have an issue. Petch, being an actual physician, should cancel the trip instead of shrug and head off on the trip.

Then as he proceeds to show his misogynistic tendencies, I proceed to get even more annoyed with him. I couldn’t believe he said a line like this? Is it the 1950’s? So annoying. At least Khim and Khem eventually push him aside, setting the tent quickly and efficiently.

Then we have Khim and Petch talking about the scenery and hear a splash. Khem is sick, so of course he fell into the water. And here is where I have an issue again. Instead of insisting they all go home, Petch gives Khem some medicine and tells him to rest in the tent. Really. Are you sure you are a doctor? Cause you seem awfully nonchalant about this boys health.

Then comes the Khim and Petch moment in pajamas by the waterfall. Never mind that they left sick Khem all alone in the tent. Then annoying Petch asks her to coach him through how to confess to the one he likes. He’s so manipulative. It annoys me. Then we have Petch kissing Khim who is stunned and confused. She leaves after he apologizes. It seem like she has feelings for him, and maybe she does. But given all the doctor has done to others, I don’t want him to end up with anyone.

Thankfully that’s it for them this week. Next week it looks like we will get a confrontation between Khem, Petch and maybe Perth will finally say something. In any case it looks like people are finally fed up with Petch’s behavior. Good.

This poor child is about to get his heart stomped on.


This couple is still my favorite. Kao and Phuri come back from camping by the waterfall, but they have to leave. Phu has a party to go to that Kao has agreed to go to with him. Before he leaves, he passes on the tent and a piece of advice for Gui and Solo. He says the tent is good for cuddling. Solo looks confused and Gui looks like we all do when our friends embarrass us. 😁

Then we have Kao coming out of his condo looking a little bedraggled and still in jeans and white button down shirt. After Phu comments on his attire, Kao tries to go back and change, only to be stopped by Phu. Kao gets a little frantic because he’s afraid he’s made Phu angry by not being ready on time. But Phu says he’s dressed ok, and that he didn’t want to go to the party anyway. And they go on a date. It’s so freakin sweet.

The eat street food, and sit across from each other. Kao is his normal flirty self, but honest. And Phu is also honest with Kao. He wants Kao to be the one for him, but he’s not ready yet. He’s not certain he can let Kao into his heart. But he wants to. And that, boys and girls, is what we call progress.


In the end, on the rooftop they share a pair of earbuds and stargaze. It’s romantic. Phu surprises Kao by cupping his face and asking why does he like him. Then we have Kao taking Phu’s hand, cradling it to his forehead. It’s such a tender and intimate gesture implying that Kao really cherishes Phu. And he does. His actions are bold, but they are sincere. He is crazy in love with Phu already. He’s handed Phu his heart. We will see if Phu will do the same. Fingers crossed for next week.


Solo and Gui are settling into the rhythm of being a teacher to the village children while they wait for an interim teacher to arrive. Solo will have to leave soon as Jay said his dad needs him. So they decide to go to the waterfall. Unfortunately for this couple, it’s not a trip for the two of them. Moon overhears and begs to go because the Principal said she’d take him if he studied hard and got good grades. They take Moon with them. On the way, grumpy Solo is not happy about bringing the kid along because the kid and he are fighting for GUI’s attention. However when Moon loses his stuffed animal, of course it’s Solo who finds it. Solo is annoyed at a miniature version of himself.

I say that because he didn’t have anyone but Jay growing up. Gui had brothers and sisters at the orphanage, but Solo grew up without a fathers love or presence and a mother that died early on. And Moon was abandoned by his mother, and taken in by the village, but no one adopted him. He was taken care of by Big Mama, who became his surrogate mom. They both share that fear of getting close to others.

When they reach the waterfall, and settle Moon in to sleep for the night, GUI starts to drink a little to help his courage. He makes a move on Solo, who doesn’t understand. We see that Gui wants to connect with Solo before they are split apart. He needs reassurance and something to hold onto during the cold nights of their forced separation. Solo is surprised, but goes along. I don’t remember if they become official lovers then or not, but one thing is clear. They’ve solidified their relationship by taking it to the next level.

I love the heart shape their heads make. It’s cute. ❤️
The look of uncertainty and longing.

When they get back Moon overhears Gui say that he’s sad he never got to take Big Mama there. This conversation causes Moon to hide out in a village car and go to the hospital to find answers as to where Teacher had gone. By the time they figure it out and get to the hospital, Moon is sobbing uncontrollably. He knows that Teacher is gone, and not coming back, but can’t understand. This leads Solo to take him to Teacher that night. Gui worries but goes along. Here is the scene I was waiting for. My heart broke and was healed by this moment. I too believe my child can hear me, and that one day we will be able to converse again. But until then I can communicate with him. He’s changed forms, but is still here, around me, in my heart and others.

Solo & Moon

The scene after I almost hate it. But that’s due to my personal connection with death, dying, etc. The dying note, tying things up in a pretty bow. It’s for the show and it’s fiction. But I think too often we never get those moments, so while the sentiment is nice, it is too neatly concluded for me.

Then we have Solo using his connections with Jay to make sure that a new teacher is assigned to the village. He even arranges for a scholarship for the children at the school. This is where Solo can do something to help lighten Gui’s load. Then Gui takes Solo to a beautiful grotto he has decorated for Solo’s birthday, it is there, among the beautiful scenery that our two lovers finally have the courage to speak their love and their true feelings. The setting reminded me of the scene in Dark Blue Kiss where Pete decorated the locker room for his & Kao’s anniversary. It was such a touching and romantic moment. And so is this one.

They leave with a promise to Moon to come back and visit. And then hand in hand, they walk to meet Solo’s father. They are stopped by Jay and we finally meet Linda, solo’s fiancée. I have been waiting for this shoe to drop. We shall see next week if they can overcome these obstacles. Or if it will be too much for Gui to handle.

Letting go of Solo’s hand 😔

Rating: 4.25/5

Thanks for watching, reading and commenting. I can’t wait to hear your opinion this week. 🤗💕 – Jen

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