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Sorry for the combination post. Life sometimes gets in the way. My kiddo celebrated his 17th birthday so that kept me busy for a bit. So I had some catching up to do. What happened with our couples? Any new development between Gui and Solo? Are Kao and Phu more than friends? And what on earth is happening with the weird square that is the relationship of Khem/Petch/Khim/Perth? I’m combining both episodes as I talk about each couples development.

As always, make sure to check out Krishna’s review. I know she’s got a lot of extra content to give you from their facebook page.


We see them officially as boyfriends at a birthday party for Kao. This is cute and Gui thanks Kao for being Solo’s wingman at the beach. Clearly the place they are having a pool party at is a very expensive house. I’m not sure who’s it is, but it seems like it’s Solo’s.

Next time we see them, they are on an official date. It’s clear that Solo is thrilled to be on a movie date with Gui. He wants to see a scary movie, but Gui is frightened of ghosts. He gives in anyway, because he is a complete sucker for the puppy dog eyes. Isn’t everyone?

After the date, Gui is a clingy scaredy cat. It’s funny to see this side of him. Before he’s never shown a childish or immature side. But he’s wrapped around Solo’s arm tightly. Solo is amused but Gui insists no more scary movies. He tells Solo he’s be back and wanders off to find them some drinks. However Solo wasn’t paying too much attention and gets’ startled by the disappearance of Gui. He has flashbacks and anxiety related to the fire and his mother’s disappearance. When Gui returns Solo makes him promise not to leave him. Gui, upon seeing Solo’s anxiety, agrees to that.

We have a scene where Solo and Gui are out drinking with friends. Gui goes to the bathroom and bumps into a belligerent drunk. The drunk guy makes some homophobic comments, and begins to harass Gui. Solo comes to stand between them and a fight breaks out. Solo unleashed his anger on the drunk for daring to mess with Gui. They all end up at the police station talking to the police about the situation. Before things get too serious, the police get a phone call and release Solo and Gui.

Jay appears. He wants to make amends but get’s shut down by Solo. Of course Gui talks to Solo and explains he should take the opportunity to clear the air. Who knows when he will get that chance again. Big Mama is on Gui’s mind. He doesn’t want Solo to have regrets. Solo tells Gui about rescuing a dog after his mom died. And that Jay told him that his dad wouldn’t accept it, but he’d allow him to keep him secretly. Solo’s dad found out and Jay got rid of the dog. Poor Solo just wanted someone to love.

Solo agrees and they have Jay over for breakfast the next morning. Things are awkward until Jay starts talking. He wanted to help Solo keep the dog, but he had to do what Solo’s dad wanted. He also left Solo to follow Solo’s dad because the mom sent him a letter before she died. The mom said that Solo was grown and could look after himself but that Solo’s dad had no one and could he take care of him.

To be honest I wonder what kind of wack a doodle mom does he have? Who would say, oh, he’s a teen, he doesn’t need you, so you go take care of a grown man instead? Seems pretty screwed up to me. But when Solo saw the letter, he forgave Jay.

We start off with episode 8 with a child Gui bringing a lost abandoned puppy to Big Mama and trying to convince her to keep it. Looking at the sad adorable eyes reminds me of Solo. No wonder he can’t resist Solo’s puppy eyes.

As Solo is practicing guitar, Gui is telling him about the puppy they adopted and the rich family who would donate to the orphanage once a month and bring his children to play with them. Gui really misses Big Mama. They decide that after exams are over, they will visit her. Gui has one more week of exams than Solo so he’d wait so they could go together.

As they almost kiss, they forget about poor lonely third wheel Kao in the corner waiting to practice music with Solo. 😁 Solo leaves to go sign papers with Jay, leaving Kao and Gui together. Gui works up enough courage to ask Kao for singing lessons. He wants to sing a song for Solo’s birthday. Kao makes Gui sing the musical notes and we see it’s going to be a real struggle to get him to sing on key. 😁

Next scene is at the cafe, Solo is drinking warm milk when an old friend from the orphanage comes by. This triggers Solo’s jealousy, but it’s clear to see that there is no reason to be. Gui asks about Big Mama and is told that she’s fine. As the friend is leaving Gui sees the medical information addressed to Big Mama and asks to take a look. Big Mama is very sick and in the hospital.

When Gui visits Big Mama, it’s clear she’s in a rapid decline. She is very weak and can hardly open her eyes. He lets her know he is there. The next morning they go for a walk and he sees how fragile she’s become. But he refuses to accept it. This I can understand. He has a video call where he introduces Solo to Big Mama. It’s a very sweet scene and at the end of the call Solo tells Gui that Solo is Big Mama’s puppy son in law. I can agree with that. 🐕 Solo.

Big Mama passes away and Gui and other orphans handle the funeral arrangements. Gui is going through the motions, he is passing out refreshments and acting as host. But in the end, he’s just waiting on Solo. As Solo shows up, he is finally embraced and allows himself to fall apart in his lovers arms. This is so sweet to me. Solo finally has the role of caretaker to Gui while he deals with the loss of someone who was basically his mother.


I really can’t stand Petch right now. He is being so duplicitous and manipulative in his actions. In the beginning I enjoyed him, but now he’s going to hurt 2 innocent people in order to win over his crush. Makes me angry with how inconsiderate he is.

He takes Khem to the movies with him, then they go to the bookstore where he takes a picture of the back of Khem to show Khim. And sends it too her. It’s wrong. And what’s with Khim. I would recognize my siblings from any angle but she doesn’t see to notice it’s her brother.

At home Khim tells Khem about Petch’s date with his crush. Of course Khem looks and finds his photo so now he thinks that Petch likes him. And Petch asks Perth to go on a vacation with him so he can send pics to Khim. He’s really insensitive and a jerk. I hope he gets punished by Khim.

Next episode we have Khim on the treadmill trying to get out of exercising and her physical therapy. When Perth, Petch and the nurse are discussing the therapy Khim sneaks out. She doesn’t like physical therapy. She won’t get better if she doesn’t do the therapy. So they try to brainstorm how to get her to do it. In walks Khem with a coffee for both Petch and Perth. He’s still flirting with Petch, but they decide to use him to talk Khim into doing her PT. He fakes a phone call at home where he is dumped by his friend who was supposed to go with him to a waterfall.

In order to cheer Khem up Khim offers to go with him. But he tells her she can’t go unless she can breathe easier. She agrees to stop skipping PT session in order to take him on the next school break. That’s it for this square. I want to this issue to resolve soon. I am getting annoyed with everyone involved except for Perth. I like him.

Kao and Phu

Kao gets tossed in the pool to kick off his birthday party. I find it so funny that most of the shows I have seen, the guys wear normal shorts for swimming. Do they not have bathing suits there? Is it not common place?

There are a lot of friends there for a barbecue and pool party to celebrate Kao’s birthday. Gui sits down at the pools edge to thank Kao for being Solo’s wingman when he was chasing Gui. He has a special treat for his birthday, he’s invited Phu. Phu sits down near the pool, drinking and watching the boys playing in the pool.

A gleam hits Kao’s eyes then he and Solo end up throwing Phu in the pool. He looks very cranky and Kao looks like a chastised bunny, lol. It’s cute. Then the friends disappear leaving Phu and Kao alone.

Kao wants to know more about Phu, so they play a game to go under the water. The person who can stay under the longest gets to ask a question of the other. Of course Phu cheats, waiting til Kao almost pops up before he goes down. He asks his questions of Kao. It’s cute. Then Kao brings a video game to battle Phu into asking questions. Kao wins the game and gets to ask his questions,.

But if it’s anyone it will be you.

Phu opens up to Kao, telling him about his brother. Kao finds out later that Phu knows how to play the game, but lost on purpose to let Kao ask his questions,. Kao wants a rematch. He brings a game and gets called out trying to cheat to get his answers. This leads Kao to slink away but not before asking his last question. I love Phu’s response. It makes me happy.

In the next episode, Gui tells Kao when and where Phu shops for groceries, so that Kao can go and find Phu. Of course Kao can’t resist. So he shows up and wheedles a dinner invitation from Phu.

The two of them in pink aprons is adorable. Kao asks Phu to go with them to on vacation after exams. He offers to go with Phu to his event if Phu goes with him.

Kao goes to see Phu at the cafe and gives him a shoulder massage. So sweet as he tries to help Phu relax. Kao agrees to go keep Phu company as he is supposed to go out drinking with a chatty friend overseas. We know that Phu doesn’t talk much, so he finds it bothersome to socialize. When the guy shows up, he’s amazed to see a more caring side of Phu who used to be cold and uncaring. Now he’s offering Kao his jacket and being kind. The friend asks Phu what his brother thinks of a guy pursuing him. You see this is going to be a problem. When Phu goes to the bathroom Kao chats with the friend. He is asking about Parm, Phu’s brother. He doesn’t get answers but the friend offers to help him if he ever needs it. I imagine he will one day.

Concluding Thoughts

I enjoyed these episodes. There were advancements in two relationships in this series. But the weak part continues to be the love square. I hope next week we see more of the Solo and Gui. If they go travel I hope we get to meet Moon. You will know who he is hopefully next episode. Also hope that we see Phu and Kao become closer. Fingers crossed we get some revelations of who is crushing on who in the Khim, Khem, Petch and Perth love square. Thanks for reading. Drop some comments and lets get a conversation going. 🤗💕 – Jen

Rating: 4.25

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